As I Lay Dying - Behind Me Lies Another Fallen Soldier Lyrics

I want to bring You all that is in my heart
I want to bring You my everything
But I've failed You so many times
How can I stand here before You
When I begin to steal what only belongs to You?
I am able to bring You nothing that isn't already Yours
I am so ashamed of what I ever called my own.
Take what I have, take these broken remains.
What can I give to You that You don't already deserve?
You laid down Your life when I refused to give mine

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As I Lay Dying Behind Me Lies Another Fallen Soldier Comments
  1. Harris Fadilah

    Welcome to malaysia as i lay dying!!!!!!! Fuck me fuck my life!

  2. john doe

    cant believe the guys checking in..and this morning we sat down and talked about what could of been.but she has her life ahead of her and her first kiss was world just stopped

  3. john doe

    Bunnie do you have original 1st year live taping?

  4. Douglas Guedes

    2019 and forever

  5. Jose Linares

    Crybaby emo pussy lyrics... Man up

  6. Nonkululeko Evelyn Makhubu

    You Layed down your life when I refused to give mine

  7. lil gibby

    song goes so hard

  8. Felipe Cirino Silva

    Listen in 2018

  9. Michael Martinez

    Still Jammin In 2018!

  10. Dhyanjyoti Gogoi

    I wanted to bring you all that is in my heart
    I wanted to give you my everything
    but I've failed you
    I've failed you so many times
    how can I stand here
    how can I stand here before you

    how can I stand here before you
    when I begin to steal
    what only belongs to you
    what only belongs to you

    I am able to bring you
    Nothing that isn't already yours

    I am so ashamed, I'm so ashamed
    Of what I ever called my own
    Take what I have, take these broken remains
    What can I give to you that you don't already deserve

    You laid down your life when I refused to give mine

    Daniel Wallin

    Thanks for adding

  11. Pursued Mist521

    Still love this band I dont care what anyone says I love these guys

  12. The Hat

    I want to bring you all that is in my heart. I want to give you my everything. But I've failed you. I've failed you so many times. How can I stand here? How can I stand here before you?

  13. Punk Rocky

    Oh fuck how I miss these days <3 hxXxe as fuck.

  14. Larry Baisden

    this shit got me through a bit

  15. ujwal janardhanan

    how did metalcore go frm this to bitches wearing skinny jeans with techno shit

    StainedGlass Windows

    everyone in this band had skinny jeans at the time of this recording. came outta the same scene as noise ratchet, gasoline please, american tragedy and nothing to lose. they didnt even have long hair cept jordan. jon jameson from noise ratchet actually co wrote a lot of this song so

  16. JT Grogan

    Before metalcore became over-saturated whiny garbage

    Joey Tier

    This is whiny garbage lol

    Rylee Boone

    this is fucking raw

    Christian Colvin

    This is the the real metalcore days. Anyone who says or thinks differs either never knew and and still doesnt, or is blindly stating ridiculous opinions. Just look at ATR, KSE FRC LOG Trivium ect back in the day. All You have now of metalcore is the bs excuse of "deathcore" 100101100101100110000001100111100000000! 0~~~0~~~1~100000

  17. AESTHETIC Cosmopolitan

    There's something magical about the intro, it makes me feel nostalgic af and sad but in a good way

    Rj SKUM

    He tried to kill his wife to this intro. I still love it

  18. Logan DeMott

    both 2001 and 2003 are both good

  19. Samuel Gonzalez

    sounds lik they didnt hav the bass guitar.....

  20. The Nickster

    anyone know who he's talking about in the intro lyrics? and why does it show tim making out with a girl in 94 hours


    He's talking to/about Jesus in this song. "You laid down your life when I refused to give mine", he's talking about Jesus and referencing the Bible where it says Jesus died on the cross for humanity's sins. Jesus wanted us to know his Love so we wouldn't have to suffer as a human race anymore through this knowledge of his overarching love and compassion. The Christian influences in this band are one of the main reasons I started listening to As I Lay Dying in the first place.

    tony slark

    i still like my theory better :p

    The Nickster

    @Riston Alaimo It's too bad the band turned out the way it did. It also seems like those christian influences died down in the later albums

    Hat Hat

    He's talking about Jesus I believe

    Augminished Josh

    The Nickster he's talking about God

  21. tank2003

    What type of song would you call this? I was looking for similar songs like this one, "Regret Nothing (all that remians)," "Inhale (kse)" and "A gentle disease (The agonist)." I guess some would be filler tracks but this one was a released single if memory serves correctly

  22. PrejudicePotatoe

    original version was better


    +PrejudicePotatoe You mean the demo version? Yeak...ok

  23. Joey Still

    I love this song it is absolutely beautiful and amazing

  24. Boxed Terrapin

    One of the first songs I learned on guitar.

    River Mason

    Boxed Terrapin same here

  25. danlsan

    You laid down your life, when i refused to give mine

    Brandon M

    danlsan The absolute most powerful message I can relate to.


    It's a reference to the Divine Sacrifice of Christ on the Cross.

  26. Flinch Fu

    Dammit Chris, WTF guy?

  27. Ness

    First time I've heard to a cleaner sounding version of this as the version I owned was live. Those lyrics blew me away.

    Ashley Ransom

    Ewan Johnston i would love to hear that

  28. DraculaXHunter101

    Oh how I'll miss you AILD... I'm about to cry hearing this...

    Devin Madren

    Owning the legal rights doesn't mean you ARE the band. You legally own a name. Whoohoo. Tim wouldnt have been shit without the talent backing his mediocre vocals, it sure the hell wasnt him that made that band so popular. I dont give a shit if the what happens to the guy, or if the name AILD even gets resurrected. Im happy for the rest of the members that they dont have to deal with a fucking loser anymore. Thats a typical sociopath, putting the blame of his fucked up mind on his friends. NO consciousness. Hope he rots.


    +Devin Madren Well, considering that Tim wrote most of the lyrics and also a lot of instrumental parts, I would say he is the band. Not all of it, but surely the largest part. AILD without Tim will not be AILD, that's for sure.

    Devin Madren

    Good for you Shekeler. Nice Trump picture.

    Aditya Bali

    AESTHETIC Cosmopolitan you're my hero

    Progressive Politics & Cannabis Culture

    Devin Madren you’re just a moron lol. We get it. No one likes someone that murders people. But to take away everything Tim did with AILD because of that ?? No. I refuse . He wrote 90% of the amazing lyrics they have in their songs, and even wrote many of the instrumental parts. He DID make AILD what it was . and now he’s out of prison and they’re back together . Fuck yeah is what I say. People make mistakes . I’m a recovering heroin addict and I’ve done some fucked up shit . That’s not who I am anymore though. Even if that is STILL who he is I’m not gonna look at a dudes personal issues and judge his music off that. That’s what someone that doesn’t know how to actually critique music does ...

  29. Reed Malek

    This song tears me apart..

    Fierce Plank

    Alright tommy

  30. Shane L

    What a moment to behold! Never have i witnessed emotion and power in any other song like this. After year's of being moved by AILD, there has been no other capture such anger, poetic lyrics and meaningful voice. Nothing can ever compare! 


    This isn't anger, its sadness feeling the frustration of not being able to give as much as you wanted or hoped that you could give.  

  31. Cody Sechser

    Couldn't agree more bro. Just wish I could meet all these guys. But no doubt, his lyrics have touched us all.

  32. Julio Trujillo

    me luv u long time

  33. infallibleghost

    thank you for this. I pray for Tim, there are few songs that mean so much to me

  34. Donte Cobbs

    I love the over all sound of the song sounds so nice

  35. TheInvertedMouse

    The calm echo is serenity

  36. Quentin C

    I can't stop listening to this song.. it explains everything I could not put into words.

    Nicholas T_bird

    If only...

  37. Zlackevitch

    This song is soooo beautiful...

  38. Robert

    Hard to believe the dude who wrote these lyrics is now being accused is plotting to murder his wife /:

  39. izaias tavares

    this song is wonderful :3

  40. NateHD- Gaming

    Such A Good Song. Takes Out All Of My Anger While I'm At The Gym

  41. Darth Nihilus

    Great comment from a great viewer!

    Jacob Anderson

    Darth Nihilus Lord of Hunger. My favorite sith lord.

  42. Steven Black

    that used to be they very much are not anymore lol not an opinion its a simple truth they were a part of a trending thing back in the day they new hardcore fans had (for some reason that is beyond me) a strong christian fan base and allot of bands got famous due to that fact and then moved on after being established

  43. KMonkey

    1:14 "I am a nipple"

  44. HelikaonIX

    fucking love this song so much, even after a decade

  45. Cemetery Sunshine

    Some people say they aren't a Christian band but this song is basically screaming praise in your face.

  46. diegobrown19


  47. Undey Kit

    ВОЛЬНО!!!! БЕГИ!!!!! ЗА СТОЛ!!!!!

  48. pivetlord13

    As I Lay Dying hasn't made a bad album yet, but I still dont see how even there older fans can say this is their best album. This doesn't even begin to compare to The Powerless Rise or Awakened.

  49. Kaeden Adams

    Definately gonna drum covor this. possibly fully covor..

  50. Sasuke Uchiha

    Love playing this song.

  51. Dr. IcedTea

    let lay down As We Lay Dying :P

  52. Fabian Chacon

    Alguien sabe de quien es la versión original o de la letra en español

    J.R smith

    Haha amigo as i lay dying no tiene covers
    , Solo en el album de decas fue una ep de aniversario

  53. DaddyGraves69

    My favourite song. Empathy, every time.

  54. Heatherette517

    You laid down your life when I refused to give mine3

  55. GeneralRedM24

    fucking kills me

  56. Faith Mahon

    Me gusta .____.

  57. RycheRageForOrder

    And others say these dudes are not progressive/technical metalcore. How is that when they use acoustic guitar, piano, and clean vocals?

  58. stufflizlikes

    this song is so amazing!! can't get enough of it.

  59. Sierra Gurule

    not much of a as i lay dying fan but this song is pretty good