As I Lay Dying - A Long March Lyrics

Only You know my pain inside
You've been there when no one else could be
When tears fall from my eyes
I know that You are always there
No matter what's in my heart
You are the One who cares
When I doubt, You stand by me
So I'm not ashamed to say the way I feel
I love You, You are my Everything

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As I Lay Dying A Long March Comments
  1. Skip Larente

    Thanks for uploading .
    I own all the discography
    And this album is one of the best .

  2. TheBros2theend

    God bless heal save and forgive you in Jesus name amen.

  3. Christina Marie

    this is 1 of my fave albums even to this day. I was first introduced to AILD when I was 14. First songs I heard were Forever and 94 hours...this band got me through some dark times in my life and at age 17 I seen them live/met them in 2006 when they did the sounds of the underground tour(that was the year they headlined)...ah man I miss that show...wish I could go back in time and re-live that concert❤❤ Also I really want to get this album cover tattooed on me one day!

    Samuel Shipman

    Similar story with myself, same songs too. I have this tattoo on my shoulders.

  4. Pleumel

    This was my first bought album back in 2006.. i was 15 =D best way to get into it. \m/

  5. Matthew Osterman

    This album is my youth. The middle school days hardcore lol

  6. PatSch

    a lot fucking great song parts (@10:18 ... , @16:25 ... , @48:11 ... , @56:11 ... , 01:04:27 ... ) ... one of their best albums ... I am glad that Tim is back! \m/ ... PS:@49:05 lol "Sleepy Hollow" intro :-)


    God save and forgive you, the Bible says let no vulgar or profane thing escape your lips.

  7. I'm lee Saiburi


  8. bard icus

    I think this version of forever is better then the one on frail words collapse

  9. The Nickster

    i didn't notice anything different about the rerecorded ones? plz help someone

    bard icus

    +The Nickster
    It's mainly the vocals that have changed/matured, and keep in mind they are just re-recording an already recorded song so it's not likely to sound much different, except in production quality.

    The Nickster

    @bard icus thanks

  10. SkullCrusher975

    best fucking metal in history \m/>_<\m/

  11. Alexander Stoev

    This was released in 2006 and it has re-recorded songs from 2005