As Blood Runs Black - Strife (Chug Chug) Lyrics

The risk of failure's what makes life worth living
A chance is given more
Doors can shut to make new beginnings
Another chance to explore
Strive for more

Would you carry out what you walked through?
Would you carry out and make a fucking move?
A plane life you live, walking on what you made
Took shit for granted, and threw it all away
Then along came 1 then 1 and 3
Then 1 more a set to see
A set to see
You tried to push us away, you pushed it away
You it all away, you pushed us away

The risk of failure's what makes live worth living
A chance is given more
Doors can shut to make new beginnings
And I'm not depressed from it
It's just your fucking testament
We tried over and over again, to pull you through
Now we're at the very end but where are you?

Another band, a fallen dream another outcast
Another 1 to a band, fallen dream, a fucking outcast
Now that you're gone we carry out this torch
The one you threw away with no remorse
No fuel to light the fire, but we're still going strong

[chant:] Going strong, going strong

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As Blood Runs Black Strife (Chug Chug) Comments
  1. Anthony Beach

    I was in a wing bar and I spotted a juke box so I turned this song on and everybody freaked out and it was loud, some guy came in and was like who played that and long story short met a pretty cool dude

  2. Erick Adrian

    I discovered this song & artist from watching this video when I was a little boy=======>

  3. A D Ø N I S


  4. REX !


  5. Koenigsegg Agera R&S


  6. Generic Name


  7. Gargantuan Fatass


  8. metawyrm

    the best part is that one breakdown
    This song is probably the most unique song, I've never heard anything like it before

  9. metawyrm


  10. Kyle Cornwell

    everyone here needs to listen to seeyouspacecowboy

  11. TrumpetBoy 7861

    good song. doesn't sound like other songs. it's own song is its own song

  12. dr Stoned

    the best song on this
    Classic album.

  13. Nogevis


  14. local meth dealer

    That breakdown, love this as fuck!

    nik nelson

    Mallcome the break down in this song always gives me chills by its brutality

  15. Oh Boy Skaw

    haha i played a show with these guys in SC ground zero a longgggggg time ago.... think it was them killwhitneydead and norma jean

  16. Armando Fernandez

    and this is how I got my name

  17. Tom M

    wow i cant believe its 2016 and i just discovered this amazing band! whatever new music is always awesome...just kind of embarrassing cause i always thought i listened to the best metal but never knew about these guys

    Marc Posey

    Tom Marhahaha this is real talent bud


    Tom Marhahaha hell yeah this album by them is so good, it's never too late to discover awesome shit!

  18. dyemerson moreira

    muito bom

  19. That One Slayer Fan

    Everyone complaining that this song is like that song and this riff is that lick...
    >notices it's all core bands
    Well there you go internet, proof that all fucking core songs sound the same.


    +That One Slayer Fan So... this song... sounds exactly the same as Dispossession by Northlane?

    That One Slayer Fan

    >doesn't get generalizations


    r u fuckin kidding me hahaha

    Vishnu Padman

    A tip of the elitist hat to you


  20. Dezzazzo Bleechazzo

    Haha riff at 1:04 is identical to the verse riff of 'Through Struggle' by As I Lay Dying.


    +Dezzazzo Bleechazzo you must be deaf

    ya boi Rico

    Dezzazzo Bleechazzo I sorta gave up on this playlist a few years ago, but there you go

  21. gajo

    Wow! This album was released just one day after my birthday


    it took you how many years to realize that? lol

  22. Chris Garcia

    All these people saying that strife chug chug sounds like "pray for plagues" by bring me the horizon it's actually the opposite, pray for plagues sounds like strife chug chug. this allegiance album came out before count your blessings album

    Jay Osornio

    They came out around the same time. So like non super metal heads wont tell tge difference.

    Desolate Soul

    Exactly,. Bring Me The Horizon aren't even in the same class.

    Brian Kyllo

    all of you forgetting the good lineup for this band has been gone for ages they where good for a short amount of history and even the reign of Sonic after

    blood ghost

    This sounds like Pray for Plagues for maybe 2 seconds in the intro other than that I don't hear the similarities. Plus Pray for Plagues is in a lower tuning

    Desolate Soul

    Bring me the horizon has nothing on As Blood....

  23. Elvis Santos


    Therotten43 Gaming

    Hahaha my thought exactly

    Filip Vašíček

    Therotten43 Gaming me too


    Therotten43 Gaming what are y’all talking about? What does that mean?

  24. WrathfulSon

    Amazing Music.. \m/

  25. XxTengoxX -

    i have this album  on my wall i worship it (not really )   but i fucking love it 

  26. rollingbird3

    intro reminded me of old bmth


    Well these guys have been around longer than BMTH, so I wouldn't be surprised if BMTH was inspired by this band in some form. If I listen to BMTH, I think the opposite as you.

    Desolate Soul

    Exactly,. Bring Me The Horizon aren't even in the same class.

  27. Peste Noire is nightcore for nazis change my mind

    Dat breakdown

  28. Solar Screams

    their best song by far. still generally degrading to deathcore/ death metal

  29. Sexhaie


  30. stefant onfroy

    best breakdown evah

  31. Justin Anthony

    Such a hard record to come by now :(

  32. wayne caballero

    love the breakdown \m/

  33. Von Haze

    2:27 Enjoy this epic breakdown guys!

  34. ShaBroBro

    I love how As Blood Runs Black, one of the few deathcore bands whose music doesn't consist of nothing but chugging, has a song with chug in the title.

  35. Hazazel

    Quit fucking arguing over the song & enjoy the fact that some people with calibrated minds can produce music such as this for you. This is youtube, not facebook . Grow up.

  36. Tim Jordan

    definitely top ten band of deathcore and a brilliant song,anybody whos posted on this video,knows what they're talking about.this fools voice is so much better than the new bullshit

  37. Roberto Vezi

    check out my cover

  38. Nathaniel Tye

    The instrumentation is quite similar, though these guys are better. It's only really the vocals that are different.

  39. hellomasterchief1

    Chelsea Grin only plays CHUG CHUG music xD thats why.

  40. Marlon Moreno Payes

    No is just because this music isn't for everyone, is meant for a specific demographic who enjoys it. Lil Wayne is the same, he knows what kind of people likes his music, so he makes music for them. All rapers, rock bands and any musician know it.

  41. Joshh Rowsell

    Please, please be a sarcastic comment.

  42. Max Crabcore

    Eating a fruit salad to this. So fucking BR00TAL.


    Max Crabcore wouldn’t that make you gay? You gotta eat a juicy steak to this haha

  43. kathy Medusa

    sounds like Chelsea Grin...O:

  44. belleriot

    This song gets me so pumped up, it's also my favourite song off the album.

    Deth Kok

    belleriot same here bella comment from 5 years ago lmao

  45. Thomas Morgan

    Such an awesome intro

  46. Matt Weismiller

    Explain how I'm a pussy. Because I've been listening to this band since they released this album.

  47. dodgers88


  48. ASwallowReturns

    bands get fucked up when they get famous so let it stay underground :D

  49. Sony Santos

    Chug chug porra o/

  50. Cris Garisto

    Stinkyy shitt 2:27!

  51. dodgers88

    Newbie pussie! Bet you were in elementary while us fans were listening to this at the time.

  52. Matthew Wood

    It's not the speed. IT's the groove of the whole song. It's amazing.

  53. Matt Weismiller

    I've heard faster.


    Matt Weismiller it’s not a competition mate, just enjoy the song or get out!

  54. PateyMuddaFudda

    3:20 <3

  55. Miserycrumb 114

    Dope...!!! Masterpiece...!!!!

  56. zerobuu

    This song would be even more brutal if they had put bass drops in during the breakdown.

    Zachary Koedyker

    zerobuu I know your comment is 4 years old, but when they were touring years back, beilve me there drummer had the midi pads set up to a huge amp and they were dropping base drops left and right. Literally made it hard to breath during there set. Was fucking awsome.

  57. MelodicDeathMetal

    *Deathcore i would say...death metal funs hate them

  58. Driptamine

    i only listen to this so i can have a siesure and go to the hospital. the nurses there like to rub their side boob on me and its the lease worst thing that can get me into a hospital without having to pay any money to have the nurses rub their side boobs on my shoulder.

  59. Heidi Roberts

    why cant we all get along in the metal community, and go back to hating everyone else, and their gay music instead of our own.

  60. Jesus Christ

    the ending is so epic lol

  61. Wokan Goman

    WHO FART!? 2:49

  62. neanderTHALL

    And js all shall perish is awesome!
    I don't like their newest album as much as there other stuff but it's cool lol

  63. neanderTHALL

    I like and have liked all genres of music and y'all are being so stupid

    Personally I like Chelsea grin more than this (not evolve though but I respect that they are changing around but I still don't like it)
    I don't really see the appeal of abrb, aild etc... I've grown out of that stage ( that is meant to say y'all are immature in some certain ways)
    No I don't listen to Chelsea grin all the time or metallica etc...

    "I'd like to see you do a sweep" blah blah "I bet your one of these only metal

  64. Brandon

    If it's so bad why don't you make better music? I'm quite sure you can. Stop trolling and gtfo. I'd like to see you try to do a sweep on guitar.

  65. Xander Shipley

    Dethklok is badass dude! But guess what?! So is As Blood Runs Black!

  66. Xander Shipley

    I bet your one of those people that thinks the only true metal is bands like metallica or ohhhh Slayer!!!! Maybe some anthrax or pantera! Dude wtf is an awesome metal song to you? Because you sound like some pissed off kid who can't realize that many metal vocalists do something called guturals and screaming purely for the sake of the heavy sound we all love and enjoy... so please gtfo and listen to your "better music"

    Ushio Zaragoza

    Xander Shipley haha yeah I agree there are many awesome metal bands but those bands you mentioned are good too. From what I've seen when it comes to heavy metal bands, no band has a more annoying obsessive hardcore fanboy fanbase than Megadeth.

  67. cannibalcheese

    your an over opinionated moron!!! im a drum n bass raver at heart but with a fondness for all genres of music. these guys are one of my fav bands ever alongside jamiroquai, who gives a fuck to whats popular and why you even on here. and it has lots of rhythm your brain is just too stupid to comprehend it squire

  68. Jimmy Marroquin

    Punish him.

  69. Xander Shipley

    Go listen to your poser metal music than bitch if you can't handle the pure brutality of ABRB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. IconBmx

    Well how about not talking? It saves everyone the bikering and we don't have to deal with you. Simple as that

  71. IconBmx

    Why are you here?..

  72. Joe Hunter

    fuck the 2 who disliked this!

  73. James

    1 dislike? fucking internet trolls



  75. DGKAreHere

    these guys used to be the shit !

  76. SuperHackMania

    Because they dident named the song Strife (Chug Chug) feat Lil wayne
    Apparently Its the only way to get famous this days

  77. Kade Birdsell

    Haha, this album came out before Count Your Blessings! You're a fucking idiot!

  78. UKBeyond Absolution

    /watch?v=vOndDVqnZxQ if you like As Blood Runs Black as much as we do, we'd say it's worth giving our new song a listen. Tell us what you think!

  79. SycamoreHill14

    You mean Thrash? No, it's Deathcore, I think.

  80. Gregg Krieger

    because going famous is to make you sellout, its all about bein underground and makin the music not the money. and plus you got dubstep, electro, techno takin control these days...its rather sad...

  81. Double Speak

    Yall should check out our cover


    Erik Burmeister I don’t see it mate!

  82. Sean Nummy

    more like the whole ALBUM. Leche rules

  83. Omnipotence Paradox

    one person needs to have their face held in front of the double bass in this song

  84. Carl-Étienne Taillon

    why the fuck there is jedi mind tricks in the suggest song related ? don't clic on it haha

  85. Derrick Foster

    @Ipwnatbassforaliving I agree, If you dont want breakdowns and extra brutality dont listen to ABRB, go listen to lady gaga or something...

  86. Andres Gavina

    @Soowoogangcuz Because they don't sell out. Who cares if they aren't famous? They'll be our FUCKING AWESOME AND BRUTAL secret band >:D

  87. redflagforfights

    @aarongtr180 There's really nothing useful about YouTube bitching.

  88. aarongtr180

    @Ipwnatbassforaliving Devoting entire sections of a song to chugging is ridiculous. Same symbol pattern, same note repeated (in breakdowns) as in every other deathcore band. It's repetitive and silly.

  89. aarongtr180

    @Ipwnatbassforaliving Devoting entire sections of a song to chugging (breakdowns) is ridiculous. Same symbol pattern, same notes as every other deathcore song. It's dumb.

  90. aarongtr180

    @Jman9800 There's really nothing talented about open-string chugging.

  91. ProsteezyHxC

    I'm glad where they are now. One, they are big within their genre. They've gotten much bigger compared back in 2007 and before. If they get too big, then we have all these fucking scene kids burning this band out. "xXXXxXYahManBR00TALSceneKidzxXxX". This is one of my favorites since the album came out<3 Mainstream Coachella bullshit sucks cock. Mediaskare and Bridge9 records have the best bands. Period.

  92. Yannick B

    @Soowoogangcuz Cauz society doesn't like good music and they listen to shiiiit

  93. Justin Collins

    they are kings but don't get the mainstream recognition they deserve much better than alot of the other stuff