As Blood Runs Black - Resist Lyrics

We will overcome, we will overcome
Climb this mountain we face
We'll push through everything
Without a reason to move
There is no living
Resist, resist the forces that drain
We carve our own path
Create our own way
Resist, the easy way out
There are no shortcuts through this maze of life
Burdened, but we will succeed
On the path that we've created
Make a decision
The choice changes everything
Commit yourself
There is no turning back
And make this moment count
Make this moment count, make this moment count
Within each one of us
There's a coward and a king
Practice what you preach
To become what you believe
It's visible on the surface but not underneath
Now you can see perception is reality
It's all or nothing, you only have one life to live
Always remember
To remain on your path
And resist what holds you back
(We will overcome)
To remain on your path
(Move on)
And resist what holds you back

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As Blood Runs Black Resist Comments
  1. JJS

    These guys rule 😎

  2. elery gomes

    incredible drummer, a kid

  3. Swarm Locust

    christian band?

  4. James Cowher

    Only thing to fear is ourselves and our enimes and maybe the government

  5. Csopák Bence

    2:27 - 2:43 Fucking goosebumps

  6. Andrew Cotherman

    The instruments in this band is frikin nuts

  7. jeff miller

    Still one of my favorite songs ever!

  8. Jesse Bartlett

    No one in this band looked like they belonged in a deathcore band

  9. K.A. G/Covers

    2018 and I still miss this band, great vocalist definitely

  10. 1 2

    Need a heavier vocalist, let me help😏

    Jesse Bartlett

    Dakota Heaps heads up, this band’s been dead for 4 years and this vocalist hasn’t been with them since 2012


    Yeah, sure.


    Fuck off

  11. Formidable Frank

    I've always admired the way these guys could take such brutal sounds and tie them into such uplifting music. This album helped me get through some pretty hard times, thanks for the memories 🤘🏻🤘🏻

  12. K.A. G/Covers

    Great Album! I love it Ever :3 ♥

  13. K.A. G/Covers

    Duh.. I am a stupid person that in comments says "obamacore", fuckers >:^(

  14. Александр Тихоненко

    I absolutely hate this video

  15. johnny cash

    offical! gets the blood pumping. 🎭🐯🗿🚷

  16. Jordan McMichael



    Jordan McMichael no one will ever need heslth insurace again now

  17. Oana dede

    no one can replace chris

    mark olivares

    Oana dede I was fortunate to see the original lineup and this line up and I must say sonik is beast when he's on stage and has one f the best stage presence I've seen .

  18. Dusty Partition

    I still never got my perks.

    mark olivares

    Dusty Partition damn dude for real?

  19. Izaia Vazquez

    I like the first screamer better even though its cool to see another Mexican Screamer!!

  20. Dat Luu

    metal appearance of Obama =)


    he is latino af

    Jordan McMichael

    kollimenakal take a joke idiot

    johnny cash

    kollimenakal thats my nigga! mi manito.. homie did his thing.

  21. Javier Ramirez

    instrumental was great. vocals, eh.

  22. Aaron Wells

    wow it took them a long ass time to make this...

  23. Seymour R

    obamacore :V

  24. Relentless Ohio

    Video sucks. This album was barely tolerable compared to Allegiance.

    Azazul Soulmeister

    Allegiance just set way to high of a standard. Instinct was actually a pretty good album, Allegiance just caused a lot of negative stigma to form towards it.


    This album was way more mature and had much better musicianship than Allegiance.

  25. muflih haraky

    respect from indonesia !

    dewanggie jardine

    Shut up

    Edson Hernández

    Come to Brazil

  26. Haris Gr

    Obama core

  27. Bjorn .Andersson

    Haha this video is pretty wierd i must say, Also did a cover of this awesome song on my channel!

    Bjorn .Andersson

    +Bjorn .Andersson (hgfbjrn) /watch?v=kvDFwSaMvGw

  28. Hollowed Heart

    I love some of their songs. But their performance on this video is laughably bad.

  29. Panagiotis Papagiannopoulos

    Dat intro!

  30. IndeclineXGraffiti

    this bands so underrated and so fucking good.. Carnifex is overrated as fuck and their not as good and clear as these guys ..

  31. Raskolnikov Rodia


  32. cherryjubilee91

    Dam Sonic! You and Gabe need to bring back Fallen Figure!!!


    Sonik you idiot.

  33. Kenny Crewcabanger

    Always remember
    To remain on your path
    And resist what holds you back
    (We will overcome)
    To remain on your path
    (Move on)
    And resist what holds you back

  34. nickers18725

    These fucking lyrics are epic

  35. Dark Matters

    The ending riff is SO massive 

  36. Ricardo A Vásquez

    i prefer this singer more than the new one. 

    Richard Sapien

    same. the new one sucks

  37. Silence is where we are

    Nice band!

  38. john dyke

    sorry i ment P.S. not trying to be mean to you but you need to make your music sound better

  39. john dyke

    that was cheesy and gay guys you need to get a better drummer and singer because that was like nails on a chock-bored to me.P.S. not trying to make your music sound better.


    That drummer is Fuckin boss and would put him against any other bands drummer at least he the original drummer


    Also it's spelt CHALK

    nash s

    @phuckingemailmehere *spelled


    Board= an object
    Bored= you're life


    This sounds good. The fucks up your ass?

  40. Rezwan Rahman

    as Obama screamed everything turned black!

  41. Soul Smite



    Instead of ObamaCore how about OsamaCore = Osama Bin Laden + Hardcore =  OsamaCore ;)

  42. jtwebbb

    makes me wanna fight

  43. Vicente Marti

    The chills over my skin confirm it.

  44. Vicente Marti

    The best part of this song is obviously 2:08 - 3:19

  45. Tomás Matias

    he looks like obama.. AS OBAMA RUNS BLACK

  46. Vicente Marti

    This, IS the best shit outa' here.

  47. XNinjaX xLifex

    u can scream

  48. Sara Guyette

    I absolutely hate this video. -.-

    Jacob Blackwell

    Sara Guyette then why watch it haha

    Carlos Reyes

    Jacob Blackwell fr lol

  49. AllAgainstTheGods

    Ye if he put the golden tooth prosthesis :D

  50. phuckingemailmehere

    Drummer fucking owns

  51. Jorge Leitner

    Sick bass tone.

  52. James Hines

    That double bass though

  53. Terenzio black

    Their best song havent heard these guys in forever just know their new albums coming out soon

  54. Daniel Cowles

    My favorite band, these guys are awesome.

  55. AllAgainstTheGods

    yeah a good change on vocals

  56. David Meadows

    He is really good. One of my favorite vocalists.

  57. AllAgainstTheGods

    Still not bad at all

  58. David Meadows

    Totally not racist or anything. Lol.

  59. VDiabloV1

    I agree

  60. AllAgainstTheGods

    This mexican is not bad

  61. David Meadows

    I don't see why people hate on Instinct. It's better then Allegiance in my opinion.


    David Meadows I agree.

  62. SpacedOutZbo

    0:27 i thought that was nick cannon hahah

  63. J.Andrés Marín Acevedo

    we will overcome!

  64. marao 93

    Tá de brincation with me cara?

  65. Armcannon

    Well, he left the band, now, so that's irrelevant. Looks like we're all on the same level.

  66. pinotnoir308

    i don't know why this was flagged as spam, these guys are soooo fucking awesome!

  67. spider7ven

    Some original comment please?

  68. TheGhost IsNear

    Such a great band! Can't wait for the new album!

  69. Chep Dropzer

    parece mexicano es "wey"

  70. j8ers94

    As Blood Runs Black:
    1% Music
    99% Testosterone

  71. BallsackPresident

    hes garbage so glad he left

  72. Kevin Parke

    "Polly wants some cheese." @1:17

  73. Willow Willy Nilly 11

    If you're listening to abrb. Try checking this band.

    Rise from oblivion -make them suffer

  74. Youngcanuk

    you can all cry and/or talk shit but, this band is fucking awesome live so gtfo and take you're ignorance with you. \m/

  75. Judy Penisse

    the line up changes just made it some random metal band. nothing special anymore. LONG LIVE ALLEGIANCE!

  76. Fahmi Aditya

    face Obama vocal skill Mitch Lucker

  77. FieldySnuts2010

    What's the deal with the vocals? They aren't the original. I don't like it. Fuck change.

  78. albertolp77

    Sonic is the shit!

  79. อภิเชษฐ์ เล่าซี้


  80. James G

    Sonic!! Is a boss everyone shut the fuck up.

  81. kei2kurama

    I been the same tour it was bad ass

  82. Cordell Graber

    No! Shame on you. Their vocalist is Mexican not a mixed dude trying to be president.

  83. James Fisher

    Thanks Obama!

  84. mattmac722

    saw them summer of 2011 when they were touring and sonik was doing vocals.. they were with Oceano and i believe the other was arsonists get all the girls.. best show ive ever been to hands down!

  85. bazadc

    I see you'd rather watch men masturbate, then.

  86. ILuv2troll

    scenester metal for bitches to finger themselves to. nothing to see here.

  87. IsleofMAN

    obama-core at whitehouse

  88. Carl Kirby

    They need to sing and not scream LOL but the song rocks

  89. janoo ricky


  90. Ariacoustic

    obama haha

  91. My Missing Half

    Hello AS BLOOD RUNS BLACK fans!
    I play guitar in a band called My Missing Half. ABRB is a huge influence to us. Check out our music video and let us know what you think!

  92. Cody

    Guys please check mine out, You won't be disappointed!

  93. jonathan perry

    i ejaculate fire!!!!!!!!!!

  94. akaruiboy


  95. Kool Kermit

    The arabian ruined the song for me.

  96. beleth Hegg

    Obama, is that you ???