As Blood Runs Black - Insomniac Lyrics

I won't fall asleep
I'm gonna stand up and fight
Gripping the wheel so tight
My knuckles turn white with fear

In the distance I can hear the sirens calling
These sleepless nights I lie awake as the floor shakes

Solely responsible for these souls
These sleepless nights
In the distance I can hear the sirens coming
These sleepless nights

Polluted minds
These thoughts are not my own
This is my life
Control the wasteland

Day by day
We bleed the time away
We drink to our health
We think for ourselves
And with smoke-filled lungs
We exhale the truth

Scream our name
Without knowing what we've been through
Scream our name
Are you listening now?

Are you listening?
We bleed for you

Day by day
We bleed the time away
We drink to our health
We think for ourselves
And with smoke-filled lungs
We exhale the truth

Scream our name
Without knowing what we've been through
Scream our name
Are you listening now?

Polluted minds
These thoughts are not my own
This is my life
Control the wasteland

We bleed for you
Are you listening?

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As Blood Runs Black Insomniac Comments
  1. nobodyhasthisyet

    Solo sounds like it's being played on a single-coil Telecaster through a Line 6 amp on the "Crunch" setting.

  2. Nick Lozano

    RIP one of my all time favorite bands

  3. hafsah singgalang

    and im still listening. till now 😊

  4. CrazyGuyOnDrums

    music changed, vocal changed, but the way of lyrics is still abrb. I love the band for that

  5. black sheep

    Amo este tema CSM!!!!

  6. -Glass Caskets-

    Still the kings of sick ass breakdowns \m/

  7. Ty Bojengles

    as i lay

  8. frank deanda

    Everything from the guitars to the vocals, drums and bass is still very that as blood runs black feel but those clean vocals idk lol they can do better. That breakdown reminds me of the old ABRB

  9. Igor Tessele

    This album is the best they have made, it's really, really amazing, I like to see the evolution of this band since their first album . The first album was good , the second was amazing, and this is a MASTERPIECE. Congratulations, I'm a truly fan, and this new vocalist is awesome (better than the mexican, who was very good indeed)

  10. david foster

    Allegiance is still a better album and band basically lol

  11. kevin cady

    This is fucking awful.

  12. psicobot

    I don't know if I like this or not yet, but I have to admit this band has the worst fanbase ever... I personally wouldn't take the work of making a fucking record for this ungrateful bunch of people

  13. Ace Harding

    It couldn't be any worse.

  14. Daniel Gone Guitar

    Gosh, how creative. I've heard this songs thousands of times for the past 6 years

  15. Mugen no Kurishimi

    This album is terrible and the lyrics/vocals are elementary. I feel bad for the ~600 people who donated money to hear this hunk of shit and have so far gotten screwed over by the band. I'm glad I steered clear of this mess.

  16. bloozism

    yep. it's shit.

  17. Mark Marryatt

    1:30 You're currently listening to "Insomniac"

  18. xor444

    really good shit.  one of the legit and classic deathcore bands.  the lyrics are pretty good, especially considering what other bands in this style are calling lyrics.  excellent musicians.  an excellent song as well!  thanks buddies

  19. HatchetRecords

    Chris Blair was way better.

  20. George g

    same style! exactly same style like the last album! dont like it very much!

  21. Poop squad

    i need this song when i do my driving test

  22. Asinine Pirate

    that was toight, toight like a tiger

  23. Conor

    I read somewhere that ABRB split up :(

  24. kei2kurama

    bring back Sonik....

  25. matt11708

    best thing about this song you can hear the bass  just a so so deathcore song.

  26. Mike6sic6

    awhhh. don't break up! This new vocalist is awesome! I hope I can make it out to the halloween show.... just have to convince the pregnant gf to spend her halloween at a brutal metal show....

  27. Madelyn Harmon

    i luv pop punk :]

  28. Madelyn Harmon

    this song literally references sleeping with sirens the whole time

  29. Carlos González

    It's not the song i have a problem with... it's the mix :(

  30. Hendar Ismail

    I love the song and often listen deatcore DC songs previously but I've never listened to a song that is as perfect as this Dc

  31. Ryan Justice

    This is just really... poor. I can't imagine even the band enjoying this.

  32. Red66Hetheren

    Ive been a big fan of this band since early 2008. Im just really not impressed with the guitar in this song.

  33. Atlas

    This band will never be as good as they were for Allegiance

  34. rob fezzie

    what the fuck is wrong with all of you? this is metal it ,comes in all different guises just like we do , but the passion and the understanding brings us together as metal family.

  35. Jonny Bravo

    fuck yeah so good best song ever

  36. Tiago Glups

    good music! Come to resurrection fest (a festival who takes place in Spain) this summer please!


    This band is awesome...always was...

  38. William Gomes

    Legends never die. . Those were the days. .

    Jules G

    dust2 best map ever
    yea best song off allegiance


    @Jules G best map is de_dust


    @Jules G jk its nuke

    Alex Mangus

    Will Glomez. Allegiance was my shit! The snare sound was so sexy xD

  39. EndingsWithoutStories

    Hey everyone come like my new music promotion page

  40. CM2Sasukefan

    This sucks :/...everyone is playing a million miles an hour in different directions, there isnt much of a groove/flow and the vocals are not very good in my opinion

  41. Christian Castillo

    Bassline is fucking awesome

  42. soadrock18

    what i really love about as blood runs black is that they dont need lyrics, their gitars are enough to tell a storie!

  43. djsogywafles

    Nothing will ever top Allegiance but still good can hear the same guitar style.

  44. Haris Gr

    Someone had heard a little bit of All Shall Perish before he wrote this song :3 1:05

  45. RealMetalGaming

    last album by them. never really liked them but its sad seeing bands breaking up.

  46. Franklin Sardina

    These guys kick ass every album and  never turned soft i love this band true Fucking Metal

  47. Victor N. yeah...then some more no...then meh.....then idk.....then no...

  48. Muhammad Wahyu Surandi

    you all are telling only criticize, let the band run by itself, I think this song is very delicious to be heard for the metalhead who spirited!

  49. Armando Fernandez

    That BASS though!

  50. Carlos Olivera

    Nice song lml 

  51. Dave Vincent

    that breakdown was weak as piss :/

  52. Ivan Barrera

    This is so good <3

  53. ladam97

    sick shit

  54. Tony Thrash

    They become boring, Allegiance was a great album, but this album is boring and hollow.

  55. Foxjade VG

    This sounds kinda disappointing, maybe it's cause I've listened to the demo so much, but this just sounds off. Eh, theyre'll be other songs. Lyrics are on the dull side, but not horrible.

  56. Joyful Jellyfish

    Clearly ABRB, with new additions. What could go wrong? Especially love the bass. The cleans are also well done.

  57. Jules G

    The cleans could use some work or just get rid of them altogether, I hope this isn't the final version, the song is amazing but the cleans make me cringe, I didn't even notice them at first but MAN they are fkn bad

  58. The World Over

    Come see us play with As Blood Runs Black for their Ground Zero Tour Warm-Up Show @ The Whisky A Go Go in West Hollywood on 9/24/14! Check on FB for more information!

  59. isablle1

    this song is on repeat =click repeat and repeat and repeat ect...and repeat again ...this guitar sound is so original ;)

  60. Beatdown Jon

    Crap. As Blood Ran Black. RIP

  61. psycho monster

    So unsatisfied!!!! Stupid solo at .40 jeez!! The structure on this is real bad!!

  62. gamefreak249

    I will have to listen to the entire album a few times before forming an unbiased and structured opinion. HOW'S THAT FOR A YOUTUBE COMMENT MOTHERFUCKERS?!?!


    Hahhaa, you're awesome

    tim de bruijn

    haha best comment onn this vid


    Best one!


    More than we could ask for unfortunately.

    Mr. Bigglesworth

    gamefreak249 I'm late but, yes!!
    you should be top comment

  63. Josh Osiris

    It just doesn't sound as good.

  64. Nyungsep Art

    FUCK WITH YOU ALL.. I like this!!! i will make a sure to grab this when it's release.. it's really good shit

  65. Maycon Bertolin

    I'm looking forward to the new cd ♥

  66. kiffe22

    what the fuck was 0:40 ?

  67. Rico Roman

    This isnt bad to me, the riffs are defiantly ABRB style, but nothing tops "Instinct" for me. Everyone just clicked for me on that album

    Jules G

    Instinct was by far their best in terms of work and writing, the guitar and drums were perfection, no other deathcore/hardcore band can come even close is terms of this.
    The only thing I didn't like were some of Soniks vocals, especially his mids/yells


    @Jules G Have you never heard of Exoplanet by the Contortionist or Born of Ishtar By Serpents? Both of those blow this band out of the water.

  68. mark olivares

    It would have been a lot better if you laid down vocals for new album sonik .

  69. Eduardo José Sevilla


  70. dudeserpent77

    Let's all bash on this perfectly good metal song because thats apparently what metalheads do now. Metalheads bashing metal. 


    What have I said to give anyone the impression I'm an "imbecile?" And I deserve to be talked to like this for being an Awesome dude & saying uplifting nice things about people? You prefer I gossip instead? A Feminine loser thing to do? Some people Like/Love this about me, that I DO NOT gossip, some will say they've never heard me say anything bad about anyone! Instead of them talking about me behind my back in a gossip fashion, they're saying how much they like & appreciate that about me when I'm not around. So if you can't stand that, you're just sad & empty. I can't imagine anyone wanting to be around you. One cause of your cigarette of a personality, gray/overcast 24/7 vibe that dwells within you. And two, cause of how boring you talk! You talk like you're from the Age of Knights & Dragons & crap. Like you're in an RPG game. Like you're the Villon from a movie like 300, or from Game of Thrones! hahaha you're such a dork dude! You say you have friends, but anyone/everyone that's read this, if they were going to bet on one or the other. They'd put their money on You not having any friends! At least any true friends that enjoy being around you. The only way you can socialize is probably from being at school where people are forced to be around you. Which is probably part of why you like "education" so much cause it's the only way you can have what looks like " a life" but in reality after that bell rings or whatever.. it's back to sad ole you again. Its not a permanent thing dude. If you want, you can change all that for yourself. Just come to the light, leave that cigarette of a personality behind you. I use to be a horrible person myself. If you were to say anything like this to me in person, your face would have been punched in on the spot. But now, I'm bigger & stronger today than I was then. But now, I would have a conversation with you instead (at best) I choose the high road dude, the right thing is way harder to do than the wrong thing. But you get better & better at life as you go on. Probably blows your mind that I don't hate you. even now


    @Zimx02 allah Akbar all non belibers like u are going to be wiped out of this earth 


    @santos vargas  Go back to the tomato field


    @Zimx02 "Can't we all just get along?"


    @GodlyFamilyMan fuck that guy he deserves to die its all good though it says in the scriptures that all non believers will be killed wiped off the i dont need to get my hands dirty

  71. odette moltedo


  72. Robert Sjostrom

    Bitch bitch bitch, that's all you people do. I'm just glad that ABRB didn't break up. And it's only one song off of the album, so how can you know what the rest of the album is going to sound like. The song could have been better as the vocals were too high in the mix and the guitars sounded buried, but maybe it is a pre pro track. Haters gonna hate and keyboard warriors are gonna bate. 

  73. joseonfire101213

    Vocals are crap, i can't stand his highs. They dont even compare to any other past ABRB vocalists. This band was good while it lasted. Now its just a burden.

    Mr Jambiwana

    well... synth, singing, no stupid catchy riffs, boring bass and the fact that when you mention Allegiance people say "WELL THAT'S NOT THEM NOW FUCK YOU" makes me question the fact that musicians that fucking good would release that and
    say 'fuck yah'..... BUT IT'S STILL A PRETTY COOL SONG :D


    @MrJambiwana God do I wish ABRB could produce another Allegiance. Easily one of the best albums in the genre.

    However, this album doesn't seem awful. It's rather derivative in a lot of ways, and the writing seems crazy bad in comparison to past efforts (Hester Prynne to this. Interesting) but I think it will be a decent release. Maybe as good or a little worse than Instinct.

  74. NettechZelkova

    I miss the old ABRB from 2007-2008. This just

    Trevor Brookshire

    I agree I miss deathcore when it sounded like Allegiance.. 

  75. OfTheDevilToRemember

    This is like, the staple of what deathcore is and should be.

  76. GunsNRoses1123

    download this guys :O

  77. Ricardo L

    Me recordo al viejo All Shall Perish en ciertos riff

  78. Eddie Coronado

    Sick as fuck, great job dudes!!!!!

  79. OsirisTCG

    Vocals sounded like August Burns Red at certain times..

  80. Bubbafett250

    What's with everybody's insistence on hating this track? It's really good, you can hear ABRB in everything about thr track except the leads, but the leads fit the song perfectly. It's a better track than I was expecting, and I feel like I can't be the only one to say that.

  81. Ανδρέας Κρεούζος

    Just saw my name on it. Glad we helped you out guys!!!

  82. Charlie Kelly

    damn those vocals sound like a mixture of Chris Blair and Sonik

  83. Luis Val

    coño tio !!!

  84. 1JokeRCSS

    I think the main reason people don't like this song is because it's from ABRB. If it was from a different band I think it would get a little different reception. It's not that bad, but definitely not on par to their previous stuff.

  85. Darren Cash

    So are they breaking up or making new music..?

  86. dudeserpent77

    I dig the shit outta this. Mixed like classic abrb.

  87. amidsttheblood

    Nice!!! This sounds great.  I am glad that you guys have changed it up while still staying true to yourselves. Can't wait to hear the new album and thank you for the thanks in the video.

  88. kbleskate

    Cool guys, Is the kind of things that we were waiting for... I can't wait to hear more of your new stuff!, saludos from México city! |m|

  89. RECTmetal

    Almost as tight as my girlfriend. Almost.

  90. c x

    these lyrics are fucking hilarious.


    They fucking suck lol

    Thomas C

    They honestly are hilarious


    They're awesome dude, Singer sounds Christian or just an Awesome dude. Never in my life heard anysong Metal, Pop, Country ask if we're listening, to me that's Awesome. Plus I got ADD so it's almost necessary.. Drums durring the breakdown'ish part are innovation dude, tapping that snare real quick? some quick fills, Oh man, unheard of. Homeboy loves timing, natural, can't learn that. Like when a Comedian says something you can relate to/never were able to put it into words, that's what homeboy did with tapping that snare durring the breakdown for me. I was like Oh yeah huh? hahaha


    BRAZIL <33333


    SICK <3

  93. Tom Wright

    Better than Instinct by a long shot, but still no Allegiance. 

    Kyle Lowe

    You are absolutely crazy to think this is better than instinct. This is fucking horrible. Fuck this band now

    Tom Wright

    Instinct was absolutely disgusting. This shits all over Instinct. but Allegiance shits on everything. 

  94. Erick RTTech

    send 10 alboms of this in Russia pls, thx)

  95. Durty Donna

    If I were to give this a rating from 0-5 it would probably be a "crisp" like a good potato chip. That excludes the lyrics though.

  96. Caleb Gutierrez

    Whoooo! Caleb N Gutierrez at 4:17 that's me xD
    Can't wait for the album \m/

  97. Roscoe Keller

    I am all for change, moving forward in different directions; personally I enjoyed the "Vision" demo, cleans and all (obviously would just care for a cleaner mix) but this song just seems a bit droll. The tone throughout each solo (or lead) is off-putting. While the screams sound strange (I am not too fond of them), the lyrics are certainly more deprecating to the song. I clearly remember Leche or Nick saying in an video that the new lyrics would be more mature? I am not so sure about that.

    Jules G

    The vox are better than Instincts

    Jules G

     FKN OAATH MATE, dude imagine if they picked him for Instinct... my god that would have made it the best album to ever be released....

  98. Panchu Barlow

    I don't know I just feel this song too "beh"...

  99. Sodie Pops

    i like it