As Blood Runs Black - In Honor Lyrics

We are the ones that fight for freedom
United we stand
We walk through hell for you
And we are (we are) the protectors
Risking everything we have
Who will you look to when everything you know
Starts to crumble?

Enough is enough

Clinging to your memories
Will you dream of me or will I be forgotten?
Remember me

And when the struggle and the sacrifice
Becomes too great to bare
That’s when I look to the sky to discover who I am
And the reasons why I chose to let it all go
But I didn’t know that the cost would be so great
Do I leave it all behind and forget what I know?
Will I ever learn not turn to my back on the face of evil?

I only hope that someone’s watching over me
As I look my demons in the eyes, I wonder why I’m still here

We are the ones that fight for freedom
United we stand
We walk through hell for you
And we are (we are) the protectors
Risking everything we have
Who will you look to when everything you know
Starts to crumble?

Never forget, we will never forget

Those who sacrificed their lives
And honor – the legacy they left behind
Cherish their memories
Deliverance from this nightmare

We command you our brothers
Have courage and be strong
Awaiting your return for far too long
Welcome home!

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As Blood Runs Black In Honor Comments
  1. lifecore 777

    Been looking for this for more than 3 years and suddenly appeared on my recommended and I was like I heard this name before let's see what it is and yes it was This.

  2. JoeyMischief

    Catchiest propaganda of all time.

    Ion Force

    how is it propaganda? Gtfo


    Naw burh this is written in honor of the men and women who are dead so that others can keep living, this is for them because of their sacrifice.

  3. Logan DeMott

    who rather listen to the first album instead


    Logan DeMott first and second albums are good

  4. AnimeCore - TonnY

    2:39 OH MY GOD!!!! AWESOME

  5. Brady Lawson

    I liked Airforce one wayyy betterr!😍
    But this is okie 🙂

  6. Derek J.

    WE ARE THE ONES WHO FIGHT FOR FREEDOM!! \m/ will forever love this band, this song. Thank you.

  7. jose barrera

    Buena Banda De Deathcore 


    @jose barrera Es la mejor, sin duda.

    extreme death

    No sé ; All Shall Perish y otras bandas son de la misma talla... Difícil. En todo caso una de las 5 mejores.

    Juan David Sanchez

    +extreme deather Llevo escuchando deathcore desde hace unos años, buscando muchas bandas, y hasta ahora los mejores discos para mi han sido Allegiance y The Price of Existance, As Blood Runs Black y All Shall Perish son en mi opinión las bandas definitivas del deathcore.
    Lo de ahora es muy generico, son pocas las bandas que siguieron con el sonido que los caracterizaba, ahora muchas suenan iguales, para mi no habrá disco alguno que supere lo que hicieron ABRB y ASP en sus primeros discos.

    extreme death

    @Juan David Sanchez
    Los discos de los años 2008 y 2011 también tienen temazos. Todos los álbumes de All Shall Perish son joyas ( desde The Price ). Todavía tengo la esperanza de que algún día graben otro disco ; sólo espero que no malogren su estilo como han hecho tantas bandas con el pasar de los años. Recuerdo que hace muuucho tiempo me envicié con las canciones Erradication, Wage Slaves y Day of Justicie, tanto así que hoy Eradication me hastía XD ( no sé si a todos les pasa pero a mí me sucede que cuando escucho DEMASIADO una canción me aburre, por más que sea un temazo ; debo esperar varios meses o años para volver a escucharla con gusto ). Otros grandes son Whitechapel y Born of Osiris ( exceptuando sus últimos discos ).

  8. Sergio Garcia

    The demo for this was called airforce one and later on was released on the album titled in honor

  9. najtrows

    this is called "in honor" on the album.. track no 9

  10. blackburn932


  11. Red King

    hell ya no dislikes and thats how it should be, support our troops and fallen ones!!!

  12. Chris Morrill

    Kevin Bivins for president.

  13. ChiliLP

    Best song ever!!!!

  14. NGX2H

    sorry i dont care for anyones comments ^_^

  15. tkpoppe91

    Kenny Davis, AND the Dude from The Browning both covered this song better than their new guy. This is the worst version in my opinion...

  16. TheSammel2

    This song is definitely not "manic in the grips" by Trap Them

  17. Cameron McPhail it just me or do you c a tron that plays kick ass music?

  18. ridethesky94

    Fucking sick ass song!

  19. Chants-Nindja Davidson

    @TheGingerChild09 what kind of a question? no, they just ended up calling it something different on the album >_>

  20. Adam Goulbourn

    They do a cover of one of their own songs or something? X_X

  21. Robert IsAwesome

    (headbangs) \,,\,(x_x),/,,/