As Blood Runs Black - Divided Lyrics

You’re torn inside
You don’t know which voice to believe
Indecision will leave you with nothing
Why even try when you think you know all the answers?
When you just sit there rotting away
Do you know the difference between knowledge
And understanding?

Tribulations – denial in the face of the end
Endure the suffering and reinvent yourself
You’re mindless – it’s undermining your efforts
To improve on the life that you lead

Your perception is clouded by the minds of the infected
Your perception is clouded by the lies of the infected

Will their lies be believed?
Or will they crumble?

The unholy battle within one can leave you
Can leave you begging on your knees
For a chance to breath
You must disconnect from reality for
Just a moment of internal peace
Is the mind your ally or enemy?
In the end it all comes down to the eyes
In which you choose to see through

Let go of the thoughts that drag you straight to your fucking knees
And shed the skin of ignorance and assumptions

Confined within your mind lies the reasons why
You’re in this bind – with no way out!

There’s no way out!

Failure is hard to swallow when your eyes are closed
Know that it might be the last time that
You can make this right
You’ll find your way out

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As Blood Runs Black Divided Comments
  1. Austin Ballard

    That bpm changes with the double bass . Lech I salute you


    the fast to slower is just mind blowing

  2. Austin Ballard

    The unholy battle with one can leave you.. can leave you begging on your knees.. for the chance to breathe.. you must disconnect from reality.. for just a moment of internal peace.. is your mind your ally or enemy?

  3. Jacob Carter

    I love that he does a snare drill on the bass drum. Sounds amazing

  4. Tri prasetyo aji

    AWSOME !!!

  5. Vinícius Moraes

    Problens with my record program :(

  6. adrasteasKarpo

    Wheres that cover ey

  7. Vinícius Moraes

    i will do a cover of this song, soon :) favorite song of the album

  8. Christoph D

    true ^^

  9. Christoph D

    this song is a left hand killer on guitar!!

  10. francis patalinghug

    oh' yeah?!,..... ƒuck yah! ⁿ_ⁿ\m/,...

  11. francis patalinghug

    shadap yo' modar fakahhhhhh,... >.<\m/,....

  12. francis patalinghug

    SABA MO DIHA!,.... MGA P****!,....

  13. Reese Haynes

    i def love the new shit

  14. schobe34

    probably one of the best songs on this album in my opinion

  15. Coco Memes

    @1111124218 first and only..... UNTIL NOW BITCH! XD nah jk bro

  16. michael biddlecom

    FIRST COMMENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!