As Blood Runs Black - Beneath The Surface Lyrics

Judged by appearance, and misspoken words
Not the content of one's character, just by what you heard
Have you heard of rumors?
Some clash with lies
One degrades another out of despite

[chant:] how can one
Claim to be perfect despite the things he has done
[chant:] how can one
Be so blind to see, you're no fucking different than me
Different than me
Maybe it's me, I'm not trying to change the world
But actions speak louder than words
And all in time I'll learn from the mistakes that are mine
But I wont forget those mistakes done unto me
Done unto me

Who am I to judge, use judgmental words?
What matters is appearance?
Or what you heard?
Live by what you have and believe
Judge by appearance, and misspoken words,
Not the content of one's character, just by what you heard

Have you heard of rumors?
Some clash with lies
One degrades another out of despite
Out of despite
I'm human
I'm not perfect just like you

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As Blood Runs Black Beneath The Surface Comments
  1. NeedITDeathHeated

    God damn I've been listening to this for ages and it still rips

  2. Gesreg

    Best Part 2:25

  3. Logan Hartsock

    “Actions speak louder than words!!!”

  4. J. Antonio L. Bedoya


  5. Minnesota Metal Man

    3:32 when your uncle eats yo ass

  6. andres Guzman Sandi

    3:33 Heaven

  7. Zero Two

    @HackinMauro awebo xddd

  8. A Leon

    Awesome band, saw them in bogota colombia 🤙🏻🤙🏻

  9. Arc_Arsenal138


  10. dr Stoned

    takes me back to 7th grade

  11. dr Stoned

    the last part i can listen to it for eternity


    my thoughts exactly

  12. boy terminal

    every instrument is good about this band

  13. jason bey

    Searching for guitarists and vocal singers

    leroy jenkins

    +jason bey im better than these guys...srs


    jason bey I'm a vocalist

  14. bruceleebrucelee1

    tenia 15 años cuando te conoci :$ y desde entonses q te vacilo asi tal cual awante dan sugarman y el cabro de santiago algun dia tocaremos juntitos y de pasa nos tocamos su poquito :$ <3

  15. Akiro Raiden

    really awesome song, but damn the drums suck.

    The Headbanger

    @Akiro Raiden you just dont like how it sounds. But the drummer is very good. You cant say is not good haha

    Akiro Raiden

    +Bryson Schuette i'm not a drummer, i'm a guitarist. he's the drummer and should do his job properly, now fuck off.


    you are a terrible critic

    Mark Page

    Wow at first I thought you were trolling but i guess you're just retarded. the drummer impressed me most in this song.


    Guys, don't argue with this man, his opinion is clearly more important than anyone elses even if it is wrong.

  16. Aidan []

    Kind of reminds me of the Doom EP by Job For a Cowboy

  17. mark duckers

    why have i never heard of this band before. Amazing find


    r u serus? roflcopter ay lmao!

  18. jon Altom

    this song man fucking hardcore

  19. iulian girbea

    this band have awesome breakdowns !!

  20. Euan Harrington

    \m/(>_<)\m/ says it all
    good one man

  21. TotalMetalJacket

    Lucas is at least of similar skill level. Point is, the others are all better examples.

  22. NickBrandan221

    Shannon Lucas isn't better. Inferno... I'm afraid he is.

  23. Therukuss

    L2own jokes.

  24. Quỳnh Lâm


  25. juturna420

    new favorite band

  26. Matt Graham

    no he just a very good drummer

  27. TotalMetalJacket

    I don't think anyone has ever even heard of that guy... Was from some band called the HAARP Machine and now drums for The Faceless. I have some sincere doubt he's comparable to drummers like Kollias and Inferno.

  28. Devin Peterson

    Leche is a fucking insane drummer.

  29. Benjamin Skaggs

    Punch my face again! Baddfknass

  30. Sullivants Ryemaz

    i love the breakdown

  31. OHardCorePipperO

    These are all good suggestions I am glad someone could at least give me concrete examples instead of hypothetically stating a genre.

  32. OHardCorePipperO

    Thank you for the suggestion he is incredible.

  33. BILU CR

    3:29 <3

  34. steve cross

    3:32 my speakers almost exploded

  35. TotalMetalJacket

    Gene Hoglan, George Kollias, Shannon Lucas, Tim Yeung, Inferno.

  36. Brandon

    Drum machines count as people too?

  37. goodbadboy666

    Headbang till die

  38. Hamster Crea

    jajajaja true fucking story XD but is a great song..:)

  39. CoolCharlieBrown _

    Sean Reinert, and im not telling you this in context as a snide comment, you should seriously look him up, he's a beast.

  40. Matt Weismiller

    Yeah. Look up real death metal. You'll instantly find a better drummer.

  41. OHardCorePipperO

    Can you think of someone better?

  42. Matt Weismiller

    Not really.

  43. Klex

    This song makes me want to fuck a cactus and bust a cum nugget. All over a lions face.

  44. Deez Nutz

    do it better mister musician

  45. OHardCorePipperO

    This Drummer is a legend!

  46. JuaffreBlumpkins

    What I'm saying here is everyone's a trend catcher.

  47. JuaffreBlumpkins

    Back when the scene was fresh (2002-2009) everyone enjoyed making 2 steps, nice riffs, simple but hard sounding breakdowns. Now its hardcore part, breakdown, hardcore part, breakdown, hardcore part, breakdown, hardcore part, breakdown, hardcore part, breakdown, hardcore part, breakdown, hardcore part, breakdown, hardcore part, breakdown, hardcore part, breakdown, hardcore part, breakdown. THIS IS ALL YOU FUCKING HEAR NOW. YOU ARE PROBABLY A HARDCORE SCENE KID, BLAME YOURSELF!

  48. Brandon

    Yea I'm not all into the hardcore shit either... I found it funny when I did a search. Jfac sold more records than Mitch from SS... Now. Jfacs deathcore albums sucked but they sold more than the metal album they had "badass album that is." Completely off topic but yea... hardcore is overrated.

  49. RustyCow

    The ABRB vocalist doesn't inhale. I'm pretty sure the Oceano guy doesn't either but I'm not sure. There's a reason few people inhale, because it sounds like crap and hurts your vocal chords.

  50. Bubbafett250

    Except inhaling actually ruins your voice, so you shouldn't even try to do it. Your vocal chords aren't meant to go backwards and speak while inhaling.

    Leroy Najatahn

    I'm pretty sure he's exhaling. Inhale vocals have a distinctly sucky sound and its guy is really good.

  51. earthsuko

    You must be crazy.

  52. Brandon

    I'm not going to disagree with you, but whenever I hear ABRB... the vocals send a chill down my spine.

  53. niceprince

    but seriously though. the drummer's skill stands out more than the others

  54. niceprince

    he has horrible hearing obviously. This drummer is among the BEST in the buisness.

  55. Brandon

    I wish all of you dumbasses would shut up. They all made the band obviously. I don't see any of you guys with a fucking album.

  56. fluffydude56

    alot of people who are arguing about which musician in the band makes the band (as blood runs black) probably don't play instruments, so they think a heavy beat from the drums and a heavy fast riff from the guitarists defines the band individually as an instrument and not a group, stop arguing about which musician within the band defines it and just worry about how good the music really is :D

  57. BBatterYY

    From what I've heard the exhaling is harder to do and it sounds a lot better imo.

  58. paronkorv

    dude the drummer isn't that good...

  59. Ryanplague

    dude the drummer made this band.. the screamer's low's are actually unique the singer from oceano is the only other one that implements this kind of deep scream. he is inhaling rather than the more common exhaling scream. really hard to do try it.

  60. Ian Hobson

    Which is why they're not as good as they used to be. The guitarists made this band

  61. RedSectorX

    he was referring to the video not the song

  62. Steven Gudiño Gse

    Coño esta banda es bien maldita, quiero ser necrofilico hahahaha

  63. Joshua Grant

    @vlasko566 dont forget the bassist...haha

  64. xdruguserx

    @Vezoremorz boner = not wrong, having sexual relations with the deceased = very very wrong

  65. Brian Beerman

    @vlasko566 Just the drummer....................*and it was a sad sad, day for Death-core music*

  66. Connor G

    are there still any orignal members still in this band?

  67. HashMagician


  68. TeamDreamAway

    why u think I'm hiding still?? ur religious threats!!

  69. Maximiliano Garcia

    All time favorite song from ABRB.

  70. SSBM Migu

    6 years later and people still listen to this album? F**k yeah 8\

  71. allshallperish35

    I only found this song cause i was looking up the band called Beneath the Surface :P If any of you are interested in discovering new metal bands they just had an album come out called "Oceans" and it isn't bad. Check it out.

  72. Everett Shea

    3:32 = best breakdown of all-time!

  73. Mike Negley

    i was wondering what was the big deal with apparent amazing breakdown was until i heard it i was like OH SHIT :)

  74. Russell Silva

    Best Drummer Ever

  75. Tim Silk

    wow, best breakdown i ever heard.

  76. jay hundley

    this song has the BEST breakdown ever invented, why havent i ever heard it in any of the breakdown videos?!

  77. Joseph Brady

    @BetrayedMartyr nice!

  78. 9rmetal

    this is the best song of allegiance hands down

  79. OuterlimitzxX

    Lech = god enough said

  80. hambacon13

    fuck yeah no dislikes thats right keep out haters!

  81. reynsi1987


  82. Joseph Brady

    hahaha. i love this band, first song i ever heard was in dying days and i love it

  83. John Blasko

    still man this song never gets old

  84. iamzach10

    Why has this got so little views???