Arthur, James - Remember Who I Was Lyrics

I know I hurt you, I was so unkind
I was ungrateful, I wasted your time
But I was young and lost, so lost
See, you took this poor boy and changed his whole life
Granted his wishes and dreams overnight
And I saw stars, they shot me down
But I deserved it, they knocked me out

I'm just waking up now, in the tears of the one's I love
It's quiet, I'll bet that everybody thinks I'm done
I need to get up now, I've been down here far too long
Two years I've been lost, now I remember who I was
Who I was, who I was

I am the one who beat me black and blue
No one can hurt all your feelings like you
Whoa, I know it, or validate
See, if you're a misfit and feel out of place
Or you don't like how you look, it's okay
'Cause someone will, but you need to love yourself
Don't end up like me, don't end up like me

I'm just waking up now, in the tears of the one's I love
It's quiet, I'll bet that everybody thinks I'm done
I need to get up now, I've been down here for too long
Two years I've been lost, now I remember who I was
Who I was, who I was (I've been down here for too...)
Who I was, who I was

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Arthur, James Remember Who I Was Comments
  1. MelvinOpGames

    I love this song it is soo nice

  2. Isaiah 514

    Silent night !!!

  3. Dilaisy Rodriguez

    Makes me remember that one time Trying to commit suicide at 11. Is the only time I’ve been close, and someone saves me. There was a lot of crying and a hole lot of more depression for me. 9 years with diagnosed depression and I’m only 19. Is not like I really had a bad life, but the bad things that happened were to big for my emotional state. I’ve never remember being happy for more than a week.

    Jonah Johnson

    Same. Im only 17 and i've been hospitalized 3 times just this year. Losing my best friend still have such massive emotional toll on me. Its been some days where his music was the reason to live. I find comfort and hope in his music.

  4. Sara

    Absolutely beautiful lyrics and beat. I played this non-stop for about a month. So powerful and relatable.

  5. budgi regar

    You are not done, you are loved, you are relevant, and extremely important.

  6. KI RA

    What the. You've got terrifying songs. It all stroke deep into my heart. I felt every inch of emotions of your songs. Amazing..💜

  7. Julien Gryspeerdt

    So True !

  8. Sara Ali

    This is my favorite James Arthur song since too long and I wish he sings it live. ):

  9. Bob Merrick

    James Arthur is by far one of the best male singers in the world. The is no question about it. He is absolutely phenomenal. He has pain, raw emotions, and just astonishing vocals.

  10. Elizabeth Reyes

    thank you to all your songs your music your voice keep it up love yah

  11. Elizabeth Reyes

    james arthur voice is like like chocolate that melted slowly to the mouth thank you so much to your songs it helps to relax

  12. Oddly Satisfying


  13. special siara

    i can feel that, james ..

  14. Werack Lasaract

    This is so emotional

    Nakiyah LaceyPerry

    May 26

    Werack Lasaract

    Hey do u have fb?
    May i know it,

  15. Leanora Fletcher

    Such an awesome song. Speaks to the heart of recovering from anything

  16. Grazielle Silva gomes

    Aonde curte um milhão de vezes mds❤❤🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍

  17. Emma Swaddling

    Oh James Arthur. Your voice is a gift. I'm so sorry you are so sad right now. Your so open about your anxieties you do help other people. I hope you are getting the help you need XXX

  18. Jessica Jones

    ⚡️❤️⚡️❤️⚡️❤️😍💞😂💋 I see your heart and soul. I feel you, all of you deep inside of me my love. We are eachothers forever.

  19. Jessica Geraci

    can someone tell me what this song is about?

  20. jen Gelpi

    Wow... I feel smitten

  21. shamielah adams

    And he does it again.. Hits you where it hurts the most.. James Arthur you're a gift💕

  22. Jayne Guirdham

    What a voice , so much emotion 💙

  23. B-i-C

    A very chill song in the midst of Sermon, Finally (with that fucking amazing bridge and chorus at the end), The Truth and Skeletons. Love it. Although I know it's not gonna be as personal, I really hope his upcoming album will have elements from _BFTE_ in it.

  24. Micheal Prosper

    I miss when I use to find love

  25. Isaiah 514

    As you help your self you really pulling others to the light that some kind of singer cando that ! Love what you sing ! Love it !

  26. Mar Gazaryan

    I lost myself😔

  27. Spider woman

    Play this at my prom
    Play this at my wedding
    Play this at my funeral


    Well that's kinda sad if you think about it.

  28. Tariq Jones

    Girl: do even want to be with me forever?
    Boy: no
    Girl: do you even like me?
    Boy: no
    Girl: would you cry if I walked away?
    Boy: no
    She heard enough and was hurt..... she walked away with tears in her eyes
    The boy grabbed her arm
    Boy: your not pretty.. your beautiful
    Boy: I don't want to be with you forever... I need to be with you forever
    Boy: I don't like you... I love you
    Boy: I wouldn't cry if you walked away.. I'd die if you walked away.
    Boy whispers: plz stay with me
    Girl: I will
    *tonight at midnight your true love will realize they love you
    *something good will happen to you between 1-4 pm
    *Tommorow it could be anywhere
    *get ready for the shock of your life
    *if you don't post this to 5 other videos... you will have bad luck in relationships for the next 10 years

  29. teleneec

    This song though. This voice though. The sincerity and passion and pain though. Hmm. I only knew of one song, "say you won't let go" that I'd heard and loved it, not knowing the artist behind the song. Only just a couple months ago did I truly discover James Arthur. WHERE IN THE HELL HAVE I BEEN?!!! Now, i heard a few days ago he is retiring from music. Already? Please don't let that be true.

  30. Fatima

    this is insane like holy shiit

  31. Steveo Kelly

    At this time, the 290 disliked, don't know who they they were

  32. Eric Lee

    Why isn't this going viral this song is so touching...

  33. Shi Vam

    This made me cry everytime i listen this song.

  34. beliver 16

    .....his every songs is just makes me feels better cuz his voice is bless

  35. ARMY Boy Forevahhh

    The best😭😭😭😭

  36. Yes, I'm an avgeek, you can go away now ,_,

    "Don't end up like me. Don't end up like me," and the "I've been down here far too long" at 2:21.

    There's just something about those sentences...something in his voice... You can just hear the pain.

  37. Aisley Gomez

    This is like other James Arthur songs are incredible! I especially replay it over and over again.

  38. Princess Odimmegwa

    His voice is an inspiration n anyone dat comes across his voice must be tamed

  39. Tonya Black

    I could get lost in his music...brings tears to my 👀 i 💘 beautiful lyrics that speaks to me. I once where a misfit.

  40. Amirah Natasha

    tried to understand what he’s trying to deliver since his songs are mostly about him trying to tell what he went through. and it hits me when he said ‘see you took this poor boy and changed his whole life and granted his wishes etc.’ he’s trying to thank everyone who’ve helped him to achieve his dreams but thn he saw ‘stars’ which is fame where it ‘shoot’ him down & ‘knocked’ him out and that’s where everything goes down but now he found himself. ;’)

  41. zineb b

    james arthur is an angel

  42. barb wire

    I love him. I love his voice and passion. My perfect man ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  43. Delisa Lessey

    No one can hurt all your feelings like you

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  45. Mitzie QM

    Not just the voice. He'a lyrically gifted more than anyone else.

  46. Johnathan FU

    Why isn’t this song being popular
    I can’t understand 🙁🙁

  47. Jean billy

    Oh god don't know how many times I've been here
    I'm in love .....

  48. Maria Sutherland

    A voice of velvet.A deep soul!!All the best James Arthur💥💥💥

  49. Ashley Harris

    This song has been on repeat on my phone since the moment I found it. His voice is so soulful and just majestic. I can't describe the way it makes me feel, but every time I hear it I get goosebumps. He puts his all into it and it shows. Continue doing what you do love, Music from you is absolutely amazing. :)

    Meriam Ammar

    Ashley Harris same

  50. Johnathan quartz

    Love this song the very first time I heard it

  51. Marian Sedgwick

    So soulful - love you so much. ♥

  52. liley dumzela

    Dont end up like me ,don't end up like me ..

  53. Nataniel Garrido de Macêdo

    His voice is so beautiful and exceptional 😍 Brazil listening.
    A voz dele é tão bonita e excepcional 😍 Brasil ouvindo.

  54. ntandokazi ngcobo

    Definitely writes with meaning,sings with so much passion,plus his voice automatically dos the honors.

  55. Jean billy

    My heart bleeds .

  56. Gerardo Peregrina

    Lo siento...

  57. Elsa Tafallari

    Bravo ma mettici più impegno🙂😆😉😃

  58. Shalaka Palekar

    Hi James, You voice is touch my heart👍

  59. BabyCakes NYC

    He is so fine him an his squishy looking face lmao

  60. That Guy in the corner

    i have found my brother's channel

  61. Tricia Webb

    2 years and I remember...

  62. Imo Pruyssenaere

    This song touches my heart so bad. incredible voice!

  63. Samoayling

    Hola if you fucked up as well and lost your soul mate. Then it's too late to get her back.

  64. U. M.


  65. bhargav sripathy

    Awesome song . Super 👌👌 👌👌👌💐

  66. Dawn Harrison

    Can t wait for new songs . Love 💕 your music god bless .xxxx

  67. Johnq009

    Damn. Hits home really hard.

  68. Melissa McIntosh

    So deep...

  69. Lee Hodson

    Fuckink Brill

  70. Digital2Pulse

    Man my ass feels moist

  71. LittleMissRavenclaw

    Not everybody thought James was done. We've been behind him, waiting and knowing he'd come back. And he has-back from the edge.

  72. Welisson Rebolças

    I love you james ....oh god , the best music

  73. YOLO 9

    Love it

  74. Tameka Colley

    He so deep I love you JAMES you are amazing ...I never cried so much listening to music...I NEVER KNEW someone like you to pour your heart out..I love you💑

    James Arthur Elite

    Listen to No Way Out, Carry Us, I Unproudly Present, You Can't See Me, I need a friend, Cheap Dreams Rich Daddy's - his older stuff, recored in his bedroom but raw and deep as fuck. He's like a singing Eminem

    Tameka Colley

    Mark Smith I have listened to each an every song he has song an that's why many tears I have cried..carry us an I need a friend..hurts so much listening to them..but it's like a therapy for the soul🤗

    Tameka Colley

    Unproudly presents is a song I can relate to through in childhood

  75. otaku ghoul

    can relate to this in every way. sigh

  76. Annalyn Pancito

    you're the only artist who has made me cry .. :(

  77. Alyssa Martinez

    Never cried so much wow

  78. cinnamon slice

    Beautiful.. I've been down here for tooo long.. Now I remember who I was..👌🏽👌🏽🔥🔥🔊🔊🔊

  79. 박나타샤

    this song describes how i am feeling at the moment, i feel like i am in a coma 10 years later but i am expriencing my childhood all over again. and i just want to wake up.

  80. Anna Lukas

    He will be here for a long time due to his diversity in his voice, welcome

  81. Adam Baker

    He is the best singer off all time l like is music very good James Arthur happy Christmas from Adam

  82. Grace Aruino

    Damn what a voice.

  83. Yvonne Wheeler

    Beautiful song beautiful voice ,❤

  84. Ryan Ho

    He is probaly the best singer alive☺

  85. #Domitille# #Fontaine#

    memories printed, what is created in joy and laughs remain my bests

  86. ItzRooster

    This was played at my Friends funeral ♥

    Isidro Dos santos

    so sorry ...deepest condolences

  87. J.P Music

    "You took this poor boy and changed his whole life..."

  88. Lucrecia Conceicao

    why love fuking hurt so much???

  89. vanraj shukhadiya

    why .... ur song always make me cry . fuck man. I hate u. it's feel like some old wounds and some old hurt. re-open it. every words sing by u is true. it's like ment to me . fuck man I hate u 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  90. Ayushi Dimri

    This song needs more recognition!! It sends a chill to the spine.

  91. Ewby

    Death buddy I miss choo!!!

  92. TatianaT

    Don't dead open inside

  93. girlsroxlife hill

    Great song

  94. Rama

    this song makes my soul bleed. I swear his voice is like an angel.

  95. Ryan Ho

    He is so good can enyone feel the greatnes in his voice

  96. Ino Mlamla

    gosh this guys voice

  97. Aïcha

    i'm on tears ! :(

  98. M Seedat

    I've been here about 100 times lol