Arthur, James - Maybe Lyrics

I don't know what's going on
Where you came from and why it took so long
All I know is that I feel it like it's the realest thing, I mean it
Something changed when I saw you
Oh, my eyes can't lie
You said, "They're so damn blue
And I love how you're so forward
Is it too soon to say I'm falling?"

So maybe
Maybe we were always meant to meet
Like this was somehow destiny
Like you already know
Your heart will never be broken by me
So is it crazy
For you to tell your friends to go on home?
So we can be here all alone
Fall in love tonight
And spend the rest of our lives as one

I should take your hand
And make you come with me
Away from all this noise
And impurity
'Cause I feel like you're too perfect
And I don't mean just on the surface
So don't be scared, I am too
'Cause this chemistry between me and you
It's too much to just ignore it
So I'll admit that now I've fallen

So maybe
Maybe we were always meant to meet
Like this was somehow destiny
Like you already know
Your heart will never be broken by me
Oh, is it too crazy
For you to tell your brothers about me?
They told me they'll protect you but I'll look them in the eye
And tell them you and I will be as one

You and I
You and I as one
You and I as one
You and I
You and I will be as one
Oh darling, you and I will be as one

All I know is that I feel it like it's the realest thing, I mean it

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Arthur, James Maybe Comments
  1. Jean billy

    Im gunna marry James.. He Just aint met me yet. Xxx

  2. Jhirooo

    Your heart will never be broken by me♥️

  3. Ryann iV

    This song sounds so good when you're driving at 60mph down the country roads with the windows down

  4. Caroline Raphael

    love you james ....!!!😍

  5. Neesh Vallon

    Love this song!

  6. Ariane Kazasomako

    I just found my weeding song 😂 it’s so deep

  7. Jami Sperry

    No it's not crazy..,it's true

  8. Sara Ali

    In this song, James Arthur describes “falling in love” in the most beautiful way ever

    sky girl

    It hurts so bad. :(

  9. Omotolani Anifowoshe

    Maybe we were always meant to be,like this was just our destiny💓💓

  10. purna jang

    Thank you for this from nepal

  11. Kaki Kacem

    I feel you're to perfect and I don't mean just on the surface

  12. Liivi Vaas

    My dear.It is much easiear to endure this life then l stopped
    denying that love
    Meybe we will survive.....

  13. call me norah

    I'm getting tired of this voice

    Irosha Premaratne

    call me norah wtf?

  14. Ferial Ferialfifi

    You're absolutely my favorite! So in love with all your songs. ❤

  15. Janet Rideout

    This is my new favorite song in the world!

  16. Nkole Muchinga


  17. Cara Awankem


  18. Cara Awankem


  19. Pretty simo

    ''Cause this chemistry between me and you''

  20. Merle Mitchell

    You're still the one I think about and love. ❤🦅💓💘

  21. laras putri Amalia

    The very perfect part

  22. angelina ginno


  23. crdd

    why am i imagining myself walking down in the aisle with this song

  24. zuleikha ahmed


  25. LadyAnne

    I have listened 3vs now. Exquisite love song. Very well written and sung...💖💖

  26. LadyAnne

    I found this love in this song Maybe... It's priceless.. A treasure ...I hold him close so he and I can be as #one. 💖💖

  27. Bbosa Rose

    James Arthur....
    James Arthur....
    James Arthur.....
    How many times have i called you?
    Better look for me 😂😂

    Anyways, love from UGANDA 🇺🇬 AFRICA 😍

  28. Gina

    God!i just love love love this guys voice!❤

  29. Austin Aguocha

    Give credit where credit is due!...beautiful lyrics men!


    James's links are all over the description! There's credits on the video, at the end of the video it says to buy his album! All I'm trying to do is expose more people to his talents! :)

  30. Bhabish Pradhan

    So maybe, maybe we were always meant to meet. Same hobbies, same likes and dislikes, same goals, and maybe we were meant to fall for each other just to hate each other soon. But maybe, maybe, this is the time we explore ourselves, learn to love ourselves first. And maybe, maybe we're made for each other, not now but later... maybe

  31. Samantha Ferlež

    My favourite song from this album. Just how it escalates and the drums in the background. Wow.

  32. Paul Guille

    Hey,Hey,Hey .. True Love Does Exist My Wife Sandra & I Have ITTTT Married 32 Yrs + "Sweet Dreams..

  33. Julia Cidfuentes

    Amazing. Can't YouU still believe this?That we were always meant to meet. I do believe this. Pls, leave a comment and say sth already; otherwise painfully, I will have to stop saying thins just me myself, don't you think so? I do. I don't really like just me commenting, nothing from YouU. It's time as YouU say.
    My heart , yes, has been broken by YOuU so long ago.
    Do you really would spend the rest of our Lives as 'One' YouU. If YouU once in your Life tell me so and YouU show me, I will be led by YouU. Take my hand, YouU'r perfect, yes, YOuU. (But I still have to prepare and tomorrow it is morn and eve, irresponsible am I with YouU!).
    That's what I would really want 'Away from all this noise, impurity and hypocresy', too much to ignore.
    My sister knows about YouU and everybody.
    And me there? Who knows about me?
    Would YOuU look them in the eye and in my parents' and tell them we will be as 'One'?


  34. Diana Marwein

    I love this song and the lyrics suit the person I'm in love with..... 😍😍

  35. Kristie Moe

    He could quite literally sing the forecast and my heart would melt.

    Xx ShadowZ xX

    There is some intense heat today lol

  36. Julia Cidfuentes

    Maybe if YouU take my hand there won't be a way backwards on this path of That Red Thread...Magic Infinity, what will I do? If it's 'To be One', that's what the Bible says, of course, I just want to authentically feel that. YouU never told me if it is true, and what my Life will be like with YouU ever.
    Siempre serás: (Prog que yo escuchaba en la radio algún día en Alacant at 12.00pm at midnight).
    I will be 'Todo Lo Que Te Daré' de Dolores Redondo, daydreaming.
    Or Love, rather like Dexter and Emma's in 'One Day' by David Nickolls. My 'Stroppiness and Self-doubt.' Our 'will-they-won't they Relationship.'∞YouU anyway. Always ever forever forevermore∞

  37. dewi suriayani


  38. Malya .A

    I feel so blessed that I found a person who understood everything without having to say a word, cherishes me, respects me and is ready to give me the world without expecting anything in return. And this song makes me go for it 💙

    leena othman

    Malya .A definitely!

  39. The Evil Dude

    first time I've heard it at the bus and i swear i look for it for almost 1 hour finally found it.♡
    what a masterpiece love you james big time 💞🔥

  40. James Arthur Songs and Videos

    Buy YOU album fast

  41. James Arthur Songs and Videos

    Check this out! EPIC! ❤️

  42. budgi regar

    MASTER of the 'love song', like Never before!

  43. Erica Mac

    So maybe...🙂can't help not to cry...James you're the best

  44. Whatareyetalkingabout mate

    It's a shame that this type of love doesn't exist anymore..

    Jade Enthusiastic

    Yeah it dose very rarely but it there xx

    Ivana Vjera Viboh

    It does♥

    Ziia Zoozoo

    Whatareyetalkingabout mate? Lol... ;-)

    Butterfinger Bae

    It's out there far and few between. Good luck

    sky girl

    It does.. & it hurts so bad :(

  45. Ngitetoi Lukumay

    I love this song 🔥

  46. Shannon Sexton


  47. Jade Griffiths


  48. Lucy Fairweather

    Whoah. This song hit deep and jeez I felt it 😔

  49. Karen Levi

    I love all the songs on the new album. He voice is so amazing!😍😍😍

  50. Heidi Monardo

    James ist der größte.. Das Album YOU ist für mich das beste, damit will ich nicht sagen das die anderen schlecht sind,ich liebe sie auch, aber YOU ist einfach Super.. LOVE YOU James für mich bist du mein big big Superstar.. 🎸💞💞💞💞🎸

  51. butterfly girl

    James is back with a new Album, all the songs are totally Awesome. Love this and him. Thank you for this 😍

  52. Markay twinkle

    Love love love😘😘😘😘😘

  53. Duha Akram

    I love you 💞

  54. Boobababe816

    Beautiful ❤

  55. Asia Jankowiak

    so beautiful💕🌻💕

  56. LXXIV

    It's finally here! Make sure to drop a LIKE if you loved the album as well! My favorite songs are probably Maybe, Quite Miss Home and Fall, comment below what your top songs are :D Also make sure to SUBSCRIBE for more content, help me reach my goal of 20k subs before the end of 2019! Thank you <3

    Jade Griffiths

    And mine 😘😘

    Jade Griffiths

    I do no and so do u and with a certain person I will tell all not Justy bros and we will be as 1 lyrics 👑💯💖😍😘


    Treehouse and maybe are my favourites