Arthur, James - Last Time Lyrics

It won’t be long before I’m leaving here
Then I’ll be far away from you
You can get up to all your troubles girl
I can start getting over you

I’m sick and tired of hearing all your lies
When you talk to me girl, you’ve got weak alibies
I’m tired of wearing out all your thoughtless ways
You keep messing with my dreams
you keep playing with my head

This is the last time that I am going to feel this way
This is the last time that I am going to have to lose my way
I already love feeling the way I do
I’m already, I’m already over you

And all my friends they tell me you’re no good for me
And the rumors they are so true
But I will tell myself that talk is cheap
But all I see now is talk in you

I’m sick and tired of hearing all your lies
When you talk to me girl you’ve got weak alibies
I’m tired of wearing out all your thoughtless ways
You keep messing with my dreams
You keep playing with my head

this is the last time I am going to feel this way
this is the last time I am going to have to lose my way
I already love feeling the way I do

You always make me out to be this person I’m not
I’ve never given before I gave you all that I’ve got
Not a lot but you were going through some stuff back then
I assured you I’d change I’d never be that again
You see you’ve got all the characteristics of a girl I need
But treading inches will pass so let me off your lead
Take your overbearing love grudge back
When I get home from the world, I don’t expect an attack
This is the last time anyone ever throws me off track
I’d rather be on my own so you just stay where you sat

And this is the last time I am going to feel this way
And this is the last time I am going to feel this was
I’ve had enough of feeling the way I do.
I’m already, I’m already over you

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Arthur, James Last Time Comments
  1. Tonia Myers

    No comments in 6/7 years? Who else always circles back around to there original songs? ❤ getting to see him live in Atlanta this year!!!!

  2. Mikhaela Renee

    I’m waiting here to n Canada!!! My man, who I love, is not impressed that u are my celebrity crush. Infact, I’m not allowed to have one!!! But if u come here... IM THERE.. I’ll by every ticket just to be the only one in the room!!!!😍🥰😘

  3. Rebecca Edwards

    sadly missed John McGough ... you and James created something so beautiful with this project xxx

  4. Rizal Alfaro


  5. Rory Wallis

    Keep coming back to these videos, so thankful I found this. Feel sorry for all the people that haven't!

  6. David Elliott

    John did James have any influence in these songs or were they solely written by you?

  7. David Elliott

    This guy is the best! From day one. Can’t wait to see him in concert again

  8. Ljutomir RA

    was this before his x factor winning?

    David Elliott

    Ljutomir RA yes

  9. Kathleen McVarish

    Love it! James, you are the best, America is waiting!!!!

    L   L   T   K
    O   I   H   I
    N   V  E  N
    G   E      G !!!~

  10. Simon .Lewis

    Beautiful song written by John McGough! Almost done justice by James (Judas) Arthur

    Dawn Gilbert

    John McGough's lyrics are simply incredible. They stick in my head. So sorry to hear these artists part ways. Sounds not cordially either. Where can I hear more of him besides James' album?

    Simon .Lewis

    @Dawn Gilbert I'll send you some link asap

    Simon .Lewis

    @Dawn Gilbert

    Dawn Gilbert

    @Simon .Lewis Thanks SO much! I'll share (and *save!*) this link. :-D

    Dawn Gilbert

    @Simon .Lewis ...I just listened to "Together" demo and remastered. Nice job! Very nice.

  11. Wullie C Cree

    U r the one person a want to sing at my wedding wotever it cost

  12. Angelica Pickles

    everything he does gives me goosebumps

  13. Jessy honeyy

    this hair looks better than know his hair look like

    Alexander Al Basosi

    What she's saying is: "This hair looks so much better than how it looks like now." You're welcome.

  14. Sunny Love Life Jarmy

    LOVE you James!!! I love this song

    John Mc Gough

    Thank you :)

  15. DebbyHrtln

    his name is james arthur by the way ;) you really need to change this :D

  16. KamolHehe

    amazing , amazing and amazing james ! :)

  17. Benzi Channel

    where are his tattoo ahaha 

  18. Dawn Gilbert

    Mmmhhhmmm. Love this. Anyone have lyrics?

  19. Chloé T.

    Arthur pls

  20. Tatjana T

    ha! that would be easy if I was an experienced enough player..I only just started learning guitar :D but I really love this song and want something to work towards :))

  21. Luke Tahoe

    it'd be easier to look at his hands the chords are pretty simple

  22. Tatjana T

    Anyone figured out the tabs for this song??I am obsessed!!! please help!!xx

  23. daniel robinson

    he worked with john before x factor so yeah john found him

  24. David Giňa

    Best voice and Best rap :)

  25. Kerri Alexander

    Best voice iv ever heard in me life


    I fucking love him ok.

  27. Eva-Maria Obermair


  28. Rhetoricalmuse

    Plus, I'm pretty sure James Arthur would have accepted my compliment.

  29. Rhetoricalmuse

    I'm not a woman, so no.

  30. K_Poppin_No_Stoppin

    jealous much..ASS

  31. K_Poppin_No_Stoppin

    he won x factor 2012...john didn't find him

  32. Steve Wood

    That guitar strapped annoyed me wrapped round the bottom of the guitar! Awesome song though.

  33. 林林郁芬

    he is my fav,the best!!!

  34. Jade Baldwin

    its arthur not aurthur come on you have to get spelling right

  35. Marion Szuflak

    jesus. that's raw talent

  36. Dave

    ***/watch?v=tFoFtIqvkGE - James Arthur on Talent Show

  37. daniel robinson

    where did you find this guy john?

  38. Viktòria Bànszki


  39. Rhetoricalmuse

    Has eyelashes a woman would be proud of.

  40. Amps3000

    Awesome... James you simply are amazing

  41. OrlaUploadsVideos

    Arthur Not Aurthur.

  42. mandy Rouse


  43. Lee McDonald

    love your cheeky bar chords dont you

  44. gem19821


  45. tisbi229


  46. Louisa Grace

    Fminor, Emajor, Bminor, Cmajor7

  47. Nathan Smith

    No-one understands my love for him (i'm a straight boy) his voice is insane, i listen to him all day everyday, can't waaaaaait for his album, it's going to be amazing

    Phil Jenner

    I do been doin this for years

  48. Paniz M

    he's so incredible at singing it's unreal

  49. Carl Wilson

    I so want a proper studio recorded version of this (still acoustically performed though) on the album...make it happen plz James...

  50. pippa pits

    Very true I must admit I only noticed after the 70th replay ;)

  51. Lou Booth

    Think people are too mesmerized by his voice to notice ;) ahaha

  52. Lou Booth

    I'm against rape too...xD we know what you meant :)
    It's like I hate LMFAO's song Sexy And I Know it...But I love James' version xD

  53. pippa pits

    Am I the only one who's noticed his name is spelt wrong? Brilliant performance anyway :)

  54. Abbey Doran

    You inspire me so mucch:-) every word you saayy it speakss to me and i know i sound like a weirdo but i just cant help the way i feel about che

  55. gemma ingles

    chords people?!?!?!

  56. Melissa Scott

    FUCKING LOVE THIS MAN.......... marry me ;) <3

  57. Peter Farnan

    3 dislikes = District 3

  58. Gavin Teasdale

    no he's married to my heart :) sorry ;)

  59. lewis murray

    preform this in the final like if u agree?:)))

  60. Lindsey Ratcliffe

    WOW I LOVE this :) Amazing darl, hope you win x

  61. 81maverick81

    you got a huge fan here from Canada!!! good luck mate, I pray you win the x factor!! And whats it gonna take for you to sing an original on the show?!?!??!?!

  62. elizabeth kalachova

    if you dont vote for him i will personally find you and burn your house.

  63. Nicole Mchugh

    im sorry but if this guy doesnt make it then i dont know who will

  64. bigbribol

    That's what all us James Arthur fans think,but couldn't articulate enough in the way you said it. Thanks for saying what we all wanna say.

  65. dan smith

    this guy just a star that's coming from someone who thinks that music is dead

  66. Ciara Heagney

    no i'm his girlfriend...i'm kidding, i wish ..:(

  67. Greenehhhh

    I'm hoping..

  68. Harrysound

    This man is so damn good.
    I hope keeps it instrumental in the future. He's better than just a pop star.

    Songwise it's good, needs some strong hooks.mainly of the instrumental kind.

  69. tina loughlin

    he sings it all on social cam just brilliant

  70. milly bert

    nice pg tip tea i reckon lol

  71. milly bert

    im usually against rape but the replay button jus had it comming

  72. Chloe Evs

    The dislike bar is like my fish...
    I don't have a fish...

  73. JJ8271F1

    This guy gives me goosebumps when he sings, so much pain and soul in his voice and sexy too! The thing I don't understand is why he's had to go on to x-factor to try and get a record deal? Record labels should be lining up to sign him!

    Kaleb Cotter

    Hardout !!! I.dont understand either especially save arcade never been signed

  74. Swahili SpicE

    This sounds like a number 1 single. Know that when I actually 'buy' music it must really be something. Well James you are really something so long as you don't change your style when you get a record deal, which is what so many artists do and then they loose their identity.

  75. Lalelu Lalelu

    Can you do the whole cover of young? pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaseeeeeeeee :D love you from Peru! ( sorry for the english )

  76. Graham Gill

    I steal music usually, I'd buy yours! Mate, wow! DONT CHANGE!!

  77. sumayyah aktar

    omg he is so amazing i hope he wins x factor

  78. Carol Gordon

    Wow, James you are amazing. It doesn't matter what you sing, you make it yours.You just exude raw pain from your soul. You are going to go all the way...Thank God or whoever, that you have been discovered-a true musician, not just some 'pretty boy' pop star who will peak and then fade after X Factor. xxx

  79. Ellie Cutajar

    I wonder what he's drinking.

  80. Aisling Mulcaire

    the most talanted artist around right now

  81. Jo Shaw

    i just love ANYTHING he does !

  82. Kat Slater

    i think he is hot and i dont give a shit about people who dont! he is also amazing!!!!! he needs to win the xfactor oh and i love it when he raps

  83. Joke Knaepen

    God, I love it when he raps <3


    you must be yeah.

  85. Harry Hollingsworth

    Real music

  86. Nakeyshia Chakam

    Those Beautiful Eyes..Just Amazing! Love the Way They Are shaped:> Love your Voice James Following you all the way From Minnesota!!!

  87. noonakay

    marry me!

  88. Jennifer Foster

    no, it looks like there are two of you:)

  89. Denise Carr

    another beautiful song lmao am gonna get a big phone bill this month voting

  90. bob gerfrako

    Am I the only one who thinks he cant sing ?>

  91. nikitta knight

    He made all my feelings change in a matter of a couple of minutes!! :') oxox

  92. nathan nottingham

    what guitar is it

  93. Clare Stebbings

    Christ this guys talented. Not only with vocals, but guitar and piano wise

  94. georgia lischke

    i just love u sooooo much , i love ur voice and i love u and i absolutley love how u get sooo passionate when u sing omg ur just amazing i love u xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  95. alexiavela

    i just really really really love him. that voice drives me insane.