Arthur, James - I'm A Liar Lyrics

Here we go again
I can't keep taking my frustrations out on you
I'm going crazy again
Baby, I'm blazin' again
This is the only way I know how to take the pain

This habit is all I see
A sedative release
You do not figure dear
So leave me alone, please

And in a rage, I've thrown it all away
I said some things I did not mean
I swore I'd never ever love you again
Not in the wildest of your dreams
But I'm a liar, ooh
I'm a liar, ooh no
I'm a liar, ooh
I'm a liar, 'cause I do

You saved my life
And I guess you always knew you would
Even when I wasn't me, still you understood
You still loved me even though I was scum
You still loved me even though I was scum
I'm still breathing though I know I could be long gone
You still here so I'm calling this your song
No fear I know I finally found the one
I can't believe I stalled reunion you all along
From day one you say that thin shred of good in me
It's frustrating now I know you had to grit your teeth
No shift of blame but that other shit was blinding me
Baby, you did such a hell of a job finding me
You're a keeper I never leave ya
You're too fine for this to ever be bleak ya
I could look at you till I'm laid on my death bed
I could take back every bad boy they ever said
Remember him? Baby, he's so dead
Take me as you know I am this is our sunset

And in a rage, I'd thrown it all away
I said some things I did not mean
And I swore I never ever love you again
Not in the wildest of your dreams
But I'm a liar, ooh
I'm a liar, ooh no
I'm a liar
I'm a liar, 'cause I do lie you

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Arthur, James I'm A Liar Comments
  1. Julia Cidfuentes

    Caught out again...
    'Our Sunset as we like, my Lord' 'My wildest dreams with YouU, my Lord, YoUU. But YouU're always lying. Your 'Speciality.' But at the crucial moment YouU will stop, won't YouU, my Amore? ♾♾

  2. Tameka Colley

    Love you so song is favorite..I cry endlessly through most..I'm facing so helping me..

  3. Baharuddin Buang

    Yes you are. 😂

  4. lesile barber

    Crazy again ✌🏻

  5. Fatma Khan

    Every word said from the heart & truly understood wooow ❤❤

  6. valentina peharda

    Daj salji nesto drugo..fosadan ovaj sa placem

  7. Dua Li

    He should have released this ❤️❤️

  8. vee.summer

    This is my fave James Arthur song. When he first put it on YouTube it got me through the WORST time in my life. I'm glad he re recorded it but the original is so raw and the flaws in it are gorgeous

  9. Esraa Bandar

    I LOVE YOU JAMES ALOT ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. Its Quia

    His live performances of this song are amazing. Dang, another fav of mines. I can't get enough of James's music. 💞

  11. Keyshawn burlander

    Another gem for james arther archives

  12. Chelsea Chingnunhoih

    Is there anything James can’t do?😭♥️he’s just perfectly AMAZING!!♥️

    Its Quia

    He so is! Everything he touches turns to gold! 💖

  13. Best Fuccer

    3:35 omg 😱

  14. Haley Boyer

    Yasss I’m here for all these videos. You’re taking the oldies from his early days and it’s wonderful.


    Those songs are awesome and not really well known so I’m glad to give them more exposure!

  15. ρჩბცια

    There's currently a storm raging in the Philippines right now, this kinda helps with the stress

  16. Jada Buechi

    like this if u think he needs to release all his unreleased songs!!🥺🙏🏽

  17. Joshua Rago

    Holy shizzles...thank u so much for bringing this back.
    Now more people will know this song again

  18. butterfly girl

    Love James and any of his songs. Very Incredible song, lyrics are cool. Love this. Thank you

  19. Only One


  20. zuleikha ahmed


  21. mercy mallari

    Thnk you so much by for being real to me 😎😍😘❤👍

  22. mercy mallari

    Love this song bcoz he accepts his weaknesses but didnt mean to do them nd im listening on you 😎😍 love you more by !😗😙😚😘❤💕🎶🎧i know you're not it jst happened that you've changed bcoz of the pain nd the wrong decisions tbat you've made b4 but i believe you are not like this bcoz you know its not the real key to happiness nd i know you dont want to continue doing nd living the way ive found you b4 😊 keep it up doing good things nd changes into your life bcoz i know with your faith nd love to our God is what can make you to decife to change for the better 😎😍😘❤🎶🎧💕 love you more by!!!😎😘

  23. Geeta Mohammed

    I love this song , the lyrics are so sad and haunting .☹

  24. Kathryn Diane

    Is this my song? lol I swear this guy... and he changed my favorite word c-nt 😳

  25. LXXIV

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