Arthur, James - Homicide Love Lyrics

One beat, one life
One me, let the other side go
I live and die by your knife
This is homicide love
Tell me, could you make me all
All that you want?
Would you fly home?
Or could it ever be just us?

Tell me what you're waiting for
Hold me like you did before
Or just run away, run away, run away
'Cause I don't think I could take much more
Why you always waging war?
Tell me while I'm keeping score
Oh, would you give me one, give me one, give me one more
Lie if this was truly love?
Truly love

You need your space
I can't breathe when we go at your pace
You make me sick, but all I wanna do is kiss your lips
I'm such a sucker for a sweet talking, yeah
So do you tell all your friends
You've got your gun to my head?
I know it's never gonna be just us

Tell me what you're waiting for
Hold me like you did before
Or just run away, run away, run away
'Cause I don't think I could take much more
Why you always waging war?
Tell me while I'm keeping score
Would you give me one, give me one, give me one more
Lie if this was truly love?

Love, love
Or is it nothing?
Or is it nothing?
Is it love? Love

Oh, you tear me down
You build me up
Kill me slow with your love
But I will try to be enough
I live and die by your knife
This is homicide love

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Arthur, James Homicide Love Comments
  1. Dora D

    ....I can't take it touching ❤

  2. King Down

    I love music 😍
    More song😞💬🎧🔫

  3. xolouu ,

    james is giving us only the best, like every fucking time. pls never stop making music

  4. Georgie JA

    James Arthur is such a gift to me 🥰 😍


    Alguém BR

  6. Richard Jesús Lopez Gomes

    Is good music

  7. patricia Mcgraw

    He makes me cry with is song.

  8. Andress

    One me let the other side go 🖤

  9. Charmine Marquez


  10. Венета Ангелова

    My relationship right now

  11. Kaleb Cotter the lyrics right lol. Beast song

  12. Bernard Lungu

    James Arthur you are Gifted ! What an excellent piece of art ...

  13. Emanuele Tiranti

    Listening on Spotify I thought he said "give me wine more"😂

    Kaleb Cotter

    His accent throws alot of people off haha

    Emanuele Tiranti

    @Kaleb Cotter thank god i m not the only one ahahah, anyway i m italian, is much more difficult for me, but it doesn't matter, he s the best🔝

  14. Dev Camacho

    The feels!! ❤️

  15. brown masicka

    This song help a lot with my break up love this song💕💕

  16. Ra Souldier

    Nice vocals. 👍

  17. Jamie the OK Gamer

    Wow this was beautiful. 🎶🎶

  18. Alexsysmusic composer

    Dear Medley Journey! By a chance we found your beautiful and inspiring channel and subscribed! This is an enchanting video, with a fantastic, very emotional and impressive song from James Arthur! Awesome singing! Loved it! Thanks for this great experience! Thumbs up! We also love creativity, including photographing, composing music and video editing. As an introduction to our works and to give some special experience we recommend you two special videos, the first one is my composition ( space music ) with Alexandra's video compilation titled: LIghtspeed the second video is Alexandra's composition ( retro-ambient disco ), with her special video edition titled: Get in motion!
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  19. Boosted Art Templates

    *Great One*

  20. Rayhan Ihsan Nasution

    this is my most favorite track of the album

  21. Adrian Garcia

    For all the toxic relationships I've been and alot of people in here have been in. To us, for moving and being being prosperous. Whether it be with another partner or ourselves, let's make the best out of every moment! May the god of your understanding bless you!

  22. MP3 320 Kbps Best Quality

    Not very good vocal to hear


    Go to a very good doctor and check your ears..

    Kaleb Cotter

    Get fucked you deluded prick

  23. RAIN

    So beautiful my brother🍁💙🍂💧

  24. kittyluvrkc

    Would you give me one more lie if this was really love?

    I live and die by your knife
    This is homicide love♡

  25. Brittany Bare

    I cant breath when we go your pace.... Thersa Lucas

  26. LadyAnne

    Sad. ...sad.....where is your joy of expectation. ?

  27. Isabela Elena Chitan

    If you feel like this isn't love! You are lost in your unconfident and unhappiness. Stop and go, no matter how much you cry and suffer! Love is bright and fulfilles you, completes you, not destroy you! Challenge! Do you know what you want? 💜

  28. Explora Subir

    Adore this voice...

  29. Rakiah Copeland

    3:26 - 3:34 just amazing I really love James voice

  30. Uthando N

    Hold me like you did before

  31. April G

    Please stop this. I'm about to ......kiss u in the mouth lol. Love is painful, but only if u let it. Love is beautiful, patient ,kind. We've been there with depression, anexty, alcoholic, addictions, death. Jus lean and give to God. He waits with you daily for you to need him , and trust me it's easier said then done. But it can be done with having faith. I love. Like jesus does. Rise my kings amd prince, its rime to go home

  32. Feya Ahmad

    Hold me like you did before😔

  33. The Chill Bit

    Loving the track and nice lyric video :)

  34. Angel Fame

    Always pray. God is always good, dont think too much its hard to live without His Love. God bless you all..

    Medley Journey

    Thank you Angel 😊 same to you

  35. G Hly

    OMG!! I loves this song...

    Medley Journey

    Glad you liked it 😊

    G Hly

    @Medley Journey Oh, so much..❤❤❤

  36. Emily Ann

    I've hurt someone..

    I love them, but this isn't our time.

    I'm sure once they hear this song, they will think of me, but to you "Please don't hate me".

    - EM

    oscar andersen

    Emily Ann if you hurt someone its for a reason. And as long as you take honesty (even if its out right cruel) you are doing whats right. Id rather be hurt and broken down knowing u were honest with me then u lying bout everything and do shit behind my back

    dewi suriayani

    Tedah 🐀!


    I'm sure this person you hurt doesn't hate you.. For when you love someone, it's impossible to hate them even if you've been hurt by them

    April G

    Ni it isnt never will

  37. 1dayat atime

    Interesting song to say the least. Really don't care for it. There is psychotic problems. On both sides! 😄🌹

    Medley Journey

    Really nice you found it interesting 😊


    Lovely!! 😘

  38. Mary Claire Catan

    Thank you for uploading this amazing song 😭

    Medley Journey

    Glad you enjoyed the music ☺️

  39. Aishah Hisham

    Love your song James Arthur😍😍😍 Life this is truly love😍😍😍

  40. Suchismita Shunya Gupta

    every upgraded stage needs a difference

  41. Jenny K

    Love is sacrifice!


    Sacrifice of your heart🙁

  42. call me norah

    My boyfriend died 2 days after he sang this song to me and now I'm just broken I'm listening to this song every second remembering our days wishing he back 😣😢😢

    Sreyash Haque

    I'm so sorry for your loss. But know that he's at a better place right now, and I really hope you feel better soon.

    call me norah

    @Sreyash Haque thank u sm u make me feel better😢❤❤

    Sreyash Haque

    @call me norah and if you ever need someone to talk to or just need to vent out your feelings, I'm here.

    call me norah

    @Sreyash Haque thank you honey ❤❤

  43. NCS Music Nation

    Excellent video 😎 love your style🔥 The thumbnail is amazing 👍🏻

  44. abc abc

    James Arthur‘s voice is homocide love

  45. Savana Ferell

    Why all ur song are really heart breaking and i cant take it anymore but i keep listening

    AT94 Alshakaili

    Savana Ferell I have been asking the same question

    April G

    Music how we communicate, well for must of us. So many things can be said one one sentence of a song. I love joseph michael.

    AT94 Alshakaili

    @April G yah you right about that, music can explain alto of thing inside us

    April G

    @AT94 Alshakaili told me everything I needed to know. All the actions as well....

  46. Rourou

    I can't breathe when I listen to this song...
    My heart has broken by a younger boy.
    Thx for uploading it.

    ally mukwaya

    Sorry may be.. He wasn't yours in th first place


    @ally mukwaya Thank you, I have recognized it...

  47. hanna delaluna

    My current lullaby after a massive heartbreak.

    Everyday have to listen to this song.
    Thanks for making the lyrics so deep.

  48. Just Air


  49. acho oraha

    Loving the 🎶 MUSIC, Watching And Listening, Homicide love

  50. Maylene Maleta

    💖💖💞💝love U thank U!!!

  51. Bohemian Girl

    Oh God his voice pierce my heart oh god you're so good!!! BLESS YOU

  52. alan thomson

    Still the best till this day .

  53. mamudou k dia


  54. Playlist Sport

    Always love... ❤

  55. Motylek 79

    Świetne 🎶🎵 Pozdrawiam 🦋

  56. Deep Memories

    Your channel is extremely unique 😍😍😍.
    Always the best music to listen. Thank you for bringing us all this beauty for our enjoyement.
    Huge like for sure 👍


    U are a romantic Medley!

  58. Boosted Art

    Cool <3

  59. Marouan Dridi

    this is amazing

  60. Aju Music Production

    Awesome share friend enjoyed it ✌️❤️

  61. Go Real La Beatz

    Beautiful song.🔥🔥

  62. 10K Subscribers Without Videos - Prodixy

    hey since you know a lot of music stuff can you help me with some advice haha

    Medley Journey

    Yeah I was waiting for vertex to reply as he is much more experienced than me 😅, but I'm more than happy to help you :) It will be a lengthy explanation so give me a hello email then I can explain the whole thing :)


    Great upload, well done.

    Medley Journey

    Nice to see you again 😊

  64. amangogna68

    Beautiful song and great singer!

    Medley Journey

    Glad you enjoyed Aman 😊

  65. Layila Faon

    Wow great voice

    Medley Journey

    So glad you liked it 😊

    Layila Faon

    @Medley Journey :D

  66. Terri Stanley

    It's love but it's not going to be the kind I want. Can't go back . Can't always get what you want. But may be we can get what we need. I wish I could be care free and happy again. If it's not right I don't want to be. So bring it on bad boy.

    Medley Journey

    Certainly Terri 🙂 wishing you an amazing weekend ahead :)

    ally mukwaya

    In love with your... Note 💋💋

  67. Instrumentals W Hooks

    Wooow this is amazing 👌🙏🏼

  68. Philippe Barrilliez

    Magnificent song and voice, thank you for this beautiful sharing.

    Medley Journey

    Glad you liked it Phil 😊

  69. Bernard Bigorgne

    Another good one dear friend.
    All the best.

    Medley Journey

    Glad you enjoyed Bernard 😊

  70. Nath Jones

    Great tune

  71. Master Mind Music

    awesome bro😍❤🔝

    Medley Journey

    Good Morning in Austria 😊

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    Nice video with lyrics

    Medley Journey

    Glad you liked it 😊

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    😊 beautiful voice

    Medley Journey

    Super happy for your support 😊