Arthur, James - Hold On Lyrics

Empty glances, and no romance
conversation only hi
You know my ways and how to play me
I am just your habit for killing time

And I know it’s all wrong, but I just don’t feel strong
So I keep holding on, and I ask you, I ask you please to…

Hold me before you go
We don’t hold each other anymore
And kiss me like you miss me
'Cause it feels like we’re just, feels like we’re holding on

We only talk when things go wrong
We never seem to have much fun
Your life is always on the run away from me
I try to fix it make it right
But you feel cold in bed at night
When I hold you close up tight
I still miss you

And I know it’s all wrong, but I just don’t feel strong
So I keep holding on, and I ask you, I ask you please just-

Hold me before you go
We don’t hold each other anymore
And kiss me like you miss me
'Cause it feels like we’re just, feels like we’re holding on

There was a time when our love it was so sweet
And nothing stood between us and the world seems so complete
And now it feels like there’s no earth beneath my feet
And I ‘m falling into darkness and it’s you I need to see

Hold me before you go
we don’t hold each other anymore
And kiss me like you miss me
'Cause it feels like we’re just, feels like we’re holding on

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Arthur, James Hold On Comments
  1. Marcellus Cyrill

    why the heck is this song isn't on spotify

  2. Bianca bibi


  3. cam cam

    Not going anywhere!


    This is my @bsolute #1 of his old songs! Wonderful!!

  5. Farieda Allie

    three years later amazing

  6. Grayzee

    He has the best voice!

  7. Dune

    Love this song... love James voice, his music, passion, sensititivity, creativity, sweetness, power, honesty... so I guess I pretty much love everything about him. For me he is in his own league... out of this world. A lot of support and Love from Spain.

  8. Hannah Adams

    2017 and this song is still as stunning as ever

  9. Karina Larson

    What album is this on? This isn't the hills me I was looking for the lyrics for, the one from sins by the sea? But this one is fabulous and I want to own it! Help?!

    Papillon 2010

    It is called James Arthur. I bought it from Amazon Music and love it and every thing he does. I recently found his Sins by the Sea which has a date of 2010. Epic.

  10. nash the wise one

    In love with this

  11. Maelah Janelle

    well fuck.

  12. Secretly Courtney

    I'm going to marry that man one day ....hopefully

  13. Kathleen McVarish

    I have not made a comment on this song for years... it is just too hard! One of James' best but, like so many of you out there, it hits to close to home! But, now I guess the time feels right!
    Oh man, the heartache of loving someone who does not return that love! You keep trying and trying to get back what you thought was there...until you realize that "they" NEVER did love you! Then comes the hard part of convincing your mind that your heart was all wrong! Feeling like a complete idiot...then the anger and hatred comes! So you turn that hatred inward, which is the definition of "depression".... So... now, whats left?
    I guess we hold on to the HOPE that the promise of a day to come, where the heartache is gone forever, is a true promise!

    I gotta say the true genius in James comes out in my favorite line: "Your life is always on the run...(pause) away from me!"

    So perfect! Love you James!

    Long Live the King~!

  14. xlr8944

    Amazing song...Amazing artist. This should be a number 1 song. Why isn't it?

  15. Lovely Zx

    Take me to wherever you are! It just doesn't feel the same without you physically there to hold me

  16. Wendy Fenn

    beautiful 😚 can't wait to see you Tuesday xxx

  17. Leigh Senoko

    oh my god! 😍...

  18. Queen

    to everyone who is reading this happy new year ! and always stay strong 🐙 HOPE❤

  19. Nadia Borzacchini

    Love this

  20. Danieli Sena

    James Arthur Amazing Artist

  21. Samantha Carter

    I miss her but she played me so many times but I still love her

    Bob Berson

    Samantha Carter I know that feeling

  22. franceska mzl

    miss you so fucking much

  23. Erica Asuncion

    I miss her

  24. Natalia Dibble

    I miss him

  25. Rivee Star

    this make me emotional 😢😢😢


    yay i just got dumped😭

    Tamara Vucić

    I'm sorry

    Siayra Marie04

    Jayy TheHumann I am so sry u don't know me but u can talk to me when ever u need to if u have snapchat add me laughoften12 thank u stay strong 💪🏼😘

    Victoria Arnold

    Jayy TheHumann me too...I hope you're okay. if you need someone to talk to...I'm here... you can text me if you need anything💙 Snapchat @tori109 or insta victoria1arnold

    Shaun Roche

    Jayy TheHumann I know how you feel 9 and half months thrown away because she got into bed with another man so I know how you do feel


    Shaun Roche I was with her 6 years and she cheated on me and I still can't get over her

  27. Sara Z


  28. Mark Jenner

    e karaokeeeeeeeee

  29. Nelly Aling

    James literally described my love life in 3 minutes of his song. *cries*

  30. Cheryl Skoglumd

    Oh James you've lived this. Authentic. Heavy heart.

  31. Jacqueline King

    Love you James, can't wait to hear your new music. Stay strong, we're listening

  32. Christopher Vaughn

    😭 ugh I love this song

    Asney Cecila-Cole

    me too 😭😭😭💔💔

  33. cheesesmiles


    Kaykay Jackson



    YESSSSS! He needs to hurry and find the right agency already lol

  34. pipee pea

    Perfectly describes me and my ex actually made me cry I love this song

  35. Mia Troyer

    no exists the word yet to express how wonderful is this voice.

  36. Tasha Hunter

    and kiss meee, like you miss mee. cuz it feels like were just feels like were just holding on<3

  37. Raky Baro

    Hists the heart

  38. Ekaterina Snetkova

    Just Hold on. 

  39. Destiny Bentley

    This song>>>>>😍
    The thing is, you can actually feel the emotion of the song through his voice, and that's a true artist!

  40. Harry Styles

    He reminds me of John Mayer


    Harry Styles I've been obsessed with John for years and seriously considered him to be my "lifetime idol"..,at 49 years old I think maybe James may just be the one!! This kid is unbelievably remarkable and I've listened to anything & everything he's already done.

  41. k mell

    im in love..

  42. Karolina Walczak

    Piękna piosenka 

  43. G. M.

    OGM. so beautiful. crying every time I'm listen to that ♥

    Kathleen McVarish

    Yeah, 4 years and... I still do! Hope it has gotten better for you!

  44. MusicSoulKing

    Beautiful, amazing lyrics as always.xx

  45. Nessa Lovee

    His music is beautiful omg 333

  46. john murray

    loving all your song mate

  47. nicka k

    always bring back memories.... <3

  48. pjnkblue

    Love this song. But the acoustic version is even much much better.

  49. Josa Balenton

    I love dis one it makes me cry

  50. K Kay

    Amazing!!!!!! Xxxxx

  51. Tui

    * the comment was from before then

  52. Lisa Joséphine

    This discribes exactly what I could say to my boyfriend right know.. I love James his voice it touches my heart, just awesome

  53. Rayna Tomlinson

    I love James so much 3

  54. Redemption469

    he did ._.

  55. Loong Bong

    "Once again, looking from a distance
    When you're with him, to you I'm non-existent." <-- The first lyrics to my original song, I'm sure we've all been friendzoned before :p

  56. Ivory Jackson

    Speechless <3

  57. Zack Hood

    this guy is unique he's got his own voice! speaks the words we wanna speak! listen clearly hear the pain n the emotion come up his voice causes a commotion girls wanna be with him guys wanna be him he reaches up til he touches the ceiling!

  58. Dani

    HE DID!!!! :-);):):):):):)

  59. Adriana Mercado

    omg he has an amazing voice.. he sings with passion and he puts his heart out..

  60. Kamile C.

    he would win every contest! ;)

  61. aganiunia

    Zibby - James Arthur Hold On Cover

    I advice this cover!!

  62. sandra seneka

    HE DID:):):):):):):):)

  63. shéma afrodite

    he did :*

  64. Jelena R

    He has a really calming, pleasant voice, I feel like I could listen to it forever

  65. Mariell Matzkeit

    hammer song

  66. erick gutierrez

    He actually won the ex factor "itaintmattertome"...

  67. Βαγγελης Ζαρειφης


  68. Αλέξανδρος Γρηγορίου

    Is this his song?

  69. fanta s.

    he really deserved everything good whats given on earth... im so glad he won the xfactor! the best winner who ever auditioned on a talent show.

  70. Courtney Smith-Pinkham

    this pretty much sums up my 'once upon a time' love life.

  71. Drea García

    He won, I think

    Kathleen McVarish

    :) Next... the World!

  72. Andreas Jack

    Waaow.. It's 4 months ago he commentet... 4 months ago James wasnøt the winner of X Factor..

  73. pumpuki

    he did...

  74. IamZeus1100

    He did win

  75. B K

    ik vind het liedje impossible beter

  76. Beth Walling

    Perfect is the only way to describe this song

  77. bethany barry

    he did win the xfactor

  78. Georgia May

    i luuuuuuuurv him hes soooo hot hes amazing

  79. Emish Rozze

    I looove hiiiim!! <3

  80. Aamira Chokshi

    and he did .......

  81. Bella


  82. Amanda Nixon

    ouhh right haha sorry

  83. Shawnie Guy

    Btw - this comment was made 2 months ago before he even won...

  84. Amanda Nixon

    he did win

  85. Paul O'Neill

    I absolutely love this & stumbled upon it when listening to James' performances to get me through work. Does anyone know when/where he recorded it?
    This is a sample of what we have to come when James releases his own work on his album-I can't bloody wait! Love his covers (even LOVE Abba's SOS now!) but this is class! excellent work!!

  86. Kate Hall

    I think my replay button is going to burn out. I've fallen inlove with this song.

  87. Jenny Kemp

    1 dislike nice try Jamane

    Kathleen McVarish

    Awww, Jenny, no... it was not Jamane... He really is a sweet person and wishes no harm to anyone! Although, I saw James' audition and backed him all the way to the win, he was the first person I felt worthy to go all the way to the end with James.

  88. Elsie Tremaine

    Omg !!!! I luv him x x x

  89. Veronica Pole

    1 Dislike? Nice try Christopher.

  90. MimiOnliine

    And HE HAS!!!! hehehe ^_^

  91. Anushka P

    So glad James won factor -3
    Love the song x

  92. kimberley jones


  93. Paige Carter

    I love you James xxxx