Arthur, James - Certain Things Lyrics

Something about you
It's like an addiction
Hit me with your best shot honey
I've got no reason to doubt you
'Cause certain things hurt
And you're my only virtue
And I'm virtually yours

And you keep coming back, coming back again
Keep running round, running round, running round my head

And there's certain things that I adore
And there's certain things that I ignore
But I'm certain that I'm yours
Certain that I'm yours
Certain that I'm yours

There's something about you
It's when you get angry
You have me at your mercy
And you're like the shoulder to turn to
'Cause certain things mend us when we're hanging on for dear life
We held on so tight

And you keep coming back, coming back again
Keep running round, running round, running round my head

[Chorus x2:]
And there's certain things that I adore
And there's certain things that I ignore
But I'm certain that I'm yours
Certain that I'm yours
Certain that I'm yours

I adore you... I adore you...
Certain that I'm yours

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Arthur, James Certain Things Comments
  1. Ed S

    A very special girl introduced me to this song today 12/22/19 & I absolutely love it . Thank you Cynthia :) Cheers 2 our future .

  2. TD- Now

    I can’t stop listening to this Its so soothing

  3. Gilbert King

    I guess I won the I love you more game...

  4. Thủy Hoàng

    wow i just discovered this masterpiece on 18 December 2019. guess that some art would never go out of style

  5. WC Soccer

    Great song and background vocals. Thanks for making this video. So far my favorites from James are "Safe Inside" and this song in which I just discovered all thanks to you.

  6. specxy draws

    Who's here because they seen a Tharntype edit with this song


    Yes :')

    belyynn 24

    Definitely yes. The best edit ever 😄💖

    specxy draws

    @belyynn 24 agreed x

    specxy draws

    @Laymedownwithxiuchen 😂🤣😊x

  7. Ghost

    I sent this song to my girlfriend today. It’s our One month anniversary yet I feel as if we’re meant to be

  8. _ゆめ

    this song breaks my heart and I don't know why

  9. Sofia Sino

    Who is here after tharntype's edit ??

  10. Kanie Ky

    you know what this song reminds me of? Tharn and Type's relationship 😂😂

  11. 25Analecia Feliciano

    i love him my dream crush

  12. Potato_Austin

    He sounds like the 1d sorta

  13. Maria Boudemagh

    I'm yours ...

  14. Danya Escalante

    My favorite song ❤️😭

  15. Diminie Chiminie

    Now every songs remind me of you love

  16. Kat Quinn

    LYRIC ERROR: Certain things mend us (not burn)

  17. chloe higgins

    dont you hate it when you love someone but you cant have them, and suddenly everything becomes about them and they dont even know your alive. no? just me?..ok, im used to being alone.

    celina patrocinio

    chloe higgins Same

    Svenj a

    chloe higgins feel it on an different level...

    chloe higgins

    @Svenj a what other level is there?

  18. omar saad


  19. Tristen The Musician

    I wish someone would make an edit of this slowed down, like at speed .75 but cleaned up and more smooth 😭💖

  20. christine borbon


  21. voiddeanhale

    i feel sad when I listen to James :(

  22. mackenzie mullikin

    This song hits so hard

  23. Sera phima

    This reminds me of someone i use to talk for a while on social media,He sent me this, he was a scorpio ,and he bewitched me ,but he was too far in distance , and it was just soo hard for us to get together , if You ever listen to thid again and happens that u scroll down and read the comments, I tell You i Adore You 🖤

  24. George Brezoi

    IT Hurts very much, is a beautiful story but at the same time sadly. i hope so will be fine

  25. Juliana Juh

    Alguém do Brasil???

  26. Lameez Gamieldien

    I just sent this song to the love of my life ❤️

  27. Ken Walker

    Autumn Caldwell, I couldn’t stop thinking about you when I heard this song. I love you so much babe😫❤️😘💍🌹

  28. Ebony Huffman-Bailey

    James is such a hopeless romantic in his music.He always gives me the perfect song to just relax to,reflect on life to,and put into music what I can't find words to tell my husband so I'll just share the song to him.😍😍

  29. Anna Julia

    música da Manuela !!!

  30. Uthando N

    This song is so touching

  31. Matahi Tei

    OMG 2019 and just discovered this song! it's so beautiful. Took me away

  32. Jean billy

    I love all his songs.but this for me is certain I'm gunna marry this man I he just hasn't met me

  33. Macule

    what is the think that makes me feel such a nice feelings. sooo peacefull melody. and lyrics. wierd (:

  34. Fati Guess


  35. Marngam BB

    This is literally the most beautiful song ever

  36. Anant Adhikari

    Who's here at 2021??

  37. rachel lerlo

    Miss you ...... miss you still . Feb nights !!!!!!!!! 🐒🐒💙

  38. Aaliyah Malik

    Wait, so no one is here on November 2019?

    Daphne York

    im here in december


    Try december

    Emilia vieira

    Aaliyah Malik I am😘

    Xolelwa Luzipho

    In December bro

  39. cathy

    Caneta azul

  40. Madi Marie

    I liKE GIrLs, oh my lord HeLP me❤️😂

  41. Rosanny Toribio

    One of the best songs in life ❤️

  42. Dreamality manga creator

    Sarina if you ever come across these comments I just want to let you know I always loved you with everything that I could be for you I’m sorry things went the way that they did and I hope your doing well this was our song and I love you I hope your living your best life -Gaige brooks

  43. meidyana oktaviany

    when your heart saying that he loves you virtually and you feel that way either,

  44. Manel Nekrous

    Like a you magnifiques 😘😘😘

  45. Varak Vakvai

    I adore you James😘

  46. Meghan Shovelton

    This song moves me in an incredible way.

  47. Darlene Ashley

    its 2019 but this one still gets me

  48. Jay Weekes

    wow, this is much much much tryth

  49. Susan Decker

    This is STILL one of my top favorites! Love this song and his voice perfect for it!

  50. George Dewolfee

    I love you all

  51. Zuza Tomanova

    Love this song :’(

  52. Smiley baby


  53. Sarah Ferguson


  54. Lal Lungmuana

    mizo comment

  55. Mosima Kgomo

    I’m I the only one singing it to God as a gospel song 🙏😘❤️

  56. Annh Issa

    *Cause Certain Things Hurt & Your My Only Virtue*

  57. Myoui Mina

    Minayeon brought me here.

  58. Heba Refis

    I loved someone for his certain things and loved every detail whether good or bad.we loved each other a lot. I was certain about his love more than i was about others. he's gone now, he had his reasons, I'm still loving his certain things and still certain that I'm his, I'm his, if he ever comeback to me, he would find me❤️ with all my love to you!, Mansouri *

  59. joe jones

    James should do a whole album with the female singer on this . They bounce off each other

  60. Angelica Bravo

    Listening this song is hard when you love someone but they don’t love you back. ❤️😩 Love hurts.

  61. Dakota Benjamin

    Ashley N Kat Partin

  62. Tafara Shumba

    his best song, its underrated among his songs though, i don noe why

  63. Aly Jiselle

    I get FAT goosebumps during his breakout vocals at 2:27. I rewind that part over and over again when I'm listening in my car. You can totally feel his pain there.

  64. VenomCake

    Okay, you guys are right we don’t need to compare him to zany but we also don’t gotta day zayn is better. They are separate people how can one be better

  65. Super Nova

    this is me and my boyfriends songggggg

  66. S H

    Really really like
    This SONG and
    His voice

  67. Zabron Stephen

    There is certain things that I adore and thats james Arthur's songs

  68. Pauline Boyd

    I love this song 😍🤗😭

  69. Isma Riaz

    Such a relatable singer. I don't think there is a song of his I don't like

  70. Sonny Chicago 773

    Interesting music

  71. Tune Rider

    Can't stop listening to this dang song sooooooooooooooo good😆

  72. Random Crow

    I'm certain this song gets to me every time.

  73. Anita Anita


  74. strange fallen

    same beat as “i miss you “ by mxmtoon?

  75. Precious Colville Shozi

    hahaha... As I sip on my fanta

    Veritas Aequitas

    No sodas.. remember

  76. Yeiri C. Serrano

    I lost track a loooooong time ago of how many times I've played this song already... #Addicted #JamesArthur

  77. Regina Troian

    I adore you Lisa 💙💙💜💙💙

  78. Ogadi Igbedioh

    this song makes me wish I have an ... Ex .... I guess I will have to end my present relationship, so I will be able to have a feel of this *Masterpiece*...

  79. Stevns Hysterica

    bad song

  80. Micki Hopkins

    I love your music!!! Recovery really touches my heart !!! Im really proud of what you came from to what you are today!!! Amazing musical talent. I applaud you in your accomplishments!!! GREAT JOB!!!

  81. Elizabeth Corkins


  82. Jackie Albert

    Love how James change his live when he audition and the man said you have what it takes to win the whole package this man did not know but I saw that to and it was called into exsistance and I watch every night this guys journey and the final night I just knew I felt it he would of won and he deserve it James keep your head up one day it's my dream to meet you will never get tired of your music

  83. Clary Crawford

    I think of Cameron Boyce when I hear this... An edit. Rest In Paradise dude ❤

  84. Carolane alicia Gbopo

    I adore 💗 this song It reminds me of Cam Rip💔🙏💫 & whilst listening to this beautiful song I think about that certain person that makes me smile u know who u are 😊😍

  85. Kathy Perry

    Hi my name is kathy and a boy i love very much Ra'Hem mason drowned in lake Michigan on my moms birthday and it completely broke me not asking for clout or nothing like that but i am asking yall to go to his gofundme page and donate any amount of money to help me and him mom have enough money to put him to rest peacefully thank you

  86. Ellen Carla Ramos

    Nossa como esa música toca no fondo da alma

  87. joe jones

    Always come back to this . His best by far TIMELESS

    Cath Crow

    I absolutely love it and listen to it everyday when I get home from work.

  88. jane machai

    Wow such a beautiful song ❤ James Arthur you got me on this one 😢 there's someone I will never stop loving no matter what#mcj😘❤😍

  89. Victoria Grow

    I have this on repeat💕💕💕

  90. OceanSun

    If I knew what I know now. I wouldn't change a thing because the most beautiful thing about this game you played on me. I have a new little life that I adore and he's mine.

  91. sarinka 015

    Beautiful song.

  92. Janina Malova

    i love it ...i still listen..amazing voice...

  93. SUNSHINE611100 Love