Arthur, James - Can I Be Him Lyrics

You walked into the room
And now my heart has been stolen
You took me back in time to when I was unbroken
Now you're all I want
And I knew it from the very first moment
'Cause a light came on when I heard that song
And I want you to sing it again

I swear that every word you sing
You wrote them for me
Like it was a private show
But I know you never saw me
When the lights come on and I'm on my own
Will you be there to sing it again?
Could I be the one you talk about in all your stories?
Can I be him?

I heard there was someone but I know he don't deserve you
If you were mine I'd never let anyone hurt you no no
I wanna dry those tears, kiss those lips
It's all that I've been thinking about
'Cause a light came on when I heard that song
And I want you to sing it again

I swear that every word you sing
You wrote them for me
Like it was a private show
But I know you never saw me
When the lights come on and I'm on my own
Will you be there to sing it again?
Could I be the one you talk about in all your stories?

Can I be the one?
Can I be the one?
Can I be the one?
Oh, can I, can I be him?

Won't you sing it again
Oh, when you sing it again
Can I be him
Won't you sing it again
Oh, when you sing it again
Can I be him

I swear that every word you sing
You wrote them for me
Like it was a private show
But I know you never saw me
When the lights come on and I'm on my own
Will you be there, will you be there
Can I be the one you talk about in all your stories
Can I be him?
Can I be him?
Can I be him?
Can I be him?

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Arthur, James Can I Be Him Comments
  1. Gabriele Nogueira

    Essa música to

  2. Anna Benz

    This song is somewhat similar to 'I miss you' by Blink182🤔
    No hates😄😄I love james arthur and also this song💕💕

  3. Generic Viper

    Girl 1) 4 months, wrote songs about her, was ghosted the whole time. Then I met girl 2

    Girl 2) 1 month and was also ghosted the whole time. Then I met girl 3

    Girl 3) it's been one month, talks to me almost every day, is younger, but she doesn't like me because I'm like her best friend and she doesn't like guys in that way.......

  4. Sophia Lawsin

    This is a masterpiece, BREATH if you agree xD

  5. Sophia Lawsin

    100M views is not enough :< this masterpiece deserves more :((

  6. Sara Loyane

    Perfeito ❤❤

  7. Adelaide Forrest


  8. Ez Vergyui

    nahhh am here @january , anyone?

  9. Harrisey101

    Who’s here after he became a wet wipe to the sidemen

  10. Alexia Collazo

    I love this song so much that I’m always in my feelings when I hear it🥺

  11. lycan laishram

    Darshania can I be him

  12. Alana Oliiveira

    Eu amo tanto 😻😻😻

  13. cristine duarez

    This song reminds of someone😭😭😭

  14. Lisa Mootoo

    This guy 😭😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😝 I love him sooooooooo much

  15. Miriam Stan Chitu

    *_Can I be the one?_*

  16. wd meethi

    My Doctor : You Have 4 Minutes To Live.

    Me :

  17. Mike Hensley II

    Ripped off blink 182 melody course sounds like DONT WASTE YOUR TIME ON ME YOUR ALREADY THE VOICE INSIDE MY HEAD

  18. Sus Juice

    Blink-182 did it first

  19. Tonax Monax

    He Look so gay

  20. Sarlotte Ose

    Hey James, I love your singing, keep up with the amazing work, I'm coming to your show on the 7th of March, I hope I will meet you, You've had the best singing skills I've heard through my entire life, again please keep up with the good work, you are an amazing singer and you deserve alot. I am one of your biggest fans, I hope I can know you are here if you heart this comment to let me know you have read this😁😁🥰

  21. Munvir Sohal

    Gosh, he's amazing. I don't think I'll ever get sick of his songs.

    On a side note, can you imagine being the girl he's singing about?

  22. Yasmin Bechiekh

    This song this date 😔 cheers to the day I was at my happiest moments 🖤

  23. La tribu hipster

    Alguien que hable español en 2020

  24. Valeska Sales

    Não achei um brasileiro aqui ? 😂

    Matheus Oliveira

    Olha eu aqui kkkk

    Alícia Marcelly

    Tem sim sempre tem

  25. Sonic

    He puts so much emotion in his songs

  26. Gloria Pili

    Can I be her?😢

  27. Ghostpro 10199

    Story time:))

    So I met this girl (we’ll call her Cass),and she was great. We were dating for the longest time, and I found this song about that time.

    I’d listen to it and I knew in my heart that it was our song. We’d listen to it together, plan our future, and things were looking amazing, but everything changed.

    She changed her love for me like clothes, and before I knew it Cass was gone. Countless memories, timeless photos, everything. I was broken.

    But there was someone on the sidelines, someone I forgot to tell you about. This person (we’ll call her Amy) helped me when I didn’t know what to say to Cass. Amy helped me plan things, she gave me advice, and she was a great friend. I’d go as far as to say she was my best friend.

    Before Cass was in the picture Amy was the person I went to with my issues, and whenever I was in a bind she was there to help me out. She sacrificed herself to make sure I was okay.

    After everything happened with Cass and I was alone with my thoughts, I got to thinking. What is love? Love is not selfish, nor is it conceded. Love is never failing. It stays when everyone else disappears. Love is sacrificial. Love is powerful. Sound familiar?

    This whole time I thought I knew who I was singing that song for, memorizing every note and key, but she was right under my nose the whole time.

    Fast forward about two years, myself and Amy are coming up on our one year anniversary and I can say with full confidence that I found her.

    I’m telling this story because if you’ve ever had your heart ripped in two or if you’re in that situation right now, that right person for you is just around the corner. It might take time, but that person has been waiting just as long as you have. You will find that person, or if it’s like my case, they’ll find you.

    Hope everyone has an amazing year


    Ghostpro 10199
    Yeah I’m staying single thanks



    Shan Yoon

    You're so lucky.

  28. Mlungisi Dladla

    I love u, I love u, I love u, I love u, I love u, and I love u. This is how much I love u today🤗

  29. Edward Johnson

    Love this song.  We have all seen people that we would like to know - a dream person that we see from a distance.  But, there is nothing like the real thing.  Be happy.

  30. Frank Rappa

    This song reminds me of Blink-182's I Miss You.

  31. Mohamed Hesham

    It makes me like I'm gonna cry for days

  32. Karan Gusai

    'Can I be the one...'is so soothing and heart touching line of this song.

    Like if u agree👍

  33. Heidi Monardo

    James hat das suesseste Lächeln, das ich je gesehen habe.. ❤️❤️❤️


    I want to make James my life. I want to Marry him

  35. Re Jian

    “I’d never let anyone hurt you” at the end I was your and u are the one that hurt me. And it hurts like a hell!

  36. Killer_ ValVee

    Every time I listen to this song i sing this screaming in my room 😭😢

  37. Azana Carmen

    Hi guys, I play guitar and do accoustic covers on my channel. Would love if you could check it out!!

  38. Nina Darlina


  39. Flash Boy908

    This song hits, in levels that I’m sure most have never known were there

  40. wajdi Boumaiza

    my birthday best song :D

  41. Ethan Long

    James Arthur and Lewis Capaldi, would be a banger. Both voices sound amazing, I think they should do a song together. Also, been listening since X Factor, You're my favourite singer!

  42. Vishal Kumar

    This song's touch my 💓

  43. Giselle Mattias

    Algum brasileiro aí?

  44. citylady1000

    Best song I have ever heard. What a voice.


    Me too, love all his music.

  45. MaikoH

    Que Musica boa 👌✌✌👏

  46. trash since birth

    when you have a crush who has a crush that isn't you

  47. Nancy Fantauzzi

    Yall still here 2020?

  48. Reena Bisht

    Such a pain

  49. Imen Kati

    I think the last girl was saying; : can I be her .

  50. Soul Monkey

    This song is about miniminter he wants to be miniminter


    Now you are my favorite singer!!! You make a precious songs!! 😍❤️🥺🎶

  52. llin

    Essa música é perfeita de todas as maneiras possíveis

  53. Lidiane Drew

    Eu sofrendo com as músicas do James Arthur


    If You’re Here,you have a good taste in music 🎶

  55. Larrycxon Kayz

    How I wish she could watch this and listen to it😥😥😥😍😍😍😍 thanx James Arthur👌🤗😥I don't know this song is making me emotional and all I can say is u literally touch my heart ❤❤ and indeed ur songs are lyk a sound track of an epic love story

  56. Eva Schwenke

    I love songs that take the time to relate to you at the the time that your heart needs to hear it

  57. Ayu Putriii


  58. Ria Martucci

    Do you believe in magic?... ✨🎶💖🌟

  59. Georgie JA

    Incredible 😍❤️👌🎶


    When you love a girl but you are too shy to express it's but on the other hand your best friend who also loves her is trying to express it and you be there feeling left out, feeling that "Can I Be Him."

    John S

    this just like an anime

  61. Ananya Bhattacharya

    I want him to collab with Lewis Capaldi

  62. Georgie JA

    Pure perfection 😍❤️🎶🤩

  63. Brandy Wells

    This dude here make me feel some kind of way 💕💞

  64. lola d'or

    شكون جابو فيديو شيرين🤣

  65. Izzy lovesbirds

    Anyone came from Sean and Kaycee? ☺️😁
    Also,, this song is amazing 😉

  66. Sabrina Santos

    Q música linda😍😢

  67. We Are The World ING


  68. Whitney Collins

    i cant love james author no more he has my mind body and soul😢

  69. Nha CyCool

    I wish :<

    Bee Bee

    Nha CyCool yo!

    Nha CyCool

    I want u : (

  70. Bee Bee

    Anhap 😂

  71. Xabria Liana Flores

    this song hurts so bad :'(

  72. Fabricio Tavares


  73. Bence Sandor

    When ur crushing on someone who has a gf/bf

  74. Corrina Brown

    You are 🤫💔💗💖

  75. L3 xu

    Subscribe aici = 100 ani de noroc

  76. Klaudia Obradovic


  77. Gizele Oliveira

    Que voz gostosa.

  78. nada nada

    I cried so much even that I do not have boyfriend lol

  79. Mockingbird Copycat

    Hey I'm Asians my name "Him". Why want be me? So confusing...? Crazy rich Americans...! (:

  80. smileysquid

    Don't waste your time on me 
    You're already the voice inside my head

  81. Yousri Dd

    You will always be my star ⭐️

  82. Khalid Hailin

    Petrarch love to Laura was so tragic and this song describes it

  83. Veronica Nunn

    so i have noticed the side-profile photos are popular now

  84. JTRuch Vlogs

    1000/10 song

  85. Agustina Prasasti

    if he asked me like that, for sure i answer yes of course you can james 😄😂

  86. Renate B


  87. Weder Daniel Oliveira de Souza


  88. Josephene Yonnes

    Tyler Brandon Green♥️

  89. I Ship 5SOS With 5SOS

    I thought this was "I miss you" by blink-182

  90. Leisha

    First song from him I heard showering in the Hilton with a tv on the screen and I legit stopped dead when he sang

  91. KM10 Striker

    James Arthur feat. Adele, Sam Smith, and Lewis Capaldi would be the best song ever made!

  92. angelica egot

    omg be mine :D

  93. Sera rokomatu

    That feeling "When you want someone you can't have" sums up this song everytime i hear it :(

  94. Nycole Vale

    Sou sua maior fã james

  95. Meow meow Meow

    I don't know why i pictured the scene to be in a theater where a younger version of the woman is alone playing the piano while singing her song. While james is watching her. Then she sees her again playing in the same theater playing the same song......

  96. Sher Lasseter

    I sang you lots of songs to you..I was just singing to the wrong guy...Theres got to be someone out there that is the right one for me to sing to...Iam waiting for him...🎶🎼🎵🎤

  97. Jessica L

    I love this song, it's a masterpiece, but the funniest thing is that this song is literally about a girl he doesn't even talk to, who he has somehow fallen in love with despite barely even knowing her name, and yet he knows that she has a boyfriend through the grapevine??? Like, the implications of this video is that a girl at the subway started playing a song on the train and he fell head over heels for her even though he's known her for a whole 3 ass minutes and has never talked to her before in his life. Then he hears she has a boyfriend, and despite not knowing any of the intricacies of their relationship or anything about this girl, he wants to kick her bf to the curb and replace him because he thinks he can do better. He spends the rest of the train ride sending telepathic messages about how much he wants to be with this girl he doesn't know the name of and staring at her until he has to get off at his stop.