Arthur, James - Beat The Bullies Lyrics

I was always a bright kid
So much so I think I made the other kids a little bit frightened oh
The way I talk too fast when I'm nervous
They talked behind my back but I heard it
And it's hurting, yeah it hurt me so

Why don't they see my bruises
Cause I wear them all on my heart
But when I put scars on my surface
I found there's no love in self harm

And you can't hurt me now, cause I loose my pain in the melody
I don't hurt me now, cause I know that love is the remedy
You can't hurt us now, cause all I need is my family
Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh, we can beat the bullies

Nobody's messing with Chloe Jess, mamma Louis
I know that we can do it, we can beat the bullies
And we believe it fully
We're sick of being sufferers, look at us now
Talking above from the clouds, nobody's stopping us now
Nobody's knocking me down,
You'd be a fool to count a fight around
Everyone stand up and shout

You can't hurt me now, cause I loose my pain in the melody
You can't hurt me now, cause I know that love is the remedy
They can't hurt us now, because all I need is my family
Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh, we can beat the bullies
Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh, we can beat

All of this love, and all of this pain
I can take it away, I can change the world

You can't hurt me now, because I loose my pain in the melody
You can't hurt me now, cause I know that love is the remedy
They can't hurt us now, because all I need is my family
Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh, we can beat the bullies
Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh, we can beat
We can beat the bullies

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Arthur, James Beat The Bullies Comments
  1. Georgie JA

    James Arthur is just phenomenal 😍🥰❤️

  2. push pop

    Come here bullies ILL Hit you with a bucket

  3. Ella Grace x -

    Nobody else has this way with words like James <3

  4. Broth frhtg

    This should be on spotify

  5. Mamta Gurung

    What is the the story behind the song?

    Sarah Finn

    Chloe Hine, who James wrote the song for, was bullied at school (both primary and secondary) and tried to take her own life. She set up a charity to help other bullying victims

  6. Lauren Fagan

    Omg got chills from this song love it 😍

  7. Lisa K.

    Such an emotional song <3

  8. Marcos Santos


  9. Gustavo Loaiza

    Para los hispanohablantes, aquí está la canción con subtítulos:

  10. Rebecca Edwards

    adore this song and admire chloe so much. keep up the good work xxx

  11. Troll Weiner

    My new fav song

  12. Martin Hunt

    Beautiful human's love xxxXxxx

  13. 3mma teek


  14. bignok

    please James Arthur make this an album song...

  15. Roko Guzic

    I dont have words so emotial

  16. MusicSoulKing

    I have watched this so many times. This needs to be heard around the world. It is pure genuis songwriting along with everything it stands for. 🙏

  17. Isa Marie

    This man is just something else, isnt he!? 😍

  18. Tomass P

    Please does someone know the chords to this song? Much appreciated

  19. Music_is _life_36

    dammit man i almost lost my shit. 2 kids in my area 11 and 13 yr olds took their own life cause of bullying both in one week. as a musician in a small band i also wanna bring light to this touchy subject. shits gotta stop.

  20. Tyler Ford

    I was there! Got to hear it 5 times

  21. Dita Ded

    Well done James!!

  22. Mhhaze


  23. Tom Reeves

    Amazing song

  24. Craig Stewart

    love it!

  25. Ellie Grace Powell

    Absolutely outstanding this had made me so stronger to believe there is a chance in life

  26. lemon li

    God bless you Chloe ❤️

  27. Crisdy Heredia

    You can't hurt me now, cause I loose my pain in the melody. I'm crying so much right now. This song is beautiful.

  28. Cleo Alvaro

    I have been dealing with a lot of bullying at work. They think its funny. Their favorite thing to do is call me Cloe. My name is Cleo. I've worked there for months. Would you want to be called Hannah if your name was Heather? Thanks for giving me another song to get lost in James <3

    b r u h

    Cleo Alvaro why do they bully you at work, i mean I'm just a hotdog but what the fuk

  29. Matt. D

    Who tf disliked this you're a fuckin idiot this songs amazing

    Kyle Green

    Mathew Delgado it's not the orginal itd copyright so people are disliking

  30. Matthew Alvarado

    Why are there dislikes?

    Kyle Green

    Matthew Alvarado people dislike because it's copyright and not the original full version x

  31. my my

    Wow ik how she feels iv been there and I know how much it hurts and struggles and for her to lift all that negativity up into somthing great that's just amazing she truly is strong and this song I bet helped a lot of people!! Thank you to her and arther for creating such power to help people like me😘

  32. lolTruthfulTv lol

    that girl is so beutiful

  33. Naomi Proverbs

    I can relate to this so much..what a beautiful song! Brilliant!! 🙌🏻❤️

  34. Cindi Gall

    Thank you James - you are a beautiful person. I'm 64 but was bullied - still plays a part in my low self-esteem.

  35. Ste Charnock

    James auther truely amazing !!!!!!

  36. Jada Green

    The mom breaking down crying uncontrollably towards the end gets me (2:47)


    Jada Green that was chloe crying

    Jada Green

    rjxs No I mean her mom at 2:47

  37. Simplex-J city

    Yeah beat the bullies bad minded people 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

  38. Helena Vilhena

    We only could wait this from James we know how big is his soul and how kind he is.

  39. Marta Lemańska

    what a beautiful and incredible song and artist

  40. Liz Boyle

    This needs to be played in every primary school. That’s where the education needs to start. Perfect anti bullying anthem. #BeatTheBullies


    Liz Boyle we have the same name , crazy x


    Liz Boyle Absolutely agree. xx

  41. Rebecca Edward's

    it's a beautiful song, by a beautiful soul for another. well done guys xxxx

  42. MusicSoulKing

    Everything about this story and song is one of the best things that has touched me in a long time. I am so inspired. What a fantastic track my goodness. 🙏❤👣🎼

  43. Tracy Smart

    Well done James you could tell by that girls face you made her day, what a man 💘🎤💘🎤💘🎤

  44. gilly seymour

    This man is just, phenomenal... the words, the meaning of this song, to all those bullies who are nothing & will always be a nothing. It’s not big or clever to hurt someone. Think before your actions, as you can never take back what you have done. Love 💕 this tune so clever. But to the point of the BULLY......

  45. Colin Jarmy

    This is so emotional. Well done James. And well done Chloe, for all your anti-bullying campaigning.

    Sangeeta Chaudhari

    Colin Jarmy This ain't no campaining, this is True Experiences Speaking 💕

    Colin Jarmy

    I know Anirudh Music. I've just been looking at another of Chloe's videos. It's wonderful.

  46. Renee Fox

    Another amazing - musically, emotionally, heartfelt - song from James Arthur! He is just the BEST in every way!

  47. J rkt

    Epic. well done James.
    brilliant as always

  48. Jeanne Curi JArmy

    Alguém por favor pode ajudar com legendas , adoraria saber o que James diz a ela!!

    Gustavo Loaiza

    El único que hay es en español:

  49. Tony Stuntm89n

    He should so sell this song though...just change the rap bit about her family or any reference to her...anyone else feel like this is their song too

    Craig Stewart

    yeah, sell it and profits go to anti-bullying charities

    TErin Topping

    Craig Stewart

    kahurangi Edwards

    welllllp let's put it like this. its not his song its hers💖

    Jada Green

    He could even leave it in. Its still relatable and empowering to many people who were bullied whether there was a reference to her or not doesnt really matter. Xx

  50. Caroline Bishop

    This brings me to tears

  51. Princess DrToby

    3 strikes hit the road old pal,
    -Toby x

    wendiewoo millan


  52. BenS 103

    Same here your gonna get a strike 😭😭

  53. KnF Bro's

    I would take this down 😭 my channel got a strike for this I just got it :( now I can’t upload videos