Arthur, James - Alright Lyrics

Empty days and nights so long
Where to go to now she's gone?
Your world had hope but now it's clear
Love can also bring you fear
She's the first but not the last
But your eyes only see the past
You never wanted it to crash
But sometimes good things never last

But you can't hear me when i tell you it's ok
Cause when your heart turns black it's the colours in your day

And it's alright to hurt inside 'cos you're still falling through the hole she left behind
Yes it's alright to hurt inside 'cos you're still falling, only time will make it right

She had it all she drank your tears
The double sided coin was hers
You took a gamble on those eyes
You kissed those lips that told you lies
And now it's time for her to break
Another heart a love that's fake
You must forgive her right away
She's only trying to find her place

But you can't hear me when i tell you it's ok
Cause when your heart turns black it's the colours in your day

And it's alright to hurt inside 'cos you're still falling through the hole she left behind
And it's alright to hurt inside 'cos you're still falling and only time will make it right

And every soul in life gets hurt
There's a million broken hearts falling back to earth
I know it's hard for you to see but you've got to feel the pain to heal

And it's alright to hurt inside 'cos you're still falling through the hole she left behind
Yes it's alright to hurt inside 'cos you're still falling, only time will make it right

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Arthur, James Alright Comments
  1. Shenea Archer


  2. Steven Bell

    simply his best song

  3. Nik Aizat

    I hear this song everyday.i love it😘

  4. Medicman Dan

    2019 anyone?! 😍

  5. Enam Azed

    À lot of tears in my eyes...

  6. Zial Zoon

    Epic vocals epic lyrics I’m hooked down deep in a place I’ve been running from for to long.

    Children are the binders of morality without mine I would have no clue how important my life is.

    If I could only be better person maybe they would love me.

    #PureInspiration #JamesArthur

  7. Sherly Septiani

    This video deserves best acting, best director, best composer, best lyrics, best song, best emotional song. Watch it 1000 times, cry 1000 times.

  8. Anthony Annabel

    This song is fire

  9. Monika Skowera-Mneimneh

    I just hope my children will one day stop fighting and start appreciating and loving one another ❤️

  10. Veronika- Ana

    My God ❤️

  11. Lily Baynham

    2019 anyone ?

  12. Ceethe Doll

    I love him 😩

  13. Pekalemi Wo

    When I hear this song, I think of my daughters. James, thank you for this song and for so many amazing songs 😘

  14. Pedro Jim


  15. limitless fitness 101

    I adore this song! I love how James Arthur sings from the heart and sings what he wants to sing about. And not trying to impress people if you like him cool if you don't then 🖕

  16. MM46

    Here today,and Forever because James deserv much more👍👍👍👍

  17. Rodrigo Passos

    I really hope you and Ed sheeran make a song together someday, love u both!

  18. Edwin Rivera

    This song feeds my soul 🙏🏼

  19. Ewelina Osińska

    I Love this song💋❤

  20. Jodie Yu

    It’s strange and amazing how his voice tears and heals your heart at the same time...
    James is definitely one of a kind.

    Cath Crow

    You exactly stated how I feel!

  21. Sirlandia Rodrigues

    Essa parte 1:25 quebra recordes, #James

  22. Kelly Knox

    Anyone else come from “Quite Miss Home” ???

  23. Unknown User

    Who's here after Quite Miss Home?

    Adam Yamrick

    Unknown User yes sir

  24. Mayang sutia

    i just watching this video now and i think james so handsome

  25. Putri Indria

    jelek banget anjay lagunya

    rillya yuly

    When you're're gonna understand that this song is beyond amazing

  26. Autumn Bottom

    This song reminds me I cat I got her In 2009 And She has been missing in 2014 Or 2013 I don’t know…But I miss her every day and I wonder if She’s all right It’s 2019 and I still miss her I’m literally crying in my room right now 🤧😭

  27. Acássio Antunes

    Quem tem filhos sabe a dor que é quando n mais temos sua presença no dia dia
    Bela canção 👏

  28. Josselyn Toapanta

    Really good message

  29. Annie

    Who's here November 2019? Please come to Belfast james!! 🌟

  30. Cypher Elite

    This deserves way more views.

  31. Damilson Santos

    Alguém do Brasil em 2019?

  32. rIsE aNd sHiNe

    i always cry when i hear this song. it hits hard to home. he give me a chills.💓🥺

  33. Travis Derek

    James is a great singer. Has so much emotion in his songs. His songs really make one think about life. The U.S.A. loves James Arthur songs.

  34. Deesant Kharel

    What a lyrics!!!

  35. Machelyn Muchende

    I honestly don't understand how someone can be so talented. I literally want to enter the song. All the feels. He's definitely one of my favourites!

  36. luisito sanchez

    Always appriciate your family for who they are.

  37. jose mateo palomino lopez

    i love this song

  38. Cycle Gang

    This was my brothers funeral songs 4 months ago

  39. James Arthur Songs and Videos

    You know what.
    James is dropping whole new album named YOU this Friday (18. October)

  40. Taraivini Tuilau

    James Arthur has a voice from the heavens and writes his own songs, just speechless ~

  41. Vasna Sdoeung

    Lost my mother in August due to her weakening from dialysis. i was by her side for the last 3 years. During the day i saw her slowly diminishing and nights she's restless. Nights was very hard for me as i waited for her to sleep and knew she was ok. Now, she's gone, leaving a big empty space in my heart. Didn't cry through her funeral and months after, until i ran into this song by accident. Lyrics are simple, meaningful, and struck my heart. i'm crying and i can't face the fact my mom is gone.

  42. Shyanne Sheppard

    My grandma died to and it helped me to

  43. Asma Braham

    I hope you get more recognition 😭 james 😍😍😍

  44. Stephen Williams

    The most painful thing is to watch someone you love change right before your eyes.

    Victoria Anujin

    Stephen Williams been through

  45. mawanda dickson

    Thank u "mummy" for playing this song when you came dont know lovely it is..that u did..."will u call me to tell me that you're alright.....coz i worry about you the whole night.....

  46. mawanda dickson

    Who really dislikes such a song?!...unless you have a cold heart...."this song makes my heart heavy"

  47. Beat Box

    This is THE song that everyone HAVE TO listen once in their life. They had to.

    So Beautiful.. 😢

    Quentin, from France.

  48. 백네냥

    I've heard this at instagram and what I remember was "Don't repeat my mistakes". But when I search this lyric at google, this song just came out! So lucky to find this.

  49. Wan Su

    cat video i seeing on facebook brought me here. you are too?

  50. Brittany Bowmaster

    Omg this song tore me up 😭😭

    Bảo Châu Vũ Bùi

    i cry everytime i hear this song :(( so beautiful and sad at the same time

  51. orlaithchops

    I share her name and feel this.....

  52. Pamela Beauty

    Nice song

  53. Francieli Feltrin

    Oh my God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is so beautiful so much 😍

  54. angel milallos

    The father here looks like the father i inside out

  55. budgi regar

    Goth really works for James.

  56. Anti.grounder _stick

    This song is soooo sad but soooo 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  57. Paul Mackey

    OMG this has put me into tears. So beautiful, everything about this song & video. 😢

  58. Zona Mathias

    like si sabes español

  59. Safan Malik

    aight, imma go call my mom now

  60. Gabriel Calixto

    I dedicate this song for my future daughter!

  61. Gabbie Rosewell

    why does such a wonderful,heartwarming song have 6.3k dislikes???!!!!????!!!?!?!

  62. violeta villa

    La nostalgia me invade hasta el punto de caer a un abismo dónde no para la tormenta!!!

  63. Andrew Cummings

    North east brother keep that awesome voice coming bro

  64. anastacia smith

    i lost someone i considered my dad who was my coach but also a hero his name constable robert whit he got killed he worked at putnam elementary . i know how it feels i have tried to end my life since 4th grade to 9th now but u all are right this song keeps me alive

  65. anastacia smith

    wont sleep till your safe inside:dad how come u sleep when you know i'm not safe
    dad i wish when you say every thing will work out ok why do say it like it's the truth but not

    thanking lucky stars that your alive : dad why don't u thank the lucky stars that i'm still alive but wait u are not thankful cause i'm your burden

    call me to tell me your all right : dad why do u never call to see if i am alright when u know i'm killing myself inside

    dad u know i'm only 16 and u know i'm not sober . but at the end of all these sentences i'm sorry i'm not your dream come true

  66. Kelly James

    The fact that this is for his younger sister warms my heart. As a little girl who looked up to my older brother my entire life, it hits a nerve.

    “"That's a really personal one. I'm again working with Emma Rohan and Jonathan Quarmby. They have great life experience and both have children and I wanted to pick their brains about how it feels like to be a parent and they were really helpful with that one.

    Things started pouring out of me because of my experience of parenting has been looking after my little sister from a young age, me and my little sister struck up a bond, because her father abandoned her when she was very young and I took the role of being a father figure to her.

    The lyric is 'Is it time to let go now you're older.' I worry about her all the time. I just wanted to put that across in the song."

  67. yosi amelia fitri

    This song changed me, last year when my friends leave me and every people blame me, I think I lost my world. at that time I don't know what I have to do except crying. I just don't understand why my best friends did it to me. Because I love them so much and I sacrifice a lot for them, even sometimes I lost my identity, I'm not me anymore just for make them happy. Then I got frustrated and depressed, all I know are just cry and blame my self. and after I heard this song, I feel my parents into this. and I realize that I'm not the only one who get hurts, I'm selfish. I never care about what my parents feel, I don't care whether they can sleep well or not, because they are worry about me, whereas at the time I'm far from them and I'm in a bad mental state.
    and I think I have to Changed, I become more mature in facing problem, not being selfish anymore, no crying anymore, and loving my self and my family more.

  68. Deborah Baptiste

    2:06 my grandma literally walked when i was watching this on the TV

  69. Julliana Rodriguez

    James Arthur! You are AMAZING ❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥🔥

  70. Nico Lisa

    Anyone craving for a father‘s love you will never receive

    Monika Skowera-Mneimneh

    So much...

  71. Sekar dian

    2019 anyone?

  72. Daisy Hannah

    My dad just texted me to tell me he thinks about me when he hears this song. I'm literally crying just thinking about him. Call someone you care about today and tell them you love them.

  73. かざまころ

    I love this song

  74. Mrz Deadpool

    I will marry this man❤️❤️❤️ wow!!!!

  75. Julia Santos

    Amo suas musicas são lindas sou super sua fã ❤️

  76. Ash MaLik

    Why so Underrated He deserves much more

  77. Veriane Alves Vilela gomes Gomes

    I like songs

  78. Veriane Alves Vilela gomes Gomes

    James Arthur is number one😍😍😍😍

  79. Les and Jo Smith

    My four beautiful boys turned to three when I lost Danny when he was five. Now my eldest has turned 18 and they have lost their dad as well to a motorbike accident, I worry about all of them, now he's turned 18 I hope he is always safe. I love you all so much love mum xx

  80. Max Hunter

    He singing wonderful! I'm crying 😢

  81. Max Hunter

    You should represent Estonia at Eurovision song contest 2020!!

  82. Adele Fairfield

    his songs always hit me in places other songs cant

  83. Hamada Hamada

    Thank you James. and for someone who cares with me. 7 years wit you is my best life. thank you for beautiful 7 years. and now... GOD SAVE YOU.

  84. Amy Kane


  85. Thaynara Carvalho

    Brasil 🌍🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
    Música Mara 😍😍

  86. Tuğbanur Sürmeli

    you are the best singer in the world im proud of u ❤

  87. Valery Jilin

    every parents nightmare is letting go their beloved sons and daughter.this song hit me...



  89. Ogadi Igbedioh

    All we know is the *Sun* will rise @ 1 : 33 secs dat line really got me 🤔🤔🤔 about my Life ......

  90. Angie Kirk

    This song reminds my mom of my sister now she is getting older
    😢 he is the best 😊

  91. Emissy VM