Art Of Dying - Torn Down Lyrics

I will not fail not fade away
I won't give into the violence
I will not drown, I will not rage
I won't get lost in the silent screams
That fall on me

I'm sick of
Getting torn down
I'm sick of
Getting back up
I'm sick of
Getting torn down
I know I'm stronger
Getting torn down
I'm sick of
Getting back up
I'm sick of
Getting torn down
I know I'm stronger

I have been scarred, I have been chained
I've been alone with the darkness
I've been the freak, I've felt the pain
But I won't be shattered by all this hate
No I'm not afraid

I'm sick of
Getting torn down
I'm sick of
Getting back up
I'm sick of
Getting torn down
I know I'm stronger
Getting torn down
I'm sick of
Getting back up
I'm sick of
Getting torn down
I know I'm stronger

And I, I will rise up, I will survive
And I, I carry on, cause I am alive

I'm sick of
Getting torn down
I'm sick of
Getting back up
I'm sick of
Getting torn down
I know I'm stronger
Getting torn down
I'm sick of
Getting back up
I'm sick of
Getting torn down
I know I'm stronger

Getting torn down
I'm sick of
Getting back up
I'm sick of
Getting torn down
I know I'm stronger
Getting torn down
I'm sick of
Getting back up
I'm sick of
Getting torn down
I know I'm stronger, stronger

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Art Of Dying Torn Down Comments
  1. Déborah Michel

    I love it ! Great song <3

  2. TheHulkbuster13

    I think this has just become my new favorite song

  3. Оригинальное ТВ YT

    Thank you for music. But i'm poor, so i can't buy your albums, because of this i feel guilty.

  4. Eksmeralda Latifi

    very powerful song...more songs like this gives much more hope and power to anyone who is listening you guys

  5. Angel/Panda Day/Lane

    I love how all of these song videos speak deep in my heart more every time you guys release new songs, keep up the spiritual torture and I see you brothers. I love all your songs!

  6. william n

    A Kick ass song....!!! I think its a motivational song to make changes in life after getting knocked down.... dust yourself off and fight on....!

  7. Riley _19

    I luv it

  8. Sandra Medford

    White veil- don't follow-rise-defy gravity

  9. Sandra Medford

    White veil- don't follow-rise-defy gravity

  10. ramon garabal

    I just came here to dislike this song, always when i listen to the spotify playlist i need to skip, what a shit song.

    Lisa And John Hemple

    Art Of Dying (Official) I love your songs. best I can is very touching and you guys rock. ignore the bullshit and do what you are great at!

  11. Michelle Leigh

    When lyrics mean everything to someone, "Torn Down" doesn't disappoint!!! \m/

  12. Liane K

    great song

  13. D M

    God YES !!!!!!!!

  14. Jessica Gagnon

    heard this song exactly when I needed to. thank you #ArtofDying for my new anthem. <3

  15. JakeOrion

    Just heard this song on Sirius Octane. Congratulations! You're popularity is about to explode!

    Awesome song and look forward to more of your music! And come back to San Diego CA so I can see you live!

  16. Asche V

    I've had this on repeat for like 5 hours. I love you guys.

  17. Benjamin Wagar-Moore

    this is a song that I needed to hear. I found it on accedent but glad I did I was in a very dark place and was torn down and this song helped me so thank you!

  18. Andrea Picarelli

    Love this band and song!

  19. nora craw'

    man..i love it yeeeep it's cool 🤘

  20. P. Dilla

    love it says a lot of a loved ones life! she fights like crazy

  21. Bridget M.C

    This band is very under rated. Saw these guys in Santa Ana last night. You guys are amazing live.

  22. msgreenfeather

    WOW! This new song is amazing!  I am a fan from way back and this is the best yet!!  I am so happy I just discovered this song 3 listens ago, and it appears it could be on repeat for quite some time!  Love this EP.  Sharing!!  Rock on gentlemen!!

  23. JonsThreeCents

    I'm a little late to the party on this one but, yeah, you nailed it.
    Well done.

  24. Over_cK Gaming

    Now what if Adam Gontier sang this


    it would sound the exact same

    Nightshade Kelly

    That's what i was thinking

  25. Tommy Dougherty


  26. unbekannt namenlos

    This is sooo good when I´m angry <3

  27. SonicStorm12

    I love this song!! I heard it for the first time on Octane this evening and couldn't get enough! I'm also writing a book, (epic fantasy) and the song feels like it was written just for the main character, Arion Avalyndi. So awesome!

  28. UltraStarWarsFanatic

    Incredible song. Heard it for the first time this morning, and have at least a score of listens since,

  29. Andrew Campbell

    AOD Are easily the best Canadian band right now!

  30. Eric Johnson

    Going to see you guys in Seattle on September 20th. This should be 1 helluva show. BRING IT

  31. Holly D

    So hooked on this band. Where have you been all this time?? I will have to check out your merch. You rock!

  32. Micheywolf

    I so wana hear this live <3

  33. Nina Walles

    I quit following you guys as closely because I couldn't get into Rise Up. I decided I needed to listen to the new stuff. This is another one of those songs I feel deep down. I love it! Thank you for giving my life a soundtrack. I ❤ you.

    Tavis Stanley

    Nina u coming to a show soon? Check tour dates!

    Nina Walles

    The closest you guys come to me is still about 3 hours away. I've driven 3- 10 hours to see you in the past but I won't be able to this time. I wish I could get my fix, it's been way too long.

  34. PaganOfTheNight

    Loving the song, and I loved Rise Up, scratch that I have loved everything you guys have done since I first was introduced to you back in 2011 at Uproar in Toronto! Keep it up boys!
    Oh and I am loving the hot sauces!

  35. Amber Owen

    Amazing Song Love it

  36. Nate-the-Reactor

    Your new music sounds different and seem like voice isn't shining as much.Shinedown new album has the same problem but on a bigger scale. Try to be like Alter Bridge and Tremonti cause they know what's up. I'm still planning on buying your album Rise Up once I have money but as for your new ep Nevermore I'm still not sure about it

    Art Of Dying (Official)

    Hey Nate, we try to be like us:) -Tavis


    Of course I want you guys to be yourself but just mix up your style and make sure we hear Jonny Hetherington raw vocals cause that's why I like your band and your catchy/meaningful songs.

    Tavis Stanley

    U cant hear him?? LOL this vocal is so in your face on purpose! Come see us o tour bud we'll get more raw for ya;)

    Spring Allison

    You guys keep doing what your doing. Stay who you are, be true to yourselves. Lyrically a master piece along with Nevermore... and nothing compares to hearing any of the bands songs live. Been listening all day! Be safe on the road!

  37. Marius Serban

    full mindblowing !!!

  38. Art Of Dying (Official)

    Thanks for the amazing comments! #zeroThumbsDown, love it! Do us a solid and share this video on your YouTube page and all of your social networks. The art of dying is my life to live! ~Jonny Hetherington


    any chances for tour Dates in europe? :)

    Bryan Lenihan

    Art Of Dying (Official) There's 6 now


    Hey any time table on when this album will hit store shelves. I'm loving what I'm hearing so far on this album.

    Art Of Dying (Official)

    SinisterHitman33 its only available in our store at !!


    Thanks for the heads up I'll check it out. Keep cranking out badass music guys.

  39. Gabo42full

    nice!, greetings from Agentina!

  40. Scott c

    shared on facebook with a big thumbs up!!

  41. Sara Freund


  42. Crazy Willy101


  43. Art Of Dying (Official)

    Hey ! Glad ur digging the new tune! Come see us on tour sept/oct!! for dates and music!

    Lisa crosslin

    Heard your version of Sweet Emotions on Hard Drive last night...fell in love...been listening to all of your songs ...AWESOME !!!!

  44. Beatriz Mancilla

    Me encantó 😍
    Me gusta mucho esta banda😊

  45. asaydak

    Love it!!!!!!

  46. Jo Wilson

    This is a GREAT song! Love it! Looking forward to hearing the rest of the new album guys! ❤

  47. Pyc' Pyc'

    Yeah f*ck that's it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Johnny Cage

    damn, i love it

  49. Kazually Kunfuzed

    You are a Canadian band, why no Canadian tour dates?

    Tavis Stanley

    We have always signed US record deals so focus has been down here. Canada tour could happen next year!

  50. Sub X

    You guys are amazing! Absolutely love this song.

    Tavis Stanley

    Thank you! come see us on tour sep/oct!

    Sub X

    +Tavis Stanley I would love to, but unfortunately I don't live in America so I can't make it. I did, however, preorder so I can't wait 'till release!

  51. I.m.fran


    Tavis Stanley

    Come hear it live sept/oct we are on tour!!

  52. 백승우

    They DEFINITELY deserve more support

  53. Zheng WenJie

    Firsttt. FINALLLY