Arrows To Athens - Alive Lyrics

There are clouds on the horizon
So take a breath here in the calm before the storm
If only for a moment
Close your eyes and feel the thunder
We can't hide or run for cover anymore
It's time to take a stand together, oh

Hold on, 'cause the tide is strong
It can't erase the fire in our eyes
Let the walls break
What we have they cannot take
And if all that's left is you and me tonight
No, they won't take us alive

We dream about tomorrow
Know that hope will always come to those in need
The best of us is left
After the storm has shown his anger
And the skies have tried
To bring us to our knees
We are standing, we're still standing

So hold on, 'cause the tide is strong
They can't erase the fire in our eyes
Let the walls break
What we have they cannot take
And if all that's left is you and me tonight
No, they won't take us alive

(No, they won't take us alive)
(No, they won't take us alive)

Before the waves are over our heads, over our heads
Don't be afraid we'll make it through this, make it through this

So hold on, 'cause the tide is strong
They can't erase the fire in our eyes
Let the walls break
What we have they cannot take
And if all that's left is you and me tonight
No, they won't take us alive

And if all that's left is you and me tonight
No, they won't take us alive

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  1. universe x vip

    thesedays, u can't really find these kind of songs go viral and imma appreciate these art forever :)

  2. Aprillio raffael

    2019 in here

  3. かうとんちゅりさ

    Why the singer is not popular?

  4. Bruno Duarte

    This is my favorite music from the band, thou i cant bring my brain to find its meaning, can someone help me ?, i like diferent perspectives

  5. M. Valdivia

    Is this song royalty and copy right free?

  6. Antonia Brauer

    I love you.

  7. MCG 2020

    Good song love more

  8. MCG 2020

    I love this song so much now that's beautiful

  9. Aleksandros SouleiΝ

    Are DPG akoma kai tragoydi evgalan gia to ergo sou tous exeis parei ta muala

  10. Bonnie Zuera Game Br

    Alguém br ouvindo em 2019?

  11. ɢʀᴇᴇɴ 123

    Like si vienes de Wattpad xd

  12. Enigma Hominen

    He should be in the top rather than all those shit artists

  13. Letterman

    Hold on

    Afrijal Gigih

    bacot kau ler

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    Play this song at 1.25x speed.

  15. Lord Byron #Ravenscode


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  17. Steve Howard

    Bag of bones while pierce brosnan is jogging brought me here.

  18. Thierry Pattier

    Love it

  19. Andre ekawijaya

    Ternyata setelah taufik hidayat pensiun dari badminton, kerjanya jadi tim promo Arrow to athens. 😁😁😁

  20. Bel Vermillion

    fuck I already love this band!

  21. Huntcrash

    If you haven't heard Stars by Arrows to Athens then I recommend checking it out

    Francois D Van der Westhuizen

    A comment on stars brought me here

  22. vitto

    one of the best

  23. dont Trash the Future!

    Magic of Mr. Backhand!

  24. Raúl Albañil


  25. Okta Dwinanto

    taufik hidayat

  26. vitto

    my sister just got an iphone

  27. Naide

    Could you check the nightcore version that i make pease??

  28. Andreea F

    omg...he have a BEAUTIFUL voice.... ♥

  29. Reyes zenpai

    still hearing it:D

  30. Steven Parkin

    Just heard them today and fell in love them

  31. Sfâșiere

    God all the guitar melodies in this song makes me horny!

  32. Randon Keenan

    Is this song copyrighted

  33. HutreGoxe

    So addictive ! love it


    awesome song !

  35. LastHopeForWorld ™

    Red Hy <3

  36. Рани Мир

    Love this

  37. Manmeet Singh

    Some artists are soo underrated. This song is any day better than all the shit they play today

    Evangelia Kallia

    So true... the majority of the mainstream songs are about sex or break ups. Some of them are good but most of them I find shallow. ^-^

    Steve Salanga

    Evangelia Kallia Songs like these actually have feel to it.


    Couldn't agree with you more, I feel bad for this artist.

    Oskari Sillanpää

    Agreed mate

  38. Akkara Emket


  39. 17 Agda Nur Ikhsan

    biography of taufik hidayat in YouTube is this song.., so the point is taufik hidayat thought me here...., a LOVE this song...!!!

    salman .A

    Uchiha Agda same here dude!!!

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  41. Dunk_ er

    Alive and used to be in thier best songs

  42. Tomy Winarno

    like as 30 seconds to Mars

  43. Rpg Gaming

    The thing is...I live in Athens xD

    Maria Staikopoulou

    Rpg Gaming γεια ._.


    Rpg Gaming heyyy



    wait, we had homework??

    I’ve always wanted to visit Athens!

  44. ういっす。


  45. The Animeniac

    This song makes me remind of the sunset

  46. Qwerty Yuio

    100.000 visitas!!! :O

  47. Qwerty Yuio

    Alguien que hable español y que venga por pika?:O

    Maxi Sh4dy


    Qwerty Yuio

    +Sub-zeromaster 728 Equisdé

    Chilquillo Villanueva

    io por el ultimo vídeo xD 🙋

    Qwerty Yuio

    @Francois 98 Aún no lo veo:0

  48. いかさ

    I'm a junior high school student in Japan.
    I like this song very much!!

    Judy Sama

    いかさ konichiwa :)

    Tsu Shibu

    There isn't junior high in my country's school system but I'm still listening to this song :)

    Kauê Fernandes

    Fuck you, nobody quest's you about this.

    Kauê Fernandes

    Fuck everybody! Mother's fucker.

    Kauê Fernandes

    Bando de gay!

  49. ReutimannFan83

    Thanks Formula1Insider19!

    Samuele Crotti

    lel me 2 m8


    F1I19 is love F1I19 is life

  50. Amagherkitsune

    I love the playlist! Been listening this for a few days now... amazing.
    And this particular song is great too! Just so great...

  51. 潘聖文

    taufik hidayat

  52. Kalyn Aileen

    This song reminds me of Heroes of Olympus... I'm not really sure why.

    Isaiah Delos Reyes

    I thought I was the only one

    Ace Beta

    Hey now this song reminds me of percabeth

  53. Pebrian Rully Azhari

    Taufik Hidayat brought me here

    Anil pavan

    me too broo!!!!

    Tamoghna Bhattacharya

    +Pebrian Rully Azhari again taufik hidayat

    17 Agda Nur Ikhsan

    hahaha, me too... we're same

    Ice Cream

    Pls give the link of taufik hidayat with this song

    Andrew Lotzem

    Same dude

  54. Psixi

    [insert exulted gibberish and swearing here] I can't believe I found this! I heard it in an AMV, and loved it, but never got down to actually looking for it . . . Krewella's 'Alive' (love that song as well) always overwhelmed any search I tried.
    Great song!

  55. Tilen Horse

    Rip rs :-(

  56. Wendy Felica

    what a beautiful song..

  57. Peak™

    TaMe Chomp now wP Chomp :)

  58. Frances Bulatao

    Heck, I only discovered this group a week ago and here I am jamming to their songs

  59. dayo despacito

    How wonderful!

  60. steven lake

    If anyone sees this, please, MAKE AND ATTACK ON TITAN AMV FOR THIS SONG.


    An Attack on Titan AMV would work really nicely with this song.


    If you're still interested in that ... uh ... I'm working on this next. ♥
    I promise it'll be worth watching. *:)*


    I uploaded the video AMV today. ♥

  61. Nate Ngaira

    R.I.P Yoteslaya :'(

  62. / PrEyazz

    Hey dude! This Channel is amazing!
    And i thinking about we need an album which are included these songs.
    Make in a zip file and pick the download link to the description. Please i think everyone need it. :)

  63. Andy FE

    a bit old but still love this song :)

  64. MrTippelz

    awesome song, awesome channel (;

  65. Alan Cox

    I love this group! So Unknown though

  66. Ethango Mango

    this reminds me of good times i used to have with my ex :'''(


    lol not me 

  67. CloudV3

    He died? Im sorry if im stupid but i only heardof yoteslayer i dont watch his videos

  68. brutal

    This is Literally my 5th Time listening to this

  69. brutal

    Im Actually in Love with this Song :D

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    FaZe Dehiz

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    non of this songs have copyright ? wuju!! :D best page ever

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    So you are a COD editor?

  75. EvolutionEditing

    That is not true... 90% of my montages are Rock/Modern Rock/Montage Rock

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    Too bad all the pc editors are dubstep fucks. Love to have an episode on this song.

  77. VindictivePatriot

    I will cut you!

  78. Rain Leptis

    i love this song so much :)

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    used this a long time ago now everybody is using this o.0 :)

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    love this song

  81. Rapira Jensen

    hmm there is a chance this will be in my next vid or ep

  82. VindictivePatriot

    Got to love MontageRock <3

  83. SimplyJoe

    Arrows To Athens is an amazing band! They make some of the best music ever!

  84. MrTerrorBars

    hmm ... a bit like 30 seconds to mars :O

  85. srvg Colton


  86. xChazey

    sick band, sick song, good for an episode.

  87. iCamskiez

    Arrows to athens is a great band!

  88. Josh Sanchez

    I just downloaded this song :o