AronChupa - Little Swing Lyrics

Her knees, feet and elbow
Work their thing into a mamba
The scene starts to crumble
To the sound of the drums
Oh boy, there ain't no need to buy that diamond ring
It ain't no big thing, just show her a little swing

No care about the bling bling bro
There ain't nothing to do
Oh man soon it's over and you'll
Sing the walking blues
So boy, there ain't no need to buy that diamond ring
It ain't no big thing, just show her a little swing

(I'm gonna look for a new job)

When you're up
When you're down
And there ain't no love around

There's a place
For you my friend
There's a way
For you my friend

Just show her some swing
It ain't no big thing, just show her a little swing

(I'm gonna look for a new job)

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AronChupa Little Swing Comments
  1. •Vitoria Hianna•

    Ok...esse povo dança..... Muito estranho

  2. Gracie Ryback

    The energy the lyrics the beat the dancing FUCKKK i LOVE ARONCHUPA🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  3. Sam

    3.12 leaving work on a friday afternoon

  4. Smarti0101

    Hi AronChupa & Little Sis Nora,

    Here is another Beat Saber performance. Thanks for this great song!

  5. Annelise Botha


  6. shamiwolf xddd

    〜(꒪꒳꒪)〜 this song is beautiful 💗

  7. 1k suscriptores sin subir video

    Un niño muere
    Los oompa loompa : 3:11

  8. jaanbanaan

    One of my favorite songs in Beat Saber

  9. thatrandom girl

    School dances in elementary school in a nutshell

  10. denon powaz

    Better then Alan and marshmallow style 🤣

  11. Ramon Tesfay

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    The Mysterious Disease in China can perhaps be treated like cancer, then you can give them levels and tell them what level they are in, and you can perhaps get rid of the diseases or let some people live longer.

  13. Rift1234

    Лайк если от стрея)

  14. meisprikel 17

    Siapa orang Indonesia yang masih dengar lagu ini di tahun 2020?

  15. Jose Manuel Martinez Alcantar

    She looks like Julie london

  16. Tammy Ratfield

    Love this

  17. Michael DeGeorge

    I cant wait to blare this in the summer of 2020 lmfao

  18. no one

    Who's watching in 2021 like if you are 2 :)

  19. Alice Ribeiro

    Queria ir numa rave e ficar louca assim

  20. Just Start

    Does anyone know what is the name of her hairstyle

  21. Антон Гриценко

    Бахни лайк, если понял причём здесь stray228

  22. Gabriel Gaster

    You know that animation of a bouncy-ass Tom Nook?

  23. Danielek

    Junko I know you're here.

  24. POLICE [EGA]

    bob choqw!!

  25. János Ferenc Baranyai

    beautyful !!!!!!!!!

  26. Hugo Olson

    Me: giving a ring to my girlfriend

    Girlfriend says fuck that ring, show me a swing

  27. NAMO True

    It really works. I did a swing dance with a female at a party, swept her right off her feet. Its such a workout. Now I want learn more.

  28. call me filthy weeb pls

    Those dance move should be at fortnite

  29. Joanne

    12:00 midnight already partying on my own...🤟🏼🥳😂

  30. Muhammad Sa'ir


  31. あーる


  32. DavidThePlayer PL

    This is like the oldschool shuffle dance

  33. Claudio P.

    1:43 When you see a cockroach on the ground!

  34. vEaz1


  35. Piotrek Czyżycki

    Who gonna learn me to dance like that please ?

  36. Tinkering Butterfly

    What you came for 0:30

  37. ジャーキー

    これ踊ったら100%筋肉痛💪( ᐛ 💪)

  38. sterling samspson

    #bringback1920s dress like the 20s

  39. mifikasa

    Ecchi version is better

  40. giwrgos det

    This shits slaps harder than my dads belt

  41. Corban Barr


  42. Hot Potato

    I have a problem with this kind of electro swing, it just sounds to much like pop music anyone has some good recommendation or knows underground E-Swing artists?

  43. Camryn Soares

    I wonder would alastor listen to this song?

  44. Александр филипченский

    After listening nightcore version this one is sooo sloooow

  45. daSweep

    This is just the same melody stolen from Wash My Hands by Kormac. Still good though, but it's almost the exact same melody..

  46. Harvey Jay David

    Does this sound loke the steven universe : the movie song (other friends) a little bit like that?

  47. amar terasu

    Yo solo vine por el amv de dangaropa :)

  48. kauã gameplays

    very cool song

  49. FOX 狐

    Why is she looks like elizabeth from bioshock?

    TheDiamond Ninja

    FOX 狐 it’s a hairstyle from back then (noir genre), Bioshock (I played all of it) has those as some of its many influences.

    TheDiamond Ninja

    And Jazz, and pop, and so on.

    FOX 狐

    @TheDiamond Ninja well. I like those kind of thing.

  50. Sniper The Boo

    Am I lonely

  51. sebastian52yt

    2020 esta aqui >:v

  52. Heike

    egal wie oft ich das Video sehe, finde ichs immer noch krass wie die Tanzen xD

  53. Gordon Freeman

    For Sven Otten?

  54. Slawek PL

    Jak marzną buty to jest już gtrubo

  55. The Gaga

    УстатаЯ похотливая крысау

  56. David GS

    2016 - 2020

  57. All in One


  58. Robert MacNaughton

    The swing of her hips is the real swing:)

  59. Just a normal guy

    Here after some time because the 20s need their electro swing!😙

  60. Сидорович

    Кто из Best Saber?

  61. Abeno

    Крысу в чат

  62. Fairy Girl

    Too damn good !!!!!

  63. Martynax12

    Who 2020 ? XD

  64. Alexander Chepatarenko

    what is the name of this choreography or style of dancing ?


    the dance is called SWING. it came in 20's of XX century.

  65. script donovan


    Kolten Taylor

    Does the crash in the 30s also transfer over?



    Arctic - Moonlight

    @Kolten Taylor Noperoo, it's smooth sailin' from here on! YEEHAW!!

    Sir Sir

    Uh, Swing was in the 1940’s, but why the fuck not

    YaBoiBigWang 333

    Rawrin' **

  66. Matias Sepulveda

    Perfex aron 💜💜💙😍

  67. RaulFREDdjfjem dnsnfajcdjcjJumalon


  68. Angelica Marquez Cruz

    Hola rasa me encanto esta cansoon

  69. Leobaldo Alcantara Neto

    It needs subtitles

  70. 「 RedFlurrii 」

    why is this all of a sudden in my recommended section

  71. mook LA ru

    Fucking amazing like I'm dancing in the road this should be America's theme song

  72. •Olihxo•

    I tried not look at the comments because of "I'm watching in year blah" but clearly I couldn't resist

  73. Una Luna Elvish Witch Fae


  74. @Clutch_Climbers

    2020 anyone ?

  75. Aussie Arcus

    Starting 2020 off with a bang 😆




    I am from India and I heard this song in radio and I got the vibe of I'm an albatraoz, and when I checked it is from him only .

  78. Steven Kyle

    Trick testosterone kinda makes you angry?

  79. Toxic_ Love

    There's a llama in my livin' room 😎

  80. Emily Wiebe

    2:09 i tought the song was over

  81. Andre Alfigo

    Is it slav?

  82. A. Sunflower

    Make America SWING Again!! It’s gonna be the roaring 20s again!

  83. Sarah Hutchings

    it is I agree

  84. Saskia Palubjaková

    2:00 when i have to go to doctor

  85. B Kakkamallan

    This is better than any other remixes.

  86. Bretelz

    December 25th 2019 anyone?

  87. LucS R.û

    ALGUM BR EM 2020?

  88. Bhausaheb Kolhe

    I was here on 24 Dec 2019..

    Saskia Palubjaková

    Im 29 ;)

  89. Albert Nicolae

    3:11 i don't know if this happens evrywere but in romania the money that kids get from school is going to be x2 so this is the perfact song

  90. Marcos Jaci De Jesus

    Kd os brasileiros 2019???

  91. Idk

    i love this soo much...idk...just...idk.

  92. Tommy Arlen

    Love it😍😍

  93. Lukas Berg

    go and play all songs of them in 1.25 speed, its sooo much better xD

  94. Andrew Vargo

    This song makes me wanna snort cocaine and dance and drink moonshine

  95. Evgenij Pavkin

    🔥 ❤❤❤