Aron Wright - I Surrender Lyrics

Oh this road has been hard
On my feet, on my heart
Led me to the gates of hell
I know sorrow all too well
Lost my love to the wind
Left me half of who I am
Heavy load, Heaven knows
I'm tired

I give up, I give in, I lay down
I surrender
I won't fight, I won't try, I lay down at your side
I surrender

After all I've been through
I can't say what is true
But I choose to believe
There's a hand guiding me
There is hope, there's a home
For my soul

I give up, I give in, I lay down
I surrender
I won't fight, I won't try, I lay down at your side
I won't cry
Why should I?
I lay down at your side
I surrender

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Aron Wright I Surrender Comments
  1. Frost Rusher

    This song is fairly religious, emotional, classical and pure. I love it. ❤ Amen.
    My crush dislikes me and her birthday in tomorrow.

  2. Arina Yukira

    I know this song is makes me feel better and I was depressed, cause I was being bullied and they were mocking me, fun of me and then I was cut myself and tried to kill myself... But I can't, my whole family needs and even my friend... So that's why this is the way I want...

  3. cs CS

    If you are someone who relates to this song, please know that Jesus Christ is truly who he said he is. In his arms, there is love, peace, joy, happiness, and power. He really does love you and he truly did die to save your soul because of how much he loves you. It doesnt matter what sins you've been in, or how long you have been feeling hopeless. He is truly able to strengthen you and fill you with his Holy Ghost that will seal you as one of his. Just take the first step, and he will take two.

  4. KasTheGamer O4

    I like how the nightcore version of this is inappropriate for users but this one is perfectly fine for all users

    i'm in hate with this fucking world

    its because of the image

  5. Uraraka has a gun

    When you know your hurt but scared to admit it

  6. Galaxy Crystal Wolves

    For all those depressed and hurt people out there please hold on! I've been in pain as well....nothing helped me smile..But i still tried to hold on.

  7. Why am I always watching YouTube

    I found this an remembered how when I learned my brother had ADHD I tried to help my parents and mature. I never asked for help made my own food I wouldn't ask for help ever. He would start hitting me and I would always ask him to stop but I never retaliated because I thought he didn't deserve it. For years I would cry by myself in my room. I grew up thinking I had to be perfect for my family. They found out because I would listen to this song to cry and one day they played it in the car and I started crying. They sent me to a therapist. So thank you for this song. It got me out of a dark place

  8. Froop Luit

    I listened to this all the time when I was in my darkest hour.
    ...Guess I'm back where I started.

  9. TrayTray Ollivierr

    So my life everyday is a fight No much gud things falls into place.. I fight just enough to survive. To be there for those I love/loved to be there for my family hold them up when they feel like falling .. It hurts sometimes to be strong have to put away all your feelings to see the life as u know it happen whether your a part of it or see that no one really cares and if u disappear nobody we'll really notice not until yur gone completely.. Am not gonna say it'll be okay.. It just gets harder and harder and everyone look at u and think oh she has it easy.. No one sees your pain no one sees the tears u cry .. Or the blood u shed ..things just to escape the pain and everything that comes with it.. And all u feel is that yur tired your body gets weak sometimes you fight to keep your eyes open sometimes it hurts to keep going. Nothing ever gets easier ..

  10. The Akumu King

    Play this at my funeral pls

  11. Marie Bleed

    Maybe I surrender too

  12. ゆめ

    Could someone make a 1 hour version? Thank you.

  13. nightcore sy

    my favorite song , ever !!!!! , i felt in love with this song !!😍😍🔥

  14. Nathaly Santos

    Greys Anatomy

  15. Kenzi Laraqui

    Well. That was relatable.

  16. za kiwi

    Beautiful song

  17. Isabelle Vozzella

    Hello there, I know that your a stranger to me as well as I to you, but I just want to let you know that your beautiful the way you are, no mater what shape, color, age you are. God made you for a reason, for a purpose in life, and you are beautiful the way you are. No matter what, stay strong.

    achew bless you

    Isabelle Vozzella that almost made me cry


    I have no idea what's going on but it's sad I guess?


    Thanks dear :'( 💜

    Why am I always watching YouTube

    Thank you


    Alex the song is about suicide... something most of here goes through :C

  18. it's Proklasher

    Love it❤

  19. Fan Fanatic

    This song is so beautiful and emotional

  20. brianna holdeman

    I absolutely love love love this song! Thank you for sharing, because this is what I'm going through.

  21. Louise Sawyer

    Everyone has their own interpretation of this song. Here's mine. I think it's a plea for God to take him Home.

  22. Stranger Resuello

    -i surrender-

  23. Busy Brain

    Jesus is my home. Surrender to him only.

  24. spider123

    Then I will surrender too 💔 to give you rest... so sorry you are still hurting from your loss...I understand

  25. spider123

    My heart is pure quivering....😢😢

  26. spider123

    💔💔I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry...having a hard time understanding the meaning of this song....brings out a lot of emotion....

  27. ava boo

    Totaly not here because I’m depressed and planning on suicide

    Bev Jenkins

    - wraps my arms around her and gives her a soft hug-

    The Akumu King

    You do thqt ill kill myselt too!!



    X WitheredAngel X

    Hello??? Are u okay!? Dont die!! 😱😱😱😥😥😥😰😰😰😰😨😨😨😨😞😞😞😞


    Are u ok now?

  28. ronja jensen

    i lost my baby sister 1 year ago... she was only 6.... and this just hit me really hard.... :(

    Micah Johnson

    Bless you may Jesus Christ bless your beautiful soul. And may your pain cease to be like a forgotten bad memory.

  29. JayJay_Playz

    If only I heard this song under a good circumstance

  30. ronja jensen

    don´t listen too this song if you just lost someone :( but it´s a amazing song <3

  31. MAr Mndç

    It is 0K, eu compreendo.

  32. AMVprod

    Can't go a day without listening to this piece of art. Thank you so much.

  33. Aminah Riahi

    The first time I didn’t understand what he was saying. Now that I read the lyrics I started balling my eyes out. This literally describes my mood at this current time of my life. 😢

  34. James Robinson


    Please don't give up

  35. rsmitch88

    This is a great compilation of great songs.  Some, I am hearing for the first time and I am amazed.

  36. Chaytor Rist

    I was always the strong one. I tried to cheer everyone up. I tried to help people hold on to life. Im not the best of anything but i tried to be better. Im no one special. I never gave up but came so close. I lived. Atleast I tried. I hung in and kept trying to find a reason. Once i did. Now I am tired of it all. Ive ran out of reasons. I dont care to try anymore. I really just wish there would be no more me...

    rawda magdy

    Like I can't fight no more
    I wouldn't do anything & hoping not alone in my mind
    Life sometimes is suck & everybody else

    Nichelle Rohrbach

    To all of you, just don't give up. Lots of people say that and the hard part is seeing why there's any point, but there is. I mean, just think of all the people on this planet and how you happened to hear this one song, and to find this comment by Chaytor and the others and find people who understand that suffering. Don't give up, nothing lasts forever, not even pain


    That's relatable to me as well..


    Well I would do the same trying to make people happy and I did. But I would say that I'm controlling them just so they wouldn't be to suspicious of what I was doing with their lives. At the end I made 10 of my male friends find someone they love but they still don't know that it was me and maybe some day I hope they do.

    Eva Kings

    Please stay strong

  37. Athena Hauyi Fong

    thank you for calming my heart in the midnight...

  38. MusicLover Forever

    Love your songs alot... loving them with a broken heart and tired soul....💔😔 your songs are amazing... i surrender myself to your songs...

  39. Fonzygirr

    KHB, The Lord recommends the right song of yours everyday! I truly cannot tell you what an answered prayer you are. I am going through a big life change and challenging as it may be, God gives me hope through your posts. I'm forever thankful. ❤

  40. mushroom mike

    Surrender yes , but don't give up

    nightcore sy

    mushroom mike can you tell me the difference between "i give up" and "i surrender " ?? please

  41. Sara M

    I'm struggling with my life I have been in a bad relationship and it broke me down , and today I was just talking to my sister telling her how sad I am and Telling her that I don't appreciate my life anymore. Listening to this really made me cry especially when he said I surrender 💔


    Well I'm doing pretty good with my relationship but we are going to be like 4 to 8 years apart which really hurts but I know that those years will fly by. 2 years passed and we are still happy. Not all relationships last they aren't with the right person. It's like dating your highschool boyfriend and he left you for some reason who's to say that you won't find another person out in the world that is better than he was.

  42. Deadly Rose looly

    I love this song it calms my soul I probably have repeated this song about more than a hundred times now

  43. Robert Peter

    Love the road has been long & hard...they say the devine aspects can't unit until a point is reached they won't cause each other anymore hurt or harm. Say we have reached that point of total trust and feel the true love with all our hearts. ILYSM and wish u find this, embrace me one day from this place of total unconditional pure and honest that it hurts.

  44. Outrageous


  45. Garoto Triste

    "All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die."

  46. Apryl dekens

    my daughter can't stop singing this song and every time she does she makes the family cry

    nightcore sy

    Apryl dekens oh , you have just to try to understand her , i sing this song too but my family don't understand English, but they say that this song looks so emotional , you have to try to make her happy , try to listen to her problems, and say to her " i can't feel what you feel , but i know that your feeling hurts you , i know that you are strong and you can move on , i love you "
    this words i really wish my family says it to me so i write them maybe that this helps you and your daughter ♥️

  47. Jen C

    Beautiful. It's ok to stop fighting the impossible. But dont give up hope. ❤️

  48. Juls SA

    Beautiful ❤

  49. Alfredo Erives

    Such an awesome song I glad I found this channel if I hadn't sub to this channel I wouldn't know about all this amazing music and I thank you KHB

  50. silvia kupfer

    Very beautifulllll

  51. Diana Duran


  52. Christine Kauffman

    Great song

  53. Brian Overflow

    lol so depressing

  54. Ana Carla

    beautiful 💙

  55. Andrea Fox


  56. Ellah Mae Bagaipo

    this song is damn amazing :)

  57. Gassaq Laith

    Beautiful as always 💙

  58. Ruika Michiru

    Great video your videos are inspiration to me they make me happy when I feel down they are the best videos ever!


    It's my pleasure, glad it made you happy <3

    Ruika Michiru

    KHB your my biggest fan!

  59. Sleepless thoughts

    I love it❤

  60. Siti Small cinnamon

    Carry on Winchester's boys

  61. denide n

    So Believe IT!🌞🌌🌙

  62. Maria Lazar

    Just don,t give up.....Nice, but to dramatic to hear it! Be positive, and come up with a happier version of a song dear composer😊!

  63. LiazTV

    Wow, that is amazing...
    Have a good one 👍


    Thank you <3


    KHB Cya in the next video

  64. Hitesh J

    Your songs makes me strong. Thank you. This was beautiful.


    You have great taste, thanks for always listening :)

  65. KABBE

    Once upon a time...I heard this song...And fell in love....


    So happy to hear that you like it

  66. Marcayla Winterburn

    Bellarke vibes for some reason

  67. Holly Marie

    Such a good song! I love this!❤️


    So glad that you loved it ❤️

  68. Clarisse q

    Such a beautiful song 😍


    Yeahh 😍

  69. Katherine Parlier

    God that is beautiful thank you so much how beautiful.


    My pleasure Katherine, thank you :)

  70. slappy924

    Ok i almost cried... that never happens, I love this song now. Thank you for uploading this


    Hi it's my pleasure, thank you :)

    nightcore sy

    slappy924 are you really crying? every time i feel lonely or sad i hear this song , i love it!!!!

  71. April Ward

    just leave ur son as usual like u care to really deserve each other

  72. April Ward

    just leave ur son as usual like u care yall to really deserve each other

  73. April Ward

    just leave ur son as usual like u care yall to really deserve each other

  74. Charity Rich

    This song made me so emotional😭😭😭😭😭😭😩


    Cheers Charity! :)

    Charity Rich

    +KHB ❤❤

  75. Djrnb Nxnfk

    * cries *

  76. samar fayyad

    I remember it .. from gray's Anatomy .. gosh '~<♡>


    what season and episode?

    samar fayyad

    its britnij, bicz. Um not sure ...maybe session 9 .. the 12 episode ..^^


    samar fayyad It’s the other way around. I’m pretty sure it’s season 12 episode 9, The Sound Of Silence.

  77. as Gitamie




  78. Selena Argoe

    What does this mean my love? You surrender in what way? To us and our love? Or,...?
    You told me that you were tired baby, just today as a matter of fact!
    Too tired to stay and experience the 2nd half of your life w me?
    I love you ...i want you and need you baby...come lay w me - we can lay for as long as you want - together!! 😍😙

    Spotted Dog

    Second half of life sounds good

  79. JSC



    That's right

  80. So Kelse

    I remember when this was on Grey's Anatomy. I've been obsessed with it since.

    Abigail Sharpe

    Which episode?

    I Like Giraffes

    Abigail Sharpe season 12 episode 9

    Madison White

    Reason I found this song 😭

  81. Let go things Its just a past

    Really soooo nice lyrics and music. Thank you🙇‍♀️


    It's my pleasure! Thank you <3