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I have seen all I care to see
Of this world it has no more for me
I need the call for giving peace
That only comes from my family

I wanna go home
I wanna go home
I'm following the lead of the setting sun
And I'm going back where I came from

Like a old, old tree, that no longer grows
As time went by I got hollow
If you don't know when to stay
If you don't know when to go
Then you might be building your own gallows

I wanna go home
I wanna go home
I'm following the lead of the setting sun
And I'm going back where I came from

Mama is on the front porch waving for me
My father got his hands fixing something
My brother says that he just got to see my face

It's why I'm going on home
I'm going home
I'm following the lead of the setting sun
And I'm going back where I came from

And I'm going back where I came from

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Aron Wright Home Comments
  1. Albert Anderson

    Who’s here from ESPN E-60 Ernie Johnson’s story?

  2. Tay Off The Top

    Love 💘 His Music 🎶

  3. Jim Kraft

    awesome song and lyrics...


    I watched a wing chung short movie called redemption. Think I'll make this my funeral song 🤘

  5. Alice Wolfe

    a very very perfect song to die to <3

  6. Hannah Chavla

    I been depressed for a long time. Maybe that's what depression is, just being homesick. For all you who are hurting like I was, please stay a little longer. Your Heavenly Father and Mother are waiting for you, but they care about you deeply and in the end this life is so worth it. Somewhere between the hurt and the fears and the pain there is so much beauty and love that you gain and without those struggles how could any of us grow??? You think it wouldn't matter if you were gone, but you have so much more worth than you know. You need God but He also NEEDS you. Stay here, stay through the hurt, endure a little while because you have a reason to be here and someone out there cares so very much for you. Stay for Him. Stay for YOU. If we're all children in heaven then you're my own brothers and sisters and I care for you too. Jesus is our brother who loves us very much. One day you'll come back and your Heavenly Parents will greet you with open arms. Hope you all have a wonderful life full of hope and joy and most of all love.

  7. Justin King


  8. Made Line

    Greys Anatomy ❤️

  9. Giovanni Sorgente

    The words of this song, make me cry, I love this song....It creates strong emotions and I think of people who are no longer there

  10. Marion S.-T.

    very good song 😍😍

  11. Bella Lòpez

    Beautiful song!❤ Nothing more can be said of this awesome song!❤

  12. Kei Lei

    I stopped listening to the radio because I never hear good music anymore.  How is this music classed so I can find the station on which it might play?

  13. Jahnya Martin

    Grey's Anatomy brought me here.

  14. King Rojieks

    I picture a man walking alone in the woods as the suns setting. he is immortal and had to sit back and see his family amd friends die for countless centuries until he sees nothing and becomes zoned out to the world. His only wish is to come back to his old family house. Back where he came from, one last.time

    The Genabelle Show

    King Rojieks i think of the army and he/she is going back to his family but they are sad because it’s a chapter that they won’t go back to and even though he/ she misses their family they will still miss it 🤷‍♀️

  15. jihene hfaiedh

    Grey's anatomy 11x08 ❤

  16. rebecca T Arrais

    grey anatomy

  17. Kathleen Wood

    Ernie and Michael brought me here. God bless you, your wife and your family, Ernie.

  18. Positivity Pill

    Ernie Johnson, a man of family and passion. His story brings me to tears! ahhh

  19. Morgan Elizabeth

    We did a competition dance to this, one of my favorites so far❤

  20. kimberly bretz

    I cry every time I come back to this song. It has the potential to touch so many people and be so appropriate for an infinite number of circumstances. I heard it on Grey's, Criminal Minds, and E:60. All three, so incredibly different, made it work because the words resonate with so many situations. I will forever cherish this beautiful song.

  21. Hexun Yang

    That triggered homesick very bad :/

  22. L L

    such a beautiful song I went home to be with my mother who is dying of cancer

  23. Yayaa Htx

    Such a beautiful song. 💕
    I just love his voice

  24. Jonas Reed

    I love this song

  25. Jay G

    Heard this on Black Ink Crew: Chicago, had to hear the full version.

    EnigMa AGODAMi

    LiKewise beThRen losT my sh!T aFTeR heaRing iT; immediaTeLy wenT to woRK trying to tracK iT down discouRaged aT 1sT because oF VH1's shiTTy pRacTice oF NoT keeping tracK oF the music they feaTuRe in their lineup oF shows.!

  26. Jeanluc Fraison

    come some tears from my eyes to listening this's very emotive...

  27. Emmy wanjiru

    Beautiful Song , Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders brought me here

  28. Zia Lakk

    I'm actually going back home!💜

  29. Taaarx P


  30. Leighanna Soto

    Greys Anatomy Season 11 Ep8 !!! ❤️

    Sadie Overton

    Yasss. I've been having a marathon all day...👌🏻☺️


    Leighanna haha exactly

  31. InfernoFire

    Criminal Minds is giving me a playlist of songs

  32. Aline Freitas

    Que lindo!

  33. Daniele Freire

    Criminal Minds ❤

  34. claudia amaral

    Criminal Minds Beyond Borders, bom demais, beautyfull

  35. Rachael Goosen

    This song is literally the most beautiful song ever written

  36. Sua Lee

    love his voice.


    I love your eyes, they are gateways to the majesty of the universe

  37. Christopher Hunter Jr

    Ernie Johnson e60 brung me to this wonderful song

  38. David Baugh

    Heard it one Criminal Minds Beyond Borders and had to find it. The artist has a haunting sound that is perfect for this song. I hope it takes off after this. Who ever put it in the show take a bow.

    Jeannette Huff

    I completely agree with you. It made me cry because it reminds me of my deceased brother :-(

  39. Jill Hurley

    Just heard this at the end of Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. So lovely!

    Surashindran Sangkar

    Criminal Minds : Beyond Borders....brought me here..i'm at peace...

    Fatma Behbehani

    Jill Hurley me 2

  40. Lisa Meadows

    i found my funeral song
    criminal minds {{{beyond borders}}} [[[beautiful song]]] 😭😢😭 brings tears to your eyes

    Jimmy Rousseau

    Jus watched that episode as well! :D

    Jeannette Huff

    Me too :-(

  41. larua4

    I searched for this song after listening to it on Criminal Minds: AB

    Mark Bliton

    Me too. I was channel surfing last night and I heard it. I normally don't watch Criminal Minds.

  42. Cherish Sizemore

    absolutely amazing words. beautiful!

  43. Leah Rotlaub

    This touch my heart - so nice

  44. Bob Watkins

    Thanks E:60, Aron Wright and the great Ernie Johnson for bringing me here. I want this song played when my time comes to leave this earth.

  45. j. Cole

    The Ernie Johnson is an amazing man and true example to every man in American.

  46. tedfio1tedfio1

    Awesome song sung in E:60 for a great man named Ernie Johnson!

  47. steve brown

    found this song on the ernie johnson also. watching Christmas morning. Blown away! !!

  48. Yu Mei Gaertner

    Wow, this is so beautiful and pleasureful song. Love it. I don't think it's Sam Smith, but he has got the same
    warmth in his voice.

  49. Katie Meg

    is that me or he sounds like Sam Smith ?

    Sarah Krause

    +Katie Megrelishvili thought the exact same thing ;D

    Merylin Tihomirova

    Or Sam Smith sounds like him?

  50. Szymon Buśko

    I love <3

  51. what

    lyrics (for anybody who wants them):

    I have seen, all I care to see
    of this world, that has no more for me.
    I need the calm, forgiving peace
    that only comes, from my family.

    I wanna go home
    I wanna go home.
    I'm following the lead of the setting sun
    and I'm going back, where I came from.

    like an old oak tree, that no longer grows
    as time went by, I got hollow.
    if you don't know when to stay, if you don't know when to go
    then you might be building your own gallows.

    I wanna go home
    I wanna go home.
    I'm following the lead of the setting sun
    and I'm going back, where I came from.

    mama's on the front porch, waving for me
    my father's got his hands fixing something
    my brother says that he's just glad to see my face.

    that's why I'm going on home
    I'm going home.
    I'm following the lead of the setting sun
    and I'm going back, where I came from.

    that's why I'm going on home
    I'm going home.
    I'm following the lead of the setting sun
    and I'm going back, where I came from.
    and I'm going back, where I came from.

  52. Hector Hines

    Where can I get te sheet music for the piano?

    Edmond Samuel

    good song ❤❤❤❤❤❤✨✨

  53. Darren Hill

    My god I love this song!!! Pure, pure class and liquid gold to my ears in a world full of X-Factor c**p! Well done AGAIN WOGN!

  54. Bernie D3000

    i am 53 and i have no place to call home...god i feel sorry for myself!!

  55. Mick Mc Farland

    I am thankful for the people who chose to respond to the question of "which song was on the end of the E:60 Ernie Johnson: My Story", so that we can enjoy it and reminisce. His story goes to show that life is not easy, but when fear and doubt try to push their way in, they will have to room with faith, love and hope, and they will not allow fear and doubt to stay long.

  56. Hans Pedersen

    Ernie Johnson! I have sent this to my entire family! Beautiful!

  57. Outcastmc69

    Much respect to E. Johnson who brought me here!

  58. James Holcomb

    What a beautiful song.

  59. bassam echchen

    thx ernie johnson for bringing me here :D

  60. Jeffrey Toussaint

    God bless Ernie Johnson. Amazing man and father

  61. Danny Rollins

    while watching Espn E-60 on ernie Johnson I almost shed a tear, as my uncle battled cancer until he lost his battle in November 2013. Rip to all who have also lost their battle and condolences to families who have lost loved ones

  62. Mike Lord

    I Shazam this song off of the E:60 Erinie Johnson segment. Such a Beautiful song for where I am at in my life.


    I did the same thing a few days ago👍



    Eloy Diaz

    Mike Lord so did i this past sunday on E:60

    Dwain Sellers

    I want to watch the e60 segment again but I can't find it on utube . Great song though.

  63. Garrett Glass

    Ernie Johnson brought me here

  64. Jerald Todd

    I too watched Ernie Johnson E;60 and heard this great song and great guy

  65. KanimWhite84

    I watched Ernie Johnson's E:60 special and heard this song. Took forever to find this track. Amazing music.

  66. elena douglas

    I have to admit that this made me cry

  67. irisxxxxxx

    This is so bloody damn gorgeous omg!!

  68. David Schaaf

    Is it just me? or do artists that use their name and a simple title always seem to be sick

    One Flower

    Hell yeah!!

  69. Baias Mametjanov

    just awesome, thank you)