Arnold, Eddy - Comin' Green Lyrics

When the wind's blowin' soft through the valley
And the rain's fallin' gentle and thin
And it looks like the streams are a poppin'
It seems it's comin', comin' green

When the sun's holdin' gold from the meadow
And the land's laying still and serene
Then the folks will allow that they reckon
As how it's comin', comin' green

And the fields start to pretty up with blossom
And the hills start a puttin' on the show
And the seeds are kinda playin' possum
Pretending likey they're never gonna grow

But you walk out your door of a morning
That's like no other morning you've seen
And you don't have a care 'cause
God's been out there and it's comin', comin' green...

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