Arnold, Eddy - Cattle Call Lyrics

The cattle are prowlin' the coyotes are howlin'
Out with the doggies bawl
Where spurs are jinglin' a cowboy is singin'
This lonesome cattle call [moan]

He rides in the sun till his day's work is done
And he rounds up the cattle each fall
[Moan] Singin' this cattle call

For hours he will ride on the range far and wide
When the night wind blows up a squall
His heart is a feather in all kinds of weather
He sings his cattle call [moan]

He's brown as a berry from ridin' the prairie
And he sings with an old western drawl
[Moan] Singin' this cattle call... [moan]

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Arnold, Eddy Cattle Call Comments
  1. Leon Wreyford

    If this doesn't get a person hankering after the range nothing will

    A. Samuelsen

    No doubt.

  2. James Cole

    My favorite song of all time it me of the old days

  3. Kay Redburn


  4. Rene Melendez

    Heard this song as a boy living in the twin Red River Valley cities of Shreveport and Bossier City Louisiana. The Hayride was broadcasted on a local radio stations and all the C&W, swing and Rockabilly artists of the day were heard on radio. This song had such a lonely sound to it.

  5. Harold Fethe

    BTW: Read the comments, maybe a dozen or so. Nobody knows how this song does it but everybody knows what it does. Amazing consistency in the emotional connection. And yes that is a coyote on my ID logo.

  6. Harold Fethe

    Try reading this without getting choked up...| Tex Owens wrote the song in Kansas City while watching the snow fall. "Watching the snow, my sympathy went out to cattle everywhere. I just wished I could call them all around me and break some corn over a wagon wheel and feed them. That's when the words 'cattle call' came to my mind. I picked up my guitar, and in thirty minutes I had wrote the music and four verses to the song."

  7. Dax 63

    Guilt brought me here.

  8. Jody Murphy

    good song if your a cowboy

  9. Nick Tinnirella

    My old pal hopalong howie brought me here

  10. Irene Mccann

    I Know Eddie recorded this song first and I love it, but I'm more familiar with Slim Whitman's version, it's hard to choose, as they both did a fabulous job.

  11. Troiloka

    Top 10 songs to cry to

  12. matt jensen

    This song was played at my grandpa funeral its a major tear jerker every time i herar it it reminds me of him he had cattle and he loved to trap and hunt Coyote

  13. Steven L

    My grandfather & father loved this song. I just heard it in the Howard Stern movie Private Parts and it brought back so many great memories. I love eddy Arnold!

  14. John Herb

    Such a great smooth voice.

  15. Henry Kujawa

    His 4th of at least 4 different recordings of this song, from his 1963 "country" album, "CATTLE CALL".

    This is NOT the hit version, and it drives me nuts when people put out a "hits" collection and do not include the hit versions. The big hit was from 1955, and with its lush orchestral strings, was arugably the single recording responsible for creating what later came to be known as "The Nashville Sound" (taking country and "cleaning it up" for general audiences).

    This one's nice... and kinda has a "John Denver" vibe about it (to me, anyway).

  16. Socratec Method

    "I used to say... what are you doing with that gun Karen?? "

  17. lynn allen

    I still have this record
    It was my favorite next to
    Burl Ives: Mr. In Between
    ( my dad also sang this Cattle Call to me)! I miss my father too!

  18. Gordo Vlogs

    I love this song it reminds me of when I was at a trail ride with my grandma and we woke up to this song super loud!

  19. Mark Hall

    Between this, Slim Whitman's "Indian Love Call", and Roy Roger's "Happy Trails", I can truthfully say I had a good childhood.

  20. Judd Bonham

    My Nana sang this song to me as a young boy in the late 70's and all through the 80's until she passed in 1989. She could even do the yodel. I never knew the name of the song until recently watching the Ken Burns documentary called Country Music and this song came on. What a flood of memories. Thanks for this.

  21. Sacred Starlight_94

    I'm not much of a country music person but this has a light simple tune that's seems to go good with quiet mornings

  22. Margie Tripp

    This was my first introduction to country music and from then on, country was my only music. Eddy Arnold did this song to perfection.

  23. TalibanWithAPlan -_-

    The cattle are prowlin'
    The coyotes are howlin'
    Way out where the doggies roam.
    Where spurs are a jinglin'
    And the cowboy is singin'
    His lonesome cattle call.
    He rides in the sun,
    'Til his days work is done.
    And rounds up the cattle each fall.
    Singin' his cattle call.
    For hours he would ride.
    On the range far and wide.
    When the night wind blows up and slow.
    His heart is a feather.
    In all kinds of weather.
    He sings his cattle call.

  24. Joho

    nothing prettier than hearing this while driving through the palouse

  25. J- Man

    my grandpa had this on record, Loved when he would get it out and play it, Miss him very much

  26. Harry Pierpont

    Gem Auto parts from East Boston Mass. brought me here.

  27. Nicholas Sullivan

    back when you actually needed talent...

  28. OM PATIL

    Best song ever... I love 💕 the song.... Ooo... Ooo... Ooo...

  29. Choco The Magnificent

    The song has such a haunting quality. My wife laughs every time I start to sing this one. I wish I could yodel the way Eddie does it here. He was quite a talent!

  30. keithsj10

    The first time I remember hearing this song was in a Richard Dreyfus movie called Let it Ride. It was playing during a scene in a bar with a security guard holding Dreyfus' winnings. He started announcing to everyone in the bar how he had peripheral vision, that it was a gift. Then he started describing his surroundings without looking around including being able to see his own ears. This haunting song is forever etched in my mind with that funny scene. Love it!

  31. pat dee

    But this is NOT the original. Sad

  32. Richard Hoover

    They also used to call it The Drover's Song.

  33. Eric Brackett

    I was an eight year old buckaroo watching Bonanza and listening to this.I was a COWBOY.O to be young again

  34. Jedidiah Chapman

    Me and my grandmother used to sing to this song in the winter on the door step and talk about old memories and this song just makes me sit down and be amazed of how beautiful this song is.


    I can actually do the cattle call from this song pretty good😹

  36. Donald Broussard

    I grew up with this music......👍 Love it

  37. Danielle Jean

    A very sweet 81 year old New Mexican named Bettye introduced me to this song and I will remember her forever 💙

  38. Tony Hemingway

    In the early 1970s, I belonged to a real ride club, in Deer Park, TX. called the Thunderbuckets. Every morning, while on a ride, our club president, Uncle Clarence Cooper, would wake us up with this song blaring from his PA system.

  39. Marge Bolin

    what a voice he had

  40. Dee Dee

    I sing this to my six-month-old. Makes him smile every single time.

  41. Greg

    My grandpa would sit me on his lap in his old 57 Chevy Pick Up as we both drove down old dusty Texas Hill Country roads back in the 1960s and early 1970s. We would sip a good cold Lone Star long neck while this song played. Man I miss my Papaw....and those days..
    We would work all day on real cattle ranches while the real cowboys herded cattle. I miss you Papaw....I will see you in Heaven and we shall ride again with the real Cowboys as our favorite song Cattle Call plays on for eternity. 🇺🇸❤️🙏🏻🍺

  42. Mark Smith

    Steve McKinley is right. Eddy Arnold owns this song.

  43. Richard Chambers

    When I was growing up me and Mom and Dad would go on trail rides in the Ouchita mountain this was chow song for breakfast and supper with Don Hoit I miß the old days

  44. Monica Bermea

    I heard this when I was a little girl and sang it to my children when they were growing up. They thought I was lying to them that it was an actual song. I loved it then I love it now. I hope they will too.

  45. Steven Uanna

    "His heart is a feather in all kinds of weather..."  A good work song, the guy's doing his job and enjoying it. Wow!

  46. dmr bgs

    Thanks Hail Caesar

  47. Lucius Cornelius Sulla

    Grew up on a ranch, hated country, then hear these old timer songs on an AM station and I fell in love. I love these old songs.

  48. Isaac Buse

    My grandmother with Alzheimer’s used to sing this to me when I was a child because it made me laugh when she sang along with him. I’ll never forget the day she couldn’t remember the words. It’s the little things that we take for granted.

  49. Patches Malone's Colorful Thinking

    Ain't nothing soothes that 2am sadness like the cattle call.

  50. Jan Dickinson

    First time I heard this I was in the early 60's, when I was about 5 years old on a late night drive my parents were making to my maternal grandparent's farm. I fell in love with the yodeling mainly, plus the clarity of Eddie Arnold's voice, so classy and not as twangy as others on the radio. Something about it reminded me of my grampa. Then the song faded from memory as so many other things took its place. But then the 1980's came along, and I went to see the movie My Own Private Idaho with River Phoenix (may he rest in peace) and Keanu Reeves. My jaw dropped; all those bittersweet early childhood memories came rushing back, just because of that one song......

  51. Roland Jones

    This song was my Dads favorite song,he passed away in 2005 of cancer,and will always be one of my favorite songs.

  52. Susan A.

    The mournful ghostliness of the yodel.... permanent fixture in my memory

  53. Teresa Steele

    Mum had this on vinyl. She used to play it and I remember saying to her 'what you listening to?' laughing as I asked her. I just started to sing in to my husband, just being daft and remembering days gone by, and it made me laugh.  Then I looked on YouTube to see if it was there. Just listened to it and it's as I remember the yodelling and mum whistling along to it as she cleaned.  I have just cried my eyes out. RIP mam the moment was very real.

  54. Angus Pangus

    Pure God Given Talent !

  55. E.T.


  56. Dennis The Menace

    So what connection does country culture have with german mountain men and yodeling? Immigration I assume?

  57. Jody Wilke

    Eddy Arnold was a wonderful singer--far too under-rated. RIP, Eddy.😔💒

  58. Hillary's emails to Lorne

    you can't deny the brilliance of this performance. lovely lovely singing

  59. hankluvsdagny

    Eddy Albert brought me here.

  60. shortwang

    The only thing I dont like about this song is it is to short. I could listen to it for days. Beautiful!

  61. love yourself

    My dad sang this to me at night when I was little

  62. heywood yabuzzoff

    Real country music

  63. Fast Freddy Muldoon

    My Dad loved this song.

  64. Jimmy Grant

    Every year, up at the lake, we used to ignor Eddie Arnold greatest hits playing in the background...While we were bashing away at Black Sabbath or Led Zeppelin...Missing the point we were.

  65. Tim Ohail

    The Frontier Tavern in Richland Washington , it doesn't exist anymore but there was a lot of love

  66. Goyo Munoz

    Brawley ca cattle call rodeo. Wooo

  67. dozerD LX

    I often sing it as I ride my horse.

  68. dozerD LX

    This was my grandpas favorite song.

  69. Gail Spencer Choate

    This reminds me of Daddy. <3

  70. Carla Hicks Baker

    I deflowered my first cow to this song

  71. mtnblueskiess

    Always loved this song and I love yodeling.

  72. A German juravenator

    I play this song when I feed my uncles cows

  73. Mike Bunyak

    I'm sending a lonesome cattle call to me mum who used to spin this on the old record player in the early 60's when I was just a boy. Peace. Out.

  74. Paula Araújo

    My Own Private Idaho ❤️

  75. Marvin Mulligan

    Heard this yesterday by the Strummers at Eagles' Trace CCRC in Houston Tx. Well done Strummers.

  76. james daz

    I think I quit

  77. Jeff Miller

    Classical music is my first choice but I never miss a chance to listen to Eddy. This is my favorite one. My parents listened to old school country and western and thought I was deranged for listening to the long hair stuff but I guess CW must have rubbed off on me. Love Hank too!

  78. randy scott

    Be careful when you're driving , there's an old broken up barn all over the road .

  79. Kim Cady

    I heard this song when I was a young lad and never forgot it. The melody is so haunting and beautiful...

  80. Todd Hooper

    Timeless, fantastic!


    I've always loved this song I can actually do the cattle call pretty good❤😎

  82. Brett Bryant

    Today we might call this song Classic Country but to folks like Willie, Emmylou, Vince, Loretta, Reba, Ronnie, Dolly, Marty, George, or even Brad or Carrie, this music was known as Western. My dad grew up on Bluegrass and Swing. My Wyoming cowgirl Mom got him hooked on Western. By the time I came along, their music taste had migrated into the genre someone successfully marketed as Country and Western. My Dad used to belt out this song in the car, yodel and all. He took to wearing XXX beaver Stetsons and Tony Lamas. My Mom would have said he was “more hat than horse.” But when Dad was asked what kind of music he liked, he would say, “Both kinds.” The answer to the question that arose from that simplistic statement was, “Country AND Western!” When we visited family, we either drove to Sheridan WY (Mom) or High Point NC (Dad). Either way we listened to a lot of Country and Western.

  83. J D

    We call cattle in with a sound a lot like this.

  84. J Laurel

    Love this song! Reminds me of when I was little and my dads band would play this. One of my favorites. ❤️

  85. Mike Bunyak

    Back in 1966, at the tender age of 8, this was the first album I remember listening and singing (or should I say yodelling) along with. I still do. Thanks for the memories. My copies have long ago disappeared. Peace. Out.

  86. Barbara Hagofsky

    One of my all time favorites.

  87. Thomas Gargano

    I like to sing this song whenever I mow the back field in summer,kind of been in with the old west, what a voice.

  88. roll like a buffalo

    have a nice day

  89. Guy Call

    My uncle would sing the shit out of this for my sister and I , thanks uncle Bobby

  90. Don Woolley

    Sons of the Pioneers/Ken Curtis sang this in the John Wayne Movie, Rio Grande...Eddie does a great job, great yolder!

  91. David Picknell

    Good wholesome music, never to be repeated.

    Lee Troutner

    Used to listen to this as kids. Just popped into my head. Really miss this music.

  92. Alen Ferina

    A masterpiece!

  93. Rusty Scott

    No one makes Music like this Any more which is very sad....

  94. Sam Weisberg

    this is the song that Howard Stern interrupts to announce he's quitting his radio station--after it turns country--in "Private Parts"!

  95. johnconer70

    Has anyone played this to a bunch of cows?



    whata cow

    Am I cow, this shit is where it's at

    Tolkien Fan

    I'mma go to a farm now bye !

  96. janieg8323

    My sister and I sang this in the back seat of the car all the way from Missouri to Idaho and back one summer vacation. My parents nearly went mad! LOL

  97. Tony Lozano

    I dont know which I like better this one or the one slim Whitman did