Armstrong, Louis - We Have All The Time In The World Lyrics

We have all the time in the world
Time enough for life
To unfold all the precious things
Love has in store

We have all the love in the world
If that's all we have you will find
We need nothing more

Every step of the way
Will find us
With the cares of the world
Far behind us

We have all the time in the world
Just for love
Nothing more, nothing less
Only love

Every step of the way
Will find us
With the cares of the world
Far behind us, yes

We have all the time in the world
Just for love
Nothing more, nothing less
Only love

Only love

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Armstrong, Louis We Have All The Time In The World Comments
  1. Federico Saguatti sagu

    Great song 😘🎤

  2. cammeag1965

    A unique special voice with true meaning, unlike many so called greats like Bono, who try to write poetry but it just lacks soul

  3. enrico nardini


  4. Dave H

    But I was always taught to remedy those situations. Great movie awesome, man. Thank you Louis Armstrong

  5. adele maria carini

    Meraviglioso ❤❤❤❤❤

  6. skulptor

    Diana Rigg getting killed was a disaster for me as a 9 year old boy and this song just made it worse.....

  7. Michael Marinier

    Our Wedding Song 27 years ago. Still as emotive and so much attached to his voice, the day and love.

  8. Gloria Nucci

    Forse una delle canzoni più belle del mondo.

  9. Kitten Katt

    RIP Kobe Bryant, Gianna Bryant, and all who died in the helicopter crash. We have all the love in the world.

  10. Laura Mitchell

    In memory of an old friend, sadly and sorely missed 11.6.70-12.2.11

  11. omar rodriguez

    Finish watching James Bond best song ever by Louis Armstrong it very catching song but is true we all have the time in the world

  12. Lyn Harrod

    The love he spreads with these wonderful words. R.I. P Loui!! We love you!!xx 2020 and you won't ever be forgotten as long as I'm alive.

  13. Barlounge 13

    I love this song. Timeless and incredible.

  14. David281

    It‘s all right. It‘s quite all right really. She‘s having a rest. We‘ll be going on soon. There‘s no hurry, you see? We have all the time in the world.

  15. Don Fonso

    A great Song, with deepest lyrics.... a great one!

  16. Richard Ford

    A timeless classic that will still be being listened to in 100 years time (2120) with the same emotions.

  17. Fake Bacon

    The first few notes sounds like the old McDonald's commercial "You Deserve A Break Today!"

  18. passitelexk43

    ….mi sembri un vecchio…!!!.... avevo gli attacchi di panico...e ridevano, avevo 16 anni.. 30 anni dopo ho ritrovato me', ma ormai lo spettacolo della vita era finito….. Quello??..è malato!! …. e io…. correvo appresso a Elisa… eh,  Ascolta sempre Armstrong!!!....  è pazzo!!!   Ora, vecchio…. solo lacrime, ma con orgoglio!  e tanto dispiacere da riempire l'infinito…. per Elisa.

  19. johnny marlin

    Love you Tracy always ..

  20. Elena Rosa Le Pera

    Great Louis Armstrong...

  21. Klesk Quake

    Love make the life Better i'm watching a can of pringless LOL wonderfull song

  22. Giancarlo belli


  23. Bruno Castel

    Damn you blofeld 😠poor tracy

  24. Edward Bickers

    Oh what a song what a performer, even when ill a true professional ,talent personified, if I get to heaven he would still be somewhere higher.

  25. Vincenzo Pulzella

    Passano gli anni, lui non c'è più ma resta unico, inimitabile e irraggiungibile

  26. Brian Earner

    Something simple, but means lots

  27. Chris Jennings


  28. Jahendra Ravji

    One of my masterpiece


    Wonderful song.Great artist

  30. Paulo Coutinho

    A sound track for the movie 007 !!!!

  31. Master Dan

    This is probably the most beautiful song in the world.

  32. edward williams

    One of my favorite Bond movies..from the musical beginning theme to this ballad by Mr Armstrong.....a perfect departure from the usual Bond film. Lazenby was a nice twist on Bond...he is under rated. Nice to hear that Louie was such a sweetheart. We have so few real idols......Thanks!

    Memories Are What Make Us Who We Are

    Definitely one of my top Bond movie favorite. I remembered cutting out my college classes to go down to NYC 42nd St. movie theater to watch those double billing of Bond movies and usually it was OHMSS. Of all the Bond soundtracks, OHMSS is one of the few that I love to listen to from the beginning to the end.

  33. passitelexk43

    .....inimitabile per l'eternita'......non lo eseguite, oscurate il sole !  il vinile suo ci basta.....  l'arte ....

  34. Barthotuber

    It‘s all right. It‘s quite alright really. She‘s having a rest. We‘ll be going on soon. There‘s no hurry you see? We have all the time in the world.

  35. Reginald Dove

    Diana Rigg was gorgeous!

  36. arben hidri


  37. 坂巻洋


  38. passitelexk43

    lucio, dove sei…. ti ricordo il porto, gli scogli, il muro del mare… il grecale…la ascolti tutte le mattine in macchina andando al lavoro… Dai.. quegli scoglii assieme alle ragazze e all' aria che profumava d'infinito…  su quei scalini accanto all a porta di nonna…avevo detto a Sara  di raccontare e ..di portarla a vedere il sole che sorge …....non ti si trova, la vita è cosi', non sta bene nemmeno a me.. che facciamo, buttiamo tutto?  da me e Sara ,mia moglie  cara e grande, un abbraccio senza fine.

  39. Nana Dokua Akuffo

    Play on Paps

  40. Francisco laercio de Souza o prudente de 62

    Lembre - se youtube de voltar a fazer as traduções dos comentários aqui escritos para o idioma português como antes fazia , obrigado

  41. Gazza King

    RIP Theresa "Tracy" Bond.
    The best Bond Girl and the worst Bond.

  42. Markino Markino

    Nel 2020 e anni a venire. Unica bellissima spettacolare struggente. Patrimonio mondiale dell'umanità.

  43. Yäbränövït Römänöv

    "Maybe Baby"

  44. Cant Be Assed

    Cross comes in- Who's marking him? Bloody....OH NO! NO NO NO!

  45. Warhawkbeyond2040

    50 years later and this is still one of the most beautiful songs that's ever been made

  46. Hudson Medeiros

    e o filme tb e muito bom..

  47. subbi r

    Oh God! What a pleasant way to live! Knen Da has rightly said about this in his comment. "If music is the food of love..." the Bard quipped, "...then this song would be the soul of it." Make violent people hear such songs and then see how they transform themselves. Love the film, the song, Louis and the composer.

  48. Amethyst70

    The most romantic of all the James Bond themes - especially when you think of the main opening instrumental theme to O.H.M.S.S. 👏🏿😁🙌🏾❤🎼

  49. Flavia Vassallo


  50. Robert Edwards

    What a beautiful relaxing song, I first heard this on a Guiness advert and searched for it. Glad I found it, it lifts me up when I am on a downer. Cheers Louis.

  51. Lena Lundberg

    One of the very better Louis songs and one of his last.

  52. Roger Hobden

    Timeless masterpiece !

  53. Ekrem Ekrem


  54. Stiil Standiing

    I grew up a few blocks from Louis Armstrong in Corona, NY. He was beloved by his community and especially the children: When in town, Louis sit on the stoop of his home and play the trumpet for us. Beautiful man; brilliant musician. One of a kind. Thank you for posting this; quite a parting prayer for all of us.

  55. Lewis ito

    This really is one of the most incredible songs ever written in my opinion. It's so beautiful. I love the strings so much. The words. Everything.

  56. moreno franco

    Always LOVE LOUIS. Magic. Beautiful>

  57. Andy H

    Beautiful video. Thank you so very much.

  58. randi aulie

    best ever <3

  59. Markino Markino

    Oggi 26.09.2019 ogni volta che ascolto questo bellissimo brano le lacrime mi scendono copiose. Armstrong sei unico.

  60. Sally Wickens

    One of my favourite!!

  61. Pierluigi Qui

    Not jazz gender at all, of course.
    Armstrong ad usual smtimes "pop" singing. Not jazz.
    Pop...and ad a leit motiv of a film...

    Pierluigi PETTOROSSO

  62. John Lew

    Just brilliant.

  63. Spyridion Demetre Michalas

    Fantástico, muito bom

  64. Michael Lee

    Let's not forget the great late John Barry, without which this beautiful song would not have been written

  65. Spyridion Demetre Michalas

    Bom muito 👍 bom

  66. The Pondering Minimalist

    Masterpiece of a song..

  67. Sanco1927

    Pure awe every time I listen to this masterpiece...

  68. Lorraine Moyse

    This is for my wonderful Mum, Violet she is a star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️one and only love you soooooooo much God keep you miss you so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  69. Michael Raufer

    Whats aLegand....

  70. Ольга Громыко

    Супер.!Армстронг он и на Луне Армстронг)

  71. liam owen

    The Best Love Song ever made Nothing comes close to this masterpiece 👌👌

  72. Michael Brodie

    This never happened to that other guy.

  73. George Alexander

    In the next book, You Only Live Twice, Bond finally kills Blofeld. Avenging Tracy’ murder,

  74. E. Notar

    This song, with your beloved one sitting on a terrace at dawn with two Martini, that you want more.

  75. Daniela Favale


  76. Meep

    Wonderful song Cristin mce, thanks for posting

  77. walter pierluigi milone

    -Inolvidable. Indimenticabile.

  78. Blinded Christian

    Happy 118th birthday, Armstrong! Here's a small tribute:

  79. mariella graziano

    Sempre bella.😘😘


  80. Peter Schibler

    What is going on with the pitiful people who disliked Louis?

  81. Fitz Yehboah

    Pure and True..

  82. Tristen Lee

    This is one of the greatest songs I've ever heard.
    Nobody else could have done it better. Peerless .

  83. mo p

    I simply adore this song, one of my all time favourites. Tingly ... "Only Love"

  84. Colette Obrien

    Always .. my favourite song.. In fact .. I want it played at me departure from this world .. xxxx

  85. Angela Pretty Girl Arruda Ribeiro

    música linda, inesquecível e eterna!!!

  86. Sophia Oh

    This is one of the greatest songs I've ever heard.
    one of the greatest songs ever made. one of those that has gotten better with age.

  87. gol keeper

    i want listen to this song for ever

  88. Peter Franks

    Say what you like...George played that last scene with so emotion and class he was as a 50 year old irish guy and a life long Bond fan his was The best Bond movie

  89. Timo Rantala

    Someone else finds out that lyrics goes wrong at the beginning of song? It should be -We have own little time in the world.

  90. Rosilene Dos santos

    Linda canção, tradução maravilhosa. 👩

    Paulo César Costa

    O que significa a letra em portugues

  91. ziggy2009

    From Slipknot to Louis Armstrong. Music has no boundaries.

  92. Michelle Mackler

    1943 - 1969
    Beloved Wife of

    We have all the
    time in the World.
    Of all the James Bond themes this one will always be my favorite!

  93. Issere Nijobe

    Timeless Wonder which made me CRY.

  94. Moataz Mz


  95. gatto poldo


  96. WhiteLineCrime

    i`m getting an old S2 because the new phones dont work on my software so in my opinion we dont have much time in the world

  97. ShaDHP23

    Sang this at my grandparents 50th anniversary. Nobody knew the song and they loved the performance.

  98. Billy Troll

    What slow cars in the left lane are jamming to

  99. Manoel Pacheco

    Para sempre magne'tica, como o amor!😀