Armstrong, Louis - That's My Desire Lyrics

To spend one night with you
In our old rendezvous
And reminisce with you
That's my desire

To be where gypsies play
Down in that ole cafe
We'll dance till break of day
That's my desire

We'll sip a little glass of wine
I'll gaze into your eyes divine
I'll feel the touch of your lips
Pressing on mine

To hear you whisper low
Just when it's time to go
Darling, I love you, so
That's my desire

To hear you whisper low
Doggone you know it's time to go
Darling, I love you so
You're my desire

Though you found someone new
I'll always love you
That's my desire

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Armstrong, Louis That's My Desire Comments
  1. Existence Constellation


  2. Augustus White

    Two great iconic singers. Our history is so amazing.So many of our people were so far ahead of the game when it came to Music. Absolutely Brilliant.

  3. Hartmannsfelix

    Born Poor, Die Rich.....Satchmo.

  4. Hartmannsfelix

    Die Beste !!!

  5. Tia Pitts

    Jason Mitchell would make a good Louis Armstrong in a biopic

  6. doobeedoo2

    in great voice here and thin

  7. Francisco Sanchez fernandez

    Best of the best.

  8. Diane Burton

    That's real music my Mom and Dad love Louis Armstrong and now I'm at the age but I love him too he's one of the greatest

  9. Luiz Santana

    i would to tell how much fun was Louis ... the people not only wanted to listen Louis , but see there in live audience and see how was much funny . His music is very important, and Louis was a complet artist ... singer, trumpet player and a commediant actor ...

  10. sues 2048

    Louis was genuinely fond of Velma. This awesome 1950 piece of genuine history is truly amazing. They are really adorable and obviously love their craft. Thank you


    +1 Everyone was fond of Louis.

  11. livingaragtimelife

    I just adore this.

  12. arturo lpc

    Velma Middleton she's the girl!

  13. satanschef86

    This should be a Colgate commercial

  14. hilda Busciglio

    maravilloso louis armstrong y la cantante que lo acompaña , fabulosa, no la conocia

  15. turntableterrorist

    a great, unique voice.

  16. Hugo Team Rivality

    Louis Armstrong 1901/ 1971 RIP . 😔😔😭😭😭😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢 im fine

  17. Serge Gaggiano


  18. Bernadette Cedzidlo

    where did all this great music go? I will miss you my dear friend please, keep in touch LOVE BERNADETTE PEACE LOVE AND RESPECT TO YOU ALWAYS SWEETIE 😍😍😍

  19. C Howard

    I love how she changed and got into the groove once she felt the music.

  20. piadinaconmortadella

    Love this so much.

  21. Cantor Yakov

    Ready to go right now

  22. benny Dale

    I Have this record on 78 and yes he was drunk

    Sarah's Riding The Storm Wave.

    He was still good drunk lol

    Nicola Pelos

    for what i read he was not so pro-alchool and he was critic thoward his collegues with alchool related problems often making 'em violent. While he smoked toons of joints and even had law related problem for that and he just answered that weed prohibitionism was a racism-related problem.

    Susan R Jecker

    More likely high! Now, Jack Teagarden was a notorious drunk!

  23. TrulyEgg


  24. CARLO T Valentin

    Louis was more than just a singer and horn player..he was a great entertainer!

    Michael Melen

    So much more than that.  So much more.  He was an inspiration for several generations of musicians and singers. He got a bad rap in the 1970's as being an "Uncle Tom" by the radicals in the Civil Rights Movement, but nothing could be farther from the truth.  He  did so much for racial equality over the decades that he performed!  White performers such as Jack Teagarden (one of the greatest jazz trombonists) at one point claimed he was black in order to be able to play and record with Mr. Armstrong.  He paved the way for multi-racial bands such as Benny Goodman's smaller groups (Lionel Hampton and Teddy Wilson).  Most of all, how could anyone possibly claim a racial superiority in the face of one of the few true American geniuses.  The term 'genius' is overused.  But Louis Armstrong is one.  And perhaps the best example of the term.

    Nicolas Martin

    He was a great American. He was a great person.

  25. Tape Flip

    This is entertainment

  26. Falana Jerido

    Velma Middleton. Nice

  27. Falana Jerido

    Thank u for sharing. He did this also with tyres his trombone player when he gotten older

  28. Hachinohehorse

    Classic entertainment from two of the greatest.   That be Jack Teagarden on the 'bone????

  29. Hans Pfaall

    Muchas gracias por compartirlo.