Armstrong, Louis - Sunset Cafe Stomp Lyrics

Sunset stomp got folks jumpin’
Sunset stomp got folks
Jumpin' up and down, all around
They yell, band men play some more

Charleston, Charleston
I’ll say it's hot
But your black bottom, it’s got ‘em
But, oh, that sunset stomp

Lord, it’s going
And the people strain
Created in the crazy house
It sets good folks insane

Gentlemen, ladies too
Push 'em round n round
They loose their head
They’ll drop dead

Doin’ that sunset stomp
I said, doin' sunset stomp

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Armstrong, Louis Sunset Cafe Stomp Comments
  1. Mick Penning

    A first time 'listen' for me this one. Quite remarkable. I think this makes it the earliest recording of Louis I yet heard. I realise there must be earlier ones.

  2. fillra01

    Wow! The remarkable Mister Armstrong!
    Louis Armstrong and His Hot Five, November 16, 1926, Chicago, Illinois
    "Sunset Cafe Stomp" (Venable, P.; Armstrong, Louis) [master 9893-A] -- OKeh 8423
    Armstrong, Louis (Cornet)
    Alix, May (Vocal)
    Ory, Kid (Tromb)
    Dodds, Johnny (Clt)
    Armstrong, Lil Hardin (Pno)
    St. Cyr, Johnny (Banjo)
    "dippermouth blogspot" is excellent for Armstrong's music, it is by author and musician Ricky Riccardi, the Archivist at the Louis Armstrong Museum in New York.