Armstrong, Louis - St James Infirmary Lyrics

I went down to St.James Infirmary
Saw my baby there
Sat down on a long white table
So sweet, so cold, so fair

Let her go, let her go, God bless her
Wherever she may be
She can look this wide world over
She'll never find a sweet man like me

When I die I want you to dress me in straight lace shoes
Boxback coat and a Stetson hat
Put a twenty dollar gold piece on my watch chain
So the boys’ll know that I died standin' pat

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Armstrong, Louis St James Infirmary Comments
  1. Jacilund

    the white stripes

  2. chan siam


  3. Adrian Ortiz

    The house that jack built

  4. Cem Biçer

    Rabbim senden af diliyorum siyah beyaz ayrımı yaptığım için, Allah’ım lütfen beni bağışla ve cennete gönder. Teoloji muhallime’yi takip edin.

    Cem Biçer

    kuzenim yazmış

  5. Cem Biçer

    zenci astronot mu olur 👳🏿‍♂️👳🏿‍♂️

  6. Patrick Pfleghar

    The Heart and Soul of Jazz 😏

  7. DjPorkchop73

    It was down in Old Joe's barroom,
    On the corner by the square,
    The usual crowd was assembled
    And big Joe Mckinney was there.

    He was standing at my shoulder.
    His eyes were bloodshot red;
    He turned to the crowd around him,
    These are the very words he said:

    "I went down to the St. James Infirmary
    I saw my baby there,
    She's laid out on a cold white table,
    So so cold, so white, so fair. "

    "Let her go, let her go, God bless her;
    Wherever she may be
    She may search this wide world over
    She'll never find a sweet man like me. "
    Oh, when I die, bury me
    In my high top Stetson hat;
    Put a twenty-dollar gold piece on my watch chain
    God'll know I died standin' pat.

    I want six crap shooters for pall bearers.
    Chorus girl to sing me a song.
    Put a jazz band on my hearse wagon.
    Raise Hell as I roll along.

    Roll out your rubber tired carriage,
    Roll out your old time hat.
    Twelve men going to the graveyard
    And eleven coming back.

    Now that I've told my story,
    I'll take another shot of booze.
    And if anyone should happen to ask you,
    I've got those gamblers' blues.


    In case there was any question what Louis was originally singing about.

  8. Ricardo Ribeiro

    Someone else listen to this in 2020?
    Good music never dies

  9. zina powning

    Love Jazz

  10. Rage slayer Realms

    Cab Calloway sounds better

  11. Joseph Valdivia

    This is honestly so good, the only one that comes close is the animated one with Cab Calloway, but the trumpet just hits so well in this one

  12. Barnabe51Reims

    WTF, I'm almost 44 and I never heard it before :O


    Should change the name to AdTube....

  14. M.a K.S.12

    Und ich dachte das wär von Annenmaykantereit.

  15. Carl A

    America's first Ambassador of Jazz. A national treasure and beautiful human being. Ein Mensch.

  16. jose angel solorzano

    God damn that hallucinatory

  17. El Novaccino

    Albert Camus took me here

  18. Adrian Ortiz

    The House That Jack Built

  19. Toni Wood

    Now that I've heard this song I realized that it sounds like fergies song " a little party never hurt no body just slower... It was featured on the film Great Gatsby...He was ripped off... It makes sense considering the roaring twenties and this original song by Louis was done in1929. The way it was done in the film didn't seem appropriate for it's time. Then again it was ripped off and revamped for the film so in a inversed way it works...

  20. Luxi Turna

    Excellent song! The best version is cab calloway in the 1933 cartoon "snow white." He dances in rotoscope too.

  21. Travis Bickle

    Taste of Cherry...

  22. MageTower Mania

    "She was stretched out on a long white table

    So cold, so sweet, so sweet, so fair"

    I wish to ask what is the meaning of "fair" here cause in my language translates as "just" but the word has several meanings like "pale", "clean", "blond", "attractive" what fits here?

    Skrawny WhiteKid

    it means beautiful.


    It's a double meaning that bridges the cold and sweet. She's both sweet/attractive because she's a beautiful woman and cold/pale because she's dead.

    MageTower Mania

    I thank you both! I had sensed it meant something like this! Such a sweet and beautiful song.

  23. Annie Bastian-Baldwin

    “Hehehe, braggin’”

  24. Secret Identity Network

    Wow I've never heard it played so slowly! It's heavy as hell! Mind blown!!!

  25. Justin Moore

    When the drums kick in at 3:32

  26. Ultreia

    Iiiiii went dooooown to saint games infermeryyyyyyy

  27. Brian Earner


  28. Mistake 404

    What the heck...10 years...10 years what is this i get reccomended stuff like this from years back

  29. diez tormenta

    This is it! I search for this piece for so long.

  30. Manuel Chiomba

    Cab Calloway, rimane comunque il massimo. Come interpretazione, mimica e voce.

  31. Lucid Boi

    Listening as I'm reading the bar scene from the second chapter of La Peste by Camus.

  32. Ramazan A

    Albert Camus, Veba, 34. Baskı, Can Yayınları, 157. Sayfa.
    (Albert Camus, Plague, 34th Edition, Can Publications, 157. Page)

  33. &1000

    real trap..............

  34. Adrian Ortiz

    The House That Jack Built

  35. Ari Enti

    This is called a pure masterpiece. Beside the lyric, the harmony, melody and its deep great atmosphere makes it a remarkable jazz piece....

  36. John van der Kroft

    Lovely play by Louis. I also love the version of the DSC band 
    width Oscar Klein on cornet and Peter Schilperoord on piano.

  37. Trey Morrison

    I love modern teens inspired by these old classics:

  38. dusso4231

    I like his version equally to Cabs. He made it his own.

  39. warau

    Isn't this originally by Cab Calloway?

  40. adrian

    Here is a man who would not take it anymore.

  41. Pro In Progress

    Just discovered this....its nice...

  42. Michael Mathers

    I only know about this song from a Jugheads Digest (archie comics)
    Jughead was apparently at the end of a story arc where he was learning drums from a guy named Willie and he played this song. This wasn't quite pre-internet but we didn't have it when I was 9, so this is my first time hearing it.

  43. carla lorraine

    Amo dms essa música <3

  44. Carolyn Rice

    Music atlast

  45. DoodleWill

    $20 Gold piece nowadays would cost just shy of $370.

  46. RoZita Bartok

    Sounds like the slow part of a jazz funeral.

  47. i'm going to kansas city

    The best

  48. john maselli

    Today's so called musicians, artists, rappers, aren't worth a pile of Louie Armstrong's shit. Or a pimple on his ass..

    FanRose FabRose Spencer

    Shuuuuuuut the fuuuuuuucck uuuuuup We don't care

  49. Pedro Otaviano

    Que saudade do que eu nao vivi nessa vida, vai entender...

  50. 24 Sd

    Sad is the song, good is the grass, Louis, I cry and I laugh but gone is my little babe (RIP Anne)

  51. Howard Nielsen

    My all time Favorite
    He's the Best

  52. Mohammed Frío

    Respeto de MÉXICO !!!!

  53. Jeff Goldenberg

    One of the thrills of my life was seeing him in 1961 at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, NJ with my father, a huge fan. I was 10 and a novice on the trumpet. We went backstage and hung with him for a while; i sat on his knee as they chatted, and he led me back to the end of the room where his trumpet sat in its case. I tooted a few notes and her roared in approval, a huge smile across his face. I still have the program he signed.

    Ousarlxs Fjsbvbg

    Jeff Goldenberg what a memory that is

    Ousarlxs Fjsbvbg

    Jeff Goldenberg what a memory that is

    Ousarlxs Fjsbvbg

    Jeff Goldenberg what a memory that is

    Ousarlxs Fjsbvbg

    Jeff Goldenberg what a memory that is

    donald fuck

    @felix hughes ok dude

  54. Stewart Nicol

    Much love to the children of Africa who were raped, stolen, abused and murdered by the white race. ❤️✌

  55. Petar Baglić

    Hey what is st james infirmary i am from croatia dont know what is pls answer

    Chuck Kennedy

    A public hospital in New Orleans , Louisiana. Where people who died and didn't have anyone to claim them ended up, at the morgue.

  56. Smith John

    This song isnt flowing out of him, it's being pulled out inch by inch from his blue heart. Amazing.

  57. Manuel Rios

    I want this song for the new bioshock

  58. kris

    This song could also mean, that he murdered his wife because she's un-faithful then after realizing what he did, he then killed himself.

  59. Wino

    Life is good sometimes. Getting to listen to music like this at a click of a button.

  60. tim ramone

    Dude it doesn't even look like he's moving.

  61. kuroryuu010

    the mood of this song is just perfect. it feels personal, just... damn Louis.

  62. Виталий Танкосян

    Текст песни

    I went down to old Joe’s bar room
    On the corner by the square.
    Well, the drinks were bein' served as usual,
    And this motley crowd was there.
    Well, on my left stood Joe McKennedy
    And his eyes were bloodshot red.
    When he told me that sad story,
    These were the words he said:
    I went down to the St. James infirmary,
    I saw my baby there,
    She was stretched out on a long white table,
    So cold, and fine, and fair.
    Go ahead!
    Let her go, let her go, God bless her,
    Wherever she may be,
    She can search this world over
    Never find another man like me.
    Yes, sixteen coal black horses
    To pull that rubber tied hack.
    Well, it’s seventeen miles to the graveyard
    But my baby’s never comin' back.
    Well, now you’ve heard my story,
    Well, have another round of booze
    And if anyone should ever, ever ask you ў‚¬Ђќ
    I’ve got the St. James infirmary blues!

  63. Bedlington

    It beats houses' version that's for sure.

  64. Craig McCauley

    Cool jazz!

  65. dave Nicholson

    True class...!

  66. Pmc15

    My left ear loved the trombone

  67. Araz Babayev

    Ta'm e guilass.....

  68. Robin Olivia

    Sunsilk x2

  69. Small beginnings

    Brought me to tears, then made me smile, laugh and motivated me to go on. All in one short track. Legends.

  70. A Jolly Nurgle Prick

    First time i heard this song was the White Stripes cover and it broke my heart. This version broke my soul.

  71. Christоff Evillе

    So much feelling, Oh my dog...

  72. Alain Sadun

    best jazz I've ever heard

  73. Casey

    This is a great song. Love from San Diego !!

  74. Marc Acrich

    i have tons of 78's

  75. Slavko Cosic

    O.m.G. what a melody by Jazz Legend - *Louis Armstrong*<3...One and Only...Light & Love...

  76. Nived Newalit

    Imagine if Louis Armstrong lived long enough to do voice acting

  77. Mark Arandjus

    Braggin'! 😁

  78. Styd' Antoine Tbk

    In all of his blues he finds a way to make us laugh... Truly a sad clown...

  79. Steve Veasey

    Fantastic, I know he had a husky speaking voice but I am never sure if he was born with it and it gave him that wonderful vocal sound or he sang like that and it made his voice husky?

  80. kimon114

    NOBODY tops this.

  81. vikram sivaraman

    This song is like a slow poison

  82. Seph Vakshi

    This white dude equestrian Andrew Deimer said Satchmo was a stupid name. That was the moment I stopped being friends with him. Everything about Armstrong and his music oriented affiliations are absolute perfection and only self absorbed ignorance would say anything about this artist is stupid. #truth

    To the new kids, smoke a blunt to turn your minds off, smoke dolo and listen to this without your phones or anything to distract you and you'll get what everyone else is saying. Shit like this is an exquisite rarity.

  83. Small beginnings

    This song is immortal. Funny enough, I've discovered it thanks to a radio mod for Fallout: New Vegas.

  84. Sagittarius Jefferspin

    When he says kyekyekyekyekyek

  85. costas delidimitriou

    It was down by old Joe's barroom, on the corner of the square
    They were serving drinks as usual, and the usual crowd was there
    On my left stood Big Joe McKennedy, and his eyes were bloodshot red
    And he turned his face to the people, these were the very words he said
    I was down to St. James infirmary, I saw my baby there
    She was stretched out on a long white table,
    So sweet, cool and so fair
    Let her go, let her go, God bless her
    Wherever she may be
    She may search this whole wide world over
    Never find a sweeter man as me
    When I die please bury me in my high top Stetson hat
    Put a twenty dollar gold piece on my watch chain
    The gang'll know I died standing pat
    Let her go, let her go God bless her
    Wherever she may be
    She may search this wide world over
    Never find a sweeter man as me
    I want six crapshooters to be my pallbearers
    Three pretty women to sing a song
    Stick a jazz band on my hearse wagon
    Raise hell as I stroll along
    Let her go Let her go
    God bless her
    Wherever she may be
    She may search this whole wide
    World over
    She'll never find a sweeter
    Man as me
    Source: LyricFind
    Τραγουδοποιοί: Joe Primrose / Irving Mills
    Στίχοι τραγουδιού St. James Infirmary © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

  86. Milord Ungood

    The first part is a lot like that one “Anthem” from Animal Farm. If you listen to it you might be able to see like a connection.

  87. Dalieva Paula


  88. Lewis Smart

    Gotta say I think I like the 1928 version more

  89. Lewis Smart

    I like how he has to make the point that now that shes dead his woman won't find another man good as him

  90. MaD max

    play this on my funeral.

  91. Carl Heinz

    Louis... the choosen one 👍👍👍👍

  92. David Lois Vidal

    Fuck yeah

  93. Adrian Rainbow

    I love Louis, I have since I was about ten.
    What a charismatic man.

  94. Maurice Tatiano

    1 song, 1 verse, a simple stanza, and you could die of the agonizingly exhilarating feeling it bestows. Melancholic, I could feel the blood running through my veins...yet, death ever so close...this music takes me somewhere I can’t tell.

  95. Norman Land

    I miss Louis Armstrong and his music.

  96. axel H F P


  97. Fouad Nassar

    Please , guys. Can you suggest similar songs?

    Gilles Vaillancourt

    Oh yes ! So many ! Black and blue, Trouble in mind, See see rider, Careless love, Flee as a bird, Just a closer walk with thee, Saint-Louis Blues, etc. Louis Armstrong, New Orleans Jazz, Blues and Soul offer this type of music. Try Back and blue :

  98. Frank Vignola

    Who could ever give this a thumbs down? They must have no soul.

  99. Bojan Boskovic

    ...get busy living or get busy crying...

  100. CatandBonez

    This shits DARRRRRRRRRRK because of the life of the man. that is real blues,it comes from places of brutal hardship and brutal times and cold unforgiving reiltiy.