Armstrong, Louis - Solitude Lyrics

In my solitude you haunt me
With reveries of days gone by
In my solitude you taunt me
With memories that never die

I sit in my chair filled with despair
Nobody could be so sad
With gloom ev'rywhere, I sit and I stare
I know that I'll soon go mad

In my solitude I'm praying
Dear Lord above, send back my love

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Armstrong, Louis Solitude Comments
  1. Boris Lambrev

    Олд скуул!

  2. Ángel E.

    I'm far too young to feel as identified with this song as I do, perhaps I should stop reminiscing.

  3. mauro dessy

    meraviglioso...mauro dessy

  4. Hugh Farr

    Thank's perfect!

  5. Giovanna Pozzoli

    Favolosi hanno elevato il jazz a grande immensa musica ,, 954522467

  6. Jose manuel Lopes salvador

    Muito bom

  7. Yolande Thewissen

    J'adore :-)

  8. Spring_Bonnie_321

    why lol

    little jo

    ONYXKING67FAN Roblox Now I’ve got Serious album envy 😢

  9. B Bop

    who de other perfect musicians ? Clarinet could be Barney Bigard ? trombonist possibly Jack Teagarde n, but wouldn't bet on it .


    Trummy Young at trombone

    B Bop

    to tiny1932 : thanks . makes sense , and a reminder how versatile some of those classic players were :
    His playing here suits the Ellington aura perfectly , i think .

  10. Ana Cardoso

    Gosto do cantor !

  11. spookysama


  12. Tillmannstoasty123

    love it !

  13. gipskull

    great !