Armstrong, Louis - Saint Louis Blues Lyrics

I hate to see that evening sun go down
I hate to see that evening sun go down
'Cause my lovin' baby done left this town

If I feel tomorrow like I feel today
If I feel tomorrow like I feel today
I'm gonna pack my trunk and make my getaway

Oh, that St. Louis woman with her diamond rings
She pulls my man around by her apron strings
And if it wasn't for powder and her store-bought hair
Oh, that man of mine wouldn't go nowhere

I got those St. Louis blues, just as blue as I can be
Oh, my man's got a heart like a rock cast in the sea
Or else he wouldn't have gone so far from me

I love my man like a schoolboy loves his pie
Like a Kentucky colonel loves his rocker and rye
I'll love my man until the day I die, Lord, Lord

I got the St. Louis blues, just as blue as I can be, Lord, Lord
That man's got a heart like a rock cast in the sea
Or else he wouldn't have gone so far from me

I got those St. Louis blues
I got the blues, I got the blues, I got the blues
My man's got a heart like a rock cast in the sea
Or else he wouldn't have gone so far from me, Lord, Lord

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Armstrong, Louis Saint Louis Blues Comments
  1. J.A.B del Burgo

    Full swing!!!!

  2. 原田晃行


  3. The Albatross of Darwin

    Sartre brought me here

  4. Barbara Keller

    great music !!!!!

  5. JB M

    This is my new workout tune! Just can't help dancing!!!

  6. Asiago Swing

    The vocalist that started at 2:20 was really sweet and good 😊

  7. Павел Сташков


  8. christoper King

    Fred Sanford brought me here! The show

  9. Mirzebala Abdullayev

    People newer forget you.

  10. Traple Beats

    What the music genre?

  11. 佐丸参武朗


  12. Gavin Bradley

    >be in music theory class

  13. geoffrey collins

    he had character talent and something lacking in todays performers...
    black white yellow red or anywhere between he was and is still the best..

  14. RWBHere

    Is that Velma Middleton singing?

  15. Srđan Popović

    Oldie,but goldie in every aspect....why this is having an end?....

  16. Rodinei Rigo

    the best...

  17. アシダカグモ


  18. Jazz Man

    Blow that horn Daddy-O

  19. André Poiato

    musica de boy slcc

  20. Bar Orka

    anyone else come here because Sartre works Huis Clos?

  21. RoZita Bartok

    That man is the gnat's knickers. Fo' sho'.

  22. Jubal Calif

    Blow, Satchmo, blow !! Don't get much better than this !! THANKS for sharing this bodacious "blast rom the past" with us !! CHEERS !! :-)

  23. Catherine Sean


  24. Aquarius145

    Every Dog Has His Day.

  25. RoZita Bartok

    That woman sure could sing.

  26. Tony Freeman

    Happy birthday

  27. RoZita Bartok

    Play it!!

  28. Товарищ Сталин

    Армстронг Русский.

  29. drovn

    Man....a mtos e mtos anos mesmo que eu queria saber o nome dessa musica.. FANTÁSTICO

  30. ぶーちゃん


  31. Игорь Артёменко

    Армстронг самый лучший джасмен в мире!!! Спасибо ему за его прекрасный джаз!!!

  32. Per Junge Laursen

    Første gang jeg hørte denne plade på en 78 skive vned ar jeg 7 - 8 år gammel, min mor spillede den så højt at pudset faldt .

  33. Hugo Castillo

    The biggest he best.the him

  34. ギガどん兵衛

    山口組 菅谷政雄の好きな曲だと

  35. Kevin

    LETS GO BLUES!! We won the cup! #PlayGloria


    Awesome playoff series!

    Uri Greenberg

    People dont come here to talk about hockey this is the best trumpeter in history of mankind.....


    @Uri Greenberg I dont know Clifford Brown and Dizzy are both better to me but Satchmo is arguably the most important figure in the genre overall and did basically reinvent jazz in a number of ways, his impact cannot be understated so he has to be in the top 3

    Uri Greenberg

    @Kevin i agree that all of those are amazing musicians but in my opinion Louis is the best

  36. Elizabeth Freitag

    Am I the only "younger" person on here who likes jazz? I'm fourteen.

  37. Mohamed Sabry

    song starts at 0:00

  38. Srđan Putnik

    I jerk off to the lady..

  39. Markus Engström

    Long live the note of Saint Louis Blues. Let’s Go Blues!

  40. VonRye STL

    Let's Go Blues!! #LGB

  41. からすカラス


  42. Massy Biagio

    The best blues song played by best blues performer

  43. Martin Downey

    That is bitching.

  44. GEO

    There was a place down by the Eads Bridge where you could get a shoeshine and pick up the racing form before going to the track at Fairmont Park. There was a speakeasy across the street. There was a door down to it between the pawnshop and the butcher shop, the door was open on warm nights. And from that stairway going down came this music that got you jumping and jiving, and that horn of Satchmo’s would make your heart take wings and fly! Lord! Saint Louis was a great place then...

  45. Insert Redletter Media Meme Here

    Oh my god did Louis just say he was going to beat a woman with a piece of a fence!!!!!!!!!??????! #metoo!!!!! He should apologize posthumously!!!

  46. Avaneesh Jakkoju

    Thank you Louis Armstrong , I came to know the world of jazz !

  47. Marilyn Stevenson

    ""Take it Trummy!!!!""

  48. Marilyn Stevenson

    Oh Louis!!! I grew up with matter what age, you were the most talented.. the best!! I saw Louis and the Allstars, with Velma Middleton when I was 5 years old, with my parents and little sister, in 1954 at the Stadium at Rushcutter's Bay, In Sydney! It was an old boxing venue!! My dad, a muso, met some of the Allstars at the Muso''s Club the night before!! I had a wonderful crush on Trummy Young...guess who still has his autograph! As they were about to go onstage, Trummy saw dad, and bent over, and said to me ""are you girls having a good time""...Yes, I would never forget his lovely face and words!! Velma came on..and Mum called out for ""More!!"So, naturally, I jumped up and called out for More!! A Night to Remember!!!

  49. Waixler83

    We have to sing this in music class. Alone. In front of the whole class...

    Marilyn Stevenson

    Go!! Waixler83!!! You are in good hands...

  50. Karmen Jazbec



    Nice song this is the true music it's sad that people don't do music

  52. arrascaeta dora

    En pinta me gusta más bien me vieran generosa en carnes,bien definida cintura y cadera,de ninguna manera por ello pesada y menos chica de divito.
    Linda,bailarina ,para nada magra en carnes, sonriente,alegre, inteligente, pero ni en broma pelotuda.
    Es decir bien sería y pensante.

    Son ideales,
    como cualquiera los tiene.

  53. arrascaeta dora

    De Edith Piaf, por poner un ejemplo,aprecio valor de voz,canciones pero en lo personal no me gusta.
    A de ser por su vida desgraciada o porque alguna vez me compararon con ella y nadie crea fue por la voz sino más bien por la pinta o ni idea.

  54. arrascaeta dora

    De a poco me ido dando cuenta de una verdad :

    Soy bastante hedionda,jedionda,en olfato musical.
    Lo que me gusta me gusta y lo que no, pues no.

  55. Tishnik

    Why cant the st.louis blues (the hockey team) have this as their goal song?

    ben squires

    The radio broadcast plays it at the start of their broadcast for every game


    @ben squires I see, But they should play it for their goal horn.
    Also i hope the blues win game 7 vs the dallas star!

  56. George Wardy

    Wonderful could listen to this all night: Super and amazing.

  57. Florent Damour

    Une légende extraordinaire respect

  58. boribori MANGO

    oh no, you silly,
    this is boob aharrr....

  59. arrascaeta dora

    Esta es una de las piezas musicales más hermosas que he escuchado en mi vida.
    Tengo un DV .

    Ni idea por qué.
    Entiendo nada,es decir un pomo.

    Y aún así es,me parece, maravillosa.

    Gracias a todos los santos viví para disfrutar de esto.

  60. Francis Muiruri

    What a beautiful song.

  61. drdjacoby

    Who has the saint Louis blues on black history month?!

  62. Dream Big

    this is good

  63. fabrice Van Cauwelaert

    I like this song but it is not my style so I m french

  64. grammofonomania1 come si può mettere un "non mi piace" a colui che è stato e resta il gigante in un mondo di lillipuziani..? le sue improvvisazioni sono uniche..

  65. KER JI



  66. Mary Bowman

    😄 Great music!!

  67. Cracker Jack

    why does this remind me of tower of terror?

  68. Shion Akechi


  69. Gallowghoul

    478 people listen to sublime

  70. LettyK

    8:51 mins of heaven....

  71. Ms. Silence Dogood

    Satchmo, just drown racism in music! "Satchmo," a Marx Bros.?

  72. Ms. Silence Dogood

    OMG! Like drinking ice water.

  73. monica bella


  74. Pollito Muñozo


  75. DjDr Jacob

    I wish I could enjoy this, but I can’t for some reason. Maybe it’s just before my time,

  76. Barbara Elovic

    The one and only!

  77. Craig McCauley

    Very cool music!

  78. Titanium

    I feel like I've heard some parts of this in Tom & Jerry

  79. wozniakmike1

    Honestly I am obsessed with 0:00 to's gotta be sampled for a movie soon

  80. Idaho

    Jazz tops everything for me, thank god I found this!

  81. Erston MP

    La Novela Monsignore me trajo aquí, casualidad que la canción es de uno de los mejores artistas de la historia

  82. Steve Satterwhite

    the best

  83. Valerica Marinica

    Magnific ...!

  84. Yves Grécourt

    pour moi, la meilleure musique de jazz jamais produite, celle de Satchmo à New Orleans !

  85. gg ar

    Love this song, but when i listen to it and get in the mood, from 5.20 onwards it just blows my mind completely everytime, some deep groovy shit

  86. GCG

    This describes there team perfectly....

  87. lagunaflyguy

    When the Gypsy looked in my hand she slapped me right in the face.

  88. Tereso Margarito Felipe

    Inolvidable el sr Amstrong q ritmo

  89. Love God & Neighbor.


  90. エリンギ

    いやんばかーん うふん
    そこはお耳でしょ あはん

  91. Crashix26

    But seriously, the St. Louis Blues are looking pretty good this season.

  92. Robert Neacosia

    Yeah i feel like throwing on a suit with some wing tip shoes! And cutting up the rug!!!

  93. Taei Kang

    So this is the cover which made W.C Handy cry at the time. Interesting..

  94. Aric Cua

    This is the piece that the NHL team was named after, right?

  95. LuZZiluu ThESwEd

    Makes me feel good. And sleepy somehow. Love it god night