Armstrong, Louis - On The Sunny Side Of The Street Lyrics

Grab your coat and grab your hat baby
Leave your worries on the doorstep
Just direct your feet
On the sunny side of the street

Can't you hear that pitter-pat there?
That happy tune is yours now
Life can be so sweet
On the sunny side of the street

I used to walk in the shade
With those blues on parade
But I'm not afraid baby
My rover, crossed over

If I never have a cent
I'll be rich as Rockefeller
With gold dust at my feet
On the sunny side of the street

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Armstrong, Louis On The Sunny Side Of The Street Comments
  1. Daniel Dupes

    2:06 Louis falls off the stage

  2. holysmokes44

    Thank you Jazz Duets.

  3. Clarke Laidlaw

    Louis Daniel Armstrong.a hero of the first degree.

  4. 최인수인수


  5. القناه الرسمية للموسيقار اسلام مزيكا

    Louis Armstronh

  6. Bloom Cicero

    we're singing this in choir and the harmonies are so flowing and easy to learn its really lovely. i love jazz music in choir, its just so...flowey and simple!! <3

  7. Marvin Mastiff


  8. Slim Rythmman

    i love you Louis.

  9. Anthony Faria

    Louis is simply the greatest American born musician ever.

  10. Bob Dillaber

    I was only 16 years old 62 years ago when I had the glorious experience of being at his concert at Notre Dame in South Bend. To this day it remains a highlight of my life. Most don't know that Louie was an orphan in the Waif's Home in New Orleans when given his first trumpet by a man who cared about him. Louis Armstrong represents the best of America.


    thank you for sharing your great memories.

    T 'omas Hughes

    wow! awesome memory, and Luis trivia! We played this (and other Satch) for our daughter ,in utero! My grandmother and i used to dance to his music all her life, and discovering reefer, around the same time i read Luis interview (reprint from the 60's) about being a Viper. That combination , made this gen x'er into a "viper hepcat" for life! "Luis, you took the gift God gave you, and gave His joy to us! So happy to see how many folks are still touched by your music. Here's to Gold Dust at all of yer feet!"


    Could not agree more with that last sentence!

    Peter Mower

    Thank you for sharing. His music is bittersweet to me, knowing I can never see him live. His legacy is far more than just his music. What an icon.

    bill howes

    @T 'omas Hughes yeah pops was a stone viper he would come on the band room ,toss a few cigar sized joints on the table and say" let's. get high" a late friend of mine knew him and had some great stories.

  11. Matthieu Maier

    Yo who is this bone player?

    Matthew Williams

    Sounds like Trummy Young

    Clarke Laidlaw

    yep.Trummy,no mistaking his tone.

  12. Jacqueline Leiman

    Great musician, not-so-great vocalist.

    Andrew UK

    Agree but he was a great entertainer and as a result people warmed to him. No comparison I know but Kylie Minogue, Cilla name a great vocals either but they have/had 'it' which can compensate for a lot

  13. nbbob23

    People should never, never forget Louis . . . and, this song is just wonderful . . . .

  14. Ditto's

    What beautiful song... I will use this for my date


    how did it go?

    Jean-Baptiste Cotreuil

    And me for my funerals

  15. SIRBINHO rascho

    So Happy that we're have YouTube, so we can Listen to his and many other wonderful Voices❤ Blessed to live in a Century were you have Higher Technoligy❤

    akperson 554

    also where you have access to spellcheck

  16. praxylite

    the genius of the man's music is so often overlooked. people think Hello Dolly and What A Wonderful World. He practically invented popular music as we know it. GO SATCHMO !.

  17. dekonfrost7

    A euphemism for living an honest life.



  19. LeeLos Adventure

    this is so dope

  20. Marcos Aurelio Ruiz

    Thank you

  21. jacques deghorain

    Après ça , on peut tirer l'échelle !!! Aucune comparaison possible , ça a été l'ultime sommet du jazz !!!!

  22. Andrea Baruffaldi

    Incredibile ! Grandissimo

  23. blanca alvariño montero

    Alucinante!!! el mejor trompetista del Jazz!!

  24. Yurokun

    ahh our generation is so bad now i want scatman,vengaboys etc. back

  25. Juan Cruz Márquez

    Make cool every moment

  26. Zulema desideri leinenn

    Eternamente amado!!! ,😃

  27. John S.

    Louis Armstrong is truly amazing, with his incredible sense of the beat and his impeccable anticipation of the beat. He definitely is the best in my opinion.

  28. D. Scott Barclay

    Unbeatable, no one can compare. Pure exhilaration.

  29. Zulema desideri leinenn

    I love him...

  30. Brian Murphy

    Tru dat

  31. rolo24745

    Louis Armonstrong un grande inmortal. Con su voz quebrada cantaba excelente. Y un gran virtuoso con la trompeta. Todas sus interpretaciones son memorables. Pero en éste tema me gustaría destacar el TROMBÓN DE BARA, extraordinario, de una musicalidad y una dulzura que no me canso de admirar.

    Jonathan Castro

    +rolo24745 es un excelente artista, sinceramente su musica me deja practicamente sin palabras...

    Daniel Paul Debs

    Music, the language of the world! Immortal, excellent, virtuous, memorable, extraordinary, admirable. And I don't even speak Spanish!

    Bernardo H

    Si señor, el trombonista se luce con un swing y una fluidez únicas !

  32. angel andino

    No matter what mood im in or what's going on in life all I have to do is listen to Louis Armstrong and I know it going to be ok .

    Robert Peters

    Well said

    Marcos Moraes


    Evgeny Favorsky

    vampires mb?

    Ethan Williamson

    I tried to like this twice.

  33. MyelinProductions

    OH YEAH! Yippy dippy sippy doooo! Dooo Wop pop sop! Yeppy skippy wippy WOW! :-) 

    epicmarek 224

    this may be the greatest youtube comment i have ever seen

  34. Quickcrafter49

    Like number 900,,

  35. robert33112

     " Woman, I love this " 

  36. Marcos Moraes

    Louis Armstrong, "O lado ensolarado da música".

  37. Ab Ba

    damn louis is just awesome =^)

  38. Marilyn Vogt-Downey

    That is magnificent artistry, pure and simple. You can't get better than that!

  39. Rodrigo Avila

    Very Cool.


    Indeed ;)

  40. alphonsorella

    honestly who would dislike this??

    Joshua Perkins

    Those whose "Rovers haven't crossed over"

    Joshua Perkins

    Those whose "Rovers haven't crossed over"


    I love me some Satchel mouth!!!!!
    And I love the South, and I'm pasty white.

    Zacory Donahue

    65 terrible poeple

    Truong Nguyen

    Neo-nazis, white supremacists and so on

  41. Ed Grosso

    Oh YEAH!!!!

  42. Michael Knish

    so good, thanks for posting

  43. ne11s0n

    fuck yeah !!!!!

  44. arch stanton

    Beautiful Louis beautiful

  45. P. David Hornik

    The king.

  46. Jørgen Grandt

    Dejlig sang i dejlig fremførelse. Men helt ærligt: Hvem råbte FRYS! til trompetisten?

  47. Zerthimongrel

    God among horn players...

  48. rharule rharule

    "He was born poor died rich and never hurt anyone along the way." These were the words of Duke Ellington upon Satchmo's death.

  49. BetyarPali

    A great version of this song sung by a sexy girl in Hungarian: /watch?v=KatVg-es8HM

  50. Ray Latumaerissa

    Happy Birthday PES !!(Papah,Eyang kakung, Om Es), I'm proud to be your son, thanks Jesus to give him as my father !!

  51. Omar Solis

    I can stay all day and nigth with this music and my wife


    That's happiness I guess : )

  52. Ayman Hosny

    Wonderfull =)

  53. ARLEY2050


  54. Zack C

    2 people don't live on the sunny side of the street.

  55. Mistt644

    2 members of the KKK disliked this song....What? too soon?

  56. Check out our new channel!

    definitely must be deaf!

  57. Noah M

    The 2 dislikes must be from 2 deaf guys who wish they could hear this magic.

  58. danilotactac

    Man... I just rapped the replay button. What a beautiful song. Thanks Louis, thanks a lot.

  59. Jarakader

    1 person is walking in th.... oh I'll shut the hell up.

  60. mortyfromc

    This was my music teacher's favorite song out of the big band era. Hadn't thought about him in many years. Thanks for posting.

  61. Jojo Qi

    After listening to this song, I decided to take the route that was not shady, and frolicked around the sidewalk, much happier than the other side of the street.

  62. anonimusketeer

    After hearing this for the first time, I started walking on the sunny side of the street :]

  63. Jeanette Grønlien Storhaug

    some times if i sing it to myself.

  64. David Quintero

    Ésta rolita está de aquellas¡¡¡ jeje

  65. pretorious700

    Satchmo was the greatest modern musician, bar none.

  66. onnoori lee

    i always sing this song at work so i can make money to sustain my life and my family's

  67. Gee Dee

    Thank you Jesus for this man & his voice !!!

  68. Kristen Williams


  69. PsychoSmooothWolf

    Im joining my local jazz band on trumpet. Hopefully someday this will be me.

  70. IuliaBianca

    @2468093 It's hard to get to this brilliant music from any other crappy music's Recommended page :) Thank you god !

  71. jimmykhawk

    used to sing this song in the 40's when we were kids.... i think this recording is from the 50's???

  72. girelli81

    @cechix same here :)