Armstrong, Louis - Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Nobody knows the trouble I've seen
Nobody knows but Jesus
Nobody knows the trouble I've seen
Glory Hallelujah

[Repeat verse]

Sometimes I'm up and sometimes I'm down
Yes lord, you know sometimes I'm almost to the ground
O yes, Lord, still

[Verse 1]

You got here before I do
O yes Lord, don't forget to tell all my friends I'm coming too

O yes Lord, still

[Verse 1]

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Armstrong, Louis Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen Comments
  1. Aikku H

    Mä todella toivon, että oon ainoa joka täällä on Pasilan viimesen jakson takia 😂

  2. Adrian Medina

    Who came here becuas this was in the miraculous journey of Edward tulane book

  3. Electro3 Strike

    Who's here because of sheldon cooper


    Electro3 Strike bazinga

    Electro3 Strike

    @Tessa haha


    the piiano runs the traiin poway From HeavUNahH

  5. _ TimeLapMaker _

    at 2:03-05 damn that face change

  6. Sanyika Shakur

    I first heard this song on the cartoon “Recess” and fell in love with it when I heard Louis Armstrong.

  7. calikokat100


  8. Naho Takamiya

    Ninguém sabe os problemas que eu passei
    Ninguém conhece a minha dor
    Glória, aleluia

    Sheldon Cooper ❤

  9. Coop da loop

    I have to sing the first two lines for a musical I'm in- The Lion King

    I am Zazu
    I am using this for inspiration because I am committed LOL

  10. Karlton Bryce

    Thank you Louis Armstrong❤

  11. kameera howard

    His voice is angelic 💞😇

  12. A Z

    Nobody knows . ........

  13. S Perreault

    Pro Tip: I don't recommend repotting a ficus. They will lose all of their leaves.

  14. Lazy Existentialist

    Hearing him sing this song with a smile actually gave me chills. I know nothing about him except a few songs but just from his voice you can tell he’s actually seen some shit.

  15. Lazy Existentialist

    First tried to find a studio version of this song because nobody sounds as good live as they do under professional recording... and I’ll be damned he’s just as phenomenal live. It’s raw talent, plain and simple.

  16. le pingouinfre

    waw between 2 music of hugo tsr his pass too well

  17. nettraveller

    Dee dee has good music taste.

  18. 1990 •

    Great cover

  19. Setyo Ariyadi

    if i could say...but i won't...i let the wind keep my none can't crying and keep smiling

  20. Elijah Puga

    I'm here because of sheldon.

  21. sweetoception

    I've heard this song referenced in dozens of things, but if you asked me to guess who originally sang it, Louis Armstrong is the very last person I would guess.

  22. mimibarn

    the greatest

  23. Mohd Shah Rizan Amzah

    I’m here cause Sheldon Cooper singing 😂😂😂

  24. theo sarmas

    All those who comment about your parents/grandparents who died shame on you. Hungry for some sympathy likes

  25. Oh No

    Not sure how My Chemical Romance brought me here but I’m glad to listen

  26. Anke Wunder

    Oh GROSSER Louis...

  27. Leyla Abbas Nina

    i didn't know this song til Shelson of The Bing Bang Theory sings on the 4º season(ep.12). Nice song!

  28. Yogesh Sinkar

    Anyone here from recess ? We love you Mike !

  29. Warrior 95

    Big bang theory anyone??

  30. Diego Montenegro

    Nobody knows, but Jesus...

  31. Christopher Galan

    Recess brought me here.

  32. Arickas aesthetics UWU

    Anyone here because of lion king.

  33. Sgt. Hollow Point

    I've been here since 1987, when SpaceBalls was released.

  34. Kees Faasberger

    i'm here because nobody knows the trouble i've seen.

  35. Nick Sagarese

    God bless this man, he explains a lot.

  36. Arin Muhammad

    Big Bang Theory, Episode S4 E12 😅😂🤣

  37. Bat Man

    Such a great song.. wish they were singers like this today who sing with compassion and their hearts. Instead we have auto-tune to Adam Levine and Drake .

  38. reggiBB

    I'm here because life is rough right now(and I've known this song since I've known myself because of Lion King)

  39. GitarStu

    Who'd have known she's a bass!


    Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory brought me here....who's else?

  41. TheDiamondTea [Otaku with a Aspen Wand]

    I'm out of place here because everyone is here for reminiscing or a show/movie, and I'm here because of band

  42. Emma Rose

    I came because of sheldon cooper

  43. iHelmster

    Beep boop boop bop all i am is right no world can take me down except earh 💨

  44. Felicia Wijnaar

    *ONLYJESUS* He Makes me 💃 *STRONG*

  45. Fabian2k

    My father us veteran cries not at bohemian rhapsody but cries here

  46. devil

    Sheldon brought me here

  47. Saman Siriwardane

    anybody here bcz of Big Bang Theory 😂😂

  48. - AptCellar91407

    I’m here from band. Learned this is band. But I still come for Louis

  49. Hoosier

    I hear ya Lou ... miss me with that globe tho

  50. Gresa Dedushaj

    One of the pros of watching the big bang theory

  51. 박지후

    been looking for this

  52. Netti Kritisoija


  53. Benjamin Tjaa


  54. Matt

    I'm here because of Katya

  55. Chinese Cooks Desi

    Sheldon brought me here

  56. Buk lau

    Anyone here from big bang theory


    Any one here because he love the big bang theorie

  58. Smart IPTV Manchester

    Nobody Knows de Trouble I've Seen. Burleigh's simpler arrangement of the spiritual for unison chorus had previously appeared in Afro-American Folksongs (1914), edited by Henry E. Krehbiel. G. Ricordi & Co., New York published versions for solo voice, men's chorus, and women's chorus in 1917. A version for mixed chorus was published in 1924.

  59. kant 66

    I m here because of Sheldon and Big Bang Theory 😂

  60. WOM world of minecraft MINECRAFT

    He is so high from the weed he was a big weed smoker he have his all live smoke the gunja

  61. Pratik Khande

    I'm here because of Sheldon

  62. Joey Bear

    Anybody else here after watching the Recess "The Voice"

  63. blockmasterscott

    I heard first heard this song as a little boy in the 70s when Bentley was singing this while stuck in an elevator in the Jeffersons lol.

  64. A.Demetriou

    Mikey sang it better

  65. sh1t.mp44 4

    The thirteen letters

  66. Andrea Patane

    I've played this song on the 🎹 as an exercise, so I may get comfortable with it even though it's such a shame that Louis Armstrong is dead. I added it to a playlist I made on Spotify which is called, "Friendship/coping songs 2". 👍🏻if you own an iPhone.

  67. Phone Admin

    Mikey blumberg

  68. Gav Newton

    Daphne Zuniga bought me here .

  69. Shahid Dar

    Am i the only one who came here though BBT Reference..

  70. fawfulthegreat64

    All these people here because of various iconic works, and here I am arriving from a man in a spotted rabbit costume melodramatically wailing this song to an unamused little girl lmao

  71. prajul chauhan

    The Big Bang Theory brought me here ❤️

  72. youtube commentor

    who is here after big bang theory?

  73. Stephanie Bartlett

    What an odd and Wonderful World. 🌞

  74. 90sx Free

    My ma was singing this earlier 😂😂😂😂

  75. Badger Milky

    *Smokes oregano*

  76. Mia 0000000

    The Big Bang Theory brought me here

  77. Mr Maxxx

    A truly great all around artist respect Louis Armstrong,

  78. Lady Elle from 12’s Don

    Sheldon brought me here lol

  79. Michael Smith

    Thank you for your video. Sound quality is excellent. I can't believe you got dislikes. I watch a lot of live music I intend to open a jazz club in a few years. So I'm very opinionated I don't need compliments very often. Thank you for your effort. I hope everybody subscribe to you good luck

  80. Senxu 007

    Who is here from DenkOps?

  81. Lakdar Hemgar

    Je t'aime 💓👍👏🎼🎶🎵🎺🎷

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    anyone here from that crackhead meme? lol

  83. Boethiah Covin

    Anyone seen that one crackhead singing this song while smoking weed

  84. Daniel Triantopoulos

    Spaceballs brought me here

  85. Joe Kane

    Who are the 556 people who disliked this angelic man! I demand to know this instant. YouTube, give me the information. I'll rectify this.

  86. Trainboy45 Productions 2019

    Oh Zazu, do lighten up. Sing something with a little... bounce in it.

  87. Windy Hawthorn

    When I was a little girl I wanted to sing like Louis. My parents would laugh and say just sing like yourself.

  88. ammar ali

    This guys smile is something else makes u feel amazing

  89. siddhant jadhav

    This song was in an episode of big bang theory.

  90. Suxorixorage

    Am I the only one here from spaceballs?

  91. bubblegumboobs

    I love love this! 💕

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    That one instagram girl smoking