Armstrong, Louis - No More Christmas Lyrics

Well, there'll be peace and there's something on Christmas day
No more hunger, no more war
Check out this single day

Yes well, there'll be happiness someday on Christmas day
All those win brothers and sisters
Just one single day

People fight for their gods
Die for their beliefs
Christians, Jews, and Muslims too
They knew not what they knew

Oh, well there'll be no more congress
No more religions too
And there will be peace on earth
But no more Christmas too
Oh, yes.

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Armstrong, Louis No More Christmas Comments
  1. John Saxtorph

    Heil Christmas!

  2. Mary huiii

    Am I the only one hearing this in October 2019?

  3. Mary huiii

    This is a wonderful song:)

  4. Deus Vult Infidel

    nigga and white christmas ?

  5. Jessica Holland

    Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

  6. Ivan Delgado

    Nov 23rd and listening to louis .

  7. Jeffrey Padavan

    The world would be a better place if more people were like Louis Armstrong!

  8. Ms D

    Thanks for the smile Louie......MERRY CHRISTMAS ya'll

  9. Benjamin Kyalo

    This is just priceless!!!2019!



  11. Owe T

    Oct 2018 anyone

  12. Izzy

    Beautiful. I always have to listen to this song on Christmas.

  13. ThisGuy Here

    Merry Christmas in July!

  14. Jorge alberto Ramirez Garcia

    so beautifull!!!

  15. Ademir Dias da Cruz

    espetacular a seleção. parabéns pelo bom gosto.

  16. Kunta Kinte

    Zat you Santa Claus? 🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅👽👽

  17. Nicolae Vaceff

    Bewtyfull voice y love

  18. Evaristo Giovannetti Netto

    Beautiful Louis!

  19. Sheldon Bermont


  20. Nivaldo Covolan

    The fantastic Louis Armstrong singer.


    Best version of this song.

  22. Mabous 7

    i love this song💛

  23. LGD

    proud that my dad showed me this when I was a kid

  24. Sheiryl diaz

    nice song...raise your hand if your listening to this in 2017.....

  25. Louis Duchemin

    joyeux noël a tous

  26. Uwe Ziemann

    Louis Armstrong ist einmalig gewesen und sehr vielfältig seine Stimme ist unverwechselbar keiner hat es bis heute Geschäft so eine Stimme zu umherirren. Ich höre seine Stimme immer wieder gerne.

  27. Johan Lopez

    nice song so soft

  28. Chyles Washington

    I am a young man, but prefer to listen to the old Christmas carols!

    Mr Egg

    Chyles Washington I KNOW RIGHT

    Thomas Wafer

    You rock Dude. James UK

    ThisGuy Here

    Me too!

    Jeffrey Padavan

    That makes you a wise, young man!


    Same man

  29. Chyles Washington

    I did a project on Mr Louis! When I think of him I think of teeth because most of the time he is smiling! Merry Christmas you all and may God continue to bless the lineage of the Armstrong family! 😊

  30. Katerina Mitika

    The authentic christmas songs!!! Awesome 💓 Love you Louis Armstrong, R.I.P ❤❤

  31. Neal Doar

    very nice

  32. Marija Svilicic

    Volim njegov topli i poseban glas

    Neal Doar

    very nice song just beautiful

  33. Pretty Caroline

    Merry Chrismas in Atumn

  34. Metoděj

    it's almost summer and I'm listening to this

  35. uo u

    This is simply the best version of this song. God bless you dear Armstrong..

  36. Carol Yorke

    Don't you mean by Irving Berlin? Have a very Berry Christmas!

  37. Dani Marian

    Finally is Christmas

  38. rockkiller124

    Christmas is coming :D

  39. Karla Galván

    que bellas son las canciones navideñas y si son cantadas por este negrito, mejor todavia

  40. Dr. Totz

    I can't believe that I actually celebrated Christmas before hearing this song. Every year when I hear it I smile....not as big as Louis is smiling but still....very large...and very heartfelt. God Bless you Mr Armstrong for such a wonderful rendition. It's not often that a cover surpasses the original but I dare say....bravo...bravo to you sir.


    Any song Louis sings is going to sound wonderful. Nobody can top him on any song, not to mention being the greatest trumpet player of all time! (To avoid dumb arguments, let's say nobody does it better!)


    He's dead.

  41. Carlos Gonzales

    My favorite genre of music is rap and hip hop, but you know what? This is priceless. A truly beautiful song.

  42. John Dyson

    The old songs are the best 😊

    James Herbert

    And that's because this is the way it always is!

  43. Kyle Barton

    people can even argue over a Louis Armstrong song! what a wonderful world!

  44. Arturo Ávila

    Excelente interpretación. Mis deseos para todos una Blanca y Feliz Navidad.


    ¡¡ Igualmente para ti !!

  45. L.A Bailey

    Mmmmmmm 👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣💞

  46. hotchili b

    Am I like the only person who likes this kind of music??

    William Dommett

    I doubt it.

  47. Nicholas Otaka


  48. kylixx

    Listening on June. Literally in the middle of summer.

  49. Emmanuel Paris

    Unforgettable Satchmo !!!

  50. Natalie rose

    im 14 & i love this kind of music.

  51. Alexander Radoslavov

    I`ll be say "What wonderful song"

  52. Cormano Wild

    yea techno lead to the death of louis armstrong's popularity what the fuck man

  53. madhavan suresh

    ppl no longer listen to these timeless classics. techno sucks, louis armstrong R.I.P the greatest singer for me.

  54. Katie Choice

    well no shit lol

  55. Katie Choice

    modern day society, this is more a piece of history in today's culture where as for those of us that listen to it, we see it as music

  56. Fantasticifaction

    That man's voice is as unique as James Brown. Nobody can ever replace him. In the coming 10 000 years his voice will still be listened to. People will treasure whatever computer can still play his music by the time we have the chips behind our eyes to just "look" at a play button to hear yet-to-be-made music.

  57. klarinable

    Gyönyörű ez a szám....

  58. Joseph Clayton

    why the ads?

  59. Brandon Floyd

    I'm listeninging to it and so are you. Nothing else matters FUCK THE WORLD!!.... Merry Christmas!

  60. Tom

    im 21 and i know what music is worth listening to ;)

  61. NapkinsTallinChallYo

    0:33 Well Butt Cheek Time

  62. d4rkwolf1939

    There are people who do, it just isn't shoved down people's throats, which makes it even more pleasurable to listen to. I agree with what you're saying though.

  63. Katie Choice

    It's a shame people don't listen to this stuff anymore

  64. Rebekah Gavra

    Its very sad music but lovely to listen to. It brings tears to my eyes because its so sad.

  65. 999 Stormcat

    i love Louis Armstrong's worm heart, vocal, and his that unaffected face