Armstrong, Louis - Mood Indigo Lyrics

You ain't been blue, no, no, no
You ain't been blue till you've had that mood indigo
That feelin' goes stealin' down to my shoes
While I sit and sigh, go 'long blues

Always get that mood indigo
Since my baby said goodbye
In the evenin' when lights are low
I'm so lonesome I could cry

'Cause there's nobody who cares about me
I'm just a soul who's bluer than blue can be
When I get that mood indigo
I could lay me down and die

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Armstrong, Louis Mood Indigo Comments
  1. Juda Tu'ineau Palu

    makes me think about fallout

  2. josuke squigly

    I can just imagine this song playing in the post credit scene for skullgirls the movie

  3. Sergio Montes

    Y ahora a escuchar la de Sinatra...

  4. Lyricall Admiration

    That point between bliss n sorrow where the greats dwell

  5. agustin e. Alvarez

    La trompeta de Louis, el sonido mas hot de todas en la historia del jazz. Excelente versiòn.

  6. Derobinsar Sibuea

    Such a sweet sweet song by Louis Armstrong the legend!
    Check my latest cover of his "Mood Indigo" with Duke Ellington:
    Thanks for ur attention, it'd be so helpful for shouts and likes! ((humble))

  7. deborah bee

    coisa linda...

  8. William L Robinson

    A classic jazz tune done by two of the best jazz musicians ever. Jazz has soul whether fast or slow tempo.

  9. Southcidal Music

    Of course Satchmo will be a part of the best version of this song...

  10. William L Robinson

    This is a smooth rendition of this old jazz tune. Louis was and still is entertaining. For me, this is music as it should be played.

  11. Tim Retter

    Duke and Satch make their instruments sing like nothing I've ever heard in what is undoubtedly my favorite Jazz album. Their on the verge of being too abstract to follow the underlying melodies, but just within grasp of the talented ear. Their creativity shines at the very limits of what's musically possible. There's enough discord to hurt the ear from individual instruments, but it somehow blends into harmony on the greater scale if you know how to listen simultaneously. It not just multiplication instead of addition, but it's advanced mathematics to the ear if you know how to hear it. Yin and Yang out the wazoo.

    John Paisley

    Nice, Tim! Your last phrase has me laughing out loud. And while we're on the subject... How's your old wazoo?! Thank you, Firesign Theater.

  12. Kevin Sierra

    Dancing to this with your soulmate

    deborah bee

    this is already my soul mate, this song... i don't feel like i need to "find my soul" mate anymore!

  13. claudio cerri

    Chi suona il clarinetto?

    claudio cerri

    Duke Ellington — piano
    Louis Armstrong — trumpet, vocals
    Barney Bigard — clarinet
    Trummy Young — trombone
    Mort Herbert — double Bass
    Danny Barcelona — drums

    MoodIndigo Cook

    claudio cerri thank you!❤

  14. burpotsbin46


  15. Tatiana Forero

    Hola 💙

  16. David Alarcón Quiñones

    Hola Tiana 😍

  17. loveyouall66


  18. Jubileum Tv

    Very boried, make me sleep.

    Hasan x

    the song's title is blue mood. get it? sad...depressed.

    Capitán Gato

    Very common, you make me sick haha

  19. wackney hick

    How to swing at a very slow tempo while playing the blues. Wonderful. Thanks for making it available.

  20. Max

    What is it about Jazz that makes able to define human emotion better than any other music...

    Marcelo M.

    No the Max guy

    Marcelo M.

    @Max​ are you who I think you are?

    Luca Del Monte

    Can say that up


    its spontaneous it gets a better look into how a person is at that very time more than anything else

    patrick ryan

    I have to agree with its ability.

  21. Alan Hamm

    Clarinet courtesy of Barney Bigard. This is just ...SWEET !

    Pedro Ignacio Bravo Collado

    Thank you so much for that name!!

  22. [ . Geo.Lab . ]


  23. rudbeckie1

    *****   Skvělé !!!! 

  24. El Chungus

    this is fucken gold

  25. Jay Young

    This style makes me wish I'd been born earlier. I can just see myself listening to this in some smoky, after hour joint in Harlem or Beale Street in Memphis.


    mean cigars and smooth whiskey sours

    Capitán Gato

    Mean the refeer man!! Haha

  26. Mandele Dele

    Every time I listen to this song I always feel like doing nothing. I just gets you right there!

  27. Corrie121

    This is lovely ! Thank you for sharing this gem.

  28. Ladybird41

    why, thank you mary jane ;)

  29. NTwyable


  30. Mary Jane

    probably because this attracts only those who truly love this type of sophisticated, intelligent, gorgeous music and wouldn't DREAM of disliking it. No trolls here, thank God.

    Gao San San

    Mary Jane, that is really true. Jazz is trying to sum up your soul in music

  31. TheSmokeySky

    why is this song so short :O

  32. alexalot23

    satch ask " have you ever had the blues down in your shoes " ?

  33. Yamin Alam

    0 Dislikes... great :].

  34. Sander Meeuwesen

    thank you for putting this on the net! =D

  35. Bruce Maurier

    The intro is another variation on the four ascending chords Ellington used on many recordings of MI. He liked to play them double time, kinda up-tempo, then throw the brakes on in the first bar.

    And actually, the earliest recordings of MI were up-tempo, swing style, not the slow delivery we've come to associate with the tune.

  36. hopethisnamesnotgive

    why do they have to do this ridiculous piano intro? it's so inappropriate I can't even come up with a fitting simile - and I've been trying hard with sentences like "It's like adding a stick-figure to daVinci's Lady with an Ermine"

    Hamza's Trash

    Extremely late but Duke is the original writer of the song and actually the piano intro is in the original

  37. Moni Bandak

    Who's playing this incredible solo on Clarinet ?


    Barney Bigard