Armstrong, Louis - Mack The Knife Lyrics

Oh, the shark has pretty teeth, dear
And he shows them, pearly white
Just a jackknife has MacHeath, dear
And he keeps it out of sight

When the shark bites with his teeth, dear
Scarlet billows start to spread
Fancy gloves though wears MacHeath, dear
So there’s not a trace, mmm of red

On the sidewalk, Sunday mornin', baby
Lies a body, oozin' life
Someone sneakin' around the corner
Is the someone, Mack the Knife?

From a tugboat, by the river
A cement bag's drooppin' down
Yeah, the cement's just for the weight, dear
Bet you Mack, he's back in town

Looky here Louie Miller, disappeared, dear
After drawing out his cash
And MacHeath spends like a sailor
Did our boy do somethin' rash?

Sukey Tawdry, Jenny Diver
Lotte Lenya, Sweet Lucy Brown
Oh, the line forms on the right, dears
Now that Mack, he's back in town

Take it, Satch

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Armstrong, Louis Mack The Knife Comments
  1. Twon Thomas

    Well if they tried to kill me sloppily lol sometimes you have to show them murder 101. As you can see I’m eclectic. My grandma told me. “ you know if you wanna hide something from most black folks put in a book” I bet these dummies wish they didn’t pull that on a language arts proficiency paraeducator. Lol I’m better at reading than spelling I promise lol

  2. Samuel Kim

    Thanks Araki, I cannot believe you pulled another one on us by having a racer be named Mack

  3. malakh000yishai

    bad version. didnt like.

  4. Daphne Pratt

    And when the saints go marching in the last comment won’t be among them.

  5. milo lee

    With all due respects to mr Sinatra and mr darin...this is THE version of mack!

  6. Brandon Ho

    How was this song not on Dexter?

  7. 66fredo99 la France

    ...dude's got the most insane vibrato trills..

  8. Adam Kaban

    My dude who's got the Terminator smile looks like somebody's holding a gun to his head and say play or I kill your kids joke aside he's a great singer

  9. ventnor

    and there's Satch showing his own pearly whites in almost every picture - that shark ain't got nothing on him

  10. Mehmet Abi Pro. 'su


  11. John Connors 111

    I saw him live in NYC At the Latin Quarter in Manhattan when I was in 7th grade. My Dad loved Trumpet Players He was from the Big Band Era. I was Blown Away. Thanks Dad.

  12. Alex Lawley

    exsqueeze me, these are the darin lyrics

  13. Digging the west

    I remember the McDonald's Mac tonight commercials. Then I knew McDonald's was part of the mob

    D Moore

    Digging the west that moon head thing creeped me out as a kid lol

  14. y yvonne

    2019 anyone?

    George Steiner

    almost 2020. The line forms on the right babe..


    Herr SATCHMO. 😎

  16. luis sanchez


  17. Chris Lewis

    Big man that goes satchmo

  18. Grace Hampton

    Satchmo will never be forgotten. He invented cool.

  19. Clarke Laidlaw

    Take it Satch.

  20. The Toaster of Doom

    Red roses too

  21. Charles Thomas

    2018 anyone?

  22. Georges Paulin Aplogan

    Jimmy Smith and Armstrong été the Best performer or this song

  23. arbington

    Far as I'm concerned Bobby and Frank just couldn't touch this. lol

    Flandorffer Péter

    Not to demerit them, but I agree. Satch is outstanding!

    Blake Pereira

    Bobby Darrins versions just as good but damn I love louis Armstrong

  24. Ariane AU_REVOIR

    ..this Melody so beauty

  25. Nikola R

    My dad showed me this song when I was little, can someone tell me what's this song about?


    Nikola R
    Mack the Knife killed a guy then dumped his body in the river.


    It's from The Threepenny Opera.

  26. A Happy Lil' Fella


  27. Autumn Moon

    I love this guy to death, but this song may just be creepier than most of Marilyn Manson’s songs.....

  28. Langley Bryant

    Louis was the best jazz musician ever. Change my mind

  29. Martin Mowbray

    This is from the three penny opera. Written in Germany in the 1920s. The lyrics are a lot darker than what you have in the sanitised American version. Concerning murder and rape. Not a lot of people know this. The original sounds great. You can find it on utube with English subtitles.


    Martin Mowbray the Spanish version Pedro Navaja does talk about violence.

  30. crazyflyingdonut


  31. Thomas Wilson

    One of the all time great entertainers!

  32. mineonlyhooves

    Louis Armstrong would be a hardcore gangsta rap nigga like Jeezy with that raspy ass voice if he was 20 years old today.

  33. cherokeephil

    I did this parody of Gilligan's Island's lyrics to Mack the Knife's music -

  34. Stephen Atkinson

    Don't make em like this any more, the world misses you louis

  35. Sabrina Brannon

    At the Dentist office listening to this. Ohhhhhh the Shark has pretty teeth dear.

  36. Keiley Mynk

    My fave by Louis

  37. Yo Reh

    How can someone downvote this??? Seems like 24 people are afraid of the knife :D

  38. Ecordiolex -

    Happy Smiling jazz Louie 🎺🎷

  39. Ecordiolex -

    Golden years legend of jazz swing

  40. Dj Law

    This song is amazing ! I did a hiphop remix with it, check it out ! (Even if nothing compares the original)

  41. Sandra Hammond

    Thanks for this! What a national treasure that man was. My dad met him.

    This Project Is Now Retired

    Sandra Hammond Really? What’s the story?

    Kolt Reed

    So did my grandpa

    Celso Roberto Huguenin Pereira Lima

    m caravan

  42. Maria Cristina Montalto Palma


  43. Ross Cicero

    I feel like I'm watching the opening credits of a Woody Allen film.




    Try Sidney Bechet

  44. the very first vegan brony

    This song inspired Mac tonight.

  45. Antoinettecute Morgan

    Like the song 💕😊🦄✌🏾

  46. Tommy The Cat

    Take it Satch

  47. Michael Mooney

    The first line is "Oh, the shark has pretty teeth, dear"

    Khoa Nguyen

    Michael Mooney he/she probably just copy it from bobby’s version and put it here.

  48. Diego Cervantes

    best version

    José ignacio Jiménez cardoso

    ¡Wonderful version!

  49. William Michael

    The best version ever 😊

    José ignacio Jiménez cardoso

    ¡Tu si sabes mi amigo!

    Ugly afowo o

    William Michael mmmm. No.


    Better than Bobby's, but I like the Mickey D's version.

  50. michael rosenstock

    Wolfenstine 2 babe

  51. Julia Ulziisaikhan

    Literally i started tearing up listening to this

  52. Sigifredo Sanchez

    dig man there go's mack the knife

    Barry Thomas

    And dig man - I'm leaving in a hurry!

  53. Joey Two Eyes Carney

    The name satchmo, comes from an abbreviation of satchel mouth, a nickname given to him by Bing Crosby due to the size of his lips. gotta admit, even for the times, that's a little racist from the whiter than white bing

    Jonathan Bear

    No it comes from how his cheeks puffed out like a satchel because he played the trumpet so much. What's wrong for this generation to assume that something is racist

  54. Fred Nutz

    The late GREAT Satchmo.
    Shame the lyrics written above are out of whack.

    Ryan Rosenblum

    I think he copied the bobby darin version for the lyrics

    Flandorffer Péter

    Bobby is good, but Satch is the best. You can read his right lyrics here:

  55. Berze Karaca

    the best😀

  56. Damion Squirrell

    the best human who has ever lived same as fats domino


    +vocaltalent1 Jesus was a fucking delusional man who founded a murderous, patriarchal cult of a religion. Mother Teresa is an extremely egregious inclusion on your list. She was a documented miser who ran a cult of suffering that included widespread medical malpractice. Her message to the poor and ill was, in effect, "accept your lot in life...God wants you to suffer." She was so miserly that she reused needles that weren't sterilized. Mama T displayed sadistic proclivities and her actions, message and example reinforced women's unjust position in Indian society. To include her on your list of those who "contributed to good health" is an outright falsehood. I'd take Louis Armstrong any day over either of them.

    Yellow Rose Productions

    cgarnet01 found the triggered liberal

    George Pearson

    cgarnet01 you all right there? He only said a word

  57. WollongongWacko

    This dude already made America great.

    Shibidy The Wizard Joe

    And he smoked weed, so can we get that stuff legal. Honor him and make this place cool again.

    Jaron Talotta

    @Shibidy The Wizard Joe He was on "What's My Line" in the 50s and left the show sayin "I'll get higher next time". Few things better than an undisturbed evening with a glass of wine and or wiskey, a joint, and some Louis Armstrong.

    Steven Champion

    A to the faaaaackin men

    From all of London

    Anil RB

    You forget the real ones: Sitting Bull, Geronimo, Cochise. Etc.

  58. David Lejenkins

    He always has the biggest smile in the world on his face.

    bert schmit

    Smoked pot every day maybe thats why

    Allison SoftHope

    @bert schmit that's mean

    Ivan Olsen

    Hence the nickname Satchmo, Satchel Mouth.

    St James

    Allison SoftHope mean how, it is true ;)