Armstrong, Louis - Lazy River Lyrics

Yeah, haa haa, so, haa haa, wait on wait on

Up lazy river where the old mill run
Meet the lazy river with the noon day sun
Linger in the shade of a kind ole tree
Throw away your troubles, dream a dream of me, dream a dream of me

Up the lazy river where the robin's sung
Wakes to bright new mornin', as we live along
Blue skies up above everyone in love
Up the lazy river, how happy we will be, mama mama?
Ohh, Up a lazy river

Ohh, you've gone
Boy, my river my long river
Up the lazy river, hmm river, ohh you river
Ohh, you've gone
Ohh you river
You got that John Alexander
Swing out there on your ma's river boy

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Armstrong, Louis Lazy River Comments
  1. FrankieAddams

    Who, upon hearing this, wouldn't love it? Louis Armstrong--just astounding!

  2. Jaclyn Edge

    Nice video. I could use this for an emergency sub plan 🥰😁🙏🏼🤓

    Don Chilton

    Jaclyn Edge That would be great! Please let me know how it goes!

  3. andrea bruno

    Amazing Louis so much love ❤️🎶

  4. SELMER1947

    During 10 years from 1928 to 1938, Mr Armstrong was the greatest creator of American music

  5. Ian Jenkins

    should be an F# in measure 4 of his scat solo instead of the G natural

  6. little jo

    2:30 Ohhh that double slide!!

  7. Rob Kenyon

    Pure utter freedom


    very relax and easy !

  9. writehand productions

    The scat runs Satchmo did on this song...most peoole dont understand how relevant this moment was. It created the musical alphabet that would become Jazz in all its various forms...even beebop. If not for Armstrong there would be no Coltrane.

    Rob Kenyon

    No Crosby, Sinatra or any of their modern imitators and descendants.
    Pops invented modern time.


    You are so right. He changed music for the whole planet!

    John Cosgrove

    Not Bad For A Waif From New Orleans > JAZZ= Mc2

  10. Thomas Leary

    Thanks Don! This is a wonderful presentation of a fantastic early jazz recording by the one and only "Satchmo!"

  11. Robert Hall

    An absolute miracle of phrasing! I was listening to Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" recently and realized that the way she sings the opening verses in her song mimics the way he opens the singing in this masterpiece.

  12. MR MR

    so good. I like the commentary/ breakdown

  13. Bernie guitar

    one good thing about playing in jazz bands when I was younger was that I totally missed the 80s and 90s. thanks g-d!!

  14. Nelson Hernandez

    Simply sublime.

  15. jazzwatch64

    One of his MEMORABLE playing AND singing..wished the band played better........3 1/2 stars.....

    Bernie guitar

    r u kidding me. the guys in the band practically invented jazz. Watch what you say


    I can't, because some of them are NOT playing well....some of them were already great, like Lindsay and Hall (but underecorded).......only Louis invented, or REinvented jazz, so I will NOT watch what I say

  16. 57WillysCJ

    Probably one of the greatest versions of Hoagy Carmichael's song.

    Nelson Hernandez

    +57WillysCJ  ...probably??


    Yeah but my cousin Sydney wrote the melody.

  17. Samuel Loos

    0:22, yeah!

  18. Elsif

    He was the best. The coolest MF ever :)

  19. Mortimer Portsmouth

    Thank you for sharing the notation of the scat vocals, that's always been my favorite isolated moment in his oeuvre.

  20. callmejay05

    Good stuff

  21. Stan Fluellen

    Nice tribute.

  22. John Monllos

    Great job Don!

  23. Michael Sailors

    Great educational video.

  24. Anibal Cruz


  25. RandomGenericGuyNo1

    Such a great song