Armstrong, Louis - High Society Rag Lyrics

Just dig that scenery floating by,
We're now approaching Newport, Rhode I.
We've been, for years, In Variety,
But, Cholly Knickerbocker, now we're going to be

In High, High So-
High So-ci-,
High So-ci-ety.

I wanna play for my former pal-
He runs the local jazz festival.
His name is Dexter and he's good news,
But sumping kind of tells me that he's nursing the blues

In High, High So-,
High So-ci-,
High So-ci-ety.

He's got the blues 'cause his wife, alas,
Thought writing songs was beneath his class,
But writing songs he'd not stop, of course,
And so she flew to Vegas for a quickie divorce

In High, High So-,
High So-ci-,
High So-ci-ety.

To make him sadder, his former wife
begins tomorrow a brand-new life.
She started lately a new affair
And now the silly chick is gonna marry a square

In High So-,
High So-ci-,
High So-ci-ety.

But, Brother Dexter, just trust your Satch,
To stop that wedding and kill that match.
I'll toot my trumpet to start the fun,
And play in such a way that she'll come back to you, son,

In High, High So-
High So-ci-,
High So-ci-ety.

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Armstrong, Louis High Society Rag Comments
  1. Péter Pintér

    Yeah..It's realy a great job. Especially, that bec. Armstrong rightly demonstrate a thing-what he had to had in a song is called Where the blues was born in New Orleans-, that the jazz, as a stlye, should be helped with a rellewantly verbally communication shouting directly for a music hearing people in the world. So anyway, with the music is not enough to make to play; it should be sold in a wonderful business pacage-what Armstrong had discovered and made already in 50'th in America.

  2. tiago dos santos

    Alô alô marciano - Elis Regina

  3. hugo quelquechosecommeca

    do the smile ! ;D

  4. Lifeboat Promotions

    im sorry but is that not the coolest motherfucker youve ever seen?

    Brian Berneker

    Like a boss!

  5. Victor Kong

    Dreadful film, but Satchmo was great

  6. Charles Phillips

    Sing, Sing, Sing
    Benny Goodman

  7. Andrew Pandawan


  8. Finchi McQueen

    Gotta love Satchmo...Makes me wanna watch whatever this racist-ass movie is about....

    Jaron Talotta

    High as a kite taking the mostly white male man's money?

    Dexter Thomas Sr

    Top entertainers of the day just doing what they do. Singing and dancing!

  9. Michael Klein

    Along with the "Now You Has Jazz", this is probably the only reason to watch the film. I adore Sinatra, but somehow he just didn't really register in this film.

  10. Kingston

    Watching this in five usa!

  11. Mark A

    Great opening scene-Louis and the band travelling to RI and singing that great Cole Porter calypso-the part that race still played is Louis and band are in the back of the bus but white drummer Barrett Deems is in front-

    suzanne oneill

    that thought crossed my diseased mind as well, but then i stopped and said to myself, "But it's THEIR bus!"
    I"m just saying ... actually, I'm not sure what i'm saying  but i think it's something that augurs well, race-wise--
    all that stuff aside, aren't they divine?

    Brewsk Litovsk

    @suzanne oneill Yep, they are ;)

    Brewsk Litovsk

    The boss sits always in the back.

    Kimberly Hawkins

    In this instance I think you might be off just because it does appear to be a private bus and if I had a private bus I guarantee I'd be sitting in the back, plus I think this was more of a choice about staging and shot set up.  How are you going to shoot this sequence with Armstrong anywhere but where he is?  Honestly, I'm not arguing the point just to be contrary.  I just really don't believe, in this case, that it's a race thing at all and for that matter, the drummer just may be a very light skin black guy.  

    Brewsk Litovsk

    The drummer was Barrett Deems, and he was indeed a white man:

    Pops loved to have exotics in his band, 'cause the drummer, following Mr. Deems, Danny Barcelona, was a Filipino-American:


  12. SkepticSam

    Great song

  13. Johannes Becker

    Ol' Satchmo.. <3

  14. Johannes Becker

    Never!! :D
    Thats just music at its best !

  15. 안유진

    he must be an alien, or else an instrument himself

  16. Ste1Ku

    Hallo !
    Hast du nicht die Stereofassung des Filmes ?
    Wurde mit großem Aufwand in Stereo gedreht.
    Gruß Stephan

  17. TheGameInquisition

    True Story....

  18. Steinwaygrande

    Leave it to good old Satchmo . great vid.

  19. 13FunkyGirl

    i love that movie!!!! <3

  20. Tibaldo Agustin Juan

    haio haio hai sosai !

  21. spishspashsposh

    I love louis armstrong! He is just so entertaining!:') rip!

  22. iscrewy

    I didn't realize that this song explained the plot of the movie XD. I would've payed more attention to the song if I knew that.

  23. flavio veiga

    A tribute to good music! Awesome! Greetins from Brazil!!!

  24. freeport54

    This is the guy who wrote to Eisenhower to legalize it. Always ahead of the times was he.

  25. Mozart Kumquat

    NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition! XD

  26. Sarah Sheely

    This is a great opening to a great movie.

  27. Mariah Brodie

    Ahhhhhh! Is there anything better than ol' Satchmo? I think not. :-)

  28. Hugh Maynard

    Pure Class, Louis Is'strong

  29. James Woodrow

    @ccillustrator you bet I can!!

  30. James Woodrow

    He was a gift to the human race... the love and joy shines for all to see. I saw this film at school one rainy afternoon when I was 7 or 8 and my love of jazz and the mighty Satchmo started there and never diminished.

  31. Boski

    I re-watched this film recently the film and the song still remain as fresh as it was

  32. Louise Brook

    end of song, beginning of storrrrryyyyy!

  33. MrGoofyfooter

    everytime I see decadence and luxury I just watch this, have a laugh and the anger is gone. Thank you Satchmo!

  34. matthewakian2


  35. terryclary

    Great clip........ Terry XXX

  36. Wilhelm

    Dexter being good news, accepts for criminals ofcourse lol.

  37. maky00000

    the guy with guitar - isnt that django?

  38. pipehpf

    der beste jazzer wo gibt

  39. SatchmoSings

    Now you know where I got my "Youtube" nick-name from!

  40. Aaron Aaron

    @RedKingCommandz dude, his voice is beautiful XD
    maybe not. But hey, it totally works for him and his music and if he sang in some stereotypically 'pretty' voice, he wouldn't be as exciting or unique.

  41. Aaron Aaron

    Every time I watch him I just get a feeling that he's a very genuine and uncomplicated guy, and I think that's part of the charisma which makes him so popular with pretty much everybody =]

    Marry Paul


  42. slee331

    Do you think he's smoking a joint in the video?:)

  43. Imani cooper-williams

    Satchmo you are in the High Society always were always will be but now it is in the sky

  44. Jguy365

    Did Louis Armstrong ever frown? He was such a good man! =)

  45. CybrWire

    Just found an LP from my grandpa with this song, awesome =D

  46. kfeve11

    Did people actually dislike this? I understand different opinions. But this is one of the best openings to any musical! Cannot beat a bit of Louis!!!

  47. MihaEla Bodea

    2 people don't want to hear about high society

  48. ZGViYW4K

    Good song and a good story!

  49. Katy

    i know this entire movie word for word. it's definitely my favorite musical EVER. I was introduced to every single person in here from this movie and am a fan of every single one of them.

  50. c1605

    The facial expressions of KRS One strike very similarly.

  51. Chris Murphy

    sachmo! :D

  52. Indego84

    @undapar1 I just might do that. Thanks for the tip.

  53. Indego84

    God that man could sing! Everyone today is a talentless hack!

  54. Indego84

    I don't know what o'll louis had, but if they ever put it in bottles they'd make a fortune.

  55. Owen Davies

    @john9944 HIGH, HIGH soci, HIGH society!!!

  56. john9944

    I had a good friend now deceased A. A. "Sonny" Marx.. He played drums in big bands and jazz groups from the midd 30s until his untimely death in the late 80's. He was a good friend of many famous performers including "Pops." He told me that in the late 20s that "Pops" stopped smoking tobacco and drinking. However, he smoked pot on a daily basis. He called it either spiv or spliv, I can't remember. One guess to what is in the cigarette holder in this circa 1956 movie

  57. Ruari Kelsey

    armstrong was an extremely talented guy

    but it's a shame he smoked a lot, he might of had a nice voice if he hadn't..

    lol i'm gonna get so much abuse now but come on, he has a painful voice!!!

    band geek 379

    Actually that voice was caused by years of rough Trumpet playing

  58. TheCatgirl6

    God, I love this man! Do you also have him singing the reprise of this song, as the end theme to the movie? (His last line, spoken, is "End of story!")

  59. atomashin

    Yes, I can dig old Satchmo swingin' in the beautiful high society

  60. Redneck Rebel aka raregoodguy

    haha hes funny I never seen film of him before.

  61. f00fy

    end of song, beginning of story!!! love it.

  62. jennifersman

    Wow! I gotta see this movie now!

  63. nancydrew5

    DANG!! Ima lovin it. Louis was so dang cool!

  64. inxia38

    Oh to be born that cool.

  65. Reward Morrison Nangi


  66. fmadork1916

    His smile is so contagious

  67. fmadork1916

    i love louis! hes got such an awesome voice

  68. AVMxx

    Omg this is the best song ever!! Been singing it all day! so catchy.

  69. whsdrama87

    Quite possibly one of the catchiest songs ever written

  70. ARMYMan92

    Truly, and we all know he's there!

    Frankie, New Jersey (U.S.)

  71. Maureen Mulheron

    High Society is where Louis Armstrong belongs.
    Maureen - Australia