Armstrong, Louis - Dinah Lyrics

Is anyone finer
In the state of Carolina?
If there is and you know
Show to me!

With her Dixie eyes blazin'
How I love to sit and gaze in
To the eyes of Dinah Lee!

Yet, every night
My, how I shake with fright
Because my Dinah might
Change her mind

But if Dinah
Ever wandered to China
I would hop an ocean liner
Oh babe

Oh Dinah, Dinah
Oh Dinah
Oh babe Dinah lee

But if Dinah
Ever wandered to China
I would hop an ocean liner

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Armstrong, Louis Dinah Comments
  1. Mo W

    I don’t get why everyone is crying when they hear this , am I missing something? While I love and respect Loui’s history I’d prefer the cabin kids’ version .

  2. YellowTripleG

    I am just glad talkies were invented in time for this gem to be recorded

  3. Frans Haverkamp

    Lekker swing

  4. Ahmed Alnassari

    That is true music right there

  5. Евгения Солодкая

    Классная музыка, ещё бы запись 20-х годов посмотреть, эпохи джаза, тогда ещё лучше была

  6. Love God & Neighbor.

    *Mr. Armstrong IS America...*
    Gotta' love him.
    God rest his soul.


    Who here because NHD

  8. theresa webb

    Just happy to get this because I never seen this before. Glad someone put it out finally.

  9. Jack Spencer

    Happy Birthday Mr. Armstrong!

  10. Dinah Lieberman

    my name be dinah lol

  11. Don't be shy

    ..Where did that confidence flutter to??..

  12. Existence Constellation


  13. D Me

    This song was performed by The Cabin Kids - a group of five young black siblings, on the Our Gang shorts, prolly 8 years after this. Look it up, & you WILL laugh when big brother's head accidentally hits little bro's head at the end- and the editors added a hilarious coconut sound effect.

  14. Mohamed Alaa

    Is there anyone finer
    In the state of Carolina?
    If there is and you know her,
    Show her to me

    With her Dixie eyes blazin',
    How I love to sit and gaze in
    To the eyes of Dinah Lee!

    Yet, every night,
    My, how I shake with fright,
    Because my Dinah might,
    Change her mind about me!

    But if Dinah,
    Ever wandered to China,
    I would hop an ocean liner,
    Just to be with Dinah Lee

  15. Josh Aleru

    2:35 Yeah...flick that hi-hat.

  16. jeanmariefagon

    As a musician, quite a scary way for the bandleader to get you started; "you ready? one, two" guided by his footstep. Be there or die.

  17. Marc Mantone

    This song was the beginning of music as we now know it

  18. nima moradi

    i made a colorized version of this song check out

  19. nosmelc1001

    In 1933 this was the hippest shit the world had ever heard. he's riffin' at a fast bebop tempo

  20. Celeste Hill

    Still watching in 2019.💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕


    Same here. This is awesome!

  21. 2Chat terbox2

    2:28 I’m sCreAMinG

  22. Treya’s World

    That scat singing tho😵😵😵

  23. Derrick West

    Love Louis Armstrong great proformance here 🎺

  24. It'sTaite

    All worth shooting a gun at 13

  25. Ricko s

    God bless weed and Louis

  26. wsty

    Can't stop watching that part. Classic Louis Armstrong.

  27. Dan Maftei

    This man is unbelievable... his rhythm, his intonation, his shading, his excitement, his verve, his inventiveness. He sings like he plays and plays like he sings and both are astounding.

  28. Sasa Sokimi

    At McDonald's with Mac tonight!!!!! Come on and make it Mac tonight!

  29. Melanie Fregeau

    He makes me proud to be black

  30. Melanie Fregeau

    As I say let's do the dinah

  31. Melanie Fregeau

    You never know how good he will get

  32. Melanie Fregeau

    I love this song

  33. Dr. Kevin Moore

    Towering genius

  34. Craig Smith

    I love this man.

  35. Tim Harding

    I felt sorry for the other trumpeter who had to play a solo in front of Louis Armstrong. That was a bad idea.

  36. Speeding DOGS

    Subscribe to me

  37. Samuel Johnson

    Just pure genius

  38. Jordan Rodriguez

    Class all the way! Please give a little culture to them kids walking with their pants half their butt.

  39. fuferito

    To get a true sense of how light years ahead Armstrong was I encourage YouTubers to see other musicians' rendition of the same song, who are contemporary of Louis Armstrong.

  40. Ryan Bernadett

    2:28 sounds like Ke$ha - Take It Off

  41. Faith Miles


  42. splendid torch

    why don't the recordings on spotify sound this awesome?!?!

    sycamore man

    Well the Big Bad Voodoo Band's cover is pretty good and that's on Spotify

  43. Geoff Mears

    Louis Armstrong demonstrates "flow" decades before anyone was using the term.

  44. 37terraplane

    Pure magic!! Rock n' Roll!!!

  45. Ryan Mark

    OMG i love this kind of music but i not born in 1900 something too much love kind of this music.

  46. nosmelc1001

    1933? the hippest music in the world at the time. the corny saxes, then Louie swings like nobody ever did

  47. Mike Amato

    Great Musicians

  48. Noemi Morquecho

    This song is a bop

  49. najee singleton

    He changes the song into gibberish but it’s so beautiful 😍

    Langley Bryant

    He's scatting

    D Me

    Not gibberish - he was creating scatting.

  50. SELMER1947

    The greatest ever

  51. omar guzman

    The first time i heard of Louis Armstrong wad in band class, and instantly fell in love with his music, if theres a singer/ musician in the world who i wouldve loved to meet it is the one and only Louis Armstrong.👏

  52. TheMusicMan Vlogs

    2018? he is a legend and i want to be just like him. well not singing but playing the trumpet as well as him!!

  53. AO Vonali

    Louis Armstrong makes me proud to be an American.

    Craig Smith

    @Mauricio Liñan Escamilla I'm sorry but us Puerto Ricans never bullied anyone.

    Adam Woods

    Mauricio Liñan Escamilla and you don’t reply to racism with more racism

    Love God & Neighbor.

    Amen. 󾓦

    go o o o l d!

    Mauricio Liñan Escamilla Aaaawrite then, that’s enough internet for today.

  54. hector eduardo cristeche


  55. Migel 339

    I wish I was in 1933


    Migel 339 1930*

  56. eastlake93

    i remember the first time I saw this clip. I cried like a baby a long time. My mind was blown. Quality and class never age.

  57. Major Mazzaroth

    As usual this was shot in Europe.

  58. Miki Pannell - Guitar Geeks & Gear Freaks

    That boy could swing it all right!

  59. ваняивася

    Unknown pitch


    Louis knew.

  60. Hugo Manachini


  61. hector eduardo cristeche


  62. David Bolick

    true dat .............................true dat.....................

  63. Creepy Crepsley

    Damn this is rad!

  64. Myles Collins

    is so cool.

  65. Felix Alvaranga

    genius right there , undiluted .

  66. Girl On A Quest

    550,388 views and no likes????????????????

    Xavier Sandoval

    Apollo Smile the uploader turned them off

  67. TheHighTower

    It was always Europe where black musicians could play freely as they wished. Where they could fully express themselves in the music withought doing something cheesy and embrassing to entertain white audiences in America. And from that Copenhaggen had enjoyed several generations of jazz, from early jazz, to Bebop musicans to free jazz musicians in the 60s, Miles Davis, Coltrane ect.


    TheHighTower Louis did not perform in Stockholm, nor in Berlin at this time. Hid did perform in London and Paris with this band though.


    I'm talking about Jazz musicians throughout history in general. In this video alone Louis is performing in Copenhagen.


    TheHighTower So am I. And I know that this is Louis in Copenhagen, it is my own film which I downloaded.


    Thing about Louis Armstrong, while he may deserve all the fame and respect for being an ambassador of jazz early on and being the father of jazz improv, his trumpet playing is outdated. (Coming from a Trumpet player myself) I cannot come to agree with anyone who says Louis Armstrong is the "best trumpet player ever". I have other trumpeters I look up to in that regard, Clifford Brown is in my opinion top 3 Jazz Trumpet players of all time. Sorry but when regarding making the most out of the trumpet in jazz, Louis does not belong in the top 3 list, or possibly even the top 5 list.


    He was a pioneer of jazz - he did more for that music than anybody else and influenced just about every trumpet player - including Clifford Brown. That his playing, TO YOU, may be "outdated" ( I would totally disagree with that though) does not mean he wasn't the most important jazz musician on the 20th century. He is and will always remain NUMBER ONE.

  68. Lucian Robusto

    It's like it says in the lyrics: "Is there anyone finer?"

  69. Budway moeller

    Thanks for saving an sharing this historical moment.

  70. David Hertzberg


  71. Darren Palmer

    Luv this!

  72. Ejnar Ekström

    sökte denna inspelning redan 1946, fann den nu 70 år senare...

  73. Ebony Wilson

    He looks like a young Cuba Gooding Jr. To me

    jamaican Muslim

    especially when he smiles with his eyes 👀❤❤

    Paul Alex

    Ebony Wilson Well spotted I can see it now, lol cassly song by the old master.

  74. David Hodge

    the ultimate entertainer/showman.  Dig the crazy count off...

  75. Sphynia- Cat


  76. D Me


    Damario Haynes

    That certainly is

  77. VayaconDios

    Those final notes are so perfect it actually chokes me up. Serious.

  78. Shoshanah Rose

    he was singing about me

  79. Shemi Zyma

    Thank you harroakley for that post

  80. redetrigan

    This is so sweet

  81. Tiaa Nubian


  82. Dina Asani

    If you have to ask what jazz is, you'll never know.

  83. Rob Jones

    NOBODY swung like Louis Armstrong and his bands did in the 1930s, although there were many noble contenders such as Charlie Barnet, Artie Shaw, Jimmy Lunceford and Fletcher Henderson. Utterly brilliant. Somebody should upload "Hobo, You Can't Ride This
    Train" from the same glorious period.


    I enjoy the sweet sounds of your testicles rubbing against your sweat pants. The heady high of listening to the sound of inner thighs.


    Yup... no other...

    Mo W

    lennonforever40 wtf sick bitch

  84. Margaux177

    Pure joy in the form of music: magnificent!

  85. Ojiru

    His smile gives me so much life

  86. Justin Pino

    The best

  87. jukebox jimmy

    Dear Hollywood if you should do the Louis Armstrong Story  please use Cuba Gooding Jr. as Louis.    Karen Allen in the Karen Carpenter Story.

  88. wstewic

    Louis Armstrong, the man who invented modern music!!! We love you madly!!!!

  89. Joohm Lion

    This is a bit catchy

  90. sofiaa ortegaa

    Love it

  91. Sharon Turner

    The creator of modern time in music. THE master.

  92. Ismail Muhammad

    I just gotta say it one more time, that DRUMMER is SMOOTH as SILK!!!!!!!!!!  10+

  93. Ismail Muhammad

    man look at that bass player slapping and popping, this even has funk, go cats go!!