Armstrong, Louis - C'est Si Bon Lyrics

Tank fly boss walk jam nitty-gritty
You're listening to the boy from the big bad city
This is jam hot
This is jam hot

Friends tell me I am crazy
That I'm wasting time with you
You'll never be mine
That's not the way I see it
'Cause I feel you're already mine
Whenever you're with me

People always talk about reputation
I don't care about your other girls
(Just be good to me)
(Just be good to me)

Tank fly boss walk jam nitty-gritty
You're listening to the boy from the big bad city
This is jam hot
This is jam hot

Love is a game of chances
So I'll take my chance with you
And you boy won't ever change
We talk about it and I'd
Rather have a piece of you
Than all or nothing

(Just be good to me)
In the morning
(Just be good to me)
In the afternoon all evening
(Just be good to me)
Yeah, just be good to me
(Just be good to me)

(Just be good to me)
I am not the jealous kind
I won't tie you down
When you need me
I'll be around
(Just be good to me)

I'll be good to you
You'll be good to me
We could be together
Be together
(Just be good to me)
(Just be good to me)
(Just be good to me)

Tank fly boss walk jam nitty-gritty
You're listening to the boy from the big bad city
This is jam hot

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Armstrong, Louis C'est Si Bon Comments
  1. Peter Bartisek


  2. Demonlegion X

    Смотрю и слушаю и почему-то улыбаюсь)))

  3. Polo nuñez

    Todo está bien que ermoza canción
    Cuántas veces aunque las cosas vayan mal decimos
    Ce s Boon
    Todo está bien

  4. Grandpa Philip Sings In French and Italian

    Incredible rendition! Such a unique voice and talent!

  5. The Fruits

    Can someone please help! At 0:18 I think it’s the clarinet that plays a little melody thats really famous and I always hear in films that kind of represents Paris/France. I’ve been searching for so long and it’s driving me crazy! Anyone have any ideas ?

  6. Judah Ben Hur

    Ooooohh I want a sigar and some wine right now

  7. Emmanuel Viala

    An incredible great sensation! An incomparable real original version no way! Greatest LOUIS no way in stereophonic soundtrack no way. BRAVO for history! C'est si bon! Emmanuel from Paris France

  8. Suzana Felipe

    Very good!!!!

  9. Erika Reyes

    So hot 🔥🔥🔥🥰🥰😍😍😍😍

  10. Gary Hart

    Pops always makes me smile because his music smiles. He was a gift from God.

  11. mohamed Salooom

    2019 ...fuck new songs you're the best 🖤💜

  12. tammygurl64

    When I was a small child my parents bought a record player, the kind that was also a piece of furniture, and I'd listen to Louie Armstrong all day when my parents let me. Gotta love it! ❤

  13. Olaf Rose

    Mein Antidepressivum.

  14. Vincent Costello

    Gamechanger 😎

  15. Micaela Salas

    Se siente puede sentir diferentes sensaciones con estas canciones 😍

  16. ライムシンジ


  17. Caleb Daniel Brieva Maldonado

    Cuántos están aquí por el Joe Arroyo ?

  18. Gilles Vaillancourt

    Encore une fois, il a fait sien cette chanson. Un talent musical unique.

    One more time, he made himself this tune. So musically talented

  19. gladys k

    Cette chanson me rappelle tant de beaux souvenirs. 😢😍

  20. Alexis Maria

    HOW TF DID YOU GET THIS VIDEO I AM CRYING!!!! I have never seen hime move or live just photos and obv his music...just wow...I am speechless

  21. Thanh Luong

    the hell ans

  22. J Mcg

    He just exuded happiness! Love this forever!

  23. Iulian Brok

    legendary swing song....

  24. 梅澤紫音

    C'est si bon
    Louis Armstrong is wonderful,  Louis Armstrong is great.nice.fine.excellent.marvelous.lovely.

  25. José Carlos

    Amado e maravilhoso gênio 💖💖💖



  27. DAghost 67


  28. Peter John Pagakis

    I just love the way Satchmo smiles when he sings

  29. Zulay Lavastida


  30. Obas

    Hehe lé baguette de la france

  31. aXios

    0:36 the lick

  32. Nicholas Pollizzi

    its like watching a movie as the camera slowly slides back and forth conveying his joyous face

  33. Dionisio Hernandez

    "old Satchmo" my idol

  34. Fernando Ferdinand

    amstrong forever MASTER.

  35. Didier Mukendi

    So good

  36. sam7748


  37. Л. Иванов

    C'est si bon
    De partir n'importe où
    Bras dessus bras dessous....

  38. Rocas Carrsan

    idiots and nasties mexicans they do not know nothing about music

  39. Gustavo Fischer




  41. Véronique Soilly

    Merveilleux, je ne m'en lasserai jamais....

  42. Winston Churchill

    Comme il le dit si bien "c'est si bon" de l'entendre chanter

  43. R ichard

    "La Rose dans le bus jaune" brought me here

  44. Rise to Glory


  45. Geoff Boldison

    Anyone who gives this a thumbs down must have no musical instincts or any idea totally clueless

  46. David Boson

    that man had a great smile

  47. صباح الركابي

    اجمل ما انجبت امريكا

  48. TIm G

    I wish i was the pianist

  49. Thomas Knief

    Best ambassador of the USA.

    Dionisio Hernandez

    Thomas Knief ambassador of world

  50. Julian Vickery

    "C'est si bon" (1962) by Louis Armstrong (4 August, 1901 – 6 July, 1971)

  51. Cristina Pinto

    Já tinha saudades de ouvir música a sério

  52. xRidslk

    C'est si bon, Mirabelli e Fasson 🎶🎵🎶

  53. Antony Mendoza

    theses times were really the good old days

  54. Judah Ben Hur

    eran buenos tiempos.....

  55. Elwood Phillips

    New Orleans Rag, and a little Coonass. Just a little reference from an Cajun Inductee.

  56. Tiberiu ZAVACZKI

    nagyon jooooo

  57. Christophe Barbereau

    John coltrane

  58. M.José Pi Ruiz de Castañeda


  59. Paul Phelps

    It's so good !!

  60. Natalie Stapff

    One of my favourite musicians of all time. This music is timeless.

  61. Ben Dickinson

    Totally original. All these insecure pathetic wannabees​on X factor take note!

  62. ario dhilla

    im laughing his face is so funny

  63. Frantz Etienne

    u suck who ever made this video it's so trash that I'd from looking at it

  64. Rudi Polt

    Fine song You also did it with Marlene Dietrich in Las Vegas

  65. Erdeneshur Ochirbat

    Dislike button must be disabled for this video.

  66. Real Onion

    Rest in peace Pops


    Louie Armstrong, along with Meg Ryan the most beautiful smiles I've ever seen, they come from the heart....

  68. donny richard

    I am 87 years young and saw many of the greats of the swing era. Louis was in a class by himself. A great musician with a unique voice and an absolutely incredible ability to be part of his audience.

    Marco Muttinelli

    Fully agree..... for me Louis is out of range, not only the best but simply the Music. Or maybe better.... there is music, then there is Louis and He his beyond the Music. (Apologizing for my english i hope you can understand properly What i mean).

    Guitar of the Oz

    donny richard I wish I'd been born during your era.

    Daniel Molowny

    Congratulations Donny!

    Jay Montie

    and this rendition of this song is the only version for me... My 78 year old brother worked in a record store in his late teens and brought this home... We had all kinds of music in the house, this is a classic.


    One of the people with truly incredible showmanship.

  69. Lucila Crúz

    Très bien, mon ami...

  70. Aghost 67


  71. arrascaeta dora

    Shsss,ssss,shss,ssss, adorable!shssss

  72. SatanTANN

    Настоящая музыка.

  73. William McComb

    He was the best of the best, was with Paul Whiteman in the 20's Who was the King of Jazz

  74. Luiza Ramos

    Adoro a alegria do Louis Armstrong!! É inspiradora !!

  75. Thiago Henrick

    Audio and video perfects

  76. Katy Dobre

    va ramine nemuritor

  77. Václav Šesták

    Vynikající, vždy nezapomenutelný zážitek! Václav

  78. Armakeen


  79. vincenzo gentile

    che spettacolo unico! chissà se avremo la fortuna di ascoltare altri geni come luis

  80. Jonas Ribeiro

    muita classe para uma pessoa só

  81. eguirald

    legendary !

  82. kathitorres1


  83. Kamyuu GoldSaint

    c'est si good ! forever in my spirit satchmo

  84. Patrick Odea

    take it sach :)

  85. Mohamed Alaa

    C'est si bon
    Lovers say that in France
    When they swing to romance
    because it's oh so good

    C'est Si Bon
    i ’ll say to you
    Like the French people do
    Because it's oh so good.oh yes
    Every word, every sigh, every kiss, dear,
    Leads to only one thought
    And the thought is this, dear!
    its so good

    Nothing else can replace
    Just your slyest embrace
    And if you only would
    Be my own till the rest of my days
    mama whisper your phrase
    C'est si bon

    Mohamed Alaa

    scat :) :)


    Its French C'est si bon.   It's so good.

    Mohamed Alaa

    he mean what he said before C'est si bon

    TIm G

    oh so good

    Maria Evelyn Villanueva

    Mohamed Alaa thank u for this

  86. Samra Farid

    i love u so much King❤

  87. Naserdine Amar

    trop cool la musique

  88. Jonathan D

    someone make a sheet music for this please. i wanna play it at VAPA fest

    Mark Wilbourne

    I have a transcription of the trumpet part that I did a few years back if that helps?

    Jonathan D

    link plox?

  89. nelejake

    how can anyone give a thumbs down to Louis Armstrong?....haters

    Paula Trepat

    what xD


    look up the 9th by beethowen :D you will find there as well :D :D i think there are many geniuses of music on the internet :D

  90. Manfred Frank

    Unerreicht - einmaliges Jazz-Genie !!

  91. MrJimmienoone

    It's true, I prefer the Satch of the 20ies, 30ies, and 40ies. But occasionally, he was still able to deliver first-rate jazz in his older days. Without his usual clichés. This here is a fine example.

    Collin Petry

    The interesting thing about his later days was that while many wanted him to go back to the younger Satch, Louis Armstrong loved what he did in his later years, even if it had become cliché. Members of his band are know for saying he worked them harder the amaller the crowd, always wanting to give a top tier performance.

  92. Celia Barrera

    fantástico uno de los grandes

  93. Paola Gabriela

    Meu trabalho escolar é sobre ele um artista muito talentoso

    John Doe

    Paola Fratelli de Carvalho pesquise mais , Louis Armstrong foi um gênio que revolucionou a música.Procure saber mais q vc vai se encantar com sua música.


    Paola Fratelli de Carvalho ¿Tú hablas en español?


    opaaa os português são aqui ! Viva Armstrong y seu musica !

  94. Don Gentile salvatore

    Louis Armstrong ,Sublime chanson ,nostalgie, qui nous fait voyager le temps ! Merci pour la vidéo.
    desde Brazil.