Armstrong, Louis - Butter & Egg Man Lyrics

Now she wants a butter & egg man
From way out in the West
She wants somebody who's workin' all day
So she's got money when she wants to play

Now pretty clothes, they'll never be mine
But what she told me the other day
I hope she don't change her mind

Now she wants a butter & egg man
A great big butter & egg man
From way down South

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Armstrong, Louis Butter & Egg Man Comments
  1. mrkdlstn

    Who's here because of King of Queens?

  2. Richard Hall

    Not the only song with this title.


    Love the song and version. Something about it has always seemed familiar to me. I finally realized where I recognized it from. Part of this melody from the 10 second to 20 second mark was used in the Bugs Bunny TV show to these words,
    "No more rehearsing and nursing a part 
    We know every part by heart".

  4. Thomas .Hennessey

    This is Louis's classic first Hot Five w. Johnny St. Cyr,bj; Lil Hardin Armstrong, Lpuis second wife,p; Johnny Dodds,cl' Kid Ory,trb. It was a recording only all-star band. They only did 2 live performances both promotions for their Okeh record label. Each indiviidual had 1 or 2 regular live jobs in cafes, dance halls, or theaters in Chicago.

  5. Mario Griffey

    “butter and egg man”: espressione gergale che probabilmente sta per “pezzo grosso”, “uomo importante”,. Il pezzo è tra i meno memorabili, ma resta, oltre al delizioso, limpido e “mozartiano” assolo di Louis, il duetto con Lil Harding, che certamente ebbe un’influenza positiva nel dirozzare il nostro intramontabile eroe, genio naiv, uomo semplice e probo, il vero “inventore” del jazz, Non per nulla un musicista avveduto, colto e raffinato come Wynton Marsalis non manca mai di rendergli omaggio, in musica e con sentite parole.

  6. angliase

    The female vocalist has a powerful voice!


    PRE-RAP pero superior al RAP ¡¡Y en 1926 !!: Escúchese entre el minuto 1:20 Y EL 2:00 la voz de LOUIS ARMSTRONG en este tema grabado en 1926 - I WANT A BIG BUTTER –El tema lo canta MAY ALIX al principio, después de expuesto en instrumental, y dicho tema se podría cantar después al mismo tiempo que habla LOUIS ARMSTRONG ya que lo que habla dura igual que el tema. ¡Grande ARMSTRONG !

  8. Aina Carling

    Good banjo player.

    Michael Cahall

    Yeah he is..I'd never heard the song before Gunhild..I really enjoy it...

    Daniel Langlois

    I thought Gunhild's version was really wonderful. The original sounds so great too!

  9. Fotos JSanto

    Simplesmente fabuloso!

  10. jdub117

    Omg, wish I had easy access to all of Satch's early music.

    jim jams

    You can easily buy a box set of the complete hot fives and sevens for about £10

  11. jamx

    Ab is the original recorded key?

    Richard Downs

    +Taapa Groove It's in G

  12. Ryan Silver

    i luvv louis armstrongs part hahaha

  13. stevenk113

    I'm in jazz history right now and my professor is having us memorize words he made to go with the solo.

    Lenny Liebmann

    Here's the ascending line
    Let's do it one more time...

  14. antonio carlos novelli

    Adoro esse tema, mas essa cantora é de "lascar" não canta, grita! rsrsrsrs Mas o solo final de Louis, salva a pátria!