Armstrong, Louis - Back O' Town Blues Lyrics

I had a woman
Livin' way back o' town
Yeah she treated me right
Never let me down
But I wasn't satisfied
I had to run around

Now she's gone and left me
I'm worried as can be
Oh I've searched this world all over
Wonderin' where she could be
I would ask that she forgive me
And maybe she'll come back to me

(But I doubt it)

I'm lonesome an blue
And I've learned a thing or two
Oh fellas here's a tip
I'm gonna pass on down to you
Never mistreat your woman
Cause it's gonna bounce right back on you

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Armstrong, Louis Back O' Town Blues Comments
  1. Loren Mosley

    So classic.... just Louis...

  2. Reginald Chapman

    who's on bone?

  3. Josedeque Costa

    Blue Jasmine adoro, musicas ótimas e fascinantes no filme.Woody Allen arrasa no quesito.

  4. Mike Sinagra

    El Mesías del Jazz . El mejor sonido de trompeta del Universo y el hombre con más Swing de la Creación .

  5. dc2277

    Now you know! Man, what a virtuoso. Great stuff, thank you!

  6. Angelia Cornelius

    "Stop Bragging" lol

  7. Straight White Man

    Louis with those sick EPs 👍🏻

  8. Alvin Collins

    Play the blues!!

  9. Daniel Chaudron

    Trummy Young (tb); Barney Bigard? (cl); Billy Kyle? (p); Arvell Shaw? (b) Barett Deems (dms)

  10. Research0digo

    Thank you very very much. When my husband left me, I had to sell my music for money. All my blues, Jazz, videos, everything.
    Thank God for uploaders who share with us. ^_^


    You should have sold your husband before. Would probably have been a better deal.

  11. PabloEmilio1000


  12. Theodorus Rex


  13. veronica m

    Me encanta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amo los soundtraks de las pelis de W.Allen! Genio!!! Adoro Blue Jasmine too

  14. Despina Luigini

    Grande Satchmo  !!!!

    darrell pickett

    love the blues 

    Nina Blue

    +darrell pickett  Jazz New Orléans...

  15. Eric Lee

    awesome. i like this music very much.!

  16. Lucas Preti

    God bless Woody Allen

    Daniel Chaudron

    +Lucas Preti What has W. Allen to do here????


    +Daniel Chaudron Hello ^_^
    Maybe because Woody Allen has Jazz music playing on all of his movies. - Well, nearly all of them. He has helped give Jazz exposure where other movies don't.
    Maybe this is what Preti was referring to.

    Daniel Chaudron

    +Research0digo W.A. likes jazz, OK. But what did he do for Jazz? Did he create anything? Moreover, his "dixieland" band was awfully bad...

    Lucas Preti

    He shares all those songs with us, that's what he did. This song is in Blue Jasmine, by the way

    Daniel Chaudron

    Thank you for the info!

  17. cwcwful

    This music is what makes America great.

  18. Tknox30

    Satchmo was the greatest that ever lived. He has a knack for the camera and could make the sound to match his charisma on film. A fantastic relic in the history of "jass" as it was originally called.

  19. Andres Heredia

    Very Good... Satchmo will be always the best, his style is so cool.

  20. Desmond


  21. Maetl

    I had a woman
    Livin' way back o' town
    Yeah she treated me right
    Never let me down
    But I wasn't satisfied
    I had to run around