Armstrong, Louis - Almost Persuaded Lyrics

Last night all alone in a barroom
Met a girl with a drink in her hand
She had ruby red lips, coal black hair
And eyes that would tempt any man

Then she came and sat down at my table
And as she placed her soft hands in mine
I found myself wanting to kiss her
For temptation was flowing like wine

And I was almost persuaded
To strip myself of my pride
Almost persuaded
To push my conscience aside

Then we danced and she whispered, "I need you"
"Take me away from here and be my man"
Then I've looked into her eyes and I saw it
The reflection of my wedding band

And I was almost persuaded
To let strange lips lead me on
Almost persuaded
But your sweet love made me stop and go home

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Armstrong, Louis Almost Persuaded Comments
  1. marilyn callachan

    WOW!!!! BRILLIANT 😊😊😊😊😘

    the winner

    Glad you enjoyed it Marilyn, thanks for listening. - brent

  2. willy hansen

    Ninguem mais tinha um gargarejo tão afinado. Parecia que não atingiria a nota certa, mas sempre chegava lá. Único.

  3. the winner

    Glad you like it Jo! Yeah, I love this whole Country & Western album he recorded. I'll try to message you my email address. Thanks for the listen! - Brent

    Troy Astro

    Not anything.The album flopped. Sad.

  4. jo luttringer

    1.000.000 thank's for this upload ! This LP (with Stu Basore on pedal steel guitar) is now destroyed (too more play....) Gratulations for the sound quality. If you as wish, you can (not on Youtube) send your e.mail address and I answer (you possess also my address). Best wishes from France and one more time, Thank you for all. Jo

  5. Robert Catesby

    Pops could do anything !!!!!!!!!!!!!