Armor For Sleep - Today Lyrics

Today is the greatest
Day I've ever known
Can't live for tomorrow,
Tomorrow's much too long
I'll burn my eyes out
Before I get out

I wanted more
Than life could ever grant me
Bored by the chore
Of saving face

Today is the greatest
Day I've never known
Can't wait for tomorrow
I might not have that long
I'll tear my heart out
Before I get out

Pink ribbon scars
That never forget
I tried so hard
To cleanse these regrets
My angel wings
Were bruised and restrained
My belly stings

Today is
Today is
Today is
The greatest day

I want to turn you on
I want to turn you on
I want to turn you on
I want to turn you on

Today is the greatest
Today is the greatest day
Today is the greatest day
That I have ever really known

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Armor For Sleep Today Comments
  1. Matt Durand

    way better than the original

  2. VixxyBoi

    Meh, not for me


    Doesn't have the right sound or feel, don't like it,

  3. Genesis Youngblood

    I prefer this over the original!

  4. Phillip Clark

    It sounds a lot like the classic hard emo bands like hawthrone heights and nothing like the new bands, i love it. <3

    Reluctant Protagonist

    sha-d paul Hawthorne Heights was a 2000s emo band, emo has been around since the 80s. So calling Hawthorne Heights classic emo is kinda weird.

    Phillip Clark

    @Reluctant Protagonist i wouldn't necessarily call it weird, you have to remember the early 2000's were a decade ago. There are many newer emo bands that have spawned since then.

  5. Austin

    lol the random white girl at 2:00 lol wtf

  6. Alex Riggs

    Max bemis sings "I wanna turn you on"

  7. MinatoOokami

    I love smashing pumpkins songs
    I just can't really like the singer's voice
    except in the beginning is the end is th ebeginning

  8. Hikizuru

    Agreed the voice on this version just sounds better. I have never been very fond of the way the smashing pumpkins singer sings, besides vampire and one other song I can't recall at the moment.

  9. Matt Dillon

    Is it just me that is annoyed that the drummer isn't doing the right roll on those parts?

  10. MinatoOokami

    why is that? dare to explain?

  11. peaceregime1111

    What a ridiculous statement.

  12. MinatoOokami

    the same song with a diferent voice? really? you must be trolling

  13. MinatoOokami

    It sounds better for me
    the voice above all and the music's feel sounds also better to me than the original
    the original has its points for being the original but objectively this is better

  14. MinatoOokami

    I agree
    this sounds better than the original

  15. Jake Rafferty

    Listening to this purely cause of Bemis.

  16. Sam Wrigglesworth

    I'll deff get hate for this....I love Smashing Pumpkins, and I've barely listened to this band, but I actually like this better than the original for some reason.

  17. masa galactica

    Honestamente, este cover es muy bueno en realidad

  18. katiievengeance

    This is a really good cover of this song.

  19. SirTuba Lord

    Love it!

  20. izz cunn

    Who spotted the orange barbie :3

  21. Ben Dubbin

    This is my absolute all time favorite song in the whole world and I love armor for sleeps cover better than the original ... There is so much aggression in this son and yet its so mellow I love it!

  22. Malkavio

    @sephirothdun Honestly, until you replied, I completely forgot about this video and my comment. I'm surprised to see it in the top comments, that's for sure lmao. In the end I agree it is all about opinion and although I still stand by mine, feel free to have your own.

  23. Scott Booth

    @BammMJC I'm sure, 2 years later, you regret leaving a comment because people will keep replying. It's all about opinion, sir.

  24. DmMainelloman

    @knightdragons no this is off an album called The Killer inside of You and its like a tribute album for the Smashing Pumpkins. So I'm assuming they were allowed to remake this song.

  25. Andrea Wilson

    <3 max bemis!!!

  26. Bob Phillips

    @knightdragons - This version is awful and does not do the first one justice, so yes.

  27. knightdragons7

    @mookiekillsu why would it be? isn't the music subjective and everyone like different things in different levels?
    Honestly I like more the voice of armor for sleep than the smashing's and the I also like how the music sounds a little more
    so does if means I should kill myself... twice?

  28. knightdragons7

    wouldn't the rights be reserved for the smashing pumpkins?

    well anyway I really like this version more and armor for sleep is my favorite band so it's alright

  29. Stephen Foster

    1:55 - 2:05

  30. jalo9090

    This version made me cry the first time I heard it

  31. kebyonatin

    i prefer this cover than any other cover of today!!

  32. Kirsty

    hmm. random picture of some girl in a bathing suit.
    it seems unnecessary and out of place, but I'm sure it gets the hits on the video. lol.

  33. yourtogogo

    this is actually 10x better than the original one by smashing pumpkins. I despise Corgan's voice.

  34. Devin Turk

    i love this song.its beautiful

  35. AnkitTheAk

    where did you find this song? sadly i can't seem to find it anywhere :(

  36. gyigyo

    Best version of this song out there imo. I don't even really like this band but this song is legit.

  37. J3Sm

    Max Bemis?...
    Pleasant surprise...

  38. gia4k

    @chilliza12 of course he does lmao

  39. MBIIdollaBill

    i dont think it was meant to add anything to the song.

  40. Malkavio

    As good as the original? No.
    Does it add anything to the song? No.
    A decent cover? Yes.

  41. GeorgiaBoii32

    dude,, i fucking love this band.

  42. Svetlana Last

    Nice cover!!! Sexy voice!! =)

  43. AnkitTheAk

    damn good cover

  44. tikigod95

    i think smashing pumpkins was realy bad with this song. afs made it sound a little better.

  45. nick2j

    holy balls