Armin Van Buuren - Unlove You Lyrics

Tell me where, tell me where
How the hell they do that?
We went from hugs to kissing to making love
And when you see me now it's a pound of regret on my back

Am I supposed to act like you ain't used to throw it back like that
Off that alcohol
Tell me how am I supposed to only look at you as my homie
Imma keep it real girl I can't do that at all, no

Said if we can't be lovers we can't be friends
Something I just don't think I can do, no
Said if we can't be lovers we can't be friends
Cause I don't know how to unlove you
How to unlove you

How the hell did you expect me to
Not think about the shower when I see you
I used to have your legs shaking
Now when you see me it's 'Hey friend'
What the hell am I supposed to do?

Am I supposed to act like you ain't used to throw it back like that
Off that alcohol
Tell me how am I supposed to only look at you as my homie
Imma keep it real girl I can't do that at all, no

Said if we can't be lovers we can't be friends
Something I just don't think I can do, no
Said if we can't be lovers we can't be friends
Cause I don't know how to unlove you
Said if we can't be lovers we can't be friends
Something I just don't think I can do, no
Said if we can't be lovers we can't be friends
Cause I don't know how to unlove you
How to unlove you

We can't be friends
How the hell am I supposed to unlove you?

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Armin Van Buuren Unlove You Comments
  1. yuj__a

    しゅごしゅぎ!アーミン⸜( ・ᴗ・ )⸝

  2. Andrex17 Caamal

    Lo amooooo😭

  3. Andrex17 Caamal

    Lo amooooo😭

  4. Yuliya Zagorets

    Пока оригинальный вариант звучит лучше. Мне эта версия больше всего нравится 🎄☃️❤️

  5. fennekinlovers√√

    Me alegro que Ne-Yo haya vuelto a hacer canciones y que sean EDM :,D . Menos mal que no ha sido como Usher o Black Eyed Peas que ahora hacen reggaeton barato...

  6. JESUS ERNESTO Jesus Ernesto


  7. Rudi Christensen


  8. Мартин М

    The world definetely needs such a songs like it was 2008-2012 definitely nice good song

  9. Richard de Kruyff

    Its so difficult to unlove my ex... I want her back but no... That's a fairytale 💔😵😰

  10. bakxxc

    Lmaoo this song played when I was hanging out with my ex😂the radio is too damn Savage

  11. Jill Driessen

    OMG I looooveeeeeee this song😍😍😍😍😍

  12. Ali Rahman

    my ex made me unlove her and it wasn't possible. This song resonates with my condition.

  13. ConAction

    Ne-Yo is still here? Ne-Yo please give me more songs like give me everything etc

  14. Cloudy Apple

    This was such an unexpected collab but wow, it easily became a fave because of how smooth and catchy it is!!😍😄 I’m really lovin’ this!

  15. see jay

    Woooow we need more like this collaborations .we never thought NE-YO AND ARMIN ??? 😲🥰😍WOW please do more with Differ differ type artists. ♥️Love it ♥️. 💙ARMIN💙 NE-YO 👍😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰💙 ARMIN 💙

  16. Nicky Romero Fan Squad

    Here after the Nicky Romero Remix?

  17. mahatta di

    Deadly duo n it’s called balance —- ⏸⏮playing nonstop

  18. hemanth chapala

    NE-YO your voice is amezing...✌️✌️

  19. Steeben009

    nice collaboration. I would have done the same. <3s. Alrdy was thinking whenever would this happen. And here it is. Lovely. <3<3<3<3<3

  20. siddhartha nag

    Been listening to armin from mirage days! Best DJ.. Respect sir!

  21. 최안나

    노래 너무 좋다ㅎㅎ

  22. Beshoy Nabih

    Omg wow

  23. Bianca kooning

    Love this nummer ❤️❤️❤️

  24. Alexandre Fernandes

    Waiting for the extended version

  25. Robin Hood

    Amazing bruvvvvvvv

  26. Gauthier Benjamin

    great music

  27. Corine GME

    Yesssss ne-yoo🙏 he needed this! People should listen to his music more often.

  28. Suresh Steven


  29. sarowleen Shakir

    I dont know how to unlove you I love you i love you baby 💐😘🥰😍😍

  30. Fernando Garibay

    Ese intro es de Luismi de soy como quiero ser 🙄🙄

  31. Ivana Geric

    Amazing 💕😀👏👏👏

  32. Phuc Le


  33. Orbion Pulsar

    Can you please make an extended mix of this track?

  34. genoentchev123

    I absolutely loooooooooooooooooove this track Armin, I've had it on repeat basically since it came out, but it kind of irks me that the lyrics in the video are wrong.. Ne-Yo says "where the hell they do that" not "how the hell they do that" not sure how that happened, but it's an amazing track nevertheless, come to sofia again please!!!!!! <3

  35. Sonali Salodkar

    And there I was expecting this to be a huge hit as soon as I heard

  36. RegionChanelTube

    This fit my truffle sauce 😁

  37. Chris Kaspers

    Armin....., helemaal top. Sunny days style

  38. Hornet Cz

    very good colaboration, just a pity that we will probably not see the official video.

  39. Andreja Fercek

    Awesome track 😎💪

  40. ひ ひ


  41. Piero Sair

    Nicky Romero Remix conming soon!.


    Already came out and this is just the best remix EVER!!!

  42. Dimonk

    Spotify bro....

  43. 德意a葵花油


  44. 松本亮

    Club mixとExtended mixも是非リリースして貰いたい!🙏

  45. Raluca Maria

    The single problem with this song is that is too damn short

  46. Ion Nae

    I love this!

  47. Mariia Isachenko

    Thanks! 🙏🏻

  48. benja herrera

    Maestro !!! 😌

  49. Marc Nieuwhof

    Man... I love Ne-Yo... and with Armin it's the best...

  50. cantforgetyou

    Zeer goed nummer. Mooi geproduceerd, Armin. Super!!!!!!

  51. Зинаида Пулукчу

    Непревзойденный Мастер!!!Армин Ван Бюрен!!!Ты такой один,-и ты это знаешь!!! ❤❤❤

  52. Синий Ворчун

    Amazing track! Thanks, Armin!)

  53. ellnaz

    Les 🇨🇵 vous êtes la 🗼 ?

  54. gandalf9698

    Beautiful track, but I can't hear it anymore. I have 2 face at the time I'm listening. Happy because of tune and sad because of words, they bring me nothing but pain.

  55. Mansour MS

    It’s getting worse

  56. Bimshika Udugama

    armin is from another world I swear !!!

  57. Harnis MJ Infinity

    Lmao this is beyond horrible 🤢🤮🤮

  58. Julio Macias

    Armin, en que te has convertido

  59. Nguyễn Anh Phúc I Love You

    Download 👈

  60. Nguyễn Anh Phúc I Love You

    Like 👍 like 👍

  61. Nguyễn Anh Phúc I Love You

    Armin verry good 👍

  62. Brawlerz

    4 million and you made a song with Ne-Yo!!!
    Oh yeah!!!

  63. Dylan De Taeye

    jij maakt de beste muziek ever!!!!!!!!!!

  64. wilberh kinil balam


  65. Оксана Ищенко


  66. Utopian Idealist

    Beautiful but incredibly sad. 💔

  67. Skullkrane Entertainment

    This song is amazing! Just heard it on Pitbull's Globalization SiriusXM. Excellent work Armin and Ne-Yo!!

  68. MetroV_Official

    Gotta love neyo voice, didnt liked the drop though

  69. Claude Monete


  70. sarowleen Shakir

    Congratulation to the release of the album, You had been inspired by something real to find the glory, Congratulation for 4 Million subscriber on You Tube, good luck in all. Good bey. Thank you for all.

  71. TheReal FoxxyFox

    Sounds like 2010 and 90s

  72. Arie Pratama

    The worst part of this song is the duration has only 2 and half minutes!! We need Extended Version.!! Please Armin 😢

  73. David Hidayat

    Debuted in my weekly personal chart on October 20, 2019 edition :)

  74. Victor José Luis Valencia Ambriz

    Armin and Ne-Yo?!? I'm in...fantastic! 😍



  76. savel0v

    До чего Армин скатился, такое дерьмо, уши вянут.

  77. C Salamanca Ariza


  78. englandportugal91

    Please Give Us A Music Video For This! I'm Sure It Will Be Incredible!

  79. englandportugal91

    Awesome Song! Sounds So Good! Ne-Yo Sounds Amazing Here! Congrats!

  80. Paweł Łazarczyk

    Wonderful ✊💜 🔥🔥🔥

  81. MrKylieM

    Amazing track!👍😊

  82. Alexandru Solonaru

    Has a little of mj vibe

  83. Adelson Jesus

    Esperando ansioso pelo club mix 😜

  84. Christian Ozorio

    Magic 🎶💕

  85. Alexander

    A big respect to the one of the biggest Djs in the world right now. ARMIN VAN BUUREN you know who to make music.This is another radio smash hit. Thank you

  86. William Aniceto

    NE YO vem quando no BR fazer show ?

  87. Vetal Vernyak


  88. Eshan Bhateja

    Best track of the album so far. Need a music video on this

  89. Сергей Поляничко

    Что происходит? Это что ? Армин хватить экспериментировать, останься собой

  90. Diana Bilichenko

    My boy NE-YO and the King of trance- what an amazing combo!🏆🥇❤ Simply great!🥰

  91. Robby Haryanto

    We need a trance not a s**t like this

    EDM Master

    This shit is way better than trance

  92. theHOPELESSworld


  93. Cris Avil

    Saludos desde México. Genial lo que haces.

  94. Dennis Shapovalov the machine

    when armin feat celine dion?

  95. Innerchie

    Dope Collab!!

  96. Raymond Leggs

    Deep house.

  97. Kyle A. Azevedo

    Wow! Amazing collaboration! Armin, you are very courageous for stepping outside of trance. I’m a hardcore trance fan, but in my opinion good music is good music...there’s no denying that!

  98. Armin van Buuren

    Incredibly proud of my collab with Ne-Yo, this is UNLOVE YOU!
    Premiered the Club Mix in last night's ASOT show:

    Susan Toughlouian



    Музыку бы чуть потише в отношении к вокзалу...

    Zeus VEVO

    Hi Mr. van Buuren,

    You WERE a legend, BACK THEN. I love the OLD Armin, not the new one. Sir, I don’t mean to be rude, but you have distanced yourself away from trance. And the people who call you the god of trance, they should be calling you the god of danceable pop music, not trance. This kind of music doesn’t belong to the club culture, and will never be part of the club culture. It stays on the radio shows, and won’t even bring in attention of the fans who left you, sir. Don’t become like tiësto, sir, who joined pop and left EDM. You and Paul van Dyk are my inspirations, but not you NEW tracks.

    You’re great, but you must stick to trance in order to rebuild your name in trance again. My well wishes for you, and hope you all the best for your future endeavours.

    Just remember, lot of members of the trance family have left you, and are going back to the real legend, Paul van Dyk.

    Andrea Puth

    Armin van Buuren love you ♥️♥️♥️