Armin Van Buuren - These Silent Hearts Lyrics

All the sounds begin to rush in
And further alter our perception
The silence that we keep in this sleep
Is rising from its slumber again
What we see we find is intertwined
With all our beliefs, manifesting in daily life
It all feels pure and simple now

These silent hearts
We hold within our hands
Within my heart
The rush is just the same
These silent hearts
Protected from the dark
And let silence be broken

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Armin Van Buuren These Silent Hearts Comments

    El inconfundible ritmo de BT o por dios hermoso

  2. buy sell

    This song spoke to me when I danced to it about 12 yrs ago in Chelsea ny, now I am trying to recall which club that was, I think that Greek dude owned it?....

  3. VeilStig

    Beginning sounds like Gran Turismo 1's racing menu theme

  4. Juan Sanchez

    Aftet this album Armin started playing kinda of different music. Idk this old Armin will always be remembered....


    the best

  6. Елена Схулухия


  7. JJESDFA / 2019!

    Good song Great dj and God bless all

  8. Nishit Kodwani

    It's sad all the beggars will never listen to this track.

  9. Sanyam Malhan

    This song portrays the truth about people

  10. Zakaria Abdelhamid

    I used to be an AVB fan and this track gets me everytime then, now and forever.. So much memories 😍

  11. Lourdes Mabel

    2019!! I'm still here listening this gold!!

  12. Daniel Bustillo

    Those days were great!! ❤

  13. WeArePharmers

    How do you go from this amazing track to "Blah Blah Blah"?! We need more of this, Armin!

    Dmitry Granicin

    Blah Blah Blah is a nice psy-trance track, though. Not saying it compares in terms of creativity to this...but still, it's a nice track.

  14. VidiS LTU

    Then Armin create a real Trance, now Pop... Very SAD

  15. Erika Ayda Granados Martínez

    Te amare por siempre Armin¡¡¡

  16. Oswaldo Figueroa

    2018 who?

  17. Ninfa V.


  18. Il Bara

    All the sounds begin to rush in
    And further alter our perception
    The silence that we keep in this sleep
    Is rising from its slumber again
    What we see we find is intertwined
    With all our beliefs, manifesting in daily life
    It all feels pure and simple now
    These silent hearts
    We hold within our hands
    Within my heart
    The rush is just the same
    These silent hearts
    Protected from the dark
    And let silence be broken

  19. Freezepixels

    Near to 2019 and the old Armin still rocking.

  20. Ahmad Haziq M

    i came back here in 2018 just because i miss this kind of tune .. :(

  21. Zoran Ristov

    BT feat Armin van Buuren more accurate

  22. Zoran Ristov

    One of the best pieces of art I've heard

  23. Ziwen Niu

    Who is here in 2018!!!

  24. Hanit Sharma

    2018 anyone?

  25. Jean Bastien Vincent

    I'm listening still in 2018 😜

  26. The Baudins

    This is Armin..

  27. Chris X


  28. magicderivative1

    Bt is my fave !! With avb?? Over the top wow. Love the microphone bt uses.

  29. Shady Isaac

    Any one from 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021?

  30. Ángel Martínez

    Fucking awesome...!!!!

  31. Digital Age

    I miss the old armin

  32. Michael Guest

    We miss u armin

  33. Everyday Manila Sound

    my cure!

  34. Spitfire599

    This is... decent. If you want to hear something incredible, check out BT's version on his Electronic Opus album. It blows me away every time I listen to it.

  35. Noor Cabir

    Still top :)

  36. Jonathan Cook

    Armin Van Buuren feat. British Telecom. Wtf???

    Sasha Airdrawndagger

    Fucking Brian Transeau!

  37. Tomasz Śliwa

    One of the last good trance they're making crap :(

  38. Bakhtiar Riar

    Now all the motherfuckers gonna be like '' i miss old armin '' ( FUCK OFF ) he still produce trance and he'll always be. everybody wants to try something new constantly and this is the reason why sometimes he produce different stuff , Armin and Tiesto you are the gift to the world from god. <3

  39. chitowncobra

    I love this trance song one of my favorites from Armin and BT collaboration from 3.34 to 5.49 your in Heaven

  40. N-tox

    The power of Armin ..big fan since 2006 !

  41. Cristina Oprea

    2017 :x

  42. athletic New

    amarzing vocal trance

  43. Tim Berg

    Old Classic ARMIN...

  44. Karthik Iyer

    2017.......Still can't get out of this......HOW MANY WITH ME........?....

  45. Al Mamun Khan

    I love this track.

  46. Al Mamun Khan

    I love this track.

  47. Darryl Miller

    Great song! Go Armin

  48. sutus quad

    какого черта нужно было изгадить пидаром ??

  49. Salah Ghalem

    in 2017 we need some trance only trance

  50. Dail Ruiz

    2017 and continue love this music

  51. Ahmad Haziq M

    Its 2017 and still lovin this !

  52. EDIT Cucuta

    thank you💘👄😚

  53. Lukasz Dychowski

    słucham ciągle 2016

  54. Des Mitchell

    fp 2408

  55. Thanh Pham

    The good old day, good ol' pal :)

  56. Miguel Dias

    Look into 2005 sensation white for Armin van Buuren set

  57. AnastasijaTranceBJJ

    I cannot believe this was 6 yrs ago......

  58. Vinh Nguyễn Thế

    love the old Armin

  59. nici1950

    Where is the old Armin ? :/
    this is sooo much better


    nici1950 funny thing is that when this came out, people were asking the same thing.

    Isaias Anconetani - DJ/Producer

    yes, no one liked mirage i don't know why, for me is like Imagine

    Oh No

    BT mixed this..a trance legend.

  60. Adun

    I love this track !!! <3 ;)

  61. Vitor Magalhães

    Christian burns The Best Vocalist of Trance Music !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    +Vitor magalhaes I think these vocals are BT

    Vitor Magalhães

    +MineOf ZeDead  BT also fantastic :D


    it is burns actually.

    Vitor Magalhães

    Yes :D Christian Burns Incredible !!!!!!

    Aeron Komila

    In an interview around the time this album was released, Armin confirmed that this is in fact Brian Transeau on vocals.

  62. Mephistotelles Dr.

    Awesome Track I've ever heard

  63. Kevin Vancauwenbergh

    Easily the best track of the album

  64. EDM Music 2017

    epic !!!!!! trance is life

  65. Josealex Bedoya



    estaba bueno este tema va! esta bueno raro de armin

  67. M_Ply

    both benno and bt are pretty solid producers, benno always showing his classical music expertise and bt with the vocals and analog synth lines and armin... well... taking the credit as always.

  68. Music Lover

    2015 and still fucking my ears

  69. Ran Lin

    love this song

  70. Mely Acosta

    Beautiful track! Armin I love

  71. Artycolor Rainbow

    BT and Armin are a genius!!!! thank you guys for this track 💜💜💜


    u forgot Benno :)

  72. Habib Huseynov


    Vusal Babayev

    +Habib Huseynov good to see someone from my country!

    Habib Huseynov

    @Vusal Babayev ))) Im Trance Producer Too Bro..U Are Welcome)

    Vusal Babayev

    @Habib Huseynov producer? I would love to listen to your tracks, where can I find them?

  73. slade4life


  74. Matt Anderson

    Two of the worlds best DJs in my opinion are Armin Van Buuren and Gabry Ponte from Eiffel 65.


    Lol gabry ponte really ?

    Matt Anderson

    whats wrong with Gabry Ponte hes one of the best DJs he can mix tracks and songs very fast like under 5 mins.

    Matt Anderson

    He was awesome when he was with Jeffrey Jey and Maurizio Lobina.

    M4 für Alle

    i like: mauro picotto, pvd, atb ... just a few ^^

  75. Victor Hamon

    Outstanding track

  76. Paul Verlain

    Damn you can hear bt on those analog synths in the beginning thats his style

  77. epicpolyphony

    I maintain that Mirage is one of the best EDM artist albums in the past decade (along with PvD's In Between and Andrew Bayer's It's Artificial).


    +epicpolyphony and Elements of Life by tiesto


    @Epicdick Personally, I'm more a fan of the EoL Remixed album, but yeah, it's pretty great :) 

    Ruben Saenz

    epicpolyphony it was great alright blows Intense away!

    Nora Abdelrahman

    Armin's first album "Imagine" was his best work

  78. Cogito Ergo sum

    3:32 AMAZING !

  79. Cogito Ergo sum

    Dlaczego tak mało wyświetleń !!!

    Tomek K

    bo ludzię wolą ch**** bigroomy słuchać zapominając o prawdziwym trancie. Niestety Armin też ma swój negatywny wkład w to wydajac numery typu Ping Pong..


    @Tomek Kasiński Masz racje. prawdziwy Trance umiera

  80. Chris Morales

    I'm in love. One of my top faves 😊

  81. Harshad Kendre

    There are djs and then there is armin

    Zoran Ristov

    you mean producers

  82. Harshad Kendre

    There are djs and then theres Armin

  83. Havdkoereden

    Mega tune!

  84. Chris Harrison Jr

    I wish there were music videos for this whole cd and the remixed version as well. Both are OUTSTANDING!

  85. Michael Trancy

    i dont like bt

  86. Captainweatzer

    God Damn Armin , you're the God of the Dj's thanks for your music genius.

  87. Matt Anderson

    Awesome song by both Armin and BT.

  88. Armon Patton

    i could not have said that any better

  89. Samar Merdessi

    u found the missing words! this is exactely what I mean! Thank you!!

  90. Big T

    let's talk honestly... These Silent Hearts & all Mirage and Imagine are trance and music masterpieces. Armin is a real hero but Intense is a turn into poppy commercial electro Guetta style I'd have never expected even in my worst nightmares from him... and $ for all !!!

  91. MysticalTechno

    Just like 'This Is What It Feels Like'.