Armin Van Buuren - The Ultimate Seduction Lyrics

The Ultimate Seduction
The Ultimate Seduction
The Ultimate Seduction
The Ultimate Seduction

The Ultimate Seduction
The Ultimate Seduction
The Ultimate Seduction
The Ultimate Seduction

The Ultimate Seduction

The Ultimate Seduction, A Journey Of Force

The Ultimate Seduction

The Ultimate Seduction

The Ultimate Seduction

The Ultimate Seduction

The Ultimate Seduction

The Ultimate Seduction

The Ultimate Seduction
The Ultimate
The Ultimate

The Ultimate
The Ultimate
The Ultimate
The Ultimate
The Ultimate
The Ultimate
The Ultimate Seduction

The Ultimate Seduction

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Armin Van Buuren The Ultimate Seduction Comments
  1. Claude Monete


  2. Jessica Belcher

    Wake up and dance!!!!!!

  3. Matthew Morley

    love it keepgoing

  4. Pyro XXX

    я сосу хуи негров

  5. Jessica Belcher

    Ohhhh my 😉😉😉

  6. David Guardiola

    Armin every time says Do not stay on your own style, or something Like that, so do not complain and try to enjoy or hear something new from armin

  7. Magodeluniverso

    gracias dj por este regalo, llevaba 11 años buscando esta canción que pego muy fuerte en Monterrey, México, muchas gracias, ya puedo ponerle esta canción a mis hijos, y a los que no les guste la canción que se vayan de aquí, saludos!

  8. seba torres

    Listen version sander van doorn

  9. jan wandelaar

    met dees is alles begonnen binnenweg rotterdam ha ha parkzicht.

  10. maxime Musique

    OMFG x)
    The fire !

  11. Gom Pilote

    Hahahahaha "the ultimate SE TORCHER", glorious misheard lyric in French!!!!!

  12. cath1540

    Listen this live u will be amazed! and will not stop doing crazy dancing 😉

  13. alisa dmitriev

    after seing this live I'm addiccted!!!!

  14. Edward C.

    He played this and Dominator in Dubai at the Armin Only show in May20;2016. The place went absolutely crazy. it was such an awesome show.

  15. Justino Biber

    Esto es algo diferente y no se nota el estilo de Armin aqui :(

  16. Cvetelina Venkova


  17. lucas

    just found this tune on a Ferry set from 2000 ... absolute mad track. This mix is much better...

  18. Anton Oakenshield

    Why people be hatin on this track? This is an awesome party track! ARMIN FUCKIN RULES!!!

  19. alejandro javier palencia perez

    motherfuckin' good job armin. God bless you

  20. abraham guillermo villegas lópez


  21. stephen cowan

    Loving this armin 🙌🏻🎶🙌🏻🎶🙌🏻

  22. Tony Linares

    Me recuerda mucho el hard a house que tanto me gusto bailar cuando era mas joven...

  23. Marouan Achnioul

    Fror dumb ppl that just say that armin is leaving trance with this album ! no this is a remake and no trance basic elements can be added ! FOULS

  24. Abad Ali

    love love love love lov lov lov lo lo lo lo lo lo lo llllllllllllllllllllllllll love it!!! <3

  25. othman van buuren

    es la mejor cancion del mini album este, pero como cancion de AVB es un auténtico truño, que ha pasado con Armin? camino de ser el tiesto 2.0? espero que vuelva a sus temazos de antes del 2012...


    Es un rework jaja, Armin no se está alejando del trance;)

  26. MsBere18

    I love it!!!!

  27. Tim Verberne

    R.I.P AvB

  28. Andres Armendariz

    Intro is the "OFF the Hook"

  29. Kenyi Anghelo Arango Farias

    Topíssima, maravilhosa :) :)

  30. Vincent VOUILLARMET

    armin back 90s !!!  yessssssss love !  number one dj !!!!!

  31. Chris Dean

    Insane Armin. I remember this in 1992 LA.

  32. Wilco Halo


  33. Brian Fernandez

    Classic us hard house track..sickk!

    Ultra Nasty


  34. chubbycream925

    love it!!!

  35. Cristian Rincon

    No pues puedo. Decir solamente que Es el mejor del mundo esta es para armar el reventón

  36. Wait, wut?

    Armin Van Buuren - Ruining one classic at a time

  37. Michael Davis

    This really is the most shittiest music Armin has ever done. Classics? How about going back to your roots and remaking classic trance tracks if you wanted to make a throwback album....on second thought don't, because you'll probably turn them into trash like this

  38. Panty 1996

    dominator is the best one.. this is my sec best..

  39. Jhon Banana

    armin's try to innovate, i prefer Paul Oakenfold is the true dj armin you're solded by the New generations

  40. MadEx One

    Error 404 : Trance not found

  41. ๕ۣ・ʐɛʀɛɲιʈʏ

    It's Armin van Bueren?
    Are u serious!

    Mario Tato

    ΣHΛЯLУ ßΞkΞЯ not

  42. Erik Yahir Martinez

    La gente siempre va a criticarte. Pero los verdaderos fans estaremos contigo hasta el final!!! Espero con ansias este mini álbum!!!

  43. Tamim Azemy

    I like the track, but not the second drop at 2.20! In the second drop, you've got the melody, kick, snare and some vocals! But it sounds allot better with just the melody and kick! Like if you agree with me! (<- good sentence?)

  44. dublo518

    Terrible track like this should end in 10 seconds and it lasts 4 minutes actually. That's why it is called extended mix.

  45. junior gaudencio diaz ramos

    se le dice extended porq primero hubo uno de menos minutos de duracion y extended no siempre significa q un video o cancion deba durar mas de 6 o 7 minutos ademas kien dijo eso y la canción para los arminlovers como yo esta excelente...

    junior gaudencio diaz ramos

    pos sii

  46. Rafael Silva


    Alexandre Bianchi

    com essa bosta não da

  47. kevin bakker

    Armin, Thanks for bringing this oldschool song back to life!!!! can't wait for the cd to come out with all the promised oldschool mixes!!

  48. Ismael Tlapaya

    Cuando escucho esto solo me viene a la mente Laidback Luke :P

  49. christian kankov vallejo

    and .... where is the trance ????

  50. Arekusu

    Sounds terrible

  51. Alex Nuc Music

    Where is a trance?

    marlon ortiz

    In your soul

  52. Sangres Friman

    Oldskool is cool

  53. Frank G

    Tu comprends le Français donc ton titre est énorme : Armin van Buuren vs The Ultimate Seduction - The Ultimate Seduction

  54. Andrew Dawson

    Love it

  55. Nana nanana

    Woooow*_" super

  56. Paulina Arias

    ¿Que mierda es esto?

  57. Jordi Santos

    Extended Track : 3:56
    Radio Edit: 1:29

  58. Pascal vS

    Volgens mij zat Armin toen nog in de luiers;)

  59. surya hotmangiring

    nice music

  60. Harmonigène

    Enough, Armin. We need the real trance music not these terrible beats!

  61. Gamer In A Trance

    So far Armin has done a really good job of distancing himself from not only trance music, but good music in general. Haven't heard anything good from him since "Embargo".

  62. Jeez Luiz!!!

    lazy track. 4 min extended? do we get extended club mix then?

  63. Alexander Glez

    You are the best Mr. van Buuren :)

  64. Javier Estevez

    Lo último que necesitaba escuchar. Armin ha muerto musicalmente.

  65. Tony Camarena

    trance for life!

  66. Jim Smith

    Arming van Buren - a state of TRASH

  67. Greek 90s Music

    techno bomb
    bravo great

  68. Anggi Mosquera

    Love it ❤️😍

  69. Alexandre Bianchi

    RIP ARMIN, the worst music that you has ever produced! Where is your trance roots?

    Alexandre Bianchi

    Keep being a crappy eletro music

  70. Dead Account

    this is gonna be armins worst album so far

  71. Eder Sokolowski

    i'm bored, this kind of music is too

  72. 郭小虾


  73. 주형

    Sounds like collab with Sander Van Doorn

    Furry Scythe

    It's Ibranovski sound. Listen to Bone.

  74. Ankurmittalrcv93 Mittal

    Don't know why buy this sounds like techno as he said earlier video that this were the sounds that he used to make in early 19's though track ia good

  75. Josue Alipio

    Me encanta ver los comentarios diciendo que esto es trance lol 😁
    So funny 😂😂

  76. Сергей Агапов

    i like it

  77. DanusMinimus

    ouch my face

  78. Miranda

    ppl that dont get this are probably too young to know HAHAHA
    Great job Armin

    William Cao

    love it as well. I'm only 13 and I'm open to all kinds of music and I thought this was pretty cool


    Then i was not talking about you ;))) ✌

  79. toonjaspers

    Zo goed kan niet wachten op het mini album!!!!!!!!!

  80. Tomáš Holec

    This track is so extended, it bent time and created anomaly, that made it last only barely 4 minutes.

  81. ProNoiseR

    Great Track Armin! <3

  82. Traveller

    Terrible track. Should please the Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike crowd, though.

    Hicham A. Boukhatem

    +Andy Flynn dude im open to any kind of music but this track give me a terrible headache.
    Armin has no talent in this kind of music but he keep producing tracks like this.

    Zulfikar Aji

    you are just too afraid to enjoying this kind of style!


    also, there's always going to be "haters" to keep trance in check. If haters/eiitists/snobs don't exist then you might as well say bye bye to any kinds of trance. Oh and Armin's bringing Carnage to ASOT in case you haven't heard. LOL. But again trance will survive because it has power. And that power enables us to fight hard to keep Rayel and Carnage away from our scene.

    Hồ Tú

    someone need to stop acting like he know everything about trance music and he is the one who can decide which artirst should come to trance family

  83. tobi's lifestyle Blog

    Hello, Check out my Youtube Chanel, I make Lets Plays from Android Games and Short Real Life Videos in all languages... Thanks for your Attention :)

  84. Erick Ornelas

    okay...but how is this an extended mix..I remember extended mix meant 7, 8, or 10 minute tracks...

    William Cao

    extended mix simply means intro and outro beats. its just that songs from trance happen to be longer

  85. Juan Herrera

    de poca madre!!¡

  86. Tom

    I thought I was the Dominator....

    Hà Nguyễn

    sound like vinahey lol

  87. Abraham Arreola

    también me recordó a los 90 ... jajaja vay recuerdos.

  88. Martin Golding

    AMAZING <3

  89. Wilde Sánchez


    junior gaudencio diaz ramos

    tons no lo vuelvas a escuchar wee

  90. José Alejandro López Velázquez

    a nadie de le puede tener a gusto, en la música solo hay que dejarse llevar por dos estímulos, la pasión y tu base de inspiración para mi es una buena forma de demostrarlo, además a demostrado con rising star, gaia y sus warm up sets de asot 700/750 el porque ama ese genero!

    seba torres

    @Andre flores hernandez future antics es otro artista recomendado

    Andre flores hernandez

    @seba torres a ese lo tendre en cuenta

    seba torres

    @Andre flores hernandez alex di stefano tipo sabe mezclar sonidos tech house/trance y sonidos modernos

    Andre flores hernandez

    @seba torres ese pa que veas si lo he escuchado, y como dices sabe mezclar bien los sonidos tech house con trance

  91. alejandrö Hernandez


  92. Melyssa Oliveira





    electro house

    Greek 90s Music