Armin Van Buuren - Take A Moment Lyrics

Leafs are falling on my window
Turning cold in fire with the wind they go
I lost my way where do I go now
This looks just like the road I came down

Take a moment to live
Take a moment to cry
Take a moment to love
And don't ask why

Moment to live
Moment to love

A steady hand can point me somewhere
I'm all the wiser for the many wrongs I've done
I've found some courage in my battles won
Never leads me far from where I'm meant to be

Take a moment to live
Take a moment to cry
Take a moment to love
And don't ask why

My heavy heart, it pulls me
And I know you will be there

Take a moment to live
Take a moment to cry
Take a moment to love
And don't ask why

Moment to live
Moment to love

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Armin Van Buuren Take A Moment Comments
  1. Wally López

    Muchos recuerdos me tiene esta canción, que bueno que fui de la generación que conoce esta obra maestra y no niñerias como "blah blah blah"

  2. Anas Khalid

    Ten Years I never stopped enjoying this Piece of Art.

  3. Anas Khalid

    I lost my way 😰😢😢, ,,where do I go now !!?

  4. Saquib Sheikh

    It’s winter again


    Pasan 10 años y es la 1ra vez que de la nada me empieza a sonar este tema en la cabeza, que bueno que estaba cuando salió no me gustó mucho 10 años dsp me doy cuenta que está muuuuuy bueno

  6. Rabin Debnath

    Mind fresh music
    In summer this music feels like winter ⛄

  7. Ajay Vemuri

    I am considering myself a very lucky to have listened to this. I always try to listen to extreme unique content. This is incredible, less comments and less popular than what it could have been. It's a step taking us into quality rather than worthless sheep follower songs.

  8. Daniel E.

    Rolling freeway and my BMW X5.. good times🤩

  9. Lord Bombo

    The last time when Armin makes something good

  10. Елена Схулухия


  11. Seraj Wheda

    Good old armin

  12. Kazraj Nazhan

    Hit like if u listening since 2010 till now 💥 masterpiece

  13. Orbion Pulsar

    you can feel winter breeze listening to this beauty

    Saquib Sheikh

    Orbion Pulsar absolutely

  14. Rabin Debnath

    wow what a song,this song is my power source

  15. Frexy and the gang

    This is just so beatifull

  16. Antonia Gonzalez


  17. Ajay Vemuri

    Ultimate Club mix

  18. Борис Абрамов


  19. ByoNemesis

    There are 3 moments importants in every life :
    1 : Live, for you will meet good people and eventually, someone you love.
    2 : Cry, because it's not a weakness. It's a way to show that we, humans, have feelings.
    3 : Love, because it's the most beautiful gift that we were given by living.

  20. Marvin Vasquez


  21. Abdelkefi Mohamed Lotfi

    I miss you old Armin, your music will live with me forever ...

  22. daniel mejia

    I really like this song and I'm pooping right now

  23. Asterix1970 Asterix1970

    BRAVO BRAVISIMO TOP2 od Armina TOP1 je Sharon den Adel - In and Out of Love

  24. Techn0man1ac

    Да, живи в этом моменте, и не спрашивай почему

  25. AL E M Λ N

    46 guys just took a moment to diskle

  26. nefty018

    Loving this song along with Feels So Good feat. Nadia Ali. I love her music a lot.

  27. omartiz95

    1:30 <3

  28. евгений юхов

    Идеальная трансовая композиция

  29. Lia Muller

    dit is mijn motto. .take a moment.

  30. Oleg Samohvalov

    cool song

  31. Nando Raven

    Simply fantastic.

  32. Kadiro Chikhi

    2017 😍😍😍 amazing

  33. Mika Lowlandss

    OMG!!! aluciné

  34. Bünyamin Aslan

    Really so good✌🏻

  35. john goti

    to mix this is like to modify a porsche

  36. DestinationLyra

    333,332 views!! I came at the right time. ;)

  37. Arturo Pacheco

    nice armin🏆

  38. Jesse M

    When an impossible dream gets music to carry you to a chance.

  39. Mago Emese

    life for my soul

  40. Lia Muller

    armin for ever the best .Of all

  41. Lia Muller

    armin for ever the best .Of all

  42. Lia Muller

    mijn lievelings nummer samen met mijn maatje die er Tot mijn verdriet niet meer is mooie herinneringen. Aan dit lied take a moment.

  43. Josealex Bedoya

    el mejor de todos saludos para armin desde colombia

  44. Stephen Hean

    Armin, shogun, and all other DJ's......THANKYOU.

  45. Jacob Mocholí García

    how the hell can someone dislike this beauty...

    IshallKillAll Feminists

    lowlives cunts , with no soul

  46. The98Funnyman

    The days when Armin was good.


    Damn right. Gems that will never go away.

    Robert Dickson Jr

    He's still amazing!

  47. Uriel Quinteros

    I think that the melody of this song its too similar to the melody of "Global Deejays - Get Up". Who's whit me?

  48. NewVision20

    Uploaded on my birthday!

  49. Chris jT

    Holy freaking hell...after listening to this I especially realize the amazing remix job shogun did. He completely transformed the track to something out of this world. Respect for the original but man, the emotion in shogun is just unrivalled.


    Surprinsigly, I happen to love the original and dislike the shogun remix. Maybe, like you say, the fact that he transformed it a lot takes away the magic from the original for me.


    +Chris jT That shogun remix is just boring, this is awesome.

    Chris jT

    @Leopardipzg Hell no, I cannot accept that! To each their own, but I find THIS one boring. The other one feels deeper and more emotive. I feel I can escape into its atmosphere. 

  50. Jancker22

    viva el trance y Armin.... el trance no esta muerto

    sergio diaz aleman

    oye y de donde sacaste q el.trance esta muerto ufff simplemente esta para personas exclusivas como.nosotros

  51. sharonbng

    so wonderful xx

  52. Hamza Elmouden

    the gold   one 

  53. Daniel Huerta

    3:45, listen and enjoy.

    Jouhara Sefriou


  54. rafa montejo

    amazing, just amazing. no words

  55. ElunesMoonLight

    Take a moment to live, 

  56. blazebluebass

    Female vocals!
    Not it is all Chrisitan Burns xP He is good but you hear him waay toooo often.

  57. josé airton

    Muito bom!

  58. andrx04

    wtf ??   i need to hear shogun's remix again to forget dis sometingnoting .. 

  59. Stanley Hudson

    This song is stuck on repeat for me right now. Such amazing trance thank you Armin

  60. Sebastian Sobkowiak

    amazing!!! i love ARMIN tracks!!:)

  61. Gaurav Gupta

    take a moment live , take a moment to love , take a moment to cry ..

  62. Adrian Khoo

    try this song on the shogun remix. so much better. personal opinion tho. ;)

  63. TheWinterfox10

    listening to trance while working on physics= kicking ass

  64. esteban fernandez

    armin argentina <3

  65. Jalanko13

    I usually hate trance, but this is great stuff.

  66. Paolo Deri


  67. Rami Daker

    12 deaf people :/

  68. Theo Cambur

    Awesome track!!! soft and so much clean......but really good!!!

  69. Polar Vlogs

    This is a good song by Armin van Buuren

  70. Jaime Harris

    Goosebumps time !!!

  71. lifeisjustagame5280

    MAY 8TH... DENVER!!!!!

  72. Stefan Päßler

    Really great voice of Meredith ♥

  73. 1999PhantoM

    Top 3 DJs in the world:

    1.)Armin van Buuren
    3.)Pauly D (psych... you actually thought I was serious. Third is deadmau5 :D)

  74. Nicolle Valerie

    I love you, Armin!!!!! <3<3

  75. esteban lozano

    the intro was so perfect i love it c:

  76. Aditya Galih

    Nice Trance!

  77. Shanaka Raymond


  78. Ryuzakji

    3:45... fucking magic

  79. thatchecray

    Amazing track

  80. Shantel Monique


  81. AresTheGod

    Nº1 Dj !

  82. Agres

    3:00 Zyzz like...

  83. DanThe Man

    Her Amazing vocal....... = Strange Feelings and Amazing goosebumps and you are upset and do not know whether be happy or be sad :(

  84. Tadas Caplikas

    6 people did not take a moment to live!!!

  85. Alma Fernanda

    6 personas que no han vivido lo suficiente para esta canción.

  86. NewVision20

    Uploaded on my 17th Bday =D
    Awesome song!!

  87. arunnawin

    Armin Van Buuren= Lord of the Trance!!!

  88. anythingchannel100

    This song is like a cool summer night breeze...words cannot explain

  89. Junaid JR


  90. sharonbng

    just beautiful,i need that moment

  91. JulioRendon

    the best 5 minutes of life..

  92. Juan Carlos Trejo Escudero

    I like this song!!

  93. Cosmin Ghimpeteanu

    ♥ Romania loves trance ♥

  94. dan mogosanu

    super piesa ARMIN NO 111111111111

  95. Harrison Muhari

    Love!! Love!! Love!!

  96. Shayan Gillani

    The best !!!! Long live armin and winter....

  97. FoxtrotDeltaLima497 Productions

    Armin Van Buuren FTW