Armin Van Buuren - Suddenly Summer Lyrics

I’ve got time
On my hands
Since you took your heart
Away from me
It’s the only love
I really want

Endlessness of pain
Sinking in
While thoughts
Are caving in

Suddenly summer moved on
Gone with its meaning
Suddenly all that I have known
A world with no home

Denied years of memories
No future
No hope
Suddenly summer moved on
Summer moved on

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Armin Van Buuren Suddenly Summer Comments
  1. ViktorL2000

    Unfortunately, a very small amount of trance music can take on the strings of the soul. 2011-2012 was the golden period of trance. And Suddenly Summer is one of the golden collection.

  2. Sushi taro

    Deadmau5 took the inspiration for the bass in coasted from this tracl

  3. In Yan

    Never will get classic to me. This tune is the pure trance that introduced me to this music.

  4. Vladimír Petija

    He really is a true perfectionist. SO many sounds and layers on this track. He really is gifted.

  5. Andrew Ovejro

    2012 -> 19.10.19 -> infinity

  6. Northern Stranger years later...still the great👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏 immortal hit👍👍👍👍👍🎶👏👏👏👏👏👏bravo, Ana...bravo Armin

  7. Алена Алая

    Это что - Бог нарисован? Ну у вас и юмор! Хотели бы вы, чтобы вас так нарисовали? Музычка приятная, но -несколько однообразная и шумная!

  8. Synth Wave

    Suddenly summer was done( 2019

  9. Максим Корнеев

    Супер класс 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍✍100%

  10. Frank Clyde

    Absolutely Epic song!!!
    Amazing vocals and music!

  11. Trancestor

    This aged well

  12. ASUS ROG

    Still listening in 2019 AVB LY

  13. Berke gnd

    This is REAL TRANCE!! Thanks Armin ❤️❤️👍👍

  14. Jackie Chow

    2019 still into Classic trance! Who's with me


    Armin, el mejor 👌

  16. Azizou Timmy

    Can't believe that I'm the only one who is listening to this in 2019 😄🙄

  17. Jose Silva

    listening in 2019

  18. Cagin Colak

    2019 & still goes like a hot knife in to the butter.. Total meltdown

  19. slightly extravagant

    soul orgasm


    this is fantastic , armin legend

  21. Ángela Balcazar

    A esto me refiero con electrónica 💞

  22. Antonio Millan


  23. mt46515


  24. James McKernan

    This song gives me deep emotions. For me it’s about life moving on and time passing and getting older...

  25. rajat soni

    Everyone is thinking about something or someone while listening to this song.. guaranteed

  26. blue597

    Oh cuz this is the jam

  27. X-a xs

    Love the trance music❤️

  28. Miraqlz

    What type of music is this called exactly? love it

  29. Claudionor Fagus

    Armin van buurem sempre bombando com todos os seus sucessos

  30. StarSn1per

    Best trance kick drum ever?

  31. Andrew Ovejro

    2018 !!! love this track

  32. רועי חמילבסקי


  33. Vinnii Miranda

    One of my favourites from Armin

  34. Mercadeo Internacional


  35. Alex Bolaños

    alguien en 2018 ? el rey Armin 😍❤

  36. RavenPictures


  37. AlHussain Hamidaddin

    Lock me up with this into eternity

  38. Alpha Dreamboy

    Its a fullvive song! love it!

  39. Bence Szadoczki

    When Armin procuced quality trance tunes. Nowadays, "Heading up High" or "Another You" his new standard...



  41. ave velad

    2018! anydoby else from the future? :)

  42. myclaus

    I miss you this #trance 🙏💜

  43. Aλέξανδρος Λιζέκας

    and................................suddenly summer..

  44. Jessica Belcher



    hey jessica


    why u r not commenting on armin's trance episodes anymore????

  45. Adam Charles

    One of my top 10 favourite tracks of all time

  46. Ruslan Andreev

    2018 and still legendary!!!!!!

  47. who knows for certain

    We were here, we Will be

  48. un tipo caminando

    Still Loving this trance classic !!

  49. sami mastouri

    But HOW could 168 Dislikes exist for A such epic trance master piece ???

  50. rohit yadavade

    Armin,why don't you make such tracks anymore😔?

  51. Jeff Rush

    She has the voice of an angel... and the personality of one as well. Lovely person.

  52. Roberto Megatraxx

    Vocal Trance.

  53. Indomie.Seleraku

    It almost end of 2017 but I still listen this gem <3. bigh thumbs up for armin making this gem. 👍👍

  54. Qew Pew

    I used to drive to work everyday listening to this song

  55. 2DEnthusiast

    The build-up is frigging awesome.

  56. Sargent Green

    Coming from embrace, and feeling happiness back!!!

  57. Efraim Evander

    Another best Trance song from the best Trance DJ !!

  58. Haninos

    When Armin was ARMIN.

  59. ferco music

    thank you Armin

  60. Amber krill

    suddenly I have wings and I'm flying in the air seriously .

  61. Amber krill

    I love this beat .

  62. SkyRocket159

    just like in 500 days of Summer

  63. Petar Angelov

    direct to my heart

  64. Milan Supek

    2017 anyone? :D

    Jorge Vanegas

    Milan Supek only a few

    Kabo Ramatshego-Thabana

    September 2017 and still listening to this masterpiece.

  65. Guy Ko


  66. Mariano Sosa

    What a masterpiece... One of Armin's best tracks

  67. Om Karishmen

    152 people got no soul....reptilians???? Who knows ;)

  68. Meghan7690

    Great song. Great melody.

  69. Jefferson Huang

    Disliked by Armin and trance fanboys of the 90's and early 2000's.

    Oh and 2007-2011 Armin fans.

  70. Arthur Bastida

    Why many dont like this track? To me i love it.

  71. Mariya Khalil

    i feel eternal summer just by listening to it!

  72. onTop Smokah

    this Song let me fly❤✌😌Big Like!

  73. Akshay Sharma

    Ana Criado Is My Favourite EDM Singer

  74. Tchicha Mehdi

    Who is listening to this masterpiece in 2017 ?

    george kefalas

    Even in 2018

    behrad hidden

    Tchicha Mehdi steel listening in last month of 2018 😜

  75. shriom dwivedi

    marshemelloow cant make this

  76. BadApple

    omfg <3

  77. İdris Karli

    number one....

  78. sky fire

    Real Music just armin van buuren

  79. Dóra Varga

    Simply wonderful..

  80. Alpay Bayraktar

    So many memories with this beauty... 4 years since I started listening to Trance. Since then, I'm on the right path. Beautiful vocals, rythm, melody and the spiritual feeling... Few tracks can be compared with this beauty.



    Rusu Alin

    weed push me to it , i don't need weed anymore, i got all right here!


    Been a trance fan all my life but 2012 was the year when I fully started exploring the trance world. Still the best year to date

  81. othman van buuren

    Whenarmin was making trance music.... i miss those days

  82. Monika Wendt

    <3 the best track ever!

  83. Emil Fender


  84. abhishek kar

    God of trance Armin van buuren

  85. Aabhas singh Thakur

    Beautiful combination of pads and such a powerful bassline from omnisphere with some arpeggiator on it....i can hear this track all the day an even the bassline

  86. Daring Montaza

    nycc song👌👌👌👏👏👍👍

  87. Tolga Yaman

    amazinq 😎

  88. Mike P

    I’ve got time
    On my hands
    Since you took your heart
    Away from me
    It’s the only love
    I really want

    Endlessness of pain
    Sinking in
    While thoughts
    Are caving in

    Suddenly summer moved on
    Gone with its meaning
    Suddenly all that I have known
    A world with no home

    Denied years of memories
    No future
    No hope
    Suddenly summer moved on
    Summer moved on


    The first comment from the top as lyrics is "icing on the cake".

  89. alexander henao


  90. Franco Tirador Pietro Montenrgro

    por q el trance es tan melancolico?? pero m guuuusta!!!

  91. LIKWID

    Armin's tracks are always so perfectly constructed and simple but they are the best. None of this over complicated built up modern day nonsense with a hardstyle kick and no emotion.


    Liquid Vision exactly. emotion is what separates him from other bullshit. All of them pay attention to technicality and stuff. Only Armin takes care of emotions.


    @En Route That's the one mate :) I know he makes some different tracks but when he makes his pure full on trance tracks he still knows exactly how to make a gem and for that I'll always love what he does.


    I had this exact thought with Gaia - Aisha by Armin... It's a amazing track and so perfectly constructed, but it's too perfect and in a way that is it's downfall.

    prasenjit banerjee

    You express my thoughts on Armin's music precisely :)

  92. Colox

    3:42 fav part

    Emanuele Massa

    Armin e' unico