Armin Van Buuren - Sucker For Love Lyrics

I'm a sucker for love
Diamonds in the rough
I see you all of the time got you haunting my mind
For more

We keep slamming the doors
Throwing clothes on the floor
Baby we fuzz and we fight till I'm too paralyzed
To know

That I'm a sucker for love
But I keep fucking it up
Give me a place or a time and I'll make sure that I'll be right where you are
Cause I'm a sucker for love
That I'm a sucker for love
But I keep fucking it up
Give me a place or a time and I'll make sure that I'll be right where you are
Cause I'm a sucker for love

Stuck on whatever we had
Crazy shit that we said
Between every wrong every right
Oh, my hearts kind of trying to rest
I think I don't understand
How things come to an end
But baby I don't know why we still fall as we fly
At last

I'm a sucker for love
But I keep fucking it up
Give me a place or a time and I'll make sure that I'll be right where you are
Cause I'm a sucker for love
But I keep fucking it up
Give me a place or a time and I'll make sure that I'll be right where you are
Cause I'm a sucker for love

Cause I'm a sucker for love

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Armin Van Buuren Sucker For Love Comments
  1. Yakuu

    Well, this is NOT trance, this is NOT progressive trance, this is not even Armin style... I have no idea what the hell it is but I am sure that in the near future we will see a colab between Armin and Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez... 0_o What I mean by that is, the "trance music" is going in a very, VERY wrong path. Hell, I am out, not for me, not for the trance community. Going back to the Mirage album and hoping that someday trance will be back. Enjoy the tune boys and girls, as long as you like it, the industry should and will be happy :)

  2. Chu Yang

    Please make a karaoke version 😭💕

  3. ChErry Tao

    Sounds so much more amazing live. Now my new favorite song!

  4. Eyas Najem

    come on no man you are Armin why this kind of music ……. I'm disappointed

  5. Daniel Depetro

    Armin I absolutely love this song and your balance album thanks so much for releasing it fantastic stuff

  6. Paul Cartwright

    Stick to what you do best, this is not it

  7. Sandra Pekera

    Armin je Svemirko, živi u Galaxy Oprati ću ti veš, u gradu Detrdženti i Omekšivaći, ima Space Shuttle Usisavač i Vešmašinu naziva U kvaru mi je, zamjenski Nunu, pere prljavi veš sa Ariel detrdžentom, na kraju ispere u centrifugi. LOL!

  8. sarowleen Shakir

    My lovely album i m listen again 💞😍😘🥰

  9. vignesh mohanan v

    ♉️♉️♉️മലയാളി കമന്റ് ആണോ നോക്കുന്നത് എങ്കിൽ ഇങ്ങു പോര് 📌📌❤️🧡💛💚💙🤎🤍🖤💜

  10. Bernd Pawlowicz

    MEGA 🙏👍🕺😎😊💖


    🤣 😹 🏴‍☠️ 💣👍🎶

  12. Daquingyo

    music good for 2020 I like

  13. vlad gerar

    Ну люблю я транс,и чё.

  14. Abinadabe Tome

    Amo de mais.🙏

  15. vicente ignacio palma alarcon


  16. Perlita Pichardo


  17. Neal Said

    From Experience of Albert Einstein Coffee Causes Dementia And Parkinson.

  18. Neal Said

    Don't Punish Yourself With Over-Work .... Ambition Is Great But Health <<<<<

  19. Neal Said

    Drink Whiskey ....

  20. Neal Said

    Armin Stay Away From Caffeine Or Cola And Sugar And Meat .... Vegan <<<<<>>> Paranoia And Madness.

  21. Giorno Giovanna

    Who the fuck sent me this ?

  22. Bilal Shams

    Illenium vibes

  23. Eduard Sîrbu


  24. atk b

    Nothing like fucking it up shit happens

  25. Mari Sus Lundstrøm

    I now that this hit isent trance... I can feel the power and love armin has put into it this is beautyfull infact i this is an amazing and adorable and glad and happy smiling album i think that he have made and insprinationel album it means so mutch to me this fantastic album waaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuu i AM a sucker for it i think its love..... Bravo armin........ 😍💖... ⭐Dust and glimmering beautyness..... Good music... And of All I love it💟........ 🌐🕐🌞☀️🔥🎉🎹🎧🎤🔊🎵🔆...... Ⓜ️ArI, ' from DeNMARK........ 🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰🔛🔝⬆️⬆️🔼🔼✔️☑️🆒🆙💯

  26. prh7979516

    I like the new style, too
    I love trance.Armin tries to break through and innovate in music.
    I love Armin. I hope you can come to Taiwan🇹🇼 to perform more


    Armin has forgotten how real trance is done... so sad...

    BDT Trance

    INSPIRED OR NOT i think many ppl who like this new armin didnt grow up on the classics like Communication and Burned with Desire


    BDT Trance damn, just mentioning Burned with desire gives the chills...

    BDT Trance

    INSPIRED OR NOT ikr :)

  28. Günter Halle

    Great ❤️

  29. Rista Ghufron

    Love.. love it..😍😍

  30. Eshat david

    Amazing song

  31. Prince Little

    This music never will died 😭👌

  32. Danny Reese

    Great,amazing,perfekt,wonderful Album!!!👍🏼💪🏼🎶🎵📣🔊📢🎤🎧♥️



  34. marcus de roos

    knuffel muziek met armin

  35. Velikij

    Armin THE GOD MUSIC for all time

  36. Julio Perez

    Armin van buuren te llevo en mi corazón donde este tus canciones me hacen sentir diferente y muy especial

  37. Дима Романов

    Проигрыш мелодии бомбический! Браво Армин!

  38. Jack Blitz

    Я один тут слышу плагиат на 30stm?

  39. 盧思侖

    Protect Trance faith heart

  40. 盧思侖

    I will always stand by your side

  41. 盧思侖


  42. Виталий Калинин

    Приезжайте в россию к нам

  43. Виталий Калинин

    Классная трэки ,прям душу захватывают😁😁😁👍🏻

  44. erhart beatrice

    i just love it !

  45. eduardo osores

    envianos aludos armin van a chile en este estallido social inpirate en lo que esta pasando chile

  46. Bye Hi

    I can't stop listening to this!!!! It's soooo good :Dヽ(≧∀≦)ノ

  47. Anh Trịnh Nguyễn Minh

    wow. so lovely

  48. Suresh Steven


  49. sarowleen Shakir

    Beautiful sucker for love, I m home I want to try it, its make sense song, Its real BALANCE very great album you made it from your heart and feeling its best album i want it will have it soon in my hand 💐😘🥰😍😍great job

  50. Rajesh nagarajan

    AVB™ Avalan - Sucker for love - Superb

  51. Kronickillness Nikolaos

    It's meh this songs ok the instrumentals are good after the drop. But it has a decent message but smh that it sounds like something u hear on the Christian radio stations save the 1 explicit F bomb lol (a not so bad word that Americans take far too much offense to lol.) But yah it was the sound of the singer I just am NOT into THESE type of vocals maybe the lyrics were good everything but the singer lol I'm only a fan of male vocals like in velvet morning! And "you are the only.. the only thing I need." Are the lyrics but the IDID slips my mind. But yah I know there's some good tracks on the album I've already heard them but man the 2nd song I have the same issue's stale mainstream pop sounding vocals and played out edm more mainstream melodies and instrumentals. Hmm maybe disc 2s for ACTUAL trance? Cuz so far disc 1s for pop edm fans smh.

  52. Aldis Rozenbergs

    🤩 Super... Latvijā tevi mīl

  53. Arnob Roy

    Armin Van Buuren 2019 😎🙏

  54. MID TEch

    Love form 🇳🇪 India♥️♥️♥️❣️

  55. Ajinkya Waghmare

    woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow,its mesmerizing, Your the Best Armin, YOur the Best Love You SO Much.

  56. Rhamby

    Simplemente Amo este track 💟👍🏽

  57. Vitaliy Strungaru

    Это что то новое, не похожее на предыдущие темы. На мой вкус, здорово!

    Дима Романов

    Прикольный трек! Оторваться не могу)

  58. Christopher Gore

    Nice! See ya back in Atlanta, Ga in January 2020!

  59. Wildan Althofa

    This is for me, isn't it?

  60. MRNIKUSHA101

    This song is so gay

  61. Thomas Magnusson

    A love music Trance always you are best :)

  62. TRANCE5211

    Y el trance ??? 🤔

  63. d1stant

    I listened to this track while sitting in the toilet, and my shit smells better than this track

  64. Nicole Ruiz Sandi

    I love it

  65. DopestDope

    cant wait till the trance versions of this hits the market



  67. Marat Hakobjanyan

    Armin Van Buuren respect :)

  68. juaner GL

    Esta horrible esa cancion

    Luis Daniel Leon Durand

    La cancion esta excelente el cantante tambien ahora solo falta el uplifting 😍😍😍

  69. Roksana Gospodarczyk

    Coś pięknego <3

  70. Veronika Maderová

    Nádherná skladba ♥️😊🤗děkuji
    A ten překlad 😯

    To není žádné blah blah 😊👌👍

  71. Janco Verduin

    domme ellende

  72. Andres Gallardo Alvarado

    Cada quien su gusto sin ofender pero sinceramente esto ya no es trance, me quedo con la música de antes, el Armin van Buuren de antes, causaban emocion álbumes como imagine, Mirage, intense, etc. El trance clásico de antes simplemente lo mejor 👍

    Gabriel Perera

    Claro que no es Trance jajaja. Nadie puedo llamar este tipo de música así. Es Pop con diferentes variaciones dentro de la música electrónica (midtempo, downtempo, etc). Lo que si que estás mezclando la parte subjetiva al decir que solo esos discos causaban emoción. Hay gente que se emociona con canciones de Pop, depende de la persona. A mi me parece que es una buena canción de Pop, aunque claro que prefiero el Trance que hay en el disco primero. Pero no se debe comparar Trance con Pop, son estilos totalmente diferentes de música. Hay que esperar al Club Mix o algún remix Uplifting de la canción para tener la versión Trance.

    Carlos Chura Ramirez

    @Gabriel Perera toda la razón

    Luis Daniel Leon Durand

    Yo solo esperare el uplifting😍😍

  73. Bunny

    Anyone Here from INDIA at 4.53AM
    Love from INDIA ❤️

  74. KocourJarda

    Balance is good and modern album but I prefer more uplifting trance.

  75. Mariel Umbidez

    Hermosa cancion😊🎧🎶🎧🙌🙌

  76. kamal krishna

    Amazing song but I keep fucking it up

  77. Andres Moreira


  78. Kris Zepeda

    Who does the vocals?
    They're really good wow
    The whole song is amazing tbh <3

    Gabriel Perera

    Avalan, is a young (and unknown until now) Dj/Singer.



  79. Вова Михайлов

    Армин как слушаю тебя с 2003 года а в эфире Киссфм заказываю треки с 2005 года это космос и бесконечность навсегда!

  80. Humble Ango

    Auto-tune is horrible, this song blows. Neeeeeeext!

  81. ana ana

    Wow this music is sensational🎧🎧🎧😍

  82. JP Music

    La mejor del álbum ❤️

  83. Mohammad Mahdi

    You're the best ever Armin 🤸🚶🦹💯🤸🧘🧘🦹💯😎😎🥰🤩😍

  84. Rombiq


  85. Marcin Ziółkowski

    Is this Illenium? 🤣🤣


    Haha Ghost producer

  86. Edwin Miranda

    Enserio Armin si se merecia ser el mejor del mundo, se lo merece 🇲🇽❤

    Roman Valdez

    Siempre fue el mejor

  87. Rommel Sacari Poma

    ¡Hermosa cancion! Balance ⚫🕊️⚪Armin van Buuren 👑#1

  88. Lena *

    Armin👍👍👍👍👏 🇷🇺 this track is #1 in my personal playlist😎😁

  89. Yılmaz Aral

    Arminnnnnn Saç videolarımda hemen indirdim 💥💥🎚🎚🎚

  90. Jasmin Fraczek

    😍😍😍 Augen schließen und weit weg träumen...

  91. Margaret & Fran

    Armin you are my inspiration!!

  92. Estrella MVB

    I love this track is great! 🎶💓👐

  93. Sandor Erdelyi

    I am under the Buuren effect. This album is so great. Diverse. And such diversity makes this guy unique. Armin never goes boring. Thank you

  94. Peter Leadbeater

    Why o why use the F word. Grrrrrrr,!

  95. Harace Kim Music


  96. Firman Eklesia

    A for ALPHA

  97. Ivan Miković

    Tears, sadness, joy, happiness... Everything in less than 3 minutes. I would say it's pretty much - balanced!
    Thank you Armin van Buuren for this song and also amazing album! Hopefully I'll see you soon. <3 :)